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  1. Winner for best Halloween username goes to...

  2. This episode is very lacking in the genius subtle humor of Krusty Katering 0/10.
  3. You forgot about the amount of Michigan in each episode.
  4. I will only care about these live-action remakes once we get a live-action Aristocats and Home on the Range remakes.
  5. I considered posting a bigger picture but then 90% of the posts in this thread would no longer make sense so I'm keeping it for the lulz. PS: Revenge of the Sith is Life With Maggot-quality.
  6. Season 4 doesn't have the amazing writing of Bubble Buddy Returns and Glove World RIP so the answer's pretty obvious.
  7. Season 8 because it has the amazing episode Pet Sitter Pat. Every season 8 episode is fantastic except Hello Bikini Bottom.
  8. How I feel when I watch this amazing episode.
  9. This episode is the apex Shaggy Dog story.
  10. GODLY EPISODE. No distracting backgrounds unlike Lost and Found. It also had many amazing set-pieces and was 100% original like Sportz. The 3rd good SpongeBob episode that's not in season 8.
  11. Probably the most unoriginal episode of all-time. It has a criminal like SpongeBob Meets the Strangler. I wish this episode had godly creativity like Sportz and Patrick's Coupon.
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