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  1. All of the episodes with me in them are commie quality.
  2. If Bunny Hunt 2 or Squnschpunsch doesn't happen I'll stop watching the show forever.
  3. Yes. This is a thing. Tbh I thought it would be kinda humorous to wrap up all the plot threads that were still left hanging . Plus I'm bored af and I wanted more memes in my life. I will actually put some effort into these and I'm only doing 10 episodes to avoid stagnation. Season 3 Episode 1: SpongeBob Universe Returns JCM: I have a new announcement to make. Prez: Finally we’re re-branding into the K-Mart community. OBAB: But K-Mart doesn’t sell Bunnicula DVDs. Zaid: K-Mart is fug quality. JCM: Actually we have partnered with the wiki again. We’re bringing back SpongeBob Universe. OBAB: Wow that is actually anti-fug quality. Slug: Now we can improve our garbage reviews with more quality reviews. Lumoshi: Indeed, the reviews on this website are SCUMBOB-quality like The Night Patty. Winter: Omg god has come to this site Tyler: What? How does Patnocchio have low ratings on here! It’s the best episode of the season unlike the terrible My Leg. Lumoshi: I agree, Old Man Patrick is also rated low despite being a masterpiece. AlternativeHuman: This situation is really bad. I rate it a 15/17. Slug: To be fair we can’t all have godly opinions like wiki members. OBAB: I’m just glad this website has improved with the wiki members being here now. Lumoshi: I mean none from Michigan is seen so it’s going to be a big uphill battle to make this site good. LuigitheMurderer: Michigan is a Jumping Luigi unlike Wyoming which is a myth. 4evergreen: I KNOW you’re joking, but I’ve ACTUALLY BEEN to Wymong, so don’t tell me there’s no Wyoming. Enough said, true believers! EmuLuke: My feelings about the bad opinions on this site are an angry FinnMcMissile shooting a missile. Lumoshi: My feelings about this site are about a 5/13. I really doubt it’s good. AlternativeHuman: The first thing that must be fixed is how much littering is being promoted on this site. Winter: I can’t believe I liked such a disgraceful episode like High Sea Diving. RDSP: Not only that, but Sonic is littering his room by taking socks off his feet all the time. Winter: Littering is definitely anti-Chris quality. LuigitheMurderer: Littering is a Depressed Luigi. We must initiate action to prevent littering. Slug: Finally something that matters unlike dumb Octerror fest. The Fisherman: I wouldn’t call it dumb… you might be next. AlternativeHuman: Doesn’t the Fisherman originate from the movie called “Fisherman 4” which would be sold in a movie theater where the littered the floors with spilt popcorn. The Fisherman: Maybe YOU’LL be next with a comment like that. Lumoshi: Uses the Infinity Gauntlet to ban The Fisherman OBAB: Wait how can you ban someone when you’re not an admin? Coffee: Lumoshi’s god-like powers defy moderation. AlternativeHuman: We’re not done yet, the Band Geeks originate from an episode where they litter the town with promotional pictures for their band. It’s also a bottom 10 episode like Have You Seen This Snail. Lumoshi: Looks like it’s time to make things perfectly balanced like the MEH Plankton Paranoia. AlternativeHuman: Maybe we can name the next team after an actually good episode like Snooze You Lose. Lumoshi: Uses the Infinity Gauntlet to ban all Band Geeks OBAB: Without the Band Geeks and The Fisherman we’re guaranteed to win Octerror Fest now. RDSP: Finally we can make up for the Sponge Cup. OBAB: But you were a Band Geek then. RDSP: We don’t speak of those times. Mythix: we do speak of the times where obab liked the fishbowl although it is fantastic but not squid baby quality. Lumoshi: Squid Baby is a DECENT episode 7/13. Tyler: The Drasticals did win on WOF though, and this WOF was based on The Nightmare Before Christmas. Do you even know how much littering is caused by the production of stop-motion films? All those materials used to make them and all. AlternativeHuman: This team is SCUM OF THE EARTH. LuigitheMurderer: The epidemic is worse than I thought. Lumoshi: Uses the Infinity Gauntlet to ban all Drasticals BobCarotte: Only the indies remain. Jjs: And yet they’ll still lose. BenPaz: it’s pretty lonely around here. Hippy: SBU is empty just like the list of redeeming qualities of Flareon. BobCarotte: I think we might just not deserve Lumoshi. Hippy: SBC and the wiki were never equal. Jjs: Perhaps SBU was never meant to be. Lumoshi: Yeah this website might have too many problems to be fixed. EmuLuke: We’ve done all we can do ban the heathens but you can only polish a turd so much. AlternativeHuman: That was so well spoken. Tyler: This partnership has been very underwhelming, I’m rating it a ANGRY YOSHI. Jjs: Maybe it’s time to negotiate a break-up. Jaic: It’s for the best at this point. Lumoshi: It’s time to go separate ways. Tyler: I can tell why a godly member like The Great Server never joined this site. Jjs: So long SBU. Lumoshi: Uses the Infinity Gauntlet to revert all the changes SBU brought. OBAB: Wow I’m back. Winter: We should’ve know we were never good enough to handle the Wiki’s godliness. RDSP: It’s best for SBC to stay independent from other sites. Winter: But the independents are a terrible team. Slug: That’s false because they’re not a team at all. BobCarotte: Hey! RDSP: You know it’s true. NEXT EPISODE: Ben Shapiro reviews the OBAB Show Plot: Ben Shapiro reviews the premiere of the OBAB Show season 3 and finds it has a secret liberal agenda. Stay tuned for more crap. What have I unleashed to the world.
  4. This topic is fantastic like Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful
  5. Winner for best Halloween username goes to...

  6. This episode is very lacking in the genius subtle humor of Krusty Katering 0/10.
  7. You forgot about the amount of Michigan in each episode.
  8. I will only care about these live-action remakes once we get a live-action Aristocats and Home on the Range remakes.
  9. I considered posting a bigger picture but then 90% of the posts in this thread would no longer make sense so I'm keeping it for the lulz. PS: Revenge of the Sith is Life With Maggot-quality.
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