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  1. When someone tells you a perfect episode doesn't exist...
  2. Can't wait for wacky My Leg to dethrone Wringer.
  3. I'm already preparing my 5 hour video series about how this movie will be objectively bad.
  4. SpongeBob: Propane Salesman Patrick: Propane Salesman Squidward: Propane Salesman Mr. Krabs: Propane Salesman Sandy: Propane Salesman Gary: Propane Salesman
  5. "As you can see, this proves that Band Geeks are OBJECTIVELY better than the Drasticals due to their lack of forced diversity." - MauLer and Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers
  6. Every episode will have Old Man Patrick as the main character.
  7. Haha I caught the Snipe first.

  8. I guess I can give my opinions too. I'll use general word rankings instead of scores since I don't remember the episodes well enough to determine what was a 7 vs 8 and etc. If some opinions seem weird it might be because of that. Season 1 Big House Blues - Good (Kinda season 2 but whatever) Stimpy's Big Day - Good The Big Shot - Good Robin Hoek - Good Nurse Stimpy - Good Space Madness - Great The Boy Who Cried Rat - Good The Littlest Giant - Bad Fire Dogs - Good Marooned - Okay Untamed World - Good Black Hole - Good Stimpy's Invention - Great Season 2 In the Army - Great Powdered Toast Man - Good Ren's Toothache - Meh Out West - Good Rubber Nipple Salesman - Great Sven Hoek - Great Haunted House - Good Mad Dog Hoek - Great Big Baby Scam - Good Dog Show - Good Son of Stimpy - Great Monkey See, Monkey Don't - Good Fake Dad - Great The Great Outdoors - Great The Cat that Laid the Golden Hairball - Okay Stimpy's Fanclub - Great A Visit to Anthony's - Good Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen - Great Man's Best Friend - Great Season 3 To Salve and Salve Not - Great A Yard Too Far - Great Circus Midgets - Okay No Pants Today - Good Ren's Pecs - Good An Abe Divided - Great Stimpy's Cartoon Show - Great Jimminy Lummox - Good Bass Masters - Good Road Apples - Meh Ren's Retirement - Bad Jerry the Bellybutton Elf - Bad Hard Times for Haggis - Good Eat My Cookies - Meh Ren's Bitter Half - Great Lair of the Lummox - Bad Season 4 Hermit Ren - Good House of Next Tuesday - Good A Friend in Your Face - Awful Blazing Entrails - Good Lumber Jerks - Meh Prehistoric Stimpy - Bad Farm Hands - Awful Magical Golden Singing Cheeses - Awful A Hard Day's Luck - Okay I Love Chicken - Good Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman - Good It's a Dog's Life - Awful Egg Yolkeo - Awful Double Header - Good The Scotsman in Space - Bad Pixie King - Okay Aloha Hoek - Awful Insomniac Ren - Okay My Shiny Friend - Good Cheese Rush Days - Awful Wiener Barons - Bad Galoot Wranglers - Awful Ren Needs Help - Bad Superstitious Stimpy - Good Travelogue - Awful Season 5 Ol Blue Nose - Okay Stupid Sidekick Union - Bad Space Dogged - Good Feud for Sale - Good Hair of the Cat - Awful City Hicks - Bad Stimpy's Pet - Good Ren's Brain - Okay Bellhops - Good Dog Tags - Okay I Was a Teenage Stimpy - Great Who's Stupid Now? - Meh School Mates - Awful Dinner Party - Meh Big Flakes - Good Pen Pals - Bad Terminal Stimpy - Good Reverend Jack - Okay A Scooter for Yaksmas - Awful Sammy and Me - Awful The Last Temptation - Awful Top 5 1. Stimpy's Fan Club 2. Space Madness 3. Fake Dad 4. Rubber Nipple Salesman 5. To Salve and Salve Not Bottom 5 1. It's a Dog's Life 2. Travelogue 3. The Last Temptation 4. Aloha Hoek 5. Sammy and Me
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