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  1. Patrick's Staycation Aired November 8th, 2011 Plot The episode begins with Patrick putting the slide projector onto a table, leaping onto it, shaping his head into a ten-gallon hat, then riding the projector like a horse. SpongeBob reminds him that he has a slideshow to give, but Patrick destroys the projector in the process. Instead, Patrick makes a shadow puppet show with a lamp, and the show begins. SpongeBob goes to Patrick's house and knocks on the rock. Inside, Patrick is heard moaning and complaining. When the rock finally opens, Patrick's hand is seen holding a key. When SpongeBob enters, Patrick is seen on the floor, still holding the key. SpongeBob asks what's wrong, and Patrick explains that all he's been doing is waking up, eating, and sleeping... and that he needs a break. SpongeBob suggests a vacation, and Patrick's spirits are lifted. When they go to the travel agency, Patrick is given options, but when it is revealed that he cannot afford any of these trips, he and SpongeBob are thrown out. SpongeBob suggests Patrick to go on a "staycation," a vacation at home. Patrick goes for it. When he arrives home, he sees his living room has been redesigned as a hotel's entrance, and SpongeBob (calling himself "Todd") is the receptionist. "Todd" gives Patrick his key, and shows him his room. Patrick does not like the way the room is designed, and asks SpongeBob to redesign it. All the furniture is now stacked into one large pile, and Patrick, still not satisfied, tells SpongeBob it's probably the walls. The furniture collapses in a heap of sand. Later, there is a tub of water, which SpongeBob calls it "the pool." Patrick is initially excited, but asks where the diving board is. SpongeBob makes one out of a stool and a plank of wood. When Patrick dives off of it, he hits his head on the side of the tub and falls in. When Patrick is drowning, SpongeBob dresses up as a lifeguard and pulls him out. When Patrick gets hungry, SpongeBob dresses like a French chef and prepares a Krabby Patty on a grill. Just then, Mr. Krabs comes along, requesting payment and a tip. Patrick demands a show to go with his meal, so SpongeBob dances on the table. Patrick dismisses it as "boring." SpongeBob then puts his spatula on his head, and makes a pineapple appear. Patrick dismisses it as "lame." SpongeBob launches the pineapple into the air, where it's sliced in an overhead airplane's turbines. When it lands on a plate, Patrick tells SpongeBob "You are smoking." He means it literally: the Krabby Patty is burning, and a large cloud of black smoke fills the air. Patrick walks out of the smoke like he's opening a door, still hungry. He catches a delicious aroma coming from Squidward's home, which turns out to be soup. Squidward puts a bowl on his table, but turns around to get a napkin. When he returns to the table, Patrick is eating his soup. Meanwhile, SpongeBob emerges from the cloud of smoke, presenting a burnt Krabby Patty which soon turns into dust and blows away in the wind. Patrick is nowhere to be found, but he hears Squidward yelling. Patrick seems to think Squidward's house is a hotel, and even plans to go to the spa and get a massage. Squidward angrily explains to him that there is no spa and his house is not a hotel, but SpongeBob gives Patrick the massage he wanted. Patrick suggests Squidward to get one as well. Though Squidward is reluctant at first, his shoulder snaps. Squidward then pushes Patrick off the table and asks SpongeBob to give him a massage. After fulfilling Squidward's request, SpongeBob is exhausted and returns home. He goes to bed, but Patrick is in there with him, apparently convinced that SpongeBob's house is also a hotel. The scene changes to Mr. Krabs gargling with mouthwash in the bathroom of his house. When he goes to his bedroom, SpongeBob is sleeping in his hammock. Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob if he's had a nightmare, and if Patrick is in his bed, and SpongeBob says no to the former and yes to the latter. Mr. Krabs bids SpongeBob a good night as the episode ends.
