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  1. Grey Delisle, EG Daily, Jeremy Shada, Richard Steven Horvitz, and sort of counts, Robert Englund. My dream list: Catherine Taber Tara Strong Phil Lamarr Jessica Dicicco Jennifer Hale Steve Blum Gwendoline Yeo Ashley Eckstein Kari Wahlgren Melissa Fahn
  2. Requesting a review for my new story Nick Heroes 3.5. All 13 and 1/2 chapters up on the site.
  3. Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, Jenny (still as a head), Raphael, Leni, Lily and Bobby, along with April, Casey, Karai and Shinigami arrived on the desolate street, which was in the middle of the sun, surprisingly from a planet covered in green clouds. It was setting down upon the deserted grass-less hills surrounding Tremorton, where all the trees were either decimated or leafless, as the street led to a very decimated town. "Houston, we have landed back to Earth!" Lincoln said to himself, as he led the group. As Jenny was completely saddened at the sight of her destroyed town. The TMNT friends looked around this area. "To think a girl my age did this to your world." April said. "So this is your home, huh?" Raph asked Jenny. "Yep." Jenny said. "And for once, I've failed to protect it." "Seems kinda cool having a robot be like the town's cop!" Bobby said. "If only everyone in this town thought like you." Jenny said with a smile. "Let me guess, people scream at you and call you a freak." Raph said. "About 66% of them." Jenny responded. "How did you know?" "Why do you think me and my bros live in a sewer?" Raph responded. "Eh, it's kind of been a dream of mine to live through an apocalypse." Casey said. "Why is that even a dream of yours?" Ronnie Anne responded, looking creeped out. "Because why not?" Casey responded. "All we need now are the zombies." "Yeah, try not to jinx us, Casey." Raph said. "We're out in the open, and there's already a bunch of the sitter's metal freaks roaming everywhere." "Too late, guys." April said, putting her hands on her mind. "I think someone's here right now." "What? Are you some kind of psychic or something?" Ronnie Anne said. "Actually, she's got telekinesis. She's half-alien." Lincoln said. "Whoa." Ronnie Anne said, completely astonished by this fact. "Just like our sister Lucy!" Leni said. "Except you aren't like, freaky like her!" "So I'm on the same team with a half-ghost dude and a half-alien chick?" Bobby said. "Link man, you never told me how cool this hero life is!" "I wouldn't say that, Bobby." Lincoln said. "There's a lot of stuff to learn when it comes to hero work." As he was saying this, he was moving closer to a welcome sign with a 30's style smiling sun reading "Welcome to Tremorton! The safest city in the whole world!" "Yeah, like not knowing what will pop in front of you!" Jenny said. CRASH! A school bus crashed down INCHES away from Lincoln, as he was pushed aside. Ronnie Anne had to help him up, as everyone was startled by this. "Holy crud!" Casey said. "Oh my gosh! A bus!" Bobby said, shaking in fear. "Hey, that's not scary! Unless…BUSES ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY!" "Either that, or someone's here, looking for a fight." Karai said, sticking her blades, as Raph, Casey, April and Shini took their weapons out. "The bus is ALIVE?!" Bobby shrieked. After thinking about it, Jenny's face then turned from shocked to mad. "I know who did this." "Alright, who's the wise guy?!" Raph barked. "Not wise guy, wise…" Before Jenny could finish, a dark shadow stood on top of the bus. "I'm impressed already." Shini said, with a smile on her face. "Welcome to the toll booth." The figure said. "Can't cross without paying, dudes." "Cut the act and move the stupid bus, Misty." Jenny said. Misty's face then turned back from the dark mist with glowing eyes, to her regular face with light violet skin and dark violet hair, as she jumped down. "Sup, Jen?" "Nice to see you haven't changed a bit since I've seen you." Jenny said. "Nope, but you have!" Misty said, putting her finger on the middle area of Jen's face. "Look, whoever you are, that wasn't cool!" Ronnie Anne said. "Now could you please move your stupid bus out of the way?" "Unless you got the dough." Misty