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  1. Excellent work as always Teenj. Keep it up.
  2. I actually like Nickelback?
  3. good one, @4EverGreen!
  4. Mature

    both good episodes trophy
  5. PG

    nice one, @Clappy.
  6. PG

    Probably just a hit-and-run poster.
  7. Mature

    ...GG, guys. GG.
  8. still better than T&J, 10/10, would watch again
  9. I personally wouldn't mind seeing Tom and Jerry: A Clockwork Orange not really
  10. CEREBUS THE AARDVARK After some consideration, I have decided that I am giving the series to @GreyKnight151. Hopefully he can do something better with it than I can.
  11. The style for the humans also reminds me of Gravity Falls. But yeah, I won't be watching this.
  12. ...What the fuck?! YOU GUYS ARE TAKING A CLASSIC MOVIE AND BUTCHERING IT BECAUSE COMEDY?! ...Fuck you, Warner Bros. Just...fuck you.
  13. So, I'm working on a story arc for Power Rangers: Multiverse Force?
  14. PG-13

    The Red Flaw: Part II Previously on Power Rangers: Multiverse Force... What starts out as a typical day for the Power Rangers quickly turns into something bigger as Emperor Diabolica hatches a new scheme: create an evil Ranger to use against the others! Unfortunately, things go wrong as this new Blood Ranger has his own ideas and betrays Diabolica. With Baphomet, Circe, Kraky, and Vipera wanting to use the Blood Ranger for their own ends, Drako decides that he has no other choice but to join the Rangers in cleaning up Emperor Diabolica's mess. Meanwhile, Naruto goes missing, and Blackhawk tells the Rangers that he knows their secret. When an intruder invades the Command Center, Omnus realizes that it's Naruto as the Blood Ranger initiating his plan to defeat the team. With himself and Alpha 8 evacuating to the lowest levels of the base, all power and communications are shut down, leaving the Rangers in between a rock and a hard place. After a battle with the Blood Ranger, Blackhawk decides to team up with the Rangers, and Drako joins shortly afterwards. Now on a mission to stop Naruto, the seven have to get past a certain quartet of villains first... When we last left our heroes, they were gearing up to hunt for Naruto and prevent him from conquering Core Earth. The problem was that they didn't have a plan, and they didn't know where he had gone to, so they were very much stuck. "I think," Drako said. "that we should start looking for Baphomet, Vipera, Circe, and Kraky." "Are they after Naruto too?" Toby asked. "Yes." Drako replied. "They're after the same thing he is: conquest of this planet." "That's bad." Usagi said. "Obviously." Blackhawk said. "We should probably take care of those four first before we deal with Naruto." "Excellent idea." Drako said. "Though there is a disadvantage." "And what, pray tell, is that?" "There is a definite chance that the daemon controlling him will become more powerful." Drako said. "Thrn that's a risk we'll have to take." Blackhawk said. "Oh, all right." Drako sighed. "Now that that's settled, where do we start looking?" Usagi asked. "I am...not sure." Drako said. "I apologize." "Oh, it's no trouble." Usagi said. "I was just asking." And so, the seven pondered. And pondered. And pondered some more, until Blackhawk thought of something. "I hate to say this, and I really do, but do you have some sort of tracking magic we can use to find Naruto and the others?" "As a matter of fact, I do." Drako said, cracking his knuckles. "Watch and learn. O Deo forti in magica, ut ad me in semita Baphometus!" Once the incantation was done, everyone looked at him. "Well?" Toby asked. "Where's Baphomet?" "...He seems to be located in the vicinity of a stadium." Drako said. "A stadium, huh?" Lettuce asked. "I wonder what he's be doing there." "Knowing Baphomet, it's likely that it has something to do with blood sport." Drako replied. "That is never a good sign." Meanwhile, above Coastal Falls, the Blood Ranger simply observed the city, pondering to himself. As if by intution, he suddenly rose his head to the sky, almost like he was looking up at something. "Diabolica's right hand...he is preparing something. As are the Rangers. I must kill them all." And with that, he teleported. However, deep within his mind, something stirred within the Blood Ranger's subconcious: Naruto. The blonde ninja sat beneath a large cherry tree surrounded by a verdant field, the expanse infinite. He had his eyes closed, with his fists together, deep in meditation. He didn't like sitting here, knowing that the thing controlling his body was going after his friends in some psychotic bid for conquest. He had to break free of this facade of a prison. But how...? Coming out of nowhere, he heard a voice: "Hello, Naruto." The ninja slowly opened his eyes to see a large creature resembling a nine-tailed red fox, only more...demonic. With a yelp, Naruto pinned himself against the tree in surprise, cherry leaves falling around him. "K-kurama?" he asked. "Is that really you?" "Yes, it's me." the kitsune spoke deeply. "It is good to see you." "Why are you here?" Naruto said. "Can't I speak to my old friend?" Kurama replied snarkily. "Don't bullshit me, Kurama. Why are you here?" Naruto repeated, his tone more serious. "I thought I might help you. You are in quite the pickle, aren't you boy?" "...Yeah, I am. Why?" "I think I may have a solution." "A solution? What kind?" "That would be telling." Deciding