  2. The Googly Artiste Aired July 21st, 2011 Plot The episode starts at Squidward's house. Squidward is shown pushing what appears to be a sculpture with a sheet over it into his yard. Then, Patrick and SpongeBob call to him and ask if he wants to join them in making arts and crafts. He solemnly says, "No" and tells them that he is a true artist and has a hat to prove it. SpongeBob said he weaved a basket, a wallet and money. Patrick was trying to weave a basket but fails (due to the fact that he kept hammering his finished piece). Squidward walks away bitterly and Patrick becomes upset that he can't make art like SpongeBob and Squidward. SpongeBob shows Patrick how to make a rock with googly eyes on it. Patrick repeats this process and SpongeBob is very impressed (though his rock had googly eyes all over it instead of two normal eyes.) Squidward insults their artwork and then an art critic comes and judges Squidward's work (which was a statue of himself). The art critic says that it is hideous and confiscates Squidward's hat. Then, the art critic judges SpongeBob's art and says it is lame. He then judges Patrick's art and he said it was so wonderful and creative. He gives him $50 and Squidward's hat for it. Squidward is angry at this and repeatedly says over and over "I bet he won't sell another" until SpongeBob stops him. After Patrick sold 4 more rocks Squidward states that he actually wants to go to work today and both SpongeBob and Squidward leave to go to the Krusty Krab. Patrick's artwork becomes so famous that he runs out of rocks, so he tries to find something else to make art with. First, he paints a beautiful scenery of the night sky and says it is lame. Then, he sculpts a man sitting down, thinking and says that it stinks too. Patrick goes to the Krusty Krab since it is his lunch time and he orders art advice. Squidward complains it wasn't on the menu until Patrick points out that it is: Mr. Krabs put it on the menu for $25. Mr. Krabs told Squidward to give Patrick art advice. But Squidward doesn't want to give advice to the artist who upstaged him and just tells him to concentrate on his patty. This gives Patrick the idea to put google eyes on the patty. His Googly Patty gets real famous when the art critic mentions that it is the next big thing. Everyone rushes to the Krusty Krab to get one. When Mr. Krabs hears the sound of cha-ching, he rushed to the cash register and found no money and is surprised until he looks up and sees people pay Patrick for Patties. He then sees SpongeBob sending Krabby Patties out to Patrick. He pulls SpongeBob and Patrick into his office and demands an explanation and, to his fury, learns that Patrick is buying Krabby Patties for $3 for his googly art which he then sells for $50. Squidward sneers at them for getting into trouble, but Patrick explains that he was following Squidward's advice. Hearing this, Mr. Krabs realized this is all Squidward's doing and gets really angry at him. So, Mr. Krabs put good use to Squidward to punish him and get money. Now, Krabby Patties are sold at $50. The fish who buys the patty said it was not expensive. Then, the fish went to Patrick's stall. Patrick calls his apprentice, which is really Squidward. Squidward puts glue on the fish's patty. Patrick said that Squidward could be an artist one day. Squidward then bursts to tears.
  3. Sweet and Sour Squid Aired July 20th, 2011 Plot SpongeBob begins singing while cooking the patties. An annoyed Squidward tells him about real music and plays his clarinet, causing the customers to run away from the Krusty Krab. After being told to stop by Mr. Krabs, Squidward goes outside and throws a tantrum, complaining that no one appreciates music. Plankton, watching from the Chum Bucket, believes that Squidward may be the key to the formula. Later, Plankton tries talking to Squidward, but he fails to. Then, he makes several attempts to trick Squidward, among these were pretending to be a girl scout and pretending to be one of Squidward's species, all resulting in Plankton getting the door literally slammed in his face. SpongeBob tells Plankton that he might gain Squidward's friendship if he compliments him on his music. Plankton later meets with Squidward and persuades him to play his clarinet. At first, Plankton is tormented by the awful clarinet music, but then wears earplugs to block the noise and pretends to like the music. Squidward marches across Bikini Bottom, playing his clarinet, and Plankton follows along, while everyone else is tormented by the noise. Plankton also sings a song about Squidward's clarinet music as Squidward plays bad notes on his clarinet. This friendship, however, wouldn't last as Plankton tells Squidward about the secret formula. Squidward tells Plankton that despite 20 years of working, he had never seen the making of a Krabby Patty. Squidward tells Plankton that his music is getting better and plays his clarinet, making windows and mirrors across Bikini Bottom crack and break. Squidward then says that he is going to quit his job and become a full-time musician. Plankton gets so angry that his earplugs come off, and he is once again tortured by the noise. Plankton steals the clarinet, causing Squidward and SpongeBob to chase after him. Plankton is shortly confronted by the police about a "bad music" crime, and is arrested from being the only one to hold the clarinet. As he is driven away, the police car runs over Squidward's clarinet. After SpongeBob retrieves the broken clarinet, Squidward once again "hates people."