said. "Though your robot friend can pass." "Offer denied." Jenny said. Misty's smile faded. "Oh I see. You're still heated over our last argument. Well, friends move on, Jen." "Yes, friends move on. But we are not friends." Jenny said. Misty sighed. "You just love choosing your stupid hero job over friends, don't you?" "No, but I'd rather choose being a stupid hero over hanging out with a destructive selfish psychopath like you!" Misty's arms began to disform out of anger. "April, can you move the bus for us?" Lincoln asked. "This weirdo isn't budging." Misty then kicked Lincoln. "You asked for it!" Lincoln then tried to take out his weapons, until he realized…"Oh no! My weapons are back in Harvey's world!" "Hey, nobody hurts my brother!" Leni said, pulling out the hairdryer. "That's still a hairdryer." Jenny said. "Oh, I need it for this heat!" Leni turned on the hairdryer. "I'm still mad!" Ronnie Anne turned on her gloves. "You hurt my friend, you deal with me!" "Ooh, I'm so scared of a little regular like you!" Misty said, kicking RA. "You kick my sister, you get…darn it, I need a weapon!" Bobby said. Raph then jumped in front of Misty. "Oh yeah? Then be scared of a big mutie like you!" Raph said. "Misty, meet my new friends." Jenny said, laying on the ground as a head. "That was your last warning!" Casey said, appearing next to Misty. Misty then stood on top of Casey's hockey stick. "A hockey stick? Didn't know we were playing a game here." Misty kicked Casey in the face, sending him flying in back. Raph then launched himself at Misty, but the purple mutant blocked Raph's sais. "Too slow for a turtle." Misty said. Raph growled again, as he kicked Misty in the face. Misty then dusted herself off and got back up. "Who taught you those moves? A rat?" Misty asked, as Raph felt more furious. "Big mistake." Raph said, launching himself again. As this was going on, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne were on the ground watching it. "If only we had popcorn with us." Lincoln said, enjoying the sight. "This is actually awesome." Ronnie Anne said. "You should really call me when more of this stuff happens." Raph was throwing all of his skills at Misty, punching and kicking her, as the girl kept dodging. She then disappeared. "Give up yet, phantom girl?!" Raph growled, as Misty then re-appeared behind her. "Nope." She then turned into her mist head, going into Raph's head. "Get out of my head, freak!" Raph screamed. "You seem to be mourning. Oh well, some sleep oughta do the trick." Misty said, as Raph passed out to the ground. However, that wasn't the end of the battle yet, as Misty was being lifted from the ground. April was using her powers to lift her, and then sent her flying against the bus. Misty got up, and flew at April, except she responded by using her mind to completely stop Misty mid-air. "You're not the only mutant with mind powers!" Karai then kicked Misty mid-air, and took out her blades again. "Leave my allies alone, and move along, mutant!" Karai said, as Misty blocked her blades. "Cool blades." Misty complimented, as she socked Karai away. "Even for a Earth girl." Karai's eyes then turned green, as she hissed. As her arms turned into cobras, Lincoln and RA was absolutely shocked by this. "Holy cow!" RA said. "Karai's a mutant, too?!" Lincoln said. Misty dodged Karai's snakes and then turned into mist again, flying away. April then used her powers to lift the bus, dropping it violently on Misty. However, the girl caught it, and then swung it at April, who used her powers to stop it. "How about a fight without your freaky powers?" Misty asked. April then took out her fan. "No problem!" she angrily responded, punching and kicking at Misty. As Misty took a few attacks, she then disappeared. "Doesn't mean I can't!" she then kicked April. Karai tried swinging her blades at her, but Misty turned into mist again, and kicked her in the face. "Ha, you mutants are no match for me!" POW! A fist struck Misty straight in the face, knocking her out cold. Shini stood around her body. "How about a witch?" Shini said, followed by a laugh. By the way, this entire time, Leni and Bobby were just standing there in the open. As Leni