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  1. How are you feeling? (Emotionally)

    Really excited for college!
  2. Love the new design! Also, I've been playing Transformers: Forged to Fight! I wish we got more characters beyond G1, Beast Wars, and the live action film series, but it's the best mobile app TF game of all time! Beats Legends, Earth Wars, Robots in Disguise, the Angry Birds crossover, and even the Age of Extinction tie-in!



    1. Space Cowboy

      Space Cowboy

      Yeah I was playing it for a while, game's pretty live

  3. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    A couple of the Japanese Super Mario Bros OVA films. For their time, they're decent movies representing more fleshed out versions of the characters, but I kinda prefer the American cartoons no matter how goofy they are. Alsotwo of the films were based on fairy tails while one of them had Luigi either wearing the opposite of Mario's clothes on the promo images (no green yet) or he had a blue cap, a yellow shirt, and the blue overalls. I'll stick with my Charles Martinet voiced mean green machine. (Julien Barkadoff and high pitched Mario sounds are not acceptable!)
  4. Been in a Mario mood, so I made some sprite renders out of Lego!




  5. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    War for the Planet of the Apes, by far the best POTA movie ever made. Matt Reeves definitely shows how well made summer blockbusters can be. From the seamless visuals to the change of character development Caesar has throughout, this movie represents that responsibility as a leader is something large to behold, and it even represents how this planet must be given care at all costs tp prevent a catastrophe like this from ever occurring. 20th Cemtury Fox has really done a great job with most of its movies lately. Hidden Figures, Logan, and War for the Planet are huge slam dunks that prove they can win audiences very well with cinematography, story, and character, something I haven't seen in some big name movies lately. Overall, WFTPOTA (bad acronym I know) gets a flawless 10 out of 10!
  6. How are you feeling? (Emotionally)

    Sad to leave my mom's family, but happy to be back home in Chicago and my dog.
  7. Is it me, or are most posts/forums missing?

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    2. Aya♥
    3. Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

      Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

      LOL that's hilarious. That's a permission mistake on @jjsthekid's part. :P I'll fix it right now.

    4. Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick
  8. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    I didn't want to watch it, but I had to take my nephews to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming. In all honesty, I take back every criticism I had with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (I still don't like it, but I prefer that movie over this new installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe). There was not one thing I laughed at (except for how Disney almost looked like they're capitalizing on the success of Deadpool), no jokes, one liners, or witty dialogue made me enjoy the movie. Most online bloggers on YouTube kept saying that it's fun (that is actually the new F-bomb), but I haven't had any fun with it at all. They made Peter Parker into Curious George (I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT HE'S LIKE THAT IN THE COMICS; EARTH-616 SPIDEY AND ULTIMATE SPIDEY WERE A LOT MORE MATURE), and he also got a lot more toyetic (honestly the most toyetic movie since Batman & Robin); I mean seriously, they got rid of his Spider-Sense, but they gave him a bunch of tech that he doesn't even need?! Why?! I'm glad that the movie is almost not an Iron Man 4, and Michael Keaton was alright (sad that he was reduced to green screen fodder), but Tony and Adrian were added just so they can prove to everyone that this movie is special just because it's part of the MCU (like I care). Oh, and apparently, there's this ever fabulous rumor that Peter was actually in Iron Man 2; again, why should I care? A lot of fans like Tom Holland a lot, but I could easily care less about him. Like I said, he's kind of like Curious George, but he's not even like a normal teen. He's almost perfect compared to most of the other kids (this is NOT a John Hughes inspired movie), and given how he performs at times, it should be said thar with millenial minds comes no responsibility. If I didn't care for his five minute screentime in Civil War (which the Russos claimed he'd be torn on both sides lolololol no), why should I care for him in this movie? The costume even has issues. Fans drool over how it's "comic accurate", but it looks like an Iron Man suit printed on spandex, it looks more CG compared to the previous costumes, and it's jarring next to the more believable costumes of Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Panther. Plus, what's wrong with the other live action costumes? Are they not like the Amazing Fantasy #15 appearance? I don't want extreme comic accuracy; I just want a Spider-Man suit that looks like what Spider-Man would usually look like while having a believable suit, which are what make the 2002/2004, 2007, 2012, and 2014 Spider-suits superior to this MCU children's costume. The eyes are what definitely bother me; they make sense for Deadpool, but this is a live action movie that Kevin Feige claims we have to take seriously (they're fine on cartoons, but these are lenses that are glued on a mask we're talking about, not Batman's blank eyes). I can't recommend Spider-Man Homecoming (or as my friends call it, Spider-Bland: Drone-Humming). It's less of a Spider-Man movie and more of a filler MCU film; as a Spider-Man fan who grew up with the old movies, the 90s animated series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, the old ToyBiz figures, and even the Ultimate comics, I wish this movie didn't just use its brand recognition as its selling point (and I don't want anyone to quote me just because I don't like this movie). Hopefully third time's a charm with Thor: Ragnarok coming in a few months. At least I didn't watch Disposable Meme 3.
  9. How are you feeling? (Emotionally)

