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  1. Sonic Discussion

    every single game where sonic does not have green eyes
  2. The SBC Show

    SBC Studios Present in association with The SpongeBob Community… Watch Conehead- OBAB: Wait a second. This isn’t a show, it’s a lit! Conehead: Narrator, you’ve been doing this for months and yet you still don’t know what you did wrong? How can you “watch” us? Narrator: I don’t know! Let me try this again. *clears throat* Read all about Conehead and friends going on awesome adventures in… ...The SBC Show! Created by Coney (Conehead) Conehead: That’s more like it. OBAB: Anyway, let’s get down to business. Conehead leaves for camp...what will the others do without him? S2E5: Camp Catastrophe *We see Conehead walking in through the door* Conehead: Guys, I’m-WHAT THE? *The shot pans through the destroyed remains of Conehead’s house* Conehead: WHAT DID THEY DO?! 3 WEEKS EARLIER *We see the gang on the couch when an alarm rings* Conehead: Oop! It’s time to go to camp! VLK: ...Camp? OBAB: You’ve never told us you were going to a camp… Conehead: I know! It was a surprise! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Then go already! Conehead: I will, but first I have to tell you some ground rules. VLK: Go On… Conehead: First, don’t touch ANYTHING except the floor, the couch, the TV, and the door. Second… *The three stare off into space and Conehead’s voice gets muffled* Conehead: Mmf mmf mmf mmf mmf! OBAB: So what should we do while he’s gone? VLK: I Don’t Know, Throw A Party? Conehead: Got it? *The three heroes nod in unison* Conehead: Now I can’t tell that you weren’t listening, but I could only say that once. If you weren’t listening, it’s your fault, not mine. *A bus shows up in the driveway* Conehead: There’s my ride! Bye, guys! And make sure to follow the rules! *Conehead exits the house and the bus drives away* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: So what did he say? VLK: I’m pretty sure he said to touch everything. OBAB: Woo-hoo! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Then let’s get funky! *The heroes throw a big party, and Conehead’s house starts to break down* Meanwhile… *We see Bl4ze staring at a glass ball of the party* Bl4ze: A party? A PARTY? And with Conehead gone for camp? I have a plan. *Bl4ze smiles like the grinch* Bl4ze: LAND TAKERS, ASSEMBLE! *All the Land Takers (except Hawk) come into the room* WhaleBlubber: We await your command, master. Bl4ze: We are going to throw a party! *The Land Takers cheer* Bl4ze: But first, drink these. *Bl4ze tosses potions to the heroes* Storm: What are these? Bl4ze: Mega potions. They can make us turn to giants. Bottoms up! *The Land Takers drink the potions* Koopa: Huh. I don’t feel anything. Bl4ze: Just step outside… *The Land Takers start walking through the city, when they grow to massive heights* Storm: WOAH! I feel amazing! Bl4ze: So let’s start this destruction! *The Land Takers start walking through town and destroying buildings* Back at Conehead’s house… *The shot pans through the massive party to the three heroes who are having a good time* VLK: Oh Yeah! This Party Is Going Strong! OBAB: And it’s all because Conehead left! *The heroes cheer while the party goes on* Meanwhile at camp… *We see Conehead at his cabin while the rest of the people are playing cards* Conehead: I wonder what my friends are doing at home. I seriously hope they listened to my rules, because they’re pretty ignorant. Camper: And so are you! Conehead: Wait, how could you tell I was thinking? Camper: We could hear every word you said, dummy! Conehead: Say that again, pencil-neck! Camper: So you’re too deaf to hear it once? Conehead: You’re too blind to see your ugly face! *Conehead and the camper get into a fight* Conehead: Wait a you hear that? Camper: No, what? Conehead: I hear destruction. You guys keep playing your cards, I gotta go. *Conehead mega-jumps out of the cabin and it makes a hole in the roof* Camper: WAIT, COME BACK! *The shot pans through buildings as Conehead leaps across them* Conehead: Those idiots better not have done anything to my house… Meanwhile, at the party… *The shot cuts to the three heroes partying* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Isn’t this great? OBAB: We get tons of good times! VLK: Not To Mention The Lovely Ladies! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Hold on. What did I just hear? ???: OUT OF MY WAY, SCRUBS! OBAB: Huh? *The heroes look out the window to see the giant Land Takers heading for Conehead’s house* VLK: Oh No! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: I think we partied too hard. OBAB: Tell me about it. *Suddenly, Bl4ze’s giant foot crashes through the roof* Bl4ze: SO, EVERYBODY HAVING A GOOD TIME? SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: We were, until you idiot crashed our party! Literally! Bl4ze: WELL, I’M SORRY TO HEAR THAT. BUT I’M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL ANYWAY! VLK: Bl4ze Is Gonna Kill Everyone Here! We Have To Stop Him! OBAB: How? We don’t even have Conehead around! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Let me think! I’m the brains of our adventures. VLK: No Wonder You’re Such A Bummer. *SpongeBob’s #1 Fan hits VLK on the head* VLK: Hey! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Okay, I know now. Conehead always knows when there’s danger, so I can tell he’s coming. But it won’t be a short time until he does, so… OBAB: What? SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: HEROES, ATTACK! *The heroes become their fighting forms and run up Bl4ze’s legs* Bl4ze: OH, LOOK. MOSQUITOS ON MY CLOTHES. *Giant WhaleBlubber swats them off* OWAF: Wait, there’s more of them? Bl4ze: MORE? I HAVE MY WHOLE ARMY WITH ME! SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter: WHAT?! *The heroes fall to the ground* Bl4ze: FINALLY! I FINALLY GOT THEM! *The shot cuts to the heroes’ point of view, and Bl4ze stomps on them* … *The heroes wake up in Bl4ze’s shirt pocket* OBAB: ...huh? Where are we? *SpongeBob’s #1 Fan peeks out of the pocket* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: I’m pretty sure we’re being carried through the city while Bl4ze completely destroys it. VLK: No! I Can’t Believe We Were Finally Caught! OBAB: So how are we gonna get out and stop Bl4ze? SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Well, I got us into this mess- OBAB: “I’m the brains of our adventures.” SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Shut up! *SpongeBob’s #1 Fan hits OBAB* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Anyway, since I got us here, I should get us out. OBAB: So what’s your plan? SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Well...since there’s a barrier around the exit, I say we chew our way out! VLK: Gross! OBAB: Sorry, but we have to. *The heroes start chewing on the shirt, eventually forming a hole* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Yes! Okay guys, let’s go! *The heroes jump out of the hole* Bl4ze: HEY! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?! OBAB: We don’t “think”, but we “know” that we’re going to Conehead’s house! Bl4ze: GET BACK HERE! VLK: Sorry! *The heroes run to Conehead’s house and shut the door* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Wait! *snap* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: I got it! OBAB: What? SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: How to stop Bl4ze! We just have to do our own thing! VLK: WHAT!? How Will That Work?! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Just trust me! OBAB: Okay… VLK: EVERYONE! WE’RE TAKING THIS PARTY UP A NOTCH! *The crowd cheers* Bl4ze: HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? *The heroes start dancing* ♫ I’m so happy Aha! Happy go lucky me♫ Bl4ze: STOP IGNORING ME! ♫I just go my way, living everyday♫ *OBAB and SpongeBob’s #1 Fan dance onto Bl4ze* OBAB: Huh, maybe I should trust him more often. ♫I don’t worry, worrying don’t agree♫ *OBAB stabs spam arrows into Bl4ze’s arm* Bl4ze: Yow! Quit it! ♫Things that bother you never bother me♫ *SpongeBob’s #1 Fan starts slashing his sponge sword on Bl4ze* Bl4ze: Hey! ♫Things that bother you never bother me♫ *VLK shoots his arrows into Bl4ze’s chest* ♫I feel happy and fine Aha!♫ *Dancers start punching the others* WhaleBlubber: REALLY? ♫Living in the sunlight, loving in the moonlight♫ *Hawk begins to slash the giants* Storm: HEY! ♫Having a wonderful time♫ *The heroes start attacking the other giants* Koopa: STOP THAT! ♫Just take it from me, I’m just as free as any daughter♫ Hawk: YOU STOP THAT! *Hawk slashes Koopa in the eyes, knocking him over* ♫I do what I like, just what I like and how I love it♫ SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: You’re doing good, guys! Keep it up! ♫I’ll be here to stay when I’m old and gray♫ *OBAB repeatedly punches WhaleBlubber in the face* WhaleBlubber: AAH! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE! ♫I’ll be right in my prime♫ *SpongeBob’s #1 Fan nearly chops Bl4ze in half* Bl4ze: NO! THAT HURTS! ♫Living in the sunlight, loving in the moonlight♫ OBAB: This is for crashing our party! *OBAB nearly breaks Storm’s nose* Storm: OW! ♫Having a wonderful time♫ *The giants fall over* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: I told you to listen to me! OBAB: Well, we did! VLK: We Should Listen To You More Often. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Shucks, thanks for saying that. ???: YAAAAAH! VLK: Huh? *Conehead comes down out of nowhere and punches Bl4ze in the face, making him and the rest of the heroes disappear* Conehead: Phew. OBAB: Wait, Conehead- *Conehead mega-jumps back to camp* OBAB: Huh. Weird. 3 WEEKS LATER *We see Conehead and the gang in the remains of Conehead’s house* Conehead: Well, I trust you for three weeks and this happens. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. OBAB: But we helped you stop Bl4ze! Conehead: Nope, I did it myself. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: WITHOUT US, IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE! Conehead: Oh, really? And why so? OBAB: Because they were knocked over with the help of US! Then you came! And if it wasn’t for us, you would probably be dead by now! Conehead: Yes, but-um...they didn’t get up because they liked me? OBAB: Admit it, Conehead, you’re just a glory hog who wants all the attention. YOU should be ashamed of YOURself! Conehead: Well, you guys destroyed my house! VLK: Actually, Bl4ze Did. Conehead: You actually helped him, because you were tearing down the house with your partying! But anyway, here’s your punishment. You have to call the repairmen to repair the house. OBAB: But we don’t want to! We sound like old ladies! Conehead: Too bad. Hawk: I can repair your house! *Hawk repairs the house* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Too bad, Conehead. Conehead: ARGH! THE END Coming next episode: The School Credits: Coney - Himself OBAB - Himself SpongeBob’s #1 Fan - A slightly modified himself No credit to all the villains, but credit to everyone else ©2017 SBC Studios, a division of The SpongeBob Community
  3. i'm back