was using her hairdryer, Lily was clapping for the fight happily, while Bobby's jaw was open. "Bobby, are you okay?" Ronnie Anne asked. "Buh, buh, buh buh…" Bobby had no response to this. …. Misty then woke up, tied to a tree. "What gives?" she couldn't move her arms, as they were wrapped around a tree. "Who did this?" "I did it!" Leni happily said. "I'm like, totes good at tying rope!" "Are you done playing games, Misty?" Jenny asked. "Come on, I was just having a little fun with you guys!" Misty said. "You really thought I was gonna force you guys to pay a lame toll?" "Look, we're giving you a choice, Misty." Lincoln said. "Either roll with us without any problems, or stay here tied to this tree." "Like I'm gonna take orders from a stupid kid like you." Misty said. She was then socked in the face by Ronnie Anne's gloves, as she smiled. Misty then smiled too. "Oh, so that's how you're playing." Misty said. "Well then, I'm giving you losers a choice. If you leave me here, I'll find a way out, and I'll knock out every single one of you. If you untie me, I won't fight you any of you…" "That doesn't sound like a problem!" Bobby smiled. "…for $20." "Are you still doing this hero for hire thing?!" Jenny shouted. "What good is money when your world is being enslaved?!" April asked. "What? It's just business!" "Forget you then." Jenny said. "Come on guys. Let's just head to Tremorton." Everyone then turned around. "Only fakes do hero work for money." Casey told Misty, slowing turning around. "All of you are dead meat!" Misty shouted, trying to get out from the rope. "You think she means it?" Lincoln asked Jenny, who was being carried by Ronnie Anne. "Forget her. She isn't worth it." Jenny said. "Come on, I'll lower my cost! You guys seriously can't leave me here? You guys need me!" Misty said, as she was begging. "Hey, um…Raphael!" Misty called. "Don't even bother!" Raph said. "You're not fooling this green ninja!" "But what would Splinter say?" Raph stopped, as he pulled out his Sai. "How did you know my sensei's name?!" Raph screamed. "When I went into your mind, duh!" Misty said. "I know all about your three brothers, how they disappeared, how upset you are about losing them, and about that little rat of yours!" Raph growled again, pointing his sai closer to Misty's throat. "Call him a little rat, one more time!" "Geez sorry!" Misty said. "I know how much that stinks. You know, to lose family or something. I mean, I don't even have a family, a home, and my only friends deserted me." Raph thought about it, but then snapped out of it. "So what? That's no excuse for trying to kill us!" Raph said, walking with his allies to road from Tremorton. TO BE CONTINUED... Yeah, this is where I’m at.
  4. Chapter 11; I’ll Show You Magic Back on the main Earth, as the two passed over hundreds of the suffering children, Vicky continued to howl with laughter, as she rode on the Magwu's shoulder. Vicky used her magic to make the childrens' chores even more insufferable. She made a gigantic toilet dirty again, as the children were done cleaning it. She destroyed a statue of herself that the children were done making. She knocked over a huge pile of leaves. The list went on. "Your turn, Rocky!" she said to the Magwu. "I'd rather not partake in these foolish games!" the Magwu responded. "Eh, suit yourself." Vicky responded, continuing to torture the kids from the ground. "Puny human, I must say, never, throughout all my billions of years of life, have I ever came across a creature such as you!" the Magwu told her. "Thanks! I get that a lot!" Vicky said. "Especially from a race as puny as the humans!" "Why of course. Most of them are morons! That's how I've been making a business!" Vicky said, holding up her money. "Yet, there's you, a creature who shows no remorse for her actions, and puts power first!" "Um…sure?" Vicky was confused by this. "With your powers, we could be the almighty gods of the multiverse!" "Okay, now you lost me! What the heck are you even talking about?" Vicky asked. "Human girl, have you ever dreamed about ruling more than just this puny world, or better, this puny universe?" "No, not really." Vicky said. "Then you are in for a surprise!" The