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  1. Also, kinda weird, OKP had those weird seaants, and a survivor reference. TMG had an allegory for abortion, a terrorist group, a future portal showing spongebobs grave, and a zork reference. LCP had a allegory for coming out of the closet, a mini game about slapping peepers, clam biology, and a time sgpace portal, also, Patrick runs a lemonade stand
  2. Lights Camera pants MM&BB movie. Evil bears!?!
  3. LCP is the best of the three(i've never played Employee of the month, but it sounds like the movie game with the cutscenes from OKP) as it has comic style cutscenes for its jokes(mastered in nihgty nightmare), ingame cutscenes for expoisition(no ugly 3d cutscenes) its freeroam so its about 30% longer, and there is waaayyy more dialogue to be found, much of it optional. LCP for the PC is the funniest spongebob game ever. A couple of the puzzles are pretty challenging, especially one i only figuired out because i happened to know how pearls are made from a book. Nighty nightmare has its charm, the games are just okay. But please watch the cutscenes , comedy gold. Nighty Nightmare tell me what you think BFBB PC i know literally nothing about other then it involved minigames(like okp and nn, although both the movie game and lcp had a few mini games sprinkled in)
  4. I am a fan of the Screwattack-Roosterteeth series DEATH BATTLE, and have a variety of ideas for Death Battles i want to see/ think should happen. Which of my ideas do you think is best, which is your favourite, which would be the most fair, fun and freakin awesome!!! Even if you don't watch Death Battle specifically, if your a fan of the classic "Who Would Win" or "Versus" setup that forums have used and argued about for years, then you can still voice your opinion! Here are my Death Battle ideas i think are really cool and should totally happen. Killer Croc vs The Lizard Captain John Price vs Sergeant Viktor Reznov Spongebob Battle Royale Jimmy Hopkins vs Ayano Aishi The Digidestined vs The Lyoko Warriors Zephr vs the Prince of the Cosmos Electro vs Livewire Finn the Human vs Steven Universe Dan Vs. Martin Heemeyer XJ9-Jenny vs RobotBoy SHODON vs XANA Jimmy Neutron vs Dexter The Santos Trio vs The Liberty Trinity Which of these is your favourite, which do you think would be the best battle, and who do you think would win? TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!
  5. AWEGames was one of the more active spongebob dev teams(next to Viscarious and Blitz) and like Viscarious, had a distinct style to their games. They held a monopoly on cd based Spongebob PC games(Nick Arcade controlled the online distrubuted ones, i'll talk about those a different time) and made 6 of them. Operation Krabby Patty Employee of the Month Battle For Bikini Bottom PC Edition The Movie Game PC Edition Lights Camera Pants PC Edition Nighty Nightmare(known in europe as CFTKK PC) I feel like these games are underrated as heck. Not for the gameplay(half of them are point and click adventure games, which i like, but some people don't, and the other half are minigame collections, which get old fast) or graphics(all decent, with good backgrounds. The first three had trash cutscenes though, same team that made Spongetrix Re-Hydrated for that nick promo. They did get the real Mr Krabs No, i love these games for their comedy(especially the point and click ones) and weirdness(basically all of them) which is just so funny to watch. And point and click adventure games are basically sold on comedy, and the odd good puzzle here and there. Operation Krabby Patty is the least funny, but even it has some good moments. I'll make a list of the funniest moments from each below Later but until then, lets discuss these. Did you play em? Gameplay? Do you find them funny? As a starting point, heres the cutscenes from Nighty Nightmare , by that point they ditched the ugly 3d cutscenes and used the comic book style from the lights camera pants game.
  6. Warren G Harding. heh heh I think we should update the wheel, it takes too many spins to get someone who isn't dead
  7. Well almost.....like i said, i have the game, i am done with that, that trick would never work. Also how did you know i really secretly like Atlantis Squarepantis?
  8. You wrote me very well. Although now I have found Underpants slam, that trick won't work on me. 😜 Although i do like power!!!!!!!
  9. “Everyone wants more booty, no matter what package it comes in.”
  10. “Hmmm....you look familiar.” ”You say the same thing every time you see me.”
  11. “The sack was so big, I could barely get my hands around all that booty.”
  12. “Get your hands off my booty.” ”Oh no sir, I have no interest in your booty.” ”Oh really? Cuz I could swear I saw someone that looked like you, just before my booty was pinched!”
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