not to press the matter further (as he knew Kurama would not tell him if he kept it up), Naruto asked one final question: "Why didn't you ever contact me after I became a Ranger? You don't like me having any other power besides yours, right?" "You're right, I don't. As for why I allow you to keep these new powers of yours, I am not certain. All I know is that it has something to do with fate." "Fate?" Naruto asked. "Yes, fate." Kurama answered, starting to walk away. "WAIT!" Naruto shouted. "Hm? What now? Make it quick, I have no time to waste." "Where are you going?" "To formulate my plan further." "...Goodbye, Kurama." "Goodbye, Naruto. We will meet again soon enough." And with that, Naruto sat back under the tree, closing his eyes in meditation. Back in Coastal Falls, the six heroes and Drako found themselves standing at the gates of the local stadium. From what they could see, there was nobody there but two Imps standing guard. One looked to the other, who just nodded. The first moved over to a speaker, and pressed a large button at the bottom center with its palm. "Sir," it spoke in a somewhat squeaky voice. "the Rangers are here, just as promised. And they've brought a couple of friends with them." "Friends, hmmm?" Baphomet asked, his voice coming from the other end. "This'll make it more fun." When Baphomet finished speaking, a loud buzz was heard and the gates slowly opened with a slight creak. Walking in, the group found themselves staring at an empty field, with Baphomet standing in front of a microphone. "Welcome, Rangers! And what do we have here...Drako? I knew you couldn't resist betraying Diabolica!" "I'm not." Drako answered. "Believe me, Baphomet, I am still loyal to the Emperor. I am simply cleaning up his mess." Sure he may have said it...but deep down, did he mean it? "Whatever!" Baphomet said. "And, uh, who're you?" he asked Blackhawk. "Who am I?" Blackhawk chuckled. "Who am I? I am Blackhawk Little, Woo Foo Knight, and your worst nightmare." "Oh, please. I've faced dust mites tougher than you." Baphomet replied sarcastically. "...Try me." Blackhawk shot back. "Oh, I will." Baphomet said. "As I was saying, welcome, Rangers, to my gladiator arena! Your challenge for today will consist of fighting...Imps!" Lettuce groaned. "Imps? You've gotta be kidding." "This gonna be a piece of cake." Toby bragged. "Yeah." Usagi grinned. "Bring it." "Mmm, cake!" Pinkie said, licking her lips. Upon realizing what was going on around her her expression changed to one of getting pumped for battle. "I mean, GRR!" "You think this'll be easy, don't you?" Baphomet asked, smiling wickedly. "Well, that's where you're wrong! Each of you will be given a group of seven Imps to fight, totaling up to 49! When you're finished, you'll be presented with the real challenge: combat against me! That is, if you can make it that far!" "If I may iterrupt," came a voice. "I'd like to participate in your little challenge." That couldn't be...the Blood Ranger. Baphomet let out a laugh. "Ooh, eight of you now? That means the total number of Imps will cone out to 64! How fun!" "...64 of your cannon fodder will be no skin off my back." the Blood Ranger bragged. "As for your claims of being a mighty warrior, General Baphomet...Lord Khorne used to admire you. Given how you've failed in battle against these pitiful fools many a time, I'd say that you have fallen out of favor with Him." "I HAVE NOT!" Baphomet screamed, summoning an army of 64 Imps. "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" "SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" the Imp army finished, charging forward in a wave of red. "Quickly, guys! We can make this easier on ourselves by summoning our Power Weapons!" Toby shouted. "Right!" the others said. "WATER AX!" "EARTH MACE!" "WIND STAFF!" "DIAMOND BOOMERANG!" Whispering to himself, the Blood Ranger said only two words: "Daemon Blade", and a rather large sword appeared, the center filled with holes and razor-sharp spikes at the sides of the hilt. The sword's handle was emblazoned with the symbol of Chaos Undivided, and the true names of the Chaos Gods: Kharnath. Tchar. Neigel. Slaaneth. Surrounding the sword were flames of mixed colors of red, blue, green, and purple, all created from the screaming souls of the damned, their wails of bloodlust, horror, sickness and pleasure even able to be heard amongst the noise of the battlefield. As the battle was going on, each of the eight had different methods of attack, all brutal and violent. Blackhawk used a combination of magic and physical moves to beat the Imps into a mushy paste, Toby used his ax to dismember his opponents piece by piece, Lettuce gored them with his mace, Usagi beat hers to death with brute force, Pinkie finished her foes by decapitating them, Drako fired spells that seemed to melt the Imps, and the Blood Ranger simply cleaved through hordes of Imps, the blade sending them immediately to the Warp. From above, the sound of rumbling could be heard, and the slaughter immediately stopped, as if to investigate what was going on. What they saw next sent shockwaves through everyone: Vipera, on her motorcycle, literally flew into the center of battle and scooped up Baphomet, placing him onto the back seat. Turning to the Rangers, she said only one thing. "...Rangers, I challenge you to a race." To be continued...
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