Magwu said. He then used his magic to change the surroundings, which still confused Vicky. Now, the two were inside what was a magical simulation of the multiverse. "Behold, the worlds, of the infinite realms, of the multiverse. It has been my one goal, to dominate all of it. To devour all the power, and all the energy of this realm, turning every single world, into my very own kingdom!" Planets circled the two, but then, the Magwu used his fingers to turn all of them into dust. "I have devoured hundreds before my imprisonment, and now that I've returned, I shall devour billions more." "Wow, I never thought of this at all." Vicky said. "Just wow! All those worlds to rule and cause misery on! This is so ruthless! This is so evil! This is soooooooo LAME!" "What?!" "What do you think this is?! Some lame fantasy cartoon?" Vicky told the Magwu, floating in front of his face. "I don't care about any of these stupid worlds or other dimensions or whatever geek terminology you use! I only care about my world, nothing else! You know, I actually thought you were cool, but now you're just boring!" "You foolish human! You're squandering the opportunity of a limetime!" "Opportunity? Of what? I told you, I don't care!" Vicky said, using her magic to put the two back in reality. "I was wrong about you!" the Magwu roared in her face. "You really are just another human! Letting their own emotions block them from success!" "Look, why don't you talk to me when you don't sound like a total dork?" Vicky said. "You'd have your fair share of land, of tortured souls, of all the prizes of the world!" the Magwu said. "Prizes? That's another world for…" Vicky's eyes turned to dollar signs. "I could be beyond filthy rich! Alright Magwu, you've got a deal!" "No deal!" "No deal? What do you mean no deal?" Vicky said. "You've proved your worthlessness to me!" "Worthless? You wouldn't even be flying in the air if it wasn't for me, you dumb rock! Now get down here, and make me rich!" "I no longer take orders from you!" the Magwu shouted, as he blasted a beam through his mouth, going through Vicky. After the Magwu was done, Vicky was still standing. "Listen, Rocky Balbo-dork! I still got the same powers as you!" Vicky said. "But I am the STRONGER BEING!" the Magwu said, shooting another beam. Vicky was able to hold it though. "If you don't want to become rubble, then you come down and here, and be my money making machine!" The Magwu then flew down, staring at Vicky. "Maybe I was wrong! You aren't a typical human. I've never seen this much defiance ever since I devoured my own kind. Consider yourself spared, for a while." The Magwu gave an evil laugh, as a bubble started to form with him in the air. "Now, to begin the devouring, OF THE WORLDS!" He then slammed onto the ground, in where it pushed the debris from the ground aside, along with all the child slaves, sending them flying in the air, along with Vicky. All of Dimmsdale began to be absorbed by the giant violet bubble, taking up skyscrapers, stores, houses, the school, you name it. Inside the bubble, the Magwu formed a staff, and stabbed it on the piece of debris it was on. It released a giant beam in the air, as on top of it was a hole. The Magwu still gave his loud laugh. "Who will dare challenge me, the soon to be most powerful creature, of EVERYTHING?! Soon, every world, and every living creature will be under my rule, in the matter of…" Suddenly, a digital clock popped up in front of the Magwu, with a voice reading 11:24:53. "UGH, CURSE THESE LONG COUNTDOWNS!" the Magwu roared. Back outside of the bubble, Vicky, growling angrily, tried to walk in. However, something was keeping her from going in. "Hey, what the heck?!" Vicky said, as a piece of the bubble broke off, and turned into a cartoon character. "Anyone who is an evil human by the name of Vicky cannot enter the Magwu's sphere! Sorry! NOW GET OUT BEFORE YOU'RE DEVOURED EARLY! Bye bye bye." The cartoon disappeared. "No! You can't do this! I want my money! I WANT MY MONEY!" Vicky shouted. "I know! I'll earn your approval! What do you want? My hair?!" She then ripped it off her head, as her lips were shaking and her pupils were wide open. "You like snacks?! Money? The SOULS OF CHILDREN?!" "Vicky? Are you okay?" a child asked, appearing near Vicky. "GET OUT OF HERE, TWERPS!" She said in a very sinister voice. "Okay." One slave child said, as him and the kids started to walk away.