    (insert obnoxious pokemon go song joke here) Yes, you're not deaf, I am back in action. So anyway, camp was a big bust and I'll tell you all about that in a different topic. Okay, let's get down to these updates. 1. I might not be on as long and frequently as I used to, because my mom started this terrible "3-hour limit" thing where the maximum you can have for 1 thing is an hour. 2. There might not be as many episodes of The SBC Show for the same reason as number one. 3. So you know those webisodes I planned to release? I actually can't, because doing it would be wasting the time I have on the "3 hour limit". 4. I'll mix up Season 2 episodes of the show and make a new one as soon as I start it back up: "Camp Catastrophes". So that's my return. I'm also gonna change my profile picture and name to something...weird. So yeah. See ya soon.
  4. The SBC Show

    sure, just give me your persona and wait for the show to come back from hiatus
  5. The SBC Show

    okay guys, quick update i may or may not write an episode or two before the show goes back on hiatus...for about 2 months i only have about a week left
  6. i spotted trump in "the wall"

  7. The SpongeBoard!

    WE ARE NUMBER ONE seriously, the sbc show is #1
  8. I'm here, I guess.

  9. The SBC Show

    SBC Studios Present in association with The SpongeBob Community… Watch Conehead and friends go on awesome adventures in… ...The SBC Show! Created by Coney (Conehead) OBAB: Bl4ze unleashes a new master plan with the help of the newest member of the Land Takers! What possibly could it be? S2E4: Hypno-a-Go-Go *We see the three heroes on the couch* Conehead: I’m bored. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Yeah, me too. OBAB: Isn’t there some adventure we can go on? Conehead: Yeah, I don’t like it when we don’t have adventures. They’re NOT boring. OBAB: Unlike now, that is. Everyone: *groan* WHAM! *The three heroes jump in surprise* OBAB: Where did that noise come from? Conehead: The door! Follow me! *The heroes run to the door and open it* Conehead: VLK? OBAB: What’re you doing here, Vladimir? SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: You don’t look so good. *The shot cuts to a dazed VLK at the door, who bolts in almost immediately* Conehead: Hey! *VLK starts breaking Conehead’s things* Conehead: That’s my stuff! *VLK dashes to the heroes and starts beating them up* “Hey!” “Ow!” “Stop that!” *The heroes break up the fight* OBAB: STOP THE FIGHT! *VLK snaps out of it* VLK: Huh? Wha-Where Am I? *VLK sees the heroes* VLK: Oh! Hi, Guys! How Did I Get Here? Conehead: *sigh* The next day… WHAM! *Conehead opens the door to a dazed VLK* Conehead: Hey, bud! *VLK charges into the house, destroys all Conehead’s stuff, then beats him up* Conehead: Didn’t this happen yesterday? *VLK snaps out of it* VLK: How Did I Get Here? The next day… WHAM! *VLK charges into Conehead’s house, destroys the stuff, then him* Conehead: Rrrrrrr! *VLK snaps out of it* VLK: This House Is In Bad Shape! The next day… WHAM! *Conehead walks to the door with bags under his eyes and opens the door* *VLK charges in and destroys Conehead’s stuff, then him, then he snaps out of it* VLK: Uh… The next day… WHAM! *The three heroes answer the door to a dazed VLK* OBAB: Not again… *VLK dashes in, breaks Conehead’s stuff, then beats up the heroes* Conehead: ENOUGH! *The heroes stop fighting* Conehead: I’m tired of this! *VLK snaps out of it* VLK: Huh? What Happened? Oh! Hi, People! *VLK looks around Conehead’s house* VLK: I’ve Never Seen Your House, Conehead...You’ve Got To Do Some Cleaning Around Here! Conehead: It wasn’t messed up until you got here! VLK: Oh, Really? And Why Is That? Conehead: BECAUSE YOU WERE THE ONE WHO DESTROYED ALL MY STUFF! VLK: Me? ME? I Would Never! What Makes You Think I Would Ever POSSIBLY Do That? OBAB: The fact that you bolted into Conehead’s house, destroyed his stuff and then attempted to destroy US. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: And the fact that this has been going for the past 5 days. VLK: Did I? I Don’t Remember Anything About That! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Then what DO you remember? VLK: I Can Remember Being In Bl4ze’s Lair...Then Everything Was White, Then This, Then I Saw It 4 More Times. Conehead: Wait a minute...Bl4ze! OBAB: I think I know what’s going on with you, VLK. VLK: What Is It? OBAB: I think...VLK is under a state of scheduled hypnosis. VLK: AAHH! Wait...What Is Hypnosis? Conehead: Hypnosis is when someone’s mind is controlled to do someone else’s bidding. And it looks like yours is pretty bad. