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  1. a_shot_here_we_go

    Ask POWDERED TOAST JCM Questions

    do u still regularly do art?
  2. a_shot_here_we_go

    Ask the Kat

    what bug r u most afraid of?
  3. a_shot_here_we_go

    Ask POWDERED TOAST JCM Questions

    do you ever sometimess wonder what it means when u birth a boby and it has ur evil ex-husbandos face but ur sexi bod???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I Ponder THIS Daily.
  4. a_shot_here_we_go

    Ask the Kat

    omg just got this pic of ozus reaction to the child support bill lolololololol HE deserved it RT LADIES ?
  5. a_shot_here_we_go

    The Fairly OddParents

    "Oh No" We can only hope this means the end of both DanWarp and Butch Hartman shows, loved you dudes over the years but your time on Nick has come.
  6. a_shot_here_we_go


    my first trimester is going on, trying to get my mind off the painful womb kicks
  7. a_shot_here_we_go

    Ask the Kat

    @satan help an IMPOSTER has logged on my account to MOCK me
  8. a_shot_here_we_go

    SOF vs the force of questions

    do not fear me child?
  9. a_shot_here_we_go

    Ask the Kat

    Come Back Home or I Love You?
  10. a_shot_here_we_go

    Ask the Great Aya anything

    which jojoke would bobby make to hank and hank would scorn/be confused at his boy at later for?
  11. a_shot_here_we_go

    Ask Jeeves

    principal warts > dino spumoni ?
  12. a_shot_here_we_go

    Ask the Kat

    which 2ne1 song would you want mamamoo to cover and vice versa?
  13. a_shot_here_we_go

    ~top 10 worst songs of 2016~

    although that wasn't one of my favorite JT songs and I didn't mind it much anymore, your list still sounds right, TODD goals only. oops i mean 10/10 list and here's why Like I'm Gonna Loose you, you TOLD the story of my suffering with my EX-BABY DADDY's $$$ after he dumped me for that beehive hair srut. We Don't Talk Anymore but I Know What That Old East-Asian Man Did Last Summer. CAN'T STOP THE FEELING ON UR ********, eh 0*U?!?!?!? Or Just like Fire or watever her weave was. reminded me when i set nameless ex's car on fire while he was @ fuck e. feester's bangin beehive srut. And when I had to Hide Away when the fuzz (police (; ) came around AND almost caught me behind a bush still @ said novelty dairy-products related restaurant. but then i gave my remaining fadoodles to poor ichiro/hachiro bc they weren't Intruders like I was and therefore didn't know of the deed going on atm, Love Urself is what I always say. for this rare time I say #DON'Tgetwokechiros, the world is indeed a dark palace & u dont need to know what mommy and daddy do behind closed doors.
  14. a_shot_here_we_go

    Ask the Kat

    do u believe in our lord and savior choi sooyoung and pray to her every day?
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