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  1. The best duo ever.


  2. The deal between Disney and Fox is unnecessary. It's not just because having the X-Men and F4 being in the MCU would be pointless, but because it hurts the movie industry and potentially makes many jobs be lost. I think Disney is becoming Big Brother.

    1. WhoBob


      how exactly buying Fox would mean people losing jobs. They bought them, they still keep their work.


      As for X-Men, I'd rather that universe to be completely away from MCU but give Fantastic Four to MCU.

    2. Quantum Surge

      Quantum Surge

      The best example I can think of is when MMPR Productions was shut down when Disney purchased Power Rangers back in 2001. Btw, this isn't a jab at the Disney Era seasons, just a fact that Bruno and Mia from MMPRtoys mentioned.

  3. Watched Justice League today, will try to see it more often for a potential podcast with Bro Force Squad. All in all, it's a blast of a movie, and while I recommend fans to watch this film, there are some minor things I wish didn't happen. Join me on a chat room for discussions so I won't spoil things here.
  4. What a cover to Lego Justice League 64 would be like!


  5. My cousin and I are working on a hack for Super Mario 64!

    1. 4EverGreen


      What is it going to be about?

    2. Quantum Surge

      Quantum Surge

      It will be a Lego Justice League themed skin mod. I think the Lego minifigure proportions would fit Mario's internal frame and make the game stay in a lighter tone with the toyish looks.

    3. 4EverGreen


      Not only that, you can keep the relatively BLOCKYISH looks of the "Super Mario 64" game for your "Lego" game, and it will STILL look GREAT! :D I hope it goes well for you! ;)

  6. Quantum Surge

    Ask IG

    Until Mace Windu says that it's over.
  7. Rewatched Toy Story 1 and 2. Great movies, but man is it a hassle to hook up a my VCR. Looks like I need to buy a DVD to have them go with Toy Story 3 (though the old Disney logos being replaced with the updated version would be a bit odd given all the nostalgia in me).
  8. Yoshimitsu, my favorite obscure character!


  9. Had a blast at the Allstate Arena when Megadeth and Scorpions performed!
  10. A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power, and Jayson Blair at the New York Times
  11. Boulder Media Studios is set to animate the Cybertron prequel to the first Transformers movie, and if it's done in the style of this artwork, I'd be pumped to see it!

    Where's Jazz?!?!


  12. Wait for the 2044 version of IT, it will be made 27 years after the 2017 version.
  13. I saw It after I left classes yesterday, and I also enjoyed the 1990 version. It's the best horror genre film I've seen in a while, from the tone of the movie having this creepy but unpredictable feel to beautifully cinematography showing our protagonists in either bright locations or dark, muddy, cramped areas where Pennywise shows up. I was worried that with the movie taking place in the 80s that there'd be forced nostalgia pandering that we see nowadays, but the references are more subtle and not used as a gimmick. In fact, this movie has no gimmicks required when Stephen King is a genius in this movie. And as a bonus, him banning an orange idiot from seeing the movie and telling him to float himself is epic!
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