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  1. Hot take: I hate Yesterday with the white hot intensity of one thousand suns. It is a disrespect to the legacy of the Beatles, and if I could, I would take every opportunity to prevent its very existence. Thank you.

    1. Wolf O'Donnell

      Wolf O'Donnell

      jk I'm exaggerating, but I still don't like the movie in all honesty, mostly because the potential is wasted, imho

    2. Fox McCloud

      Fox McCloud

      Think of it this way; most of the continuity of "Yesterday", exists in an ALTERNATE dimension, where for reasons unknown, The Beatles didn't exist (or never got famous). And if they didn't exist (or never got famous), wouldn't you still WANT to have access to the music they made, even if it WASN'T made by them?! I mean, we make "Power Rangers Multiverse Force", which DEALS with dimensions! Speaking of dimensions, I have actually FINALLY seen the "Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel" episode "Dimensions In Danger". CONTINUITY CONNECTION with graphic novel "Soul of the Dragon" CONFIRMED, with the existence of J. J. Oliver, Tommy's marriage to Katherine Hillard, and the existence of at least ONE Master Morpher! And since this episode was released a YEAR before I wrote the episode "How to Save a Life" for "Power Rangers Multiverse Force", that would make the fact that I included a Master Morpher in THAT episode, a "Lucky Translation", since I wrote that episode PRIOR to having actually seeing "Dimensions In Danger"! Also, "The Bus Came Back" for T.J., and ROCKY in that episode as well! I just wanted to let you know that helpful information!

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