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  1. Oh fuck I can do an animation list? Unlike most other shit I’ve seen essentially every animated film in theaters this year besides like 1 or 2.
  2. Cletus: Speak in English my man. Or we'll be wrestling tonight
  3. Howdy y'all lets have a farting contest my fellow gay brothers.
  4. >238A - Appointment TV: The long-lost episode of Mermaid Man is finally showing on TV, but will SpongeBob make it home in time to watch? hes not making it home in time. if you think this premiere week is good wait until next year.
  5. I watched a ton of movies this past month. A lot of animated stuff but also some live action in there. Also not in order watched either lol I hinted at this last time. The bluray did come in on september 1st and I did watch it. I don't think it was as good as the rest of the internet feels about it. Like it's a good movie with a really appealing CGI-2D aesthetic. I think the movie deserves more love but it gets more than enough now so... I heard the game on steam is really good lol This is a rewatch of the movie. I loved it from second watch (first watch was at like 7 years old lmao). This could get its own blog post if I wanted to but holy shit go watch this movie please. It's so good. The criterion blu is the best obviously but if you're on a budget the regular blu goes for like 5 bucks lol. This movie was pretty good. The gimmick of THE WHOLE MOVIE TAKES PLACE ON SCREENS imho works very well. Now while I haven't rewatched this movie I have heard there's lots of easter eggs hidden in the background. The bluray turn around rate is surprisingly small for this movie cause I think its coming out like October 30th lol. It's gripping as hell so go pick it up. (this along with the next movie was a late august watch) This movie is boring as shit. It has some cool moments but like, the main plot of the movie drags on. Kinda wanted to stop in the middle of it but decided to keep watching until the end. The movie's aesthetic is gorgeous. The dark grimy aesthetic feels like a video game which I believe honestly works for this movie. Overall if you're not a TMNT fan I do NOT recommend watching this movie as you'll be lost. If you're a TMNT fan, maybe watch it if you're bored (or were stuck buying it when it came with 1-3 on bluray). I am a ratchet and clank fan at this point. I've played every full length game besides the reboot and Deadlocked. This movie is awful. It ruins the realy good plot the original game had and in return made a very bland buddy story. I can complain about how they could've done so much more with this movie but instead I'll drop some knowledge. 1. This has the same director as TMNT (2007) 2. Ratchet's voice actor is actually Leo's VA in that movie and Mikey's VA voiced Ratchet in the first game lol. James Arnold Taylor took over after the first game. 3. #Gadgetron Another really good movie. It had humor but was also serious. Idk if this is sad but it's the first Spike Lee movie I've watched. I need to watch more of his shit. The final message the movie was going for was very obvious in the beginning. The movie was powerful and important. It's still showing in theaters around me so go watch it you guys. I watched these 2 VERY cursed movies. Brother Bear 1 is actually an alright flick that gets really interesting and sad during the ending plot twist. I actually do recommend Brother Bear 1 believe it or not. I like the On My Way song lol. The coolest part of brother bear is how the aspect ratio shifts after the first 22 minutes symbolically. It's a really cool choice that a lot of movies don't do. Makes Brother Bear very unique in a way Brother Bear 2 is when it starts getting messy. All the shit that made Brother Bear 1 "alright" has gotten amplified for the worse. The moose are more in the forefront now and have a boring subplot. Oh god the plot of the girl. What a useless fucking plotline, WHY IS THERE ARRANGED MARRIAGE IN FUCKING BROTHER BEAR. Yeah don't watch Brother Bear 2 (for some weird reason it's the only one on netflix). Here's the catch Disney did... Brother Bear on Bluray comes with 2 on the same disc. They never made it available individually that way. They did that asshole move for a lot of movies (well at least fantasia had each movie on separate discs) Everyone knows how good Emperor's New Groove is that it's useless to discuss lmao. Let's get to the real topic here, Kronk's New Groove. On yet another awesome bluray double pack we have a cursed movie. The problem with Kronk's New Groove is that I feel that it tries too hard at capturing the spirit of the original to the point where it really feels desperate. It has like 3 different plotlines going on. The worst plotline is the old folks/yzma one and the most fun one was the ending one. Overall don't watch this movie. Just watch the original movie and you'll have a lot more fun This movie was good. Had an interesting moral that I wasn't expecting. The songs were absolute garbage and felt incredibly forced in. Like the movie absolutely does not need any of those songs except maybe the one by Common. Even then that could've just been done with words. The comedy was typical high quality WAG(Warner Animation Group) stuff. Yeah October is coming I don't want to see a lot of movies but I think my mom wants to see Fahrenheit 11/9 so I'll go with her. Might see Venom. Don't know what else to say I'm fucking tired.