    Stressed out and worried on what bad might happen to my family.
  10. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    @Clappy I feel only 8 of the 15 MCU films have a style; 4 of the 6 Phase 1 movies, Winter Soldier, Guardians, Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange were original for me, but for a franchise hailed as one of the greatest if all time, I can't really say it's films are as original as what X-Men and Spider-Man were. This has me worried for next year's movies. And as I said, while the newer TF films are confused rehashes, ROTF and DOTM had more originality that made them stand out in the original trilogy. Hate to sound rude, but instead of replying to me again, just look at the details of the first two sequels I brought up in my previous quote.
  11. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    Since you mentioned rehashes, I'll admit that there are similar things within each movie, like a mythical artifact bent on reformatting Earth, an antagonist always dies at the end, human protagonist has misfit friends, big action scenes at the end. Those are rehashes from within the franchise, yet at least within the original trilogy they were much more deviant with how they're done, like how each movie starts in a different location along with having a different tone (first movie has a set up to Blackout, second movie starts with a battle against Demolishor, and third movie shows Sam and Carly's peaceful life before things go downhill slowly), first movie was the introduction to all the characters, second movie shows the Autobots fitting in with Earth and Sam initially progressing with life until another threat returns, and the third movie feels like a proper finale, not to mention the initial hero then backstabbing Sentinel Prime along with the Decepticons putting doubt on our heroes. The post DOTM movies I don't feel really have the charm of the original trilogy as I said, especially with the rehashes of some of the elements like the human protagonist discovers a vehicle is actually a Transformer, and the similarities between the Allspark-made Transformers from the original trilogy next to the use of Transformium (REALLY STUPID NAME, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CODENAMED DIE-CAST OR CYBER METAL OR HAVE THE SCIENTISTS SAY ITS UNIDENTIFIABLE SO THEY NAMED IT AS SUCH), and I really find the inclusions of the prehistoric elements to be jarring in contrast to the Primes being in Egypt and or Sentinel being on the moon, but if looked past those rehashes and oddities, then the movies are entertaining popcorn flicks (the term "dumb movies" is a bit dis-generous in my eyes), though I prefer the original trilogy over the newer films. Plus, if these films offer "literally nothing new", then what about other movies like most of the MCU having plot threads that contain a guy in a suit who hires a mercenary or a hero using a technology or power that a villain wants to mimic?
  12. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    Additionally, I also watched Cars 3 with one of my younger cousins. I won't go into much detail, but I will say that this movie made up for the mistakes of Cars 2. It's got a bit of a Rocky IV influence, with McQueen being side swiped by modern cars and his need to train more often. It's also neat to have the cast of Cars return after not seeing them theatrically since 2011. The first teaser trailer might make it seem really dark, but it's more of a warning towards what part of the film would be like while the other trailers were more optimistic and motivating in comparison. This movie isn't the next Toy Story 3 (just like the Cars trilogy won't be as good as the Toy Story trilogy), but this movie felt like a nice sequel to help round out the Cars franchise. In fact, I actually like this movie a bit more than Finding Dory! Not that Finding Dory was bad, it's just belated for a sequel to a then 13 year old movie in comparison to Cars 3 being made 6 years after Cars 2 (Toy Story 3 and Monsters University felt more like they were made to coincide with the days where the fans of the previous movies went to college). There's nothing wrong with making sequels years after the original movie, but I prefer to have a sequel that's made over a decade later to not have its events take place just a year later. I felt Finding Dory should have been made around 2005, and it has me worried for Incredibles 2. Still, Cars 3 felt more like a triumph than I thought it was going to be, and I give it a 6.5 out of 10!
