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  1. Yeah, if you’ve seen by my fics, this is my favorite Nicktoon in a while. I just love these characters.
  2. NO...dammit, she’s already got the kid from Goldbergs!
  3. Yeah, when I’m really bored. I draw things or do Photoshop. For my first pic, I used Photoshop to turn Loud House into Loud’s 11. I kinda feel like if I ever meet some of the Loud Sister VA’s, Id want them to sign this or something.
  4. So, I’m still writing that Nickelodeon Heroes series. However, I have like three stories that need to be finished. In the meantime, I am writing a new one, Slime Attack. Basically, it’s a re-imaging of the old Nick game, Globs of Doom, with SB again, except with the worlds of course, Loud House, FOP, El Tigre and TMNT. Read it here: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/13057472/1/Nicktoons-Slime-Attack Karen will be a main in this one, and despite having one recent episode, Sam Sharpe from the LH Racing Hearts Episode plays a big part of the story.
  5. Well, it's been many months. So far, 3 is finished...and I'm still quite disappointed of how it turned out. Wasn't the Infinity War style story I wanted it to be. I'm now on Rejects, the story focusing on Ronnie Anne and those cartoons you either do or don't remember from Nick. Here are the posters: Yeah, tough writing the Casagrandes when they've only had three episodes, and right before the thanksgiving episode, along with their spin-off. LINK: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13046721/1/Nickelodeon-Rejects
  6. Started watching my Halloween Specials:starting with Arnold's Halloween.

  7. Well, I'm back from that con that had Wahlgren. I didn't get to meet her though, because I didn't read the fine print. As it turns out, she was there that day, but for a panel FOUR HOURS UNTIL the time I was there. Then she did autographs the next two days, which I couldn't attend. So yeah, I didn't meet the voice of Chloe Carmichael, Tigress, or Maggie, because I didn't read the damn schedule. Heck, I didn't even get anything from the con, since nothing looked interesting.

    I hope she could come to another con nearby. Just right now, other than that gigantic disappointment of a convention, it's been a terrible day for me. Oakland is a MESS.

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      That sucks to hear my dude. :( I love her as Mina from Bunnicula!

  8. My family got a new dog. Coincidentally, his name was Lincoln. Yet, as a bigger coincidence, he had 10 SIBLINGS.

    Already made a crack where if we get him a sister, we’re calling her Lily. 

  9. Honestly, I've been trying to make 2018 a good year, and while I've been more chill than any of the past years, this has been a HORRIBLE MONTH. I've got two fathers who are fucking drama-causing machines, and most of them are over stupid pet problems. Now, I feel like a wreck waiting for college to start, and right now, I'm the cause of drama that will happen in a few hours, over THE SAME FUCKING PETS. T
  10. I did skip the San Francisco con I go to though, and Rodger Bumpass was there this year. Yeah, kind of a missed opportunity right there, but meh. 

    I would’ve asked him about the Creepypasta though. 

  11. Found out my college is holding a con with actual guests. One them is the original Rita Repulsa, the other is Olivia Hack. Yes, the voice of Ty Lee and Rhonda from Hey Arnold.

    I might sound obsessed with cons, but TBH, I usually go to 1-2 per year, always ones near I live, and usually, the guests need to catch my interest, notably VAs. 

  12. I was about to buy Metal Gear Rising On Steam. But then I remembered by LT isn’t good at running 60FPS games. Seriously, don’t try playing Bayonetta on a Dell LT. 

  13. While cons aren't my main priority in life, they are pretty fun to go to to meet celebs, most notably the VAs. Like I said, the next one I plan on meeting is Kari Wahlgren.

    It would be a dream to meet the voices for the Loud Sisters, though I already met the voice of Lola, Lily and Lana (Delisle). Though the one that I could get closest to meeting is Catherine Taber (Lori). Dicicco's (who is on my bucket list) got a baby, though IDK about Miller, Pucelli and Futterman. Meanwhile, Murmy definitely has no con plans.

    Also, I have no idea where the hell Janice Kawaye is. 

  14. Then again, I've only heard it from Cate Blanchett.
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