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  1. Post a Random Image

  2. But I Don’t Want to be a Pirate

    Pirates are all we can be
  3. The seller

    Guess who just got to speak to the Oliver twins, owners of Blitzgames until it went backrupt.
  4. Ask Me a question

    Ah jeez....... Knew this one was coming look. The seller was not a scammer, and if he was he went above the call of duty several times. He was willing for me to pay half, get my stuff, then pay the other half. He told me the gamertag of the account he was selling, everything checked out. The other supposed buyer also from SBM,he told me his gamertag with some reluctance, and he was a real guy, though real mean and trolley, saying about how he deserved it more, YouTube comment level. He claimed to have sold to 7 other people. His account on the website checked out 4 star, and well most didn't respond, atleast two of his "former buyers" responded and backed up his claim. Not to mention his patience. the main issue was that we needed USA Amazon cards, and we blew it. My moms friends didn't care. A more recent message reveals the other guy backed out, but I haven't help conformible enough to try again. That caused me a lot of stress, even more so then the actually German scammer from June, for atleast he was really a scammer, this one is just making me sad. Do you think with that KNOWLEGE it's worth a shot. Id link you, but I'm worried someone will spam him, or say something and ruin it. So....... No. Although I finally got SpongeBob 3D
  5. Ask Me a question

    Hello there friends, in an attempt to better understand human interaction I seek to answer your inquiries.
  6. WordPlay

  7. Windows XP

    And finally, how do i get bandicam to stop crashing when i open it, i needs torecord sutff or my youtuber will fail
  8. Windows XP

    First off, I already had the disc, it just didn't work right on computer. 2. Okay I tried to customize it,, but I think I should have retread the instructions.............. I kinda screwed up everything.... Ah well, now what. Also, you seem to know about computers, how do I get the hamsters, pottery trump and Putin, constant ad redirects, constant pop ups, critical alert faulty system, hardrive failure, installing adware spyware hacking Camra stuff off, it's getting hard to ignore at this point
  9. Windows XP

    I not sure how to install it
  10. Windows XP

    Look....... Can you guys just help me out here........ I used to love Windows XP, and used it until 2013, when my dads limewire usage finally killed her. I brought her back, but her ram is too low and bit too low to use. I use Windows 10 now........ I simply wanted to now how to install Widnwos XP professional service pack 2 64 bit. According to the Internet the 64 bit VERISON can handle more then enough ram, the main deal. As for security.... Well I always have my other computer which does the dirty work, and some third party stuff. Jsut please help me out guyys(also before you ask, the deal didn't work out....)
  11. WordPlay

  12. WHY CANT I LIVE IN USA I NEED A STUPID USA GODT CARD WHHHYYY. God why............ Why....... I'm never gonna get the game, I'm so close right now but so far why no gift card.......


    1. jjsthekid


      Spyro says: I warned you. That's a two day suspension for you, mister. 

  13. Uh...... The person I'm bidding against is a fellow SBM member, but who 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nintendo Gamecube
    3. Dr. Thanos

      Dr. Thanos

      idk why but Dr. WhoBob on sbm is giving me da creeps

    4. Slam Lord BBBB

      Slam Lord BBBB


  14. WordPlay

    14 years old.
  15. The seller

    A trusted friend of Ilovesbsp23/TheBrony/ilovesbsp12/Giggles the unicorn Named zSUPER VEGETAz offered to sell me an account for 100 dollars...... All his stuff checked out, we decided to pay with gift card half first, then account, then other half. Well they only sold them in us.... So backup plan....... But they only worked in Canada. So we scramble and call up some USA friends to find one and text it...... But they refuse advice and dilly dally for 3 days. Now there's a second buyer who offers the same and we run out of time, I get a one day extension, we run out of time.... And I just managed to get it so until the other guy comes online, I can still get it....... Pls hope for me, this is my best shot
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