  4. Oral Report Aired March 26th, 2011 Plot At the Krusty Krab, the customers are very hungry. Squidward asks SpongeBob why the orders are not ready yet. SpongeBob explains that he is practicing for an oral report that he must do for boating school. Squidward says that "public speaking" causes stress, but then SpongeBob explains how he is good at "public speaking." SpongeBob then walks out, ready to give the customers their orders, and gets scared because they are acting zombie-like. SpongeBob then realizes that he has stage fright. The customers start fighting for the single order as Squidward is beaten up after trying to give a customer his order, which makes SpongeBob even more frightened. It then cuts to Patrick's rock. Patrick opens it, only to realize he has the wrong rock, but SpongeBob pulls him in. SpongeBob asks Patrick to help him practice by listening to his speech. SpongeBob has to practice if he wants to pass then he has to give the report. SpongeBob begins to become very nervous, and Patrick decides that SpongeBob should see Sandy for help. Sandy gives SpongeBob a pair of underwear with goggles on it, so SpongeBob can see people in their underwear so he will not feel nervous. The next day, SpongeBob is next to do his oral report and then he gets nervous. SpongeBob asks Patrick for the goggles, and he gives SpongeBob the goggles while accidentally breaking them in the process after polishing them. Billy tells him to hurry up, and SpongeBob sees him in his underwear, he is relieved. Then he sees the whole class in their underwear. SpongeBob begins laughing and Mrs. Puff asks him why. SpongeBob sees Mrs. Puff's underwear and starts laughing even harder. SpongeBob begins reading his report but the goggles malfunction and everybody's underwear start angrily telling him to get on with it. SpongeBob screams and runs away, he drives Mrs. Puff's boat, and Patrick and Mrs. Puff chase him. The police notice that SpongeBob ran a stop light and chase after him. SpongeBob then crashes through various buildings. The police question if he knows about "boating safety" and SpongeBob goes through a long explanation of "boating safety." The police start crying and say it is beautiful. Mrs. Puff says that SpongeBob will have to go to jail and she will not have to teach him anymore. The police explain how she was the one who taught him and they take her to jail, much to her dismay. After this, Patrick is happy that SpongeBob conquered his fear, and puts on the underwear glasses. He notices that SpongeBob's underwear starts talking angrily to him, so he runs away, ending the episode.
  5. Squidward's School for Grown-Ups Aired June 4th, 2011 Plot The episode starts as SpongeBob and Patrick walking to each other and then they start to play - the idea of their game is to holler at the vehicles that pass by, which angers Squidward and some of the people in the vehicles. Then, Patrick falls asleep and when he wakes up he has a beard. Then, Squidward passes by and offers to teach Patrick everything he knows about how to be mature which upsets SpongeBob. SpongeBob decides to follow them promising he will learn how to be mature as well. The three go into Squidward's house for a grown-up makeover. SpongeBob shows off his new look. Patrick likes his look until Squidward reminds him that he really shouldn't. They then go to a restaurant, and Patrick and Squidward order some tetrazzini while SpongeBob orders the milk and cookies. Then, they go to the art place and SpongeBob follows them around and Patrick and Squidward tell the security to kick him out and he first put him out softly, but he doesn't leave so he ends up kicking him. SpongeBob sees Squidward and Patrick walking and Squidward mentions that the beard was the best thing that ever happened to Patrick other than himself. SpongeBob tries to remove his beard to restore his friendship. Squidward stops him and says that they are through with him. Then, Squidward and Patrick go to the Opera House and they see a lady which is really SpongeBob singing opera which Patrick says "she's beautiful." After SpongeBob sang opera to win Patrick back, Patrick begins to cry and sees the beard is really a sea urchin and the sea urchin woke up and ran away from Patrick. He chased it until SpongeBob says Patrick's name and he says "How do you know my name?" and he says that he is SpongeBob and they make up again then Squidward told all the guests that the show is horrible, but they disagree and threw food at him then the episode ends.
  6. Sentimental Sponge Aired April 2nd, 2011 Plot It is spring cleaning day, and SpongeBob works diligently on his house. When he takes out his garbage, Patrick reprimands him for letting go of all these sentimental items and saying they still have values to them. After pondering the concept, SpongeBob agrees and fights the garbage truck's claw for his trash. The next day at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob begins collecting random items such as mayo, sweat, and patty grease and soon, he becomes a hoarder. But he runs out of the room and starts piling it in his front yard. But Squidward starts to get annoyed by it and tells him that he has to throw away his "junk." SpongeBob tells him that he cannot because they hold too many memories, but is unaware he is hoarding. Squidward then calls the sanitation police. They condemn the house because it is filled with junk and that he is a "threat to public health." They tell him he has to evacuate the pineapple immediately. Squidward is happy until they condemn his house for being filled with SpongeBob's "junk." When SpongeBob asks the police if there is anything he can do, they tell him his choices: he evacuates the pineapple or throw away his "junk." SpongeBob decides to throw them away but he takes pictures of everything first. Squidward is then happy again and plans to go back to bed. But he discovers that SpongeBob took so many pictures that he put some of his pictures in Squidward's house, without Squidward's permission, and all the pictures flood Patrick, Squidward, and SpongeBob's front yards. The episode ends when Patrick says, "Nice dress," with Squidward yelling, "IT'S A NIGHTSHIRT!"