  6. You've made 2 topics about this...
  7. Unrelated but Willow's design looks awful and not Pokemon-y
  8. https://www.funko.com/blog/article/coming-soon-spongebob-holiday-pop/ they look ugly but funko pops have fans.
  10. You guys know jigglypuff can be male right?
  11. I've watched a lot of movies this month... Not gonna go over rewatches too much but I did rewatch chicken little one day. Wow it's still shit. Also rewatched despicable me 3 (wow it was incredibly boring) These movies are not in chronological order of watching them. It was fine. I found the pacing a bit TOO slow, but i liked it. Ewan McGregor as christopher robin was weird cause i kept thinking of obi wan but that's not that really the film's problem. It was really cute. Idk why but I watched this the same day I watched christopher robin. I bought this on amazon a few days before cause it was pretty cheap. I had always thought of it as "that one (there's another I just forget frankenweenie lol) stop motion movie Tim Burton ACTUALLY directed". I went in practically knowing nothing about this movie. In fact I had just seen the poster lol. I liked the movie. Had a nightmare before christmas vibe (obviously) and the songs were good. I recommend it. Hey that pokemon 3 pack bluray I got has to be put to use somehow. I was with a friend and we were bored so we decided to watch pokemon: the spell of Unown. It's pretty good for a pokemon movie I'd say. It's not amazing or anything but at least the plot feels more climactic. Recommended if you like Pokemon, not recommended if you don't. I enjoyed Eighth Grade a lot. It was a good coming of age movie (also watching the trailers before this made me realize that A24 makes like 2 kinds of genres. Coming of age and weird horror). I don't feel like writing too much but I did feel like it got today's modern culture pretty on point. In terms of the A24 coming of age movies I've seen I preferred lady bird. Also shouldn't have been rated R. My mom wanted to bring me to see a movie for my birthday. We both wanted to see blacKkKlansman but we didn't actually look at showtimes so we didn't end up making it to that. We had both heard crazy rich asians was good so i watched it. It was alright. A generic rom com that from what I heard copy pastes the kind of shit you'd see in asian soap operas. I felt it was a bit long but in reality it's not, I was just expecting a shorter movie. I didn't even start that dreamworks animation 2d marathon thing. Prince of Egypt is coming to bluray soon so I'm gonna wait for that (I heard the netflix version isn't in the best quality. (Not to mention apparently they did a new remaster according to news articles from earlier this year). I did some amazon ordering but that shit is gonna be coming by september 1st so it won't qualify. I know Fantastic Mr. Fox is godly (I own the old dvd) but I haven't seen treasure planet (I've heard great things about it though). Final note: NEVER buy blurays at barnes and noble. They're like way overpriced. Fantastic Mr Fox was the maximum msrp (40 dollars) but anywhere else you can go that release is like 25. Trying to sell SB Season 8 for like 15 bucks when it's really 10 nowadays. Also as your resident ratchet & clank fan, I'll probably review that movie soon. Haven't seen it yet. Peace out until my next blog post.
  12. i wanna revive this area so I have a prompt. Why do you guys think Spongebob doesn't get blurays? Reminder the only eps that are on bluray are its a Spongebob Christmas and all the ones that are on the nautical nonsense and spongebuddies DVD.
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