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  1. Spider-Man 2. Everything about it is what makes the 2002 trilogy a memoriable one for me. The cast is still amazing, and Alfred Monila as Otto Octavius is perfect, as he is not an ordinary bad guy compared to the likes of Aldrich Killian or "Zemo", but is instead a man doing what he wanted to accomplish the wrong way. The inner struggles Peter has as a superhero and how he either meeses up his job or fails to see MJ in her play is well done. When Peter fights Otto at the end, it's not him saying one liners or trying to make a fool of himself; he reasons with Otto that his dream will consume him of what he's being unaware of regarding the danger it had. Spider-Man is the best movie of the trilogy, and none of the reboots can match the heart of this movie. 10 out of 10!
  2. I don't watch V-Sauce, but how's the green fish doing?
  3. Not many, been busy with work.
  4. Thanks! If you need more help being here, be my guest!
  5. Spider-Man, the 2002 movie starring Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco. This film is important for my childhood, and truly got me into Marvel (I saw X-Men a few years later and Blade was a film I didn't see until last year). The cast itself is phenomenal, and I still think Tobey and Willem are the best Spider-Man and Green Goblin, even without gushing over the film. (Plus, my eyes giggle whenever I see the colors of their suits). The plot is well done, showing Peter's transition from a helpless dork to a man with a responsability. You don't really get relatable plots like these anymore. Some of the effects, oddly, looked fine when I saw it on VHS, but they looked slightly dated (and ONLY slightly) on DVD with a Blu-Ray system (maybe it's not as high-def as the rereleases are). Funny enough, I just noticed that the Spider symbols on the chest and back are different, and I thought that the one of the 2002 version was used only in promotional materials like the action figures or art renders and not for the movie, but apparently, the 2002 logo WAS part of the movie all along (it wasn't as apparent as the first logo of the 1989 Batsuit). Either way, this movie is amazing, spectacular, ultimate, and a great start to a solid trilogy, having a great mix between realism, action, humor, and soul, something that the 2012 reboot and the MCU version lack so much (TASM 1 was good but TASM 2 sucked, and I feel Homecoming would be ghastly compared to its predecessors). This film brings me back to when I used to have my old Spider-Man figures and have him save my other toys or do crossovers with Power Rangers, and I give it a perfect 10 out of 10!
  6. Someone sent a fan made poster for my soon to be released fan film!

    unit-e fan poster.jpeg

  7. It's been two weeks since my friend decided to put the silent treatment on me. If he chooses to bail out, then it's clear hat's he's trying so hard to not look like he could compensate anything he's lacking in.
  8. Starting to have problems with someone that would rather run away than to simply hear me out. Really aggravating.
  9. Power Rangers, the perfect answer to what a proper PR reboot should be like! I have to say, the cast was great, the humor was good, the action was great, I loved the special effects, the redesigns are great, the only thing I didn't like that much was Goldar, but I feel that it was a great movie. Ignore the critics that try so hard to bash this film. If they think it's loud and flashy, then by their douchey logic so are the MCU, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and the X-Men series. Huge fans of PR will not be disappointed! Overall, 8 out of 10!
  10. I left you some private messages. Please be sure to read them.
  11. Kong: Skull Island. An entertaining film, definitely better than Godzilla from 2014, and 100x better than the 2005 Peter Jackson King Kong!
  12. Feeling happy that a lot friends have wished me a happy birthday, although it is sad that another person named Glenn Webb (best known for his Marvel videos) passed away nearly half a year ago. He woukd have been 41 today, and wherever he is, I would like to wish him a happy birthday, and I want to thank him for everything he made for the past 5 years. RIP, Glenn.
  13. Feeling better after a friend from school came over and hung out with me and my family. We went to a few places, ate pizza, and he gave me a bag of chocolates. I even showed him parts of my script, and he's impressed! He's glad to be with me and my family along with help in washing away the bitter taste of the frustration made with the aforementioned person.
  14. Frustrated and disappointed with someone.
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