  7. A Friendly Game Aired March 26th, 2011 Plot SpongeBob goes over to Patrick Star's House so they can play a game of golf. However, before their game can begin, it starts to rain. Patrick tries to tell the rain to go away, but he whines up getting shocked by lightning and screams. While hearing the noise outside, Squidward opens his window and tells them to keep it at a low rumble. While it is raining outside, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to build a golf course in SpongeBob's house. While they are building, the noise wakes Squidward up. Squidward tells SpongeBob and Patrick to not make any more noise "Or else." Patrick does everything he can to distract SpongeBob and make him lose. SpongeBob and Patrick's golf balls smash through SpongeBob's window after they hit them too hard and land right in Squidward's window. SpongeBob decides to end the game, but Patrick ignores him and enters Squidward's house to look for his ball. While searching, Patrick stops to eat some kelp salad only to discover he has also eaten SpongeBob's ball which was hiding in it. Patrick offers to get the ball out but he declines and tells Patrick he has to "play the ball where it lies." After hitting his ball out of Patrick's body, Patrick finds his ball stuck in his butt crack, SpongeBob reminds him again that he must "play it where it lies." Patrick gets a hole in one and SpongeBob tells him he could do it blindfolded, so Patrick hands him a blindfold. Patrick helps SpongeBob find his ball by playing hot or cold, but since SpongeBob can't see, he accidentally breaks Squidward's furniture and paintings. They soon find both balls have landed in Squidward's room, Patrick's golf ball is on Squidward's head and SpongeBob's golf ball is in his mouth. Just as they are about to hit their balls, Squidward wakes up and screams as SpongeBob hits his golf ball out along with Squidward's teeth. Patrick and SpongeBob both get a hole in one and leave Squidward's house, planning to have a rematch next Saturday. The episode ends with Squidward's house falling apart to the ground.
  8. The Hot Shot Aired June 18th, 2011 Plot The episode starts with SpongeBob skipping to Mrs. Puff's Boating School, where he saw a lot of students cheering, thinking it was for him. SpongeBob starts thanking everyone and before he could fully thank Mrs. Puff (by kissing her hand), Mrs. Puff pulls it away, telling him that the warm welcome wasn't for him. SpongeBob wonders who it was for. Suddenly, one of the students exclaims that it was for Tony Fast, a former legendary raceboat driver, and for Tony Fast Jr., Tony Fast's son. Tony Fast leaves, then right after that, various students ask him to sign one of their possessions. Mrs. Puff blows her whistle, and tells everyone that Tony Fast Jr. will be treated normally. She tells them to go to the course but then, ironically, she asks Tony Jr. to sign her lunchbox. Soon, he is on the course. The students are cheering for him (despite being told not to), then Tony Jr. starts driving. He makes puns on the actions he has to do (such as when making a turn, he says "Now it's my turn."), then Mrs. Puff starts thinking he might be the perfect way to get SpongeBob out of Mrs. Puff's life. She asks Tony Jr. to help SpongeBob with his driving and when SpongeBob starts driving, Tony tries to explain that he must relax. After a few explanations, SpongeBob finally "becomes cool," and drives the course perfectly. Sometime during that day (most likely the end of the school day), SpongeBob asks Tony Fast Jr. if he (Tony Fast Jr.) can teach him (SpongeBob) more. Tony says he can't, but SpongeBob politely says he refuses to take no as an answer. Tony Fast Jr. says he (SpongeBob) can come to his (Tony Fast Jr.)'s house later. He comes to his house, and Tony Fast Jr. asks if SpongeBob wants to look at Tony Fasts' vintage speedboat collection. He explains the car's specialness and asks him which car is his (SpongeBob) favorite. SpongeBob picks his favorite and Tony Fast Jr. asks SpongeBob if he wants to take it for a spin. SpongeBob says yes, and they start driving around town. SpongeBob asks Tony Jr. if he is comfortable with him driving, as he feels a little nervous. Tony says he shouldn't, because it was his nerves that almost made them crash before. SpongeBob starts remembering his nerves, then Tony Jr. tells him to let go, so SpongeBob lets go of the wheel. They stay cool until they get to a red light. Then, suddenly, a fast driver asks for a racing competition. SpongeBob says yes and the competition starts. After a while, the other racer starts to win, then SpongeBob SMASHES the pedal, causing him to go "Tony Fast". The woman with the other racer notices a parked police car, so the other racer slows down, leaving SpongeBob winning. Then, he speeds past the cops and they go into a high-speed chase. After "SpongeBob's" raceboat, a police car, and a helicopter pass Tony Fast's car, Tony Fast starts chasing SpongeBob as well. Tony Fast Jr. tells SpongeBob to let go and be cool. SpongeBob finally snaps, yelling at Tony Fast Jr., trying to explain that letting go has gotten them into nothing good. Tony says he doesn't notice, but he shows SpongeBob that they are about to crash into Mrs. Puff's Boating School. After a trip to the hospital, Mrs. Puff tells the class that Tony Fast Jr. will no longer be in her class. Then she says that Tony Jr. taught them a valuable lesson. SpongeBob thinks it's "never argue and drive," but Mrs. Puff says that the lesson is "never let SpongeBob drive."