  13. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    Got back from a Chicago premiere of Transformers: The Last Knight, and it felt interesting to see a circle of sorts become complete. When I first saw Transformers in 2007, I got hooked into the franchise and got a lot of toys, played the game and read the books; my friends and cousins always enjoyed playing with the action figures too. Now in 2017, I'm pretty pumped to watch the film that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the live action film series. Most of my friends asked me if it was good, and I'm gonna say it's a fun theater experience. It's not the best movie of the franchise and it's not a condender for best movie of 2017 I will admit, but I've had more fun with this movie than I had with Lego Batman and Guardians 2, and I'll say it's better than Age of Extinction! The cast got me worried when I heard that it'll be a mix of new characters, characters from the previous movie, and characters from the original trilogy. I felt happy to see Lennox and even Simmons, but felt kind of empty when Topspin was without his Wrecker buddies and there was no sign of Sideswipe or Dino. The Dinibots didn't add anymore development in all honesty; in fact, they added less to the movie. The Decepticons were pretty cool to have all talk and not be like Lego/Kre-O models, but they weren't as iconic as the original Decepticon line up, and bar Megatron, Barricade, Onslaught, and Berserker, some felt pretty goofy like Mohawk. Plus, most of them got taken down easily. The Knights of Iacon were pretty cool to see kick some tailpipe, and so were the Infernocons, but I doubt I'll ever buy their toys and have them be on my shelves next to more iconic characters like Jazz, Ironhide, or Starscream. Quintessa was pretty cool to see, and it's neat to see her as a nod to the Quintessons without having her be a direct copy of them (FYI, I don't like references to G1 because it takes any creativity from an new universe of Transformers mythos away). The humans tend to get a lot of slack for being on screen more than the titular robots or how they act annoying, but in their defense, it's a live action movie (if there were no human actors, it'd negate the purpose of it being live action), and they sometimes act a bit nuts because the world they live in doesn't give them enough time to sit down and breath in the action; plus, I feel it'd make more sense for Cade to develop a need to give care to Transformers when they're in danger than say Tony Stark recruiting Peter Parker in a battle that could get him killed.(*cough* *cough* child soldiers *cough*) The action was pretty sweet, some scenes tend to happen a little too quickly but it wasn't like a "okay done move on" scenario. While some action didn't make sense in AOE (a car punching a man is kind of odd), but this was a bit more grounded like the original trilogy, and it made sense for the final battle to escalate much more as the Autobots got more damage from the several battles they got in. Some stuff didn't make much sense in the trailers, but if you pay attention in the movie, then some details would align a bit more than you'd think they would. When I first saw reviews of the movie, I was a bit worried about how the movie would play, so I had to go blind until I sat down with my popcorn and soda, and I was pleasantly surprised! Sure, it's not the best this franchise offers, but it's still a pretty fun action flick; the audience actually laughed at the jokes, even the kids were pretty entertained (some were wanting both Optimus and Bumblebee to "not win" in their battle)! I'll give this movie a 6 out of 10, and I'll be the first to say this: those that bash the Transformers movies gotta open their eyes and see their hypocrisy, whether they're basement dwelling Geewuners that don't accept change, Michael Bay haters that herd together like sheep and make themselves think forming bandwagons against the man are fun, cynical adults that think occassionally watching action movies would kill your brain cells, or those that say these films are bad for having too much action or humor yet praise any other superhero movie for the same reason.
