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  1. Jump up in the air, jump up don’t be scared!
  2. HOW DID I EVER LIKE THIS GARBAGE I AM LEGIT CONFUSED But yeah...this episode is legitimately infurating and annoying as all heck, like seriously slide whistle after a slide whistle after a slide whistle. Its seriously not funny and comes off as really irritating. Unlike the Splinter which at least had one funny joke I can name from the beginning, nothing in this episode made me laugh once. The beginning is just an annoying montage of SB and Patrick annoying Squidward to death with the annoying slide whistles and later on he joins them but to become very obnoxious with slide whistling too....like what.....I don’t get it......Also the townspeople cheering after Squidward crashed.....I really have no words for this scene, its messed up as all heck. Don’t even get me started on that entire ending.....he sadly has to keep a whistle in his throat for the rest of his life due to that crash...how could this be even funny when its rather depressing. Also that entire ending montage is absolutely terrible since making fun of sick people with slide whistles is suppose to a funny joke when its rather really wrong. Easily one of the worst episodes i’ve ever seen in the show, nothing here is worth coming back to watch again. It is and will always stay as one of my least favorite episodes. Grade: Wyoming x 100/10 ALSO WHY IS ASSAULT YOUR OWN BABY AN ACTUAL QUOTE.
  3. I can’t believe I used to find this episode medicore before....while i’m not actually grossed out by it (Though that one scene where Patrick hits the splinter with a wooden spike and hammer still disturbs me badly and I do question why they made the splinter itself look like that throughout the episode) I find it terrible for other reasons. First of all Squidward is beyond unlikeable to the point where I just can’t stand it (Because telling SB he’ll be forced to go to work while he cries and gets worried about it is funny somehow?). But tbf thats not the only part that I despise since out of all horrible things to come from this ep entirely is....Patrick...Why did he even need to be here....he acted like a obnoxious idiot who wanted to go his own direction...seriously why did they make him this idiotic and infuriating here (and most of S6 in general). Ending itself is terrible too as Squidward just gets himself hurt only for Mr Krabs to shift ended two minutes ago...its really not funny and rather uncomfortable to see Squidward get hurt like that. Even outside of these moments the episode really lacks comedy (note gag is the only funny thing I can remember) and is seriously boring in general. While its not as bad as its sister episode (which I will get too later), I still truly hate this episode and it potentially has a chance of making my worst list Rating: Wyoming/10
  4. Shoot this fool for his tax evasion
  5. I’LL DESTROY ALL OF YOU - Plankton
  6. I created SBC and Minecraft

  7. Thoughts on a certain anime girl pic (the one in compliment2)
  8. Have you seen SRB2 Kart before? If not then I recommend playing it
  9. Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart is such a blessed racing fangame (and it’s free btw)

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