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: It sounds like Bl4ze has finally figured out a good plan! Conehead: Anyway, we should probably head to Bl4ze’s lair before things get ugly. OBAB: And the warp pipe… *OBAB lifts up a carpet, revealing a pipe* OBAB: right under the carpet. *The heroes jump in* Meanwhile, directly under the heroes’ feet… Bl4ze: Our plan is working perfectly! Turn the heroes against each other! And what better way to do it then the best method possible: hypnosis! WhaleBlubber: We could have just hypnotized all the heroes into thinking they’re against each other, you know… Bl4ze: Ah, well, who cares about your dumb ideas, Blubber. *The heroes fall down the pipe and crush Bl4ze* Bl4ze: YOW! WhaleBlubber: Hey! What are you doing here! Conehead: We’re here to remove VLK’s trance. Bl4ze: Oh, I don’t think you’ll be doing that anytime soon. KOOPA, GET OUT HERE! *AngryKoopa2002 comes out of a room in the castle* Koopa: Yeah, boss? Bl4ze: Get them! Conehead: RUN! *The heroes run from AngryKoopa* Conehead: GUYS! I FOUND SOMETHING! *Conehead tosses hypno-resistant sunglasses* OBAB: They give me the protection, plus a bonus: sweg. *OBAB puts on the glasses in a Snoop Dogg-like fashion, but gets caught by AngryKoopa* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: AH! Let’s save OBAB! Koopa: Too late. OBAB: Save yourselves, guys! *OBAB gets hypnotized by AngryKoopa* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: RUN! *The rest of the four start running again* Conehead: Huh, so it was him that was hypnotizing VLK. But how? Eye spirals? A watch? *Conehead watches OBAB get hypnotized (while running, of course)* Conehead: Huh. That looks SO different. Instead, a type of radiation wave comes out of his head that, when touched by any other head, will temporarily turn off the self-conscious part of the brain. Weird. Koopa: Hey, VLK! Come here! *VLK instantly turns dazed and runs to AngryKoopa* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: VLK! Conehead: SpongeBob’s #1 Fan! Turn into your hero form! *Conehead and SpongeBob’s #1 Fan turn into a semi-hero form* Conehead: I gotta go! Fast! *Conehead starts super-speeding away from the guards* Conehead: Comeoncomeoncomeon! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: I’ll cover for you! *SpongeBob’s #1 Fan starts to chop the guards, but gets caught and hypnotized anyway* Koopa: Struggling is useless. Conehead: AAAAAHH! Koopa: Oh, there’s another guy? Well, I guess I’ll have to take care of him...while I PUT HIS FRIENDS IN A CAGE LOWERING INTO LAVA. *Bl4ze puts OBAB, VLK, and SpongeBob’s #1 Fan into the cage* Conehead: RRRRR… *Conehead becomes his hero form* Bravehead: THAT’S IT! *Bravehead leaps the other way and aims an ultra-punch for Koopa’s face (in slow motion)* Bravehead: I’VE BEEN DEALING WITH THIS FOR 5 WHOLE DAYS! *Bravehead successfully ultra-fists Koopa in the face, knocking him out and making everyone un-hypnotized* OBAB: Huh? Why are we in a cage? VLK: And Why Is Conehead Not? Bravehead: Guys! I saved you! OBAB: Not really, though. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Yeah, we’re still in the cage. VLK: That’s Lowering Into Lava. Bravehead: Got a solution! *Bravehead does a super-punch on the cage, and the other three jump out just in time before the cage lowers into lava* Guard #1: *gasp* Wha-what happened? *The guard sees the Planet Warriors* Guard: Oh, thank you so much! OBAB: Who are you? Guard: Why, I’m JJS! *Bravehead turns back to normal* Conehead: Huh. I thought you looked familiar. JJS: As a reward for this, Bl4ze will have more challenges for you! Heroes: Yay! Less boredom! JJS: But, there is bad news: AngryKoopa still isn’t dead, so he may do the same thing he did in this adventure. Guard #2: Hm? Where am I? Did the Planet Heroes just rescue me? *The 2nd guard goes up to the heroes* Guard #2: THANK YOU SO MUCH! As you can tell, I’m SSJ. JJS: So we’re gonna leave now. Bye! *JJS and SSJ use their admin-powers to leave* Conehead: Phew. OBAB: We should leave. Bl4ze: Oh, no. You’re not going anywhere. OBAB: Yes we are! *Conehead kicks Bl4ze in the gut and goes up the warp pipe, while the rest do the same* Later, at Conehead’s house… *The view cuts to the heroes (and VLK) sitting on the couch* Conehead: Well, I think we’ve all learned a lesson from this. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Is it, maybe, that you should enjoy your life instead of wasting it on boredom? OBAB: Or, perhaps, is it that you should be careful what you wish for? Conehead: None of those. The REAL reason is that we should REALLY be careful, now that we have a mind-controller in the Land Takers. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Yeah. OBAB: Agreed. VLK: Sure. THE END Coming next episode: The School Credits: Coney - Himself OBAB - Himself SpongeBob’s #1 Fan - A slightly modified himself VLK - Himself No credit to the villains, but credit to everyone else ©2017 SBC Studios, a division of The SpongeBob Community _____________________________________________________ oh and one more thing obab, angrykoopa has mind control powers if you're gonna put him in obab edition
  10. The SBC Show