  5. Somewhere, at an unknown location, the Magwu's minions were roaming around a giant lab. As one of them had a clipboard checking off of things, another minion was carrying a big wagon, containing the three frozen heroes. Another minion carried Goddard's frozen metal body. The minion with a clipboard pointed the two to another room, where the two headed. Goddard and the three heroes were put on a separate conveyor belts. On these belts, ahead of them were many pieces of metal, along with non-active carbonite crabs. This large belt dropped anything on top of it into a vat of lava. As the four started to move on the belt, something was happening with Goddard's frozen body. The side of his body started to turn red, as if something was cutting through it. Indeed, there was, as the laser popped out with a hand. Then, the laser cut through the metal around Goddard's neck, releasing the metal off of his head. As Goddard barked, he used the laser to cut around his legs, and then his tail. Goddard was now free from the metal. However, he didn't have enough time before his master, and his allies were going to melt into magma. Goddard ran to the frozen body of Jimmy, which was several feet from the bucket. Goddard stopped where he was, and with his metal arms, he pulled out a small freeze ray, and set the knob to "UNFREEZE". He then used it on Jimmy. "Thanks boy!" Jimmy said, petting his dog, as he got on Goddard's back, and rode him. Goddard then took him to the belt to where Sam was at, and zapped the gun at the ice. Sam was confused at what was going on. "What are you…" "No time for an explanation! Get on!" Jimmy said, as Sam tried to hold on to Jimmy's seat, while standing on the edge of Goddard. As the three were trying to find Danny, one of the minions, carrying pieces of metal, noticed the three in the air. Jimmy spotted him, and the minion tried to give a very loud screech. Sam then froze him nere seconds before the screech can be heard. "No need to thank me." Sam said. "Just continue the search." Soon, the three found Danny inches away from the edge of a lava bucket. Sam quickly used the ray on him, except by the time Danny was unfrozen, he reached the end of the conveyor belt. Sam quickly grabbed his hand, as Goddard flew away from the belts. Danny then turned the four invisible, as they passed over a large herd of minions. Goddard then stopped next to a large stack of crates. "Wow, I was this close to actually becoming roasted ghost." Danny said. "Alright, before we continue this whole thing, can we address the elephant in the room?" Sam asked. "Simple Sam. To reiterate, I wasn't afraid of losing to Vicky." Jimmy said. "I knew she'd pull tricks on us, so I prepared tricks of my own. I modified my freeze ray to thaw out ice, and I modified Goddard to function through anytime he's solidified." "You know, you really seemed legit angry when Vicky froze your dog." Sam said. "That's the power of acting." Jimmy said. "Huh, Timmy used to tell me you were an awful actor." Danny said, much to Jimmy's annoyance. "Turner really can't keep his opinions to himself." Jimmy said. "Where are we at anyways?" Danny asked, noticing the walls around him. "It's like we're inside some giant volcano." Suddenly, Danny's ghost breath went off. "Your ghost sense!" Jimmy said. "That's weird. I wouldn't expect…wait." Danny immediately grabbed Jimmy's freeze ray, and blasted it in back of him without even looking. "You missed me!" a voice said, as Danny shot where the voice was, revealing Dani in a block of ice. Danny then unfroze her. "You keep forgetting the ghost breath, joker." Danny said Dani. "Awww, I almost had you guys!" Dani said. "Whatever, nice to see you again, clone, I mean, cousin." Danny said, helping her off the ground. "Danielle!" Jimmy said. "But how?" "I followed you all here, right after that crazy girl turned you all into literal human icicles!" Dani said. "You mean, you were with us the whole time?" Sam asked. "Sounds like there