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  1. made this topic on sbm, have been forgetting to drag this topic over to here...oops so a few may know that i love to draw, but a lot of you prob havent even seen any of my drawings. well, today's the day that you will! to start off this thread with: hoping the image doesnt turn out big, heh either way, i drew this a while ago. a while as in, 2016. but im still kinda proud of it since usually my fullbodies arent that good lmao. (also, the person who can name the game this mouse is from, i'll give you a cookie)
  2. little yellow book has the worst spongebob meme in existence, so that makes it the worst episode to love a patty....i honestly like the song, but otherwise the ep is too creepy for me tbh
  3. happy bday @Cha♡ ❤️
  4. pearl may be my girlfriend but i also love marina, so i drew her. though i honestly like this more than my pearl drawing wtf
  5. happy birthday @Metal Snake ! hope your 22nd is a good one
  6. i felt it was about time i made one of these things anyways, go ahead and ask me literally anything
  7. here: ^ one of the main outfits i use for ranked battles
  8. Cream

    Ask Crushing

    Who are your fave anime girls?
  9. anzu is easily #1 I don't really have any other particular faves besides her though, I love so many
  10. wow another drawing so soon from me? thats new! my newest girlfriend
  11. hi wow i havent updated this topic since september oops heres amy in star butterfly's outfit because i still like drawing sonic characters in different outfits for some reason, and i always found the idea cute
  12. me but tbh even if I did drink soda, there are still other things I'd prefer drinking, like apple juice, lemonade, and especially chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is my fucking life
  13. Yeah - I honestly feel even better today compared to yesterday lol.
  14. pretty sure my 2 arms would be enough to save both
  15. im doin ok! i feel like crap again today but not emotionally this time lol. think im sick with a cold ><
  16. I probably should just go ahead and give my honest and serious opinion on this episode. I don't hate it. The only thing that really bothered me was the animation tbh, I almost couldn't handle how crazy it was and almost stopped watching halfway through because of it. Though I don't know if that's because I haven't gotten used to the animation like others probably have since I barely watch the show anymore. I also didn't mind any of the gross-out, but idk. It wasn't really that funny either.
  17. Wow, people actually hate this episode? I'm amazed. Seriously, Squidward deserved every ounce of torture he received from Patrick, fuck him. Also, Squidward squirting ink from his nose turned me the fuck on. I had a mad orgasm throughout, and those spiders he spit out at the end....... Goddamn......... I fucking loved this episode, much better than any episode from Season 6 or 7. 10/10.
  18. uhhh i may have accidentally gotten into these cute anime girl rhythm games (like bandori and idolmaster) besides Anzu? hm ... im not sure. I also love Rin Shibuya, and then also Chihaya from the first Idolmaster...and idk. too many cute girls from the first one to choose from. none of them beat anzu tho