    SBC Studios Present… Watch Conehead and friends go on awesome adventures in… ...The SBC Show!!! Created by Coney (Conehead) OBAB: HawkbitAlpha tries to get some attention from the Land Takers by setting up a devious plan. How will this affect the Planet Warriors? S2E3: The Alphabit *We see Bl4ze on his throne* Bl4ze: BLUBBER! COME HERE! *WhaleBlubber walks into the room* WhaleBlubber: Yeah, your evilness? Bl4ze: I’m calling a team meeting. So assemble the gang up! *WhaleBlubber walks out of the room, then back in with the rest of the Land Takers* Bl4ze: Okay everybody, TEAM MEETING! *The shot pans out of the room and into the hallway, where a sad HawkbitAlpha sits* Hawk: Why don’t I get any attention from these guys? Blubber didn’t even NOTICE I was here! It seems like I’m the forgotten man of the Land Takers. *ba-bing* Hawk: Hey, I have an idea! I’ll set up a plan to destroy the Planet Warriors without Bl4ze even knowing! It’s a win-win! Bl4ze gets his sweet victory and I get my sweet attention! *Hawk starts writing down his plan as the shot zooms out of the hallway* Meanwhile, in the Industrial Park… *We see the heroes watching Conehead play his Porta-Drive* OBAB: Wait a minute, what’s a Porta-Drive? Conehead: Portable region-free Mega Drive. Also plays Mega CD and 32x games. Made it myself. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Looks nice. How’d you make it? Conehead: Took a few consoles-on-chips, mashed ‘em together and put ‘em in a nice repainted Genesis shell. Oh, and by the way, it can also do this. *Conehead presses a button, and Sonic jumps out of the screen and jumps on SpongeBob’s #1 Fan* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Ouch! What was that for!? Conehead: Well, you’re always slugging everyone else in the arm, so we should have our sweet revenge. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: WHY YOU LITTLE- OBAB: Break it up, you two! VLK: We Should Focus On The Game Instead Of Fighting. Conehead: Fine. *Conehead keeps playing his game, but it glitches out and bursts into flames* Conehead: I spent a year on that! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: HA! ???: Mwahahahahahaha! Conehead: Hm. OBAB: That didn’t really sound like Bl4ze… SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: If it’s not Bl4ze, then who can it be? VLK: He’s Clearly Not Gonna Show Up, So We Should Let It Slide. *The scene changes to Conehead and friends in the living room* Conehead: Got any Genesises….Genesi...Genesisisisis? OBAB: Uh…I got one. *OBAB hands Conehead a Genesis* Conehead: Thanks. I needed that. *The Genesis gets struck by lighting, and burst into flames* Conehead: HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? *Conehead’s house bursts into flames* OBAB: AAAHH! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: LEAVE THE HOUSE! *The heroes escape* ???: Mwahahahaha! Conehead: SHOW YOURSELF! *The heroes turn to Conehead’s house* Conehead: Well, I’ve lost everything. VLK: It’s Not Your Fault! OBAB: It’s whoever HE is. ???: It’s Hawkbit! *HawkbitAlpha appears out of nowhere* Hawk: I never got the attention I deserved, so I made this plan without Bl4ze knowing so he would finally notice me. Conehead: Why don’t you join us? OBAB: You get lots of attention, and you feel good about it! Hawk: Really? I never thought of it that way. Sure, I’ll join. VLK: You Sure? Hawk: SIKE! *Hawk slashes the heroes, knocking them down* Hawk: I would NEVER be a hero! I would rather destroy than join! *Hawk prepares his finishing move* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: HEROES, ATTACK! *The heroes turn into their hero forms* Bravehead: Okay, Hawk, you have 10 seconds to leave or we’ll be forced to- *Hawk punches Conehead in the face* Conehead: Okay then. *OWAF shoots his spam arrows at Hawk* Hawk: Hey! Get that stuff away from me! *Hawk finds a stick and duels with SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter’s sponge sword* SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter: I’m not losing! *SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter chops through the sticks and slices Hawk in half, who comes back together* Bravehead: You’ve chosen the wrong option! *Bravehead aims an ultra-punch for Hawk’s face* Bravehead: WASTED! POW! *Hawk lays down on the floor, beaten* Bravehead: So, what do you choose? *The others aim their weapons at him* Hawk: I choose...for you to DIE! *Hawk slashes Conehead ten times, then goes to slashing the rest of the heroes a lot* Hawk: So, are you ready to die? VH: We *cough* Have A Simple Answer For You. Hawk: What’s that? VH: Starts With N, Rhymes With Go. Hawk: Huh? Everyone: NOOOOOO!! *The heroes start to transform while Hawk gets a bit nervous* Bravehead: AAAAHHH! *The heroes turn super* Super SB’s Fighter: Guys! We have a new power! Super OWAF: We gotta use this power to its limit! *The heroes look at Hawk* Hawk: Heh...gotta run! *Hawk tries to run while the other heroes catch up* Super Bravehead: YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! *Super Bravehead fists Hawk a lot* Super Bravehead: YOU- *punch* Super Bravehead: DESTROYED- *punch* Super Bravehead: ALL- *punch* Super Bravehead: MY- *punch* Super Bravehead: STUFF! *mega-punch* Super Bravehead: OBAB, you take him! *Super Bravehead tosses a bleeding Hawk to OBAB* Super OWAF: I don’t think you’re gonna get away with this. *Super OWAF stabs about a million spam arrows into Hawk’s chest* Hawk: ...okay. I think I understand now. Super Bravehead: So you’ll join us? No tricks? Hawk: No, but I’ll help you for a bit. Everyone: Yes! *The heroes go back to normal and heal Hawk* Hawk: Okay. What’s first? Oh, yeah. *Hawk restores Conehead’s house* Conehead: Well, it looks like everything’s back to normal. ???: NOT EVERYTHING. HAWKBIT! *Bl4ze appears* Bl4ze: Hawk! Why did you leave me!? Conehead: He did it because he’s a nice guy. Hawk: I’m not like you. I’m not greedy, selfish, nosy, spoiled, or anything like that. Bl4ze: How DARE you talk back to your master! Hawk: No. You’re not my master. Conehead: Yeah, he’s not. Bl4ze: Of course he is! He’s supported me all these years! Hawk: I never got the attention I deserved! Bl4ze: But I called you for the team meeting! Hawk: No, you didn’t! You weren’t even concerned when I wasn’t there! Bl4ze: Well, if you wanted attention, you could have just asked! Hawk: I did. LOTS OF TIMES. Bl4ze: Well, you still have to be my slave. OBAB: He will never! Bl4ze: I wasn’t talking to you! You aren’t in this! OBAB: I don’t care, I just said it. Everyone: Oooooh! Bl4ze: AAAARRRGHH! Time to die, everybody! Conehead: HEROES, ATTACK! *The heroes turn super form* Super Bravehead: We better use this new power wisely. We only have a limited amount. Super OWAF: Are you helping us fight, Hawk? Hawk: I’d be honored. *Turns his fingers into knives* Bl4ze: I SUMMON ALL THE LAND TAKERS! *Every Land Taker appears* Super Bravehead: 321FIGHT! *Super OWAF spins through a Land Taker* *Super SB’s Fighter chops AngryKoopa2002* *Super Bravehead punches through most of them* Hawk: Blubber and Bl4ze are the only ones left. I’ll take care of ‘em. Super Bravehead: You sure? Super VH: They’re the hardest ones we’ve ever dealt with! Hawk: I don’t care. Super Bravehead: Well, in that case, TAKE OUR POWER! *The heroes give Hawk their power* Super Hawk: You’re not bossing me around! Bl4ze: We have the right to! Super Hawk: I don’t care if you have the rights! I’m not listening to you! *Super Hawk charges toward Bl4ze and Blubber and the fight escelates in a series of slashes before killing Bl4ze (but not for good)* WhaleBlubber: HEY! You can’t do that! *WhaleBlubber grabs Hawk and drags him back to Bl4ze’s lair* Hawk: NO! I don’t want to go back! *The shot cuts to Conehead, OBAB, VLK and SpongeBob’s #1 Fan* Conehead: Hm. VLK: That Was Weird. OBAB: I’ll say. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: But what’s gonna happen to Hawk? *The heroes think a bit* Everyone: Meh. *The heroes go inside Conehead’s house* -EPILOUGE- *The shot cuts to Hawk in Bl4ze’s throne room* Bl4ze: Why did you have to do that?! I’m disappointed in you, Hawk. Hawk: Please, your evilness, give me another chance! I promise I’ll destroy the heroes! Bl4ze: Hmmm… *Bl4ze thinks a bit* Bl4ze: No. *Bl4ze gives Hawk an angry stare, and he explodes* THE END Coming next episode: Hypno-a-Go-Go Credits: Coney - Himself OBAB - Himself SpongeBob’s #1 Fan - A slightly modified himself No credit to all the villains, but credit to everyone else ©2017 SBC Studios, a division of The SpongeBob Community
  11. The SBC Show

