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  1. Do you like vocaloid music?
  2. From what I've heard, Burgerpants' and Grubby's stuff.
  3. Oh, almost forgot: In "One Dance" by Drake I keep hearing "won that ass".
  4. Run To You - Bryan Adams
  5. Neru

    Lily Allen

    The thing I like most about her music is how happy-sounding her songs can be yet the lyrics are anyhting but that I'm not a big fan of her but LDN, Not Fair and Smile are really catchy.
  6. If you were to play a position in baseball, which one?
  7. Is that Staryu gonna get a Water Stone?
  8. Happy anniversary and yay that Industrial Park posts count today.
  9. Bump because I like this idea. Oh and you can make me Guard Duck.
  10. What genres of music do you like?
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