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  1. happy birthday to an absolute god 

  2. I see this "spongebob's going to be cancelled!1" thing once almost every year, and I've never believed it.
  3. Consoles: -Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Model 2) -Nintendo 64 -Gamecube (Pokemon DX theme) -Wii (Family Edition -Sega Genesis (Model 2) -PSOne w/ LCD screen attachment Handhelds: -Gameboy Advance SP -Nintendo 2DS Used to own: -Xbox (more of my brother's) -Xbox 360 (also more of my brother's) -Atari 2600 (also more of my brother's) -Nintendo DS Lite
  4. Season 4 is pretty good. The season in general isn't quite as good as S1-3 imo, but at the very least, it's watchable and there are a few episodes that stick out to me as being just as good as the average pre-movie episode (in fact, "Have You Seen That Snail?" is probably on my Top 10 episodes of the whole series) Season 5 is alright. There aren't many episodes that truly stick out to me, but again, it's at least watchable. Like a lot of people, I don't like Seasons 6 and 7 that much (although there are some alright episodes) and I haven't seen anything from Season 8 onward aside from Sponge Out of Water. Considering I've heard some positive things about Seasons 9 and 10, I should probably give those seasons a chance.
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