    SBC Studios Present… Watch Conehead and friends go on awesome adventures in… ...The SBC Show! Created by Coney (Conehead) OBAB: A rocket shows up that takes the heroes to Planet SBM! What will they do there? S2E2: A Day in Planet SBM *We see Conehead on his couch* Conehead: When will they show up? They said they would be here about now, and they’re not here. What’s taking them so long? *ding-dong* Conehead: I’ll get it! *Conehead rushes to the door and opens it* Conehead: Welcome, OBAB and SpongeBob’s #1 Fan, to the ultimate hangout! Alex: Huh? *Conehead realizes in disappointment that it was Alex at the door* Conehead: ...oh. Well, Alex, what are you here for? Alex: Just delivering this package to you. Conehead: Okay, thanks. *Conehead shuts the door and goes back on his couch* Conehead: *groan* *ding-dong* Conehead: I’ll get it! Again! *Conehead opens the door to reveal a sheriff* Conehead: ??? Sheriff: I’m Sheriff Buford T Justice. And you’re under arrest. Conehead: Wait, why isn’t Alex taking your job? And why am I under arrest? Sheriff: Alex didn’t have enough time on his hands, so he quit one of his jobs. And you’re under arrest for littering. *Sheriff points to another box, and Conehead picks it up and reads it* Conehead: ...this isn’t mine. Sheriff: Oh. Well, in THAT case… *Sheriff pats conehead on the head, then breaks it off and scoops some ice cream into it* “...stay fixed in the law. Don’t break it. You got that?” Conehead: Uh...yeah. Sheriff: Well, I guess I’ll be on my way then. *Conehead shuts the door* Conehead: Welp, guess it’s time to check my mail. Say, what was in that package? *Conehead opens the package, and OBAB and SpongeBob’s #1 Fan jump out and tackle him* OBAB & SB#1F: Surprise! Conehead: I just got my head fixed! You broke it again! OBAB: We came for the “ultimate hangout”. Conehead: Oh. Then let’s go! *The heroes enter the pipe and come out in The Industrial Park* VLK: Hey, Guys! OBAB: Hey, VLK. VLK: You Won’t Believe What I Found! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Is it one of your leaves? Again? VLK: No...It’s A Rocket Ship! OBAB: REALLY?! VLK: Yes! *VLK points to a real rocket ship* Conehead: Wow! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Cool! VLK: Well, What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Go! *The heroes enter the machine* Conehead: Okay, now how do these gadget thingys work? *Conehead presses a button, and the ship blasts off at warp speed* Everyone: AAAHHH! *The rocket goes by for a few minutes and gets progressively faster until it enters a portal* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: EVERYONE, BRACE! *Everyone braces for impact while the ship deforms and twists and turns* Everyone: AAAAAAHHHH! *The ship stops, then crashes down into Planet SBM* SBM!OBAB: Huh? *SBM!OBAB runs to the crashed ship* Conehead: Hm? *Conehead lifts up a few parts of the ship and gets out* Conehead: Where am I? SBM!OBAB: You’re in Planet SBM! Where else would you be? Conehead: I don’t know...Planet SBC? SBM!OBAB: *gasps* We don’t talk about that place over here. *OBAB comes out of the rocket ship* OBAB: Hey, you’re me! SBM!OBAB: No, you’re me! Conehead: Well, let’s explore for a bit before we get sent back to SBC. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: So we’re actually leaving this place? I thought we were gonna live here. Conehead: Hey OBAB, is there any Industrial Parks around here? SBM!OBAB: Well, there’s a Dump. Conehead: Okay then. OBAB: Wait! We should explore instead of being lazy! Conehead: We’re lazy any other time, so...sure! Let’s do it! *We see the heroes walking through the town* VLK: So, What Should We See Now? OBAB: Definitely not the Dump. *The view points to the dump, and the gang cringes* Conehead: Too many fetishes. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: WAY too much. VLK: Then How About We Meet Everyone In This Planet? Conehead: I could live with that. OBAB: So who’s first on our list? ???: Me! *The view points to some Brooklyn kid* Conehead: Do I know you? ???: Yes, because I’m PPSD! OBAB: Huh? PPSD: Shoo, OBAB. You’re shows are terrible. OBAB: You spelled that wrong. PPSD: Exactly! Conehead: So can you leave? We’re busy meeting everyone. PPSD: Nope. Instead, I’ll tag along. *We see the heroes (and PPSD) walking through town* ???: HEY! *The view points to some random adult* PPSD: He’s Bagel. He REALLY likes to break the fourth wall. *Bagel starts nagging and yelling at Conehead for “The SBC Show”* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: ...The SBC Show? What’s that? OBAB: Sounds like something out of the genius mind of an 11 year old when he has spare time. Conehead: Well, whatever “The SBC Show” is, I wish we were in it. VLK: Yeah, It Sounds Like We’re Too Cool For The Show. Conehead: He’s a bad person because he didn’t add us. *The heroes push past Bagel and continue onward, then see another crashed ship* Conehead: Is that ours? PPSD: Is that how you