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  1. Hooky 3: Twice The Trouble

    you monster you killed sandy
  2. Hooky 3: Twice The Trouble

    i want to be patrick
  3. hip hip hooray finally
  4. the magical girl genre is the best anime genre
  5. The Powerpuff Girls Reboot 2016

    this reoot is better than the original not as good as dance pantsed or power puff girls z but still amazing
  6. The SBC Show

    a person who watches tv and plays with toys and would risk his life for a dollar store toy or a second of tv to where he sometimes thinks he's a tv show character from these shows dora the explorer spongebob teen titans go g3 my little pony seasme street winx club
  7. be ready for the scary one

    how did you know
  8. store wars

    episode 1a store wars (we open up to spongebob pokemonpants watching tv) spongebob pokemonpants:ugh oh no it's one of those half hours when their is nothing to watch (spongebob pokemonpants walks out to his room which had way too many toys and yet they manage to all fit) spongebob pokemonpants:i've played with all these toys 900 times i might as well get 50 new toys (spongebob pokemonpants walks over to yellowshadow's house) spongebob pokemonpants:yellow i need you to take me to walmart yellow shadow:but that's all the way into the real world spongebob pokemonpants:i would go to the store in sbmville but remember when we went there last time (flashback) (yellowshadow was near the cash register) yellowshadow:i want a mcdonalds happy meal cash manager:sir how many times to i have to tell you that we don't serve them go to mcdonalds if you want to buy a happy meal yellowshadow:buy me a happy meal (the cash manager pulls a laser out and hits spongebob pokemonpants on accident thus turning him into a demiveemon and mudkip hybrid) (flashback end) yellowshadow:really they tried to mix me with mudkip dna for wanting a happy meal spongebob pokemonpants:really it was in a walmart the best store ever (yellowshadow turns his head) (yellowshadow:look a happy meal with a white dino thunder ranger toy) spongebob pokemonpants:were that's one of my 8 favorite suits for not having a black eye thing like most suits do (spongebob pokemonpants runs outside to get the toy) yellow shadow:thank ssj he's gone (yellow shadow locks the door and windows to keep spongebob pokemonpants out) spongebob pokemonpants:aw it's just an operation overdrive figure (outside spongebob pokemonpants was banging on the door) spongebob pokemonpants:i guess he locked it oh well to the end of town (5 seconds was wasted on spongebob pokemonpants walking then we saw a computer screen) spongebob pokemonpants:computer open the portal to walmart (a portal opened in the computer screen then it sucked spongebob pokemonpants in and turned him into a human but with blue skin) spongebob pokemonpants:oh a walmart (goes inside then buys all the stuff from the gumball machines) spongebob pokemonpants:next up is pokemon cards (next we see an aisle with every card game but pokemon) spongebob pokemonpants:where are my pokemon cards greninja:i am turning them all into barney training cards (spongebob pokemonpants screams so much the camera breaks then the hole in the camera absorbs greninja) greninja:i will get you back someday spongebob pokmonpants:now i need a my little pony toy (5 minutes from the toy aisle vladimir king was holding a dora the explorer shirt) vladimir king:hey um pokemonpants spongebob i was just getting this dora shirt spongebob pokemonpants:did you just call me by the wrong name that's it it's behavior card day `(this of this scene is cut do to being an unfunny meme and due to the rest of the people not even being in school) vladmir king:did we really have to do that unfunny meme also nothing happened and taking that toy thing was stealing sponebob pokemonpants fine i'll cut it from the episode (yellowshadow was shown next to a my little pony toy) pongebob pokemonpants:yellowshadow i have a bone to pick with you (spongebob pokemonpants goes near yellowshadow and literally picks a bone from his arm) Yellowshadow:how dare you i will get revenge (yellow dahdow goes next to pinkie pie and bites her head off) Spongebob pokemonpants:you monster how dare you now to call ebay and have it sell your house Yellowshadow:wait what Spongebob pokemonpants:now to buy dvds Yellowshadow:about that an sbm user already bought them all Spongebob pokemonpants:who Yellowshadow jebural Spongebob pokemonpants:now to fix the mlp toy (he fixes it) Spongebob pokemonpants:wait this isn’t a walmart it’s the stupid ripoff kmart Yellowshadow:vladmir king you need to get out of the store (yellowshadow and vladmir king rush out of the store) (Spongebob pokemonpants turns into a unicorn) Spongebob pokemonpants:now to burn kmart (spongebob pokemonpants used his unicorn horn to bring gas and matches near where he was then put the match in the gas) Spongebob pokemopants:now to use my magic to save all he toys (spongebob pokemonpants uses his magic to save all the kmart toys then after he does the fire happens) Spongebob pokemonpants:oh look something good is finally on (spongebob pokemonpants begins to glow until a cop appears) Ssj:spongebob pokemonpants you are under arrest Spongebob pokemonpants:aw man (spongebob pokemonpants gets handcuffed)
  9. sbc lol show

    can people actually list what their character is like instead of listing a television characters name
  10. sbc lol show

    a show wjere the characters will go on adventure first we need you to sign up and make sure to describe what your character will be
  11. Spongeboy Ahoy!

    i get the refrence the old sb name
  12. since i joined a while ago but never mde a topic like this i will make a list of 10 shows i like my little pony 33(.5)/g4 teen titans go catdog yugioh(zexal) scooby doo dora the explorer pokemon power puff girls (both versions) jimmy neutron arthur also ii make a show on another site i miht make one here
  13. The SBC Show

    can i join
  14. [231st] SpongeBob Jeopardy! Sign-Ups

    sign me up
  15. The Gary Community Skin

    great idea
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