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  1. "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" - James Brown
  2. 1963-1966 Beatles > 1967-1970 Beatles?
  3. "You Still Believe In Me" - The Beach Boys
  4. "Helter Skelter" - The Beatles
  5. "Territorial Pissings (Live at the Paramount)" - Nirvana
  6. 1) Ratatouille. 2) Family Guy 3) South Park: The Stick of Truth 4) Drawn Together 5) Not sure about that last one.
  7. *cooks some pork roll, egg and cheese*
  8. OK, so to sum up: -This is an Infinity War ripoff -The main antagonist is one of those "ROCK/PUNK/HEAVY METAL IS THE BEST, ALL OTHERS SUCK!" sorts. -This just seems like a similar retread of the first film. Unless this one can pull off its cliches like the first one did, then color me disinterested.
  9. An idea I've had for quite a while, this literature was originally intended for my larger "Reneverse" concept, but deciding said shared literature universe had enough stories as it is, I've decided that it would work better as a separate, standalone series. This literature asks a very simple question: "What if, instead of the 24th (and 1/2th) century, Daffy Duck, also known as Duck Dodgers, ended up in the 41st millennium of Warhammer 40,000?" The answer? A much darker take on Duck Dodgers' premise, peeling away the glamorized 1950s sci-fi parody and instead coating it in a gritty paint...though still with all the slapstick, wordplay, and general insanity of Looney Tunes as a whole.
  10. Grew up with the cartoons and movie.
  11. Diet Coke...in a Diet Pepsi bottle.
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