got here? OBAB: Yes, that is how we got here, but that’s not ours. *Someone lifts up the remains and escapes* PPSD: SSJ! YOU’RE BACK! SSJ: Wow, I never knew I could make it back that easily. Conehead: Huh? SBM!Conehead: OHMYGOD! SSJ IS BACK! SBM!OBAB: He banned me a bunch of times, so I’m not so excited. SpongeBob And Patrick: Well, I’d like to inform that if you’re not, then you will be banned again. SBM!OBAB: Come on! Conehead: Hey, that’s us! SSJ: Anyway, are you guys from Planet SBC? I saw you a few times there. VLK: Yeah… SSJ: I don’t think we’ve met. Anyway, I’m- SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: SSJ. We know that already. SSJ: Well, I’ve come to reclaim my spot as admin in this beautiful planet. Conehead: Oh. OBAB: Bye! Good luck! *SSJ waves, then walks to the admin center* Conehead: Hm. There’s still one more person, but I can’t read it. OBAB: Let me see! *OBAB snags the paper from Conehead and reads it* OBAB: Hmm...bluze...bleze...Bl4ze! Bl4ze: Me! *Bl4ze rips the paper in half* Bl4ze: I made that list so you would be “occupied” while I carried out my master plan! OBAB: And what is that? Bl4ze: Take over Planet SBC while you were gone! I built the ship, made the list, I did everything! Conehead: Guys! We gotta stop them before something bad happens! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Something bad already happened. VLK: We Have To Stop Bl4ze, Then Get Back To Planet SBC And Stop The Chaos! Conehead: And I know just how to do it! HEROES, ATTACK! *The heroes turn into their hero forms* PPSD: Why don’t I get to be a hero? *Bravehead picks up PPSD, super-speeds him to the dump and super-speeds back* Bravehead: Got rid of him! OWAF: Good! Now let’s stop Bl4ze! *SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter chops Bl4ze’s arm off with his sponge sword* Bl4ze: Hey! I just got that arm fixed! *OWAF kicks Bl4ze, injuring his leg* Bl4ze: Ow! *Bravehead aims a punch for Bl4ze’s weak spot, his chest* Bravehead: YAAAHH! *WhaleBlubber blocks the punch, breaking the spikes on Bravehead’s knuckles* Bl4ze: Well done, Blubber! WhaleBlubber: Now it’s time to die. *SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter chops WhaleBlubber and Bl4ze in half* SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter: No. I’m done. *The heroes revert to normal* OBAB: So how are we gonna get back to Planet SBC: Conehead: Hmmm...our ship is broken, so...aha! One year earlier, during Arc Month… *We cut to an old shack with a rusted and destroyed portal inside* Bravehead: Uh...where are we? SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter: This all looks different from Planet SBC! OWAF: But wait...look! *OWAF sees the rusted and destroyed portal* Bravehead: Wow...that looks bad! SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter: Can I go inside? *SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter tries to go inside, but fails* Bravehead: What now? *Bravehead leans on a wall, but that chunk of the wall is a switch and Bravehead presses it* Bravehead: What the- *The shack rumble for a few seconds, and the portal fixes itself* OWAF: Yes! SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter: It really works? VLK: One Step Closer To The World Being Saved! Bravehead: Well, as usual, what are we waiting for? OWAF: Let’s go! *All four heroes jump inside* End of flashback Conehead: We gotta get to the portal! OBAB: Fortunately, I know where it is! VLK: Then Where? OBAB: Follow me! *OBAB leads the gang through the crowd until they find the shack* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Here it is! Conehead: Let’s go! OBAB: Wait. The portal might send us somewhere else. But just in case… *We cut to OBAB going down the portal tied to a string* Conehead: You sure this will work? OBAB: Yup! *OBAB reaches his head out of the portal* OBAB: Yes, it leads us to the right place! *The string drops and OBAB falls to the ground* OBAB: Oof! GUYS! *The other three fall down on him* OBAB: Ow! *Conehead sees Planet SBC* Conehead: Guys...look at that! *The others look at Planet SBC, which is now destroyed* VLK: Time For Some Cleaning! What follows is a brief cleaning montage. *We see Conehead rebuilding the houses, OBAB putting out the fire, SpongeBob’s #1 Fan alerting the citizens and VLK repainting the place* We hope you enjoyed this brief cleaning montage. Conehead: Phew. That was some hard work. OBAB: I’ll say. But it definitely paid off. Look! *The view pans through Planet SBC, looking good as new* Conehead: So, where should we go next? SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: NOWHERE! I don’t want the same catastrophe to happen again. OBAB: Too late! *OBAB enters a rocket ship, blasts off, then all of a sudden Planet SBC is in flames* Conehead: Oh boy… THE END Credits: Coney - Himself OBAB - Himself SB’s #1 Fan - A slightly modified himself Everyone else ©2017 SBC Studios, a division of The SpongeBob Community
  12. The SBC Show