  9. The Other Patty Aired June 25th, 2011 Plot The episode begins at the Krusty Krab when SpongeBob is taking out the trash. Then, Plankton is seen trying to, once again, steal the formula. This time, Mr. Krabs lets him have it, then the patty explodes as part of new Krusty Krab security measures that can backfire on customers who swallow patties whole. SpongeBob is upset that Mr. Krabs and Plankton can't cooperate with each other, and Mr. Krabs claims they're like enemies. The episode plot comes to a jumping off point when a new eatery called the Flabby Patty is created. Things take an unexpected turn for them when it turns out the Flabby Patty is better than the Krabby Patty. Mr. Krabs and Plankton compete to see who could get the secret recipe, but SpongeBob explains it's best if they cooperate. They disguise themselves as an employee applying for a job. The employer hires them and their first assignment is to memorize the secret recipe. They are excited until the recipe is revealed to be about friendship. SpongeBob is revealed to be the employer and he said he created the restaurant to teach them about cooperation. Mr. Krabs and Plankton are angry and the episode ends when they chase SpongeBob with their newly formed "Co-operation."
  10. Accidents Will Happen Aired July 18th, 2011 Plot At the Krusty Krab, the customers start to form a big riot because Squidward is not at his post, so Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob where he is and he says that he is in the storage room doing something that requires "complete privacy." Then, they hear a thud coming from the storage room, and they find Squidward, who has twisted his ankle, in a pile of buns lying on the floor. After Squidward explains what happened, Mr. Krabs realizes that it means he has to pay a fine to OWS. Squidward then sees it as an opportunity to blackmail Mr. Krabs unless he becomes his servant until he recovers. First, Mr. Krabs fluffs a pillow for him and takes over for him. Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Patrick secretly investigate the accident to find out if he is lying about his twisted ankle, but they cannot figure anything out. Meanwhile, Squidward is seen on the roof while Mr. Krabs brings him tea. Then, he is forced to massage Squidward's ankle with Fry Grease. But when a customer orders something, he cooks a patty with his greasy hand and gets the customer sick. And when he is forced to pop Squidward's back barnacles, the customers leave. Then, an agent from the OWS comes to the Krusty Krab to investigate, then it is revealed that SpongeBob called him. Squidward then lies about how he was hurt, saying that he saw ten instead of eleven seeds on a bun, causing him to snatch it and try to replace it with a new one. When he was about to get one, the shelf broke and hit him in the head. When the OWS Agent is about to fine Mr. Krabs, he remembers the surveillance camera he installed which he stole from the airport, much to Squidward's shock. When everyone watches the video, it is revealed that Squidward was shown sleeping on the shelf, weighing it down, and causing the chain to snap, meaning he was lying the whole time. Mr. Krabs becomes infuriated at him and decides to get revenge on Squidward by "making him pay", much to his dismay. The episode ends with Squidward being forced to pop Mr. Krabs' back barnacles as punishment.
  11. i didnt really think of my current avi as an easter avi and tbh i dont even know when easter is this year lmao
  12. not at all thankfully. i'm moving to a different town around 20 minutes away from here, but i was living there just around 5 years ago so it'll be a familiar area, plus i'll still be going to the same school which is nice.
  13. it was alright. im on spring break which is a plus, and my parents are beginning to move stuff, paint the walls, etc. since they're getting ready on getting this house sold so we can move.
  14. well...ive been thinking about doing this since around october. now i have finally decided that today, March 20th 2017, is the day that i finally show my face. LARGE PIC WARNING. this was taken on my ipad and i cant resize, sorry. not the best pic of me, but any better ones ive taken in the past are gone at this point.
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