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  1. Slam Lord BBBB

    Ask the Kat

    Ahoy Hoy! Have you messaged Nordic?
  2. Slam Lord BBBB

    Steven Universe

    I kinda saw this coming......... Mostly, Blackfootferret tends to get his one big overarching point wrong, and a bunch of little details wrong, but all the medium points he brings up that are also deemed crazy have tended to be correct both incFNAF and SU. I mean, it was that one line from It could have great that sold it for me. "We are literally walking in the footsteps of the diamonds"
  3. Slam Lord BBBB

    SBC: Wasteland Warriors

    Ohh, that's SOF, cool had never heard of them before. Im not tying to be a harp carp, I just had a bunch of ideas leftover from my failed psychological warfare scheme from 2017, and my canceled propaganda film, I've thought about Underpants Slam a lot, many ideas
  4. Slam Lord BBBB

    SBC: Wasteland Warriors

    First off, yes there is. Many Infact. Ask my doctor. Second, of course it's a spin off, that's why I wanted to make a BETTER FICTIONALIZED VERSION??? NOW WHO WANTS TO MAKE THAT, Ehhhhhhh!!!!!! P.S. I really don't get the frequent post dumping recurring joke........ Was that a thing? I had never heard anyone say that about me before(On these two Fourms, at least. On the 3dmm fourm it was very common) out of all the options, you chose that over The Coups??? I always knew Vice Lord Peanut would do me in one day...............
  5. Slam Lord BBBB

    SBC: Wasteland Warriors

    Ok, I don't mind being the main villain so far(I only read the first 4 chapters, lots of things that bug me, but since you guys asont like rewriting things like I do I have a few ideas and complaints) Complaints(everything else is a pro) 1. I'm a cartel leader. If you wanted to extremify me, a cultist fits the earlier meme and ego stuff, and a Dictator fits some of the Lordship stuff, and the Reddit Coups/Power Struggle with President SQUIDWARD. 2. If I was a cartel leader, SBM would have been my crime zone, I would have been a SBM crime lord. SBC would be(in an extremitied version) basically like Switzerland, Or Argentina, or tropical islands. It's the place I fled to, maybe doing a few smaller ops, but nothing like before. This one is small enough I thin you could change it. 3. Biggest issue(but I haven't read past four so if this was fixed ignore certain parts of this) Is that your ignoring everyone else involved with this, think of all the possibilitys. Prez Squid: The guy who accidentally turned the quirky guy into a madmen and more importantly the crooked cop who claims to be fighting me while simultaneously using it as a way to gain control of the cartel secretively. TEN PENNY STYLE!! Kelton: Some sort of innocent bystander who got murdered and I cared about. Ilovebssp23/12/TheBrony: The old cartel leader who helps me get started, and sticks with me, but eventually backs out after seeing my extremism. Peanut: The power hungry lazy guy who wants power and is too lazy to get it, mostly just stands around. Rivette: The hacker/Scammer/Rookie Crookie who embarrassed and humiliated me, destroying massive amounts of Coke shipments and telling everyone I was dead. Also causes me to snap and lose it, eventually leading to the division between me and thebrony. The Pirate the movie guys: Yakuza Human Traffickers I help the cops stop, showing even I have standards. The Oliver Brothers: Some sort of Apostle or vision. Gggg: My Double I switch with to escape asasination. Cha: Morally just Cop who helps me out from time to time. Foil/reverse of Prez. I think these ideas have potential, So yeah. Also yeah cha.
  6. Slam Lord BBBB


  7. Slam Lord BBBB


  8. Slam Lord BBBB


    Papas Pizzeria(Flash Game series)
  9. Slam Lord BBBB


    Boston Pizza
  10. Slam Lord BBBB


    This was very popular in its heyday, but fell apart when it slipped, and I left. So I'm revitalizing it, and making the rules more clear. 1. Say the first thing that pops into your head when you read the POST ABOVE YOU. THE NEWEST POST. 2. Have fun. Now then, I had to consider carefully if I should restart or continue. But then I read the post above. Big shoes. Huuuuuuh. Sideshow Bob.
  11. Slam Lord BBBB

    Solve the Mystery of the Dead Ask Thread with Sammy the Scallop

    We we steal thee show, Underpants slam yo, we are the wolves of the sea
  12. Slam Lord BBBB

    Post a Random Image

  13. Slam Lord BBBB

    Solve the Mystery of the Dead Ask Thread with Sammy the Scallop

    Pirates are all we can be
  14. Slam Lord BBBB

    The seller

    Guess who just got to speak to the Oliver twins, owners of Blitzgames until it went backrupt.
  15. Slam Lord BBBB

    Ask Me a question

    Ah jeez....... Knew this one was coming look. The seller was not a scammer, and if he was he went above the call of duty several times. He was willing for me to pay half, get my stuff, then pay the other half. He told me the gamertag of the account he was selling, everything checked out. The other supposed buyer also from SBM,he told me his gamertag with some reluctance, and he was a real guy, though real mean and trolley, saying about how he deserved it more, YouTube comment level. He claimed to have sold to 7 other people. His account on the website checked out 4 star, and well most didn't respond, atleast two of his "former buyers" responded and backed up his claim. Not to mention his patience. the main issue was that we needed USA Amazon cards, and we blew it. My moms friends didn't care. A more recent message reveals the other guy backed out, but I haven't help conformible enough to try again. That caused me a lot of stress, even more so then the actually German scammer from June, for atleast he was really a scammer, this one is just making me sad. Do you think with that KNOWLEGE it's worth a shot. Id link you, but I'm worried someone will spam him, or say something and ruin it. So....... No. Although I finally got SpongeBob 3D
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