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  1. "A Life in a Day" is now called "Livin' Like Larry"
  2. "Valentine's Day" is now called "Lovesick Patrick"
  3. 1. As much as I like Chum Bucket Supreme, I'm going to go with Not Normal 2. I honestly like ToS but it's not as good as Chum Caverns 3. Squid's Visit is terrible, TSPONTSP wasn't that bad 4. Both episodes are terrible but The Splinter has more terrible aspects than Choir Boys
  4. My thoughts on this season: Help Wanted - Great Reef Blower - Meh Tea at the Treedome - Great Bubblestand - Amazing Ripped Pants - Good Jellyfishing - Good Plankton! - Good Naughty Nautical Neighbors - Okay Boating School - Good Pizza Delivery - Amazing Home Sweet Pineapple - Amazing Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy - Good Pickles - Amazing Hall Monitor - Great Jellyfish Jam - Amazing Sandy's Rocket - Good Squeaky Boots - Mediocre Nature Pants - Meh Opposite Day - Great Culture Shock - Amazing F.U.N. - Amazing MuscleBob BuffPants - Good Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost - Great The Chaperone - Meh Employee of the Month - Good Scaredy Pants - Good I Was a Teenage Gary - Meh SB-129 - Okay Karate Choppers - Amazing Sleepy Time - Amazing Suds - Amazing Valentines Day - Great The Paper - Good Arrgh! - Great Rock Bottom - Amazing Texas - Good Walking Small - Great Fools in April - Great Neptune's Spatula - Good Hooky - Meh Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II - Okay 11 Amazing Episodes 9 Great Episodes 12 Good Episodes 3 Okay Episodes 5 Meh Episodes 1 Mediocre Episode 0 Bad Episodes 0 Awful Episodes 0 Terrible Episodes Top 5 episodes: 5. F.U.N 4. Pizza Delivery 3. Sleepy Time 2. Suds 1. Jellyfish Jam Bottom 5 episodes: 5 - Nature Pants 4- The Chaperone 3- I Was a Teenage Gary 2- Hooky 1- Squeaky Boots Overall season rating: - Great
  5. You guys probably know me from SpongeBuddy Mania but for those who don't my name is Jack M Crazyfish, a notorious villain who gave SpongeBob a black eye and world champion of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I also like watching other cartoons such as Adventure Time and The Simpsons and a big fan of comic books especially Marvel.
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