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  1. Mars iFish Contest

    ^ I see my fish:
  2. The Space Race

    I'll sign up.
  3. i felt it was about time i made one of these things anyways, go ahead and ask me literally anything
  4. Is mayonnaise an instrument?

    Welcome to SBC!
  5. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday @Larry David
  6. And this topic is being made...a month late, and I am honestly surprised no one made a topic about this sooner. Anyways, I think this is something that has been known for a while but I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Personally, I am rather shocked Nintendo is finally letting someone else touch their intellectual property after so many years and the failure of that 1993 movie. I'm looking forward to see how this goes though, especially since it'll be fully animated...unlike the Sonic movie.
  7. Mom just informed me there's been some creep with a "high powered telescope" that's been peeping into our house. I would be less surprised if I lived in some big neighborhood, but there's only a few houses around here, so what the heck.

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    2. SOF


      you should report it.

    3. Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

      Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

      def report it (d) better yet, get a telescope and use your camera to take a picture of the creep doing it, then show to the police!

    4. ooooooofy


      tbh i spy on my neighbors with my binoculars too but i am more interested in watching their pets and the animals outside their house than actually watching them!

  8. ask this blue hedgehog some questions

    No lol. I wish I could. I just googled what Sonic's Japanese name was.
  9. ask this blue hedgehog some questions

    It's "Sonic the Hedgehog" in Japanese
  10. Favorite Fictional Character of all Time

    Sonic the Hedgehog is forever the love of my life.
  11. Ask Crushing

    What's your favorite PS4 game?
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