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  1. Why the fuck does Brother Grimace think my DariaBob JanePants fics are any good. also should I make more
  2. Anyone? Come on , I’m trying to create a solid Longterm thing here
  3. Paperpushers message board, old Daria fanform that predates SpongeBob Mania. I recently tried my hand at fanfiction, taking Daria characters and putting them in spongebob episode based situations. The ole timers on the fourm actually thought it was pretty funny, and they don’t know the first thing about wumbology. If they thought it was funny, I’m thinking “ Someone who likes spongebob would find it funnier.” Create an account when you can, itt takes awhile to approve.
  4. Slam Lord BBBB

    Ask the Kat

    Do you have a PPMB account?
  5. Also, since I can't use messages, shoutbox, or status updates, could you comment on one of my videos or something so i dont have to find a topic to say something lol. P.S. If you don't have a PPMB account create one, I think you'll find my writing rather amusing
  6. Your desktop is making me jelly. So neat, so spongebob, so.....not a mess. I mean, look at mine...... BTW I subbed to your YouTube channel
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