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  1. Slam Lord BBBB

    234b. ChefBob

  2. Mr "i did not have sexual relations with mrs lewinsky"
  3. Anyway, the Donald himself was saved..... Darn it why did jimmy have to die....... He's still alive in my heart, and IRL
  4. Aw, thanks for saving Teddy, to both of you. Second, NO, NOT JIMMY CARTER!!!!! HE WAS MY SECOND FAVOURITE OH NO!!!!! No jimmy!!! No jimmy.......
  5. Slam Lord BBBB

    Greetings comrades!

    Welcome to the site. Follow the memes, follow your dreams, Heil Slam Lord BBBB! Etc. Also, beware the trolls.
  6. My guy got the bill
  7. Andrew J, my man. Glad someone saved teddy BTW.
  8. Slam Lord BBBB

    Your Favorite Pokemon the Series Theme Songs

    Aim to be a Pokemon master, easy. And since it's not there I'll pick my second option, Battle Frontier!
  9. Come on, come on. No, he's already picked. So was he. Come on, come on........ James Garfild is safe. Darnit, somebody better spin teddy
  10. Slam Lord BBBB

    Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

    Looks amazing. Sfill holing onto hope they animate nubs of doom and invader poonchy, out of all the half finished episodes those are the only ones to take place before the X-mas special, and one of them is mini moose S origin. So getting that pair would fill in that gap atleast.....
  11. Slam Lord BBBB

    What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    The incredibles 2: Flatland: The Film:
  12. Slam Lord BBBB

    Ask the Kat

    Can ya help me out
  13. Slam Lord BBBB

    Ask the Kat

    Ahoy Hoy! Have you messaged Nordic?
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