  14. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    In preparation for The Last Knight, I watched both Transformers: Dark of The Moon and Age of Extinction. While both films aren't 100% perfect, they're still very well made and don't feel like huge afterthoughts, yet DOTM is the better movie than AOE. The action in DOTM feels a bit grounded, I liked seeing how it was almost a finale of sorts, some scenes were pretty dire; it's quite an improvement to the lacking ROTF. Sentinel Prime is a pretty good antagonist, though I think people give him too much flack just because he killed Ironhide; he had to do so since he could stand in his way as the second strongest Autobot. All Sentinel wanted was to have the survival of his race, yet he did that in a less noble way by using the Decepticons as his slaves and by nearly killing Earth, something Optimus brought up to him. AOE, on the other hand, felt a little bloated in comparison to the previous movie trilogy. Some events happens too quickly like the battles, most characters (not all) feel shoehorned into the movie and as a result have incomplete development, and the constant pandering of product placement is pretty obnoxious in comparison to the previous films (car brands, Burger King, and electronics are fine, but Bud Light, Skype, and an Oreo machine is a little out of hand), though I will admit these movies are depicted in real settings, so it'd make sense to have brands involved, and at least they're subtle in comparison to Mac & Me's use of Coca-Cola and McDonalds (now THAT'S a movie everyone should avoid). Plus, the Dinobots are wasted potential; I didn't expect them to speak, but they should have done more than be steeds for the Autobots (I say this not as a Geewunner (since I'm not a big fan of G1), but as someone that believes if you're going to hype up a character, fulfill the hype). These two movies are where we can see a contrast regarding how the character designs look. I'm honestly torn on the post-AOE designs; I like that they convey a bit of personality for each character, especially the Autobots where Hound and Crosshairs stand out with their own quirks, yet these designs look less like they can't transform. How does Western Star Optimus's truck cab transform (Peterbilt Prime has a more traditional transformation and robot mode details like the chest windows and wheels on his hips)? How does Bumblebee's chest become the hood of the Camaro (DOTM has more recognizable car parts)? How can Crosshairs make his trenchcoat out of his alt mode? Why do Galvatron, Stinger, and all those Decepticons have to split apart into Lego pieces when they change their modes? Plus, I always preferred the more alien designs of the original trilogy as it makes them look more like they're out of this world than look more like toyish or man made designs of the previous Transformers cartoons. The more human designs are kind of like Hawkeye from The Avengers movies, in that they both were less apparent the first time we see them both, and the next time we see them in both Age of Extinction and Age of Ultron make us feel the studios think we want more human TF designs and Hawkeye screentime when we really don't. Overall, I give DOTM an 8/10 and AOE a 5/10. Dark of the Moon feels more like a committed movie that signals the end of an era, especially at the end of the movie when Optimus and the rest of the heroes he fought with stand triumphantly in front of a damaged but now saved Chicago. Age of Extinction shows how bad fourth movies can be, and while it's better than other fourth installments such as Superman IV, Batman & Robin, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it's still inferior compared to the original Transformers trilogy. Not saying that AOE is in any way the worst thing ever as many people exaggeratedly made it out to be (I'm referring to cynical critics that think these movies are bad no matter what, hypocrites that think these are bad for being full of explosions yet praise ANY action movie for the same reason, and Geewhiners that cry about how Michael Bay """ruined""" their childhood just because the movies aren't based on a cartoon that's pedestrian at best and mediocre at worst), and as much as I enjoy looking back at the nostalgic excitement of waiting for a new Transformers movie in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the franchise, I have to admit that Age of Extinction lacks a lot of the charm, excitement, and creativity of the original Transformers trilogy (plus, I think AOE kind of copied Man of Steel way more than I thought it did). Onto watching The Last Knight.
  15. How are you feeling? (Emotionally)

    Feels sad to say goodbye to some of my high school friends, but thankfully, I can still get in touch with them.
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