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  13. The SBC Show

    SBC Studios Present… Watch Conehead and friends go on awesome adventures in… ...The SBC Show! OBAB: A strange man unleashes a power that reverses everything! What can the heroes do to stop it? S2E1: wohS CBS ehT *We see Conehead and the gang on the couch, watching a movie* OBAB: Welp, it’s over. Conehead: What now? SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: We REWIND, you morons! Doesn’t it say that on EVERY tape we buy?! OBAB: Actually, it never tells us to do that. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: *facepalms* *Conehead grabs the remote and rewinds it* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Wait! DON’T DO IT TOO FAST- *A figure made of TV static comes out of the screen* Conehead: Uh… OBAB: Who are you? ???: I need that remote. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: No! You can’t have it! ???: Then I guess I have to take it by FORCE. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Guys! Ready yourselves! *OBAB, SpongeBob’s #1 Fan, and Conehead turn into their fighting selves* ???: I’ll be taking those. *The figure rips the outfits off, leaving the heroes in their normal outfits* Conehead: Give it back! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: We need that! ???: I’m afraid not. And now, I’ll need that remote… *The figure takes the remote* ???: Say goodbye to your world! Heroes: NO! *The heroes try to block the remote’s sensors, but it doesn’t do anything* ???: Get off me! *The figure presses the rewind button, and the heroes go through a portal before landing in their room* BABO: ?tnereffid gnihtemos ereht sI daehenoC: !seciov ruO ???: Enjoying your new world? BABO: !seciov ruo kcab su eviG ???: Oh, alright...but ONLY YOU THREE. *The figure presses a button, and nothing happens* daehenoC: ?!deneppah gnihton emoc woH !yeH BABO: !OOOOB !emaL ???: Your voices will come back soon. But for now… *The figure goes back into the TV screen, and it turns to static* naF 1# s'boBegnopS: .doog enod uoy ,pleW *SpongeBob’s #1 Fan punches Conehead* daehenoC: !wO BABO: ?kcab seciov ruo teg annog ew era woh ,oS naF 1# s’boBegnopS: now!...tuoba thgir kcab emoc annog era seciov ruO !?dias tsuj eh tahw wonk uoy t’noD *The heroes’ voices come back* Conehead: We have to stop this! SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: And NOW you guys come to your senses. OBAB: Where do we start? Conehead: I know! Let’s go to Archive Road! Meanwhile… *The reversed world is shown on a glass ball* Bl4ze: Eh? What’s all this? WhaleBlubber: Meh. The important part is that we’re not affected. *snap* rebbulBelahW: !noos oot ekops eW ez4lB: !toohS rebbulBelahW: ?tahw ro seoreh eht gnitnuh trats ew dluohs ,oS ez4lB: .krow thgim tsuj taht nalp a evah I dna ,seY At Archive Road… *We see the heroes walking through the streets, then VK dashes to them* KLV: !TNEREFFID ERA SDROW YM !PLEH !SYUG *snap* VLK: Oh. Glad That’s Over. OBAB: So what are we doing here? Conehead: We have to acquire the holy remote. It can make mountains rise from the dust and flatten them down back to where they came from. It can basically do anything. VLK: Can It Restore The World? Conehead: Of course it can. I’ve seen it myself once. OBAB: What was it like? Conehead: It was a remote, but golden. At first it wasn’t, but then they boiled it along with 24 carrots. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Don’t you mean “24 karat gold”? VLK: No, He Means They Threw The Remote In A Pot Of Boiling Hot Water, Along With 24 Carrots. *SpongeBob’s #1 Fan facepalms* OBAB: Where can we even get it, and why here? Conehead: Because there’s an abandoned building that if we use the Wayback Machine on in a certain point in time, they’ll have it. And there it is! *Conehead points to an abandoned building, then the heroes enter it, then they enter the machine* Wayback Machine: Welcome to the Wayback Machine. Where would you like to go? Conehead: 2004. Wayback Machine: Teleporting… *The machine shakes, then stops* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: We made it! OBAB: Not all of us. *Conehead gets off of OBAB, who is as flat as a piece of paper* Conehead: ...I’ll just put you in my backpack. *Conehead folds OBAB up and stuffs him in his backpack, full of school junk* OBAB: *muffles* Conehead: Sorry, what was that? *OBAB zips open the backpack, then pulls out half a chipped Drasticals badge* OBAB: How’d this get here? *Conehead starts to sweat* Conehead: I’ll tell you later. It’s a long story. *The gang exits the machine to reveal an antique shop* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Wow! OBAB: Looking good. VLK: Nice Place! Conehead: And to think I didn’t even exist when this was here! OBAB: Wait! Look! *OBAB points to a shelf containing a golden remote* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Let’s get that remote! *The heroes run up to the front desk* VLK: We Need A Golden Remote! Alex Squarepants: Okay, do you have any remotes? *OBAB pulls a keyboard out of Conehead’s backpack, then hands it to Alex* OBAB: We have this spare keyboard, if you’re fine with that. Conehead: Hey! Alex: I also need 24 carrots. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: WHAT?! OBAB: Well, you’re not always right. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Shut up! Conehead: I have 24 carrots that I grew in my garden. *OBAB pulls 24 carrots out of Conehead’s backpack and hands them to Alex* Alex: Okay, then. *Alex boils the keyboard along with the 24 carrots, then gives it back as a golden keyboard* Conehead: Yes! VLK: Now Let’s Restore The World! *VLK reaches for a button, but Bl4ze and WhaleBlubber appear out of nowhere* ez4lB: ?seoreh ,erehwemos gnioG Conehead: Actually, we’re going nowhere. We’re restoring the world. rebbulBelahW: ?gniyas er'ew tahw llet uoy nac woh ,tiaW OBAB: I use a text reverser, then say the message to the rest of us. ez4lB: .nalp detsaw rehtona s'taht ,lleW rebbulBelahW: ?detsaw ti si yhW ez4lB: .meht dlot I retfa neve wonk t'ndluow yeht os ,egassem eht rehpiced t'ndluoc yeht thguoht I esuaceb saw taht tub ,nalp ym meht llet ot gniog saw I SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Oh, well. Too bad. HEROES, ATTACK! *Conehead, SpongeBob’s #1 Fan, OBAB and VLK turn into their hero forms* Bravehead: Use the keyboard to attack! OWAF: No! I’m not wasting its power! Bravehead: Oh, good point. *Bl4ze and WhaleBlubber attack the heroes, but the heroes defend themselves* Bravehead: Dodge, dodge, dodge, and FIST! *Bravehead punches Bl4ze in the face with his spiked knuckles* *SpongeBob’s Favorite Fighter chops WhaleBlubber with his sponge sword* *VLK uses his bow, killing both Bl4ze and WhaleBlubber (but not for good)* Bravehead: Nice job, VLK! *The heroes turn back to normal* Conehead: Now let’s restore the world! *OBAB presses a button, but nothing happens* OBAB: What? SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: Why didn’t anything happen? Alex: The only magic one is- ???: -the one on the shelf. *The strange man that took the heroe’s remote takes the remote from the shelf* ???: I’ll be taking that, thank you. *The strange man gets punched in the gut by Conehead, making him drop the remote, then Conehead picks it up* Conehead: Okay, now let’s restore the world! *OBAB presses a button and the heroes get sent through a portal* daehenoC: !dlrow- Ɔouǝɥǝɐp: -ʍoɹlp¡. Ć̵̨̞͖̜̘̜̫̫͒̾̀̓̾̾͐̀̃͟o̢̝̤͓̫̳͇͒̂́́̅̉̀͜ņ̢̜̯̺̙̻̜̾̐̀̉̕͠ȩ̶̙̘͍̱̰̭͍̖͖̏͂̍̇͗́̕h̫̙̘̼̍̔̆̐͢͜͟͡ͅe̢̨̜̞̼̞͍͕͌̈́͋͗̑̕͡a̶̢̨͚͇̠̬̦̽̊̆̔͛ḓ̵̡̨̨͙̰͍͇͖̈̃̎͗̽̾̀̈́͞:̶̬̰̦̣͙̼̓̿͋̋̇̌̈́̕ -̧̧̛̠̯͎̫̙̯̓̉̄̔́̑̿͟ŵ̵̡͎̻͚̜̼̪̋̆͋̚͢ò̡̬͇̬̦̦̌̋̐́̊̂̓̉̿r̷̩͈͔̗̣̈́͆͌̊̓̈́̏͢ļ̗͈̠͍̞̆́̄̂̽̓̍̈́͟͠͞d̶̨͓̯̳͉͖̮͉̑̂̃̍̇̓̾͞!̸̧̗̱̤͚̃̆͗̓̀̑̐͠͡ .Ⓒⓞⓝⓔⓗⓔⓐⓓ: -ⓦⓞⓡⓛⓓ! pɐǝɥǝuoƆ: ¡plɹoʍ- *The heroes land back on Conehead’s couch* Conehead: Huh? OBAB: Wow. SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: What a great adventure. VLK: Here’s A Thought: Do You Think This Will Ever Happen Again? Conehead: Probably not. Now let’s watch the OBAB movie! *Conehead blows on the tape inside* SpongeBob’s #1 Fan: WAIT! DON’T TOUCH THE TAPE INSIDE! *The heroes get sucked into a portal, then appear back in their room* ⓄⒷⒶⒷ: Ⓝⓞⓣ ⓐⓖⓐⓘⓝ! THE END Coming up next: A Day in Planet SBM ©2017 SBC Studios, a division of The SpongeBob Community
  14. i'm working on an episode of the sbc show, but my dad put a wow wow wubbzy dvd on my xbox for my little brother so i'm being distracted

  15. super glitch bros 2

    i own it

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