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  1. 223b. Bunny Hunt

    Fact: This is the greatest episode of the show because Squidward is a bunny now.
  2. Season 10 (News & Discussion)

    WhirlyBrains - GoodMermaidPants - Superb Considering how young this season is it's hard to tell how good it'll be but so far I'm liking it.
  3. Season 9 Discussion

    Extreme Spots - Decent Squirrel Record - Okay Patrick-Man - Great Gary's New Toy - Good License to Milkshake - Good Squid Baby - Terrible Little Yellow Book - Bad Bumper to Bumper - Okay Eek, An Urchin - Good Squid Defense - Okay Jailbreak - Great Evil Spatula - Good It Came from Goo Lagoon - Decent Safe Deposit Krabs - Great Plankton's Pet - Superb Don't Look Now - Good Seance Shmeance - Good Kenny the Cat - Okay Yeti Krabs - Okay SpongeBob, You're Fired - Awful Lost in Bikini Bottom - Decent Tutor Sauce - Great Squid Plus One - Good The Executive Treatment - Good Company Picnic - Good Pull Up a Barrel - Superb Sanctuary - Good What's Eating Patrick - Superb Patrick! The Game - Superb The Sewers of Bikini Bottom - Great SpongeBob LongPants - Good Larry's Gym - Good The Fishbowl - Meh Married to Money - Great Mall Girl Pearl - Great Two Thumbs Down - Good Sharks vs. Pods - Good CopyBob DittoPants - Superb Sold! - Good Lame and Fortune - Good Sandy's Nutmare - Good Food Con Castaways - Superb Snail Mail - Good Pineapple Invasion - Great Salsa Imbecilicus - Good Mutiny on the Krusty - Meh Good Season 9a was already an improvement over seasons 6-8 (although not as good as 1-5) but season 9b made things really interesting. So far the second half has been great and the show has really become original and fun again. My top 5 1. What's Eating Patrick? 2. Patrick! The Game 3. Food Con Castaways 4. Plankton's Pet 5. CopyBob DittoPants
  4. What do you think of Seasons 4-9?

    4 and 9b are good some are okay. 6 and 7 are pretty awful but they have some good eps. At the same time they don't really feel like SpongeBob.
  5. 196a. The Fishbowl

    Season 9b's only mistake thus far. It wasn't funny and the characterizations were really bad. Why is Squidward so zany? Why is Patrick such an unlikable jerk? So much wasted potential on a mediocre episode. Feels like a season 6-8 episode. 2/5
  6. Season 10 (News & Discussion)

    Good to see Patchy back. I loved his segments in Christmas Who, Ugh, The Lost Episode, and Friend or Foe. Not only were they funny but they kept the specials from dragging unlike the later 22 minute episodes. Hopefully they won't be like the garbage in Truth or Square.
  7. Sign me up for the Sea Chicken Shack.
  8. I love all 4 of these episodes. Squid on Strike has great satire and truly funny moments. Planet of the Jellyfish is amazing imo. I love the atmosphere and the humor incorporated in it. Krabs vs. Plankton is an episode no one seems to talk about but I really like it. It's a very funny and unique episode. I like Help Wanted but I'm not sure I'd say it's one of the best.
  9. SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2016 Edition

    I didn't agree with most of the lower spots but I'm liking how the higher ones are going. I wish I was here when this started, I would've punished Truth or Square.
  10. Submitted my top 25.
  11. More SBM trash

    Hi, I'm new to SBC but I've been on SBM for a couple months now. I decided to make an account here as well. I think this will be fun.
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