could've been another halfa to take down the sitter!" "Sorry." Dani said. "I would've helped you, except I was too scared of that rock monster!" "We were this close to winning, Dani!" Danny said. "Maybe we would've done it if you stepped in!" "Guys, guys. Nows not the time for this." Jimmy said. "Besides, with that Magwu by Vicky's side, we had little to no outcome of winning." "But I can help you guys now!" Dani said. "I swear I won't chicken out!" "Fine, you can help us." Danny said. "After all, you're the only blood I got left. "Now, our new objective, is to find out the information about this volcano, and why the Magwu's minions are here. Or the better questions, what this Magwu is, and where it even came from." "Guys, they brought more ice!" Dani said, looking behind the crates. A minion was finished putting three separate frozen bodies on the conveyor belt. Then, another minion spotted Dani from across the room, giving a very loud screech. Suddenly, what looked like hundreds of minions headed towards the area of the room, jumping from the walls to off the conveyor belt. "We'll handle this, guys." Danny said, as Sam suited up again. Jimmy flew on Goddard with Dani flying by him. As the two blasted at the minions, the two kids flew towards the first frozen body. One minion tried leaping onto Jimmy, but the boy genius blasted him with the freeze ray. Another one tried attacking Dani, but then she blasted it into pieces. The two surrounded the first body, as Jimmy carefully zapped the first body. Dani was completely shocked to see who it was. The body fell to the ground, resting her hands on the moving conveyor belt, which then confused her. She then looked up, seeing the two kids. "Where am I?" Valerie Gray, in her normal clothes, asked, and then she had her eyes on Dani. "You! You're the ghost girl!" "Oh, um, hello!" Dani awkwardly waved. "Haven't seen you since that day I almost melted." "Yeah, that…" Val felt as awkward as the ghost girl. She then turned to Jimmy. "Who the heck are you, kid?" "No time for an explanation! Me and my allies just need assistance!" Jimmy said, as Val noticed the fight going on in back of her, along with the two frozen bodies in back of her. More of the Magwu's minions jumped on the conveyor belt, surrounding Valerie. "If only I had my suit with me." Valerie told herself. She then picked up a metal stick by her leg, and took a swing at one of the minions, sending them flying off the belt, and falling down perhaps thousands of feet to the ground. "Oh well." Val did a backflip over the crowd of minions, kicking two of them off the belt. A minion jumped onto her back, but Dani quickly blasted it off of her. The little girl then punched more of the minions off the belt, standing next to Val's legs. "Dang kid, you got some moves!" Val said. "Not as good as this piece of ninth degree Black belt though." "You wish!" Dani played along, as the two laughed, continuing to fight the minions. Jimmy then had his eyes on both Danny and Sam, as the two continued to fight the mob of minions. However, the two started to become overcrowded by them, as a pile started to pull up. "Dani, Valerie! There are solidified humans across from you, and my friends need my help! Could you help me out?" Jimmy said, tossing the freeze ray to Dani. "I don't know how you knew my kid, but since this involves saving others, I'll let it slide." Valerie said. Goddard flew back to Danny and Sam, as Jimmy pressed black buttons on Goddard's handles. Lasers started shooting at the sight of him, hitting the minions off of Danny and Sam. Dani and Valerie then ran towards the next block of ice. Dani still had the freeze ray, but minions got in her way. "I got you, Kid!" Valerie called out. "No! Save those other guys! I'm fine!" Dani said, as she tossed Valerie the freeze ray, which she quickly caught. Dani turned invisible, passing through the bottom of the belt, and flew back to Val. Valerie reached the frozen boy, and used the gun. Thawing through the ice was yet another familiar face, except this one completely lost his balance the moment he fell over. It was Sheldon Lee. "Don't worry, Jenny! I'll save…hey, where am I?" Sheldon asked himself, looking up at