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  1. Might as well jump. *synth riff*
  2. Hey, Mr. Buttercup, spin the wheel and try your luck!
  3. I'mma pop the Final Fantasy balloon.
  4. Ooh, that's a tough one. I have soooo many ideas about who I'd wanna cover. But I'd definitely wanna cover Little Richard, because he's one of my musical heroes.
  5. Nah bruh, I don't like deluxe editions all that much, I think they're usually unnecessary
  6. big booty AND tiddie bitches
  7. What any other psychobilly album is about: monster movies, cars, drinking to excess (something I don't do myself; I'm a lightweight), and women.
  8. My intended debut album. It's a working title, tho.
  9. I'm thinking of calling my debut EP Lesbian Pagan Witches from the Moons of Venus. Sound appropriately grindhousey?
  10. I (unfortunately) have neither started work on Songs About Cars and Girls, nor my intended debut EP, Pagan Lesbian Witches from the Moons of Venus. My stepdad has not gotten my computer battery replaced.
  11. So I recently watched Rocky Horror again (the version of RHS they broadcast in 2015), and man I forgot how much I love it?
  12. Ey, Jenkman my dude. How you holding up?
  13. Guys...I wanna come clean about why I was actually leaving SBC in the first place. Yes, I don't use the site much anymore; and yes, I feel I've grown apart from the community. But that was only half of the truth. See, the actual reason I left was over a public calling out towards @President Squidward for what I felt were, to put it politely, contrarian and hypocritical viewpoints on animation.

    ...Unfortunately, I also got @HawkbitAlpha and his close friend Omni involved; suffice to say, both were pissed, the latter moreso. So rather than own up to my idiocy (as I should've done then and as I'm doing now), I pulled a Metal -level power move and turned tail to avoid a potential shitstorm like a fucking coward.

    That was beyond wrong of me, and I likely not only ended up hurting Prez (who, in spite of our differing viewpoints and occassionally contrasting attitudes, has been nothing but nice to me), but @4EverGreen and @Inanimate Carbon Rod as well; they're two of my closest friends on this site, and in only looking out for myself, I abandoned them like a cruel bastard.

    So now what? Well, after some thought about it, I've decided to take the high ground and come back (even if I won't be as active as I was). That's the best thing to do anyway, isn't it? To confront your own mistakes instead of running away from them? So I'm asking @jjsthekid to bring back my lits from DJL, and 4EG and I will get back into the swing of things with PR: MVF.


    1. Steel Spyro

      Steel Spyro

      If one reason you were contemplating leaving was over what appeared to me to be nothing more than a fight with a few people on Discord, you could've told us so before and I would've advised you that leaving or taking a break wouldn't have been the best thing to do in moving past those mistakes right afterwards. The whole bit on ditching SBC to migrate to MLPForums felt like a Metal move only in the sense that he's migrated to that same place since his debacle a couple years back, but while he burned bridges in all the wrong ways, you came back here to confess your mistakes and admitting that you're trying to own up to them, which is far from reminiscent of Luke and so I appreciate that about you.

    2. Fox McCloud

      Fox McCloud

      It's nice that you decided to come back, and I will try to get something written up for you to read soon.

    3. Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Inanimate Carbon Rod

      So awesome that you've decided to come back, RTU! I confess to not being much of a friend before, but hopefully, I'll be a better one here on out.

  14. So, I know that I said I was leaving SBC, but I want to say one last thing before I leave you all behind me.

    I'm bequeathing PR: MVF to @4EverGreen, and allowing @jjsthekid and @Steel Sponge ownership of the rest of my works for archival purposes/to use as they see fit. That is all. Thank you guys for the last 4 years or so. It's been wild.

  15. I've already said this on Discord, but I'll announce it here too: I'm leaving SBC. I barely use the site anymore, and I've honestly just grown apart from the community as a whole. I have nothing against anyone here personally, it's just time for me to move on. If you want to keep in contact with me, my Discord and Twitter info are in my profile; I'll also be on MLP Forums for anyone who's also part of that site.


    1. Slowpoke


      Thanks for always keeping it real, man

    2. Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Inanimate Carbon Rod

      I'll be missing you around, Blake. We had some fine times in our little ongoing PM.

    3. Danny DeVito

      Danny DeVito

      see ya later bran flakes

  16. I haven't, but I've heard lots of good things about it (first couple of episodes aside). It looks like it tries to eschew typical adult animation formulas, and that's something we need more of.
  17. For a sec, I thought you were talking about this Ninja. Anyways, I've seen this show, and I love it. Gimmick aside, it really puts some former A-listers (and B and C-listers) back into the spotlight and let's us see that they have some serious talent.
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