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  1. Change the title to Joe Biden vs. Joe Biden's brain.
  2. Me when I find out they retconned how SpongeBob met Gary (Even there's already been 3 different backstories in the show already) and how the movie is just a cash grab based off Kamp Koral that disrespects Hillenburg (Even though Hillenburg pitched the plot for this movie before soow even came out)
  3. This is one of my favorite season 12 episodes thus far. The beginning made me think it might be just ok but the 2nd half really was hilarious with how it ramped up and seeing Krabs' insanity return was great. A lot of the jokes were really good like the part where the Krusty Krab rocked out and seeing Krabs and OMJ have such extended family to the point of absurdity. High Sea Diving made good use of OMJ but this might be better.
  4. Ben Gruper (The god) wrote this ep so instant Happy Finn McMissile/10 Unironically tho this was a great ep.
  5. Finally Friend or Foe made it back on again, one of the best eps of the show, one of 6 post-movie eps that made my list.
  6. r/unpopularopinion is a genius subreddit full of galaxy brain takes. Post the best ones you can find. https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/bxuzgs/people_who_call_someone_a_nazi_because_they/
  7. Season 3: Episode 2: Ben Shapiro Reviews the OBAB Show It has been exactly 7 months since the premiere of the OBAB Show's third season, since then, SBC has been ravaged by corruption, hunger, poverty and crime. In order to win re-election for a 2nd term, president Jjs has new plan to save SBC. OBAB: Does anyone have any water? All I have are peanuts. BobCarotte: I have some cucumbers. Winter: This place is so dilapidated that even RDSP had to migrate elsewhere! Slug: I think it's time for a Communist revolution in SBC! Jjs: Wait... wait. Hold on now, let's not get crazy here. OBAB: Do you have a plan? Jjs: That's the thing, I think I might know how to save SBC. BenPaz: I hope it's as great as the last plan. Jjs: That was actually JCM's plan, and now he's banned for 999999999 years, but I have a new idea. Patty: You see Sponge 13 has a special feature we didn't disclose beforehand. Jjs: That's right, SBC is now on the Free Market of ideas. OBAB: What does that mean? OWM: For too long SBC has been a closed-off community, if we open ourselves up to new ideas we could get a major surge in membership. Jjs: Even some people from twitter like True Luigi Fan are starting to join. Goobz: OMG GUYS BEN SHAPRIO JUST JOINED SBC I'M CUMMING MYSELF RIGHT NOW! OBAB: I can't believe Ben Shapiro is joining SBC, I always figured he was overhated by liberals. Ben Shapiro: So is this the better version of SBM? OBAB: Yes. Ben Shapiro: It's a shame what happened to SBM. Absolutely heartbreaking. A magnificent monument to western civilization collapsing. OBAB: We do have new episodes of the OBAB Show on here, however. Coffee: And they aren't as cancerous as the first 2 seasons. Besides Ukrainian civilization is better than western civilization. Ben Shapiro: For me I enjoyed SBM Buys SBC since it reminds me of corporations forming monopolies so we'll see if this is even better. OBAB: So what do you think of it? Ben Shapiro: Well there are some good things. I like how all the refugees that came from the wiki get deported at the end. OBAB: Uhhh... nice? Ben Shapiro: However, there is some serious leftist indoctrination in this that ruined the entire story for me. OBAB: Such as what? Ben Shapiro: Well for one thing there is some people in this story who don't despise My Leg. I'm not racist against people who like My Leg but idk it just feels like forced diversity to me. Coffee: I agree. My Leg and Grill are Ben Shapiro: I mean it's not like I hate people who like My Leg but I just wish they'd stop shoving this forced diversity down my throat. OBAB: WHAT HOW COULD YOU HATE THE OBAB SHOW? Ben Shapiro: Is that the sound of a TRIGGERED LIBERAL TO ME? OBAB: I just don't understand how you could hate something so godly? Ben Shapiro: WELL, IF YOU LIKE THE OBAB SHOW SO MUCH, WHY NOT MOVE TO VENEZUELA? Winter: What does that have to do with anything? Ben Shapiro: WHO ASKED FOR A THIRD PERSON TO DEBATE ME? THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS AROUND HERE? Slug: Well, how would you fix this story to make it better? Ben Shapiro: Well for one thing, Lumoshi uses the Infinity Gauntlet which wipes out 50% of the population? Seriously? That's too equally balanced. Slug: So you don't want the Infinity Gauntlet in the story? Ben Shapiro: I'll I'm saying is that it feels like Socialism to me. Just make it 99% and it'd be all good. BobCarotte: Hey, I was able to survive last time. If 99% of SBC's population vanished I'd probably be gone too! Ben Shapiro: Well you just got to work harder you lazy welfare queen. OBAB: I'm no welfare queen! I'll have you know I make tons of doubloons off of OBAB Show royalties! Ben Shapiro: Sounds like a government check to me, kind of like VENEZUELA! Jjs: Ok, let's calm down here. Things are getting a little bit heated. Ben Shapiro: Typical. Leftists censoring conservative voices. Jjs: You don't have to get banned, we just could tone down the heat a bit. Ben Shapiro: Tone down the heat? Sounds like you people need a safe space! I now understand why Metal got red-pilled. OBAB: Listen, I just don't agree. It's like when someone says The Fishbowl is bad... WHY DO PEOPLE HATE THE FISHBOWL? Ben Shapiro: See? You're just intolerant of different views? OBAB: Okay maybe that was a bad example... Ben Shapiro: I'm not inclined to continue a review with a person as badly motivated as you so I think we're done here. Jjs: Well that was interesting. Slug: I just hope future episodes of the OBAB Show get a better reception. Hippy: Make SBM Buys SBC 2. OBAB: No that ep was horrible! Kaiju: It's as good as Flareon's feet. OBAB: WHY! Slug: Hey guys look at this! Hippy: It's god himself! Slug: That's right, it's Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers! Jjs: Well guys I don't think we can ever recover from this. Hippy: I think it's time to pack up, SBC has failed in the free market of ideas. Prez: I think I might have an idea? OBAB: What is it? Prez: Well, it's crazy, but it also involves the best crossover of all time. SOF: Maybe it can work. Jjs: Idk, what is your plan? Prez: Well, if it works out well, it will save SBC and the animation industry. NEXT EPISODE: Life With SBC Plot: SBC members move in with Maggot, but things don't run as smoothly as they'd have hoped.
  8. To Love a Patty didn't make my bottom 25, heck it might not even be bottom 50. It's dumb but still more entertaining than lots of 6-9a episodes with its so bad it's good premise. Demolition Doofus didn't make my list, but it does deserve to be on here. Another really boring and awful season 8 episode with terrible characterization. Sportz is well... you all know how I feel about this one.
  9. Ok I know it's been awhile but with Spin-Off Festival 9 coming soon I decided I'll continue this again. Next episode will come sometime next week.
  10. All That Glitters isn't close to bottom 50 for me. It's one of the worst season 4 episodes but it's far from being as bad as some stuff afterwards. Shuffleboarding sucks, not enough to make the list though and I do like a couple scenes. Waiting is bad but House Sittin is basically a worse version of it. Waiting is at least 7 mins of nothing while House Sittin is 11 mins with even less value.
  11. Both are very deserving of being on the list even though they didn't make mine
  12. A Day Without Tears is a really awful episode, I despise the the beginning of this episode and the rest is boring. If I could expand my list past 25 this would make it. The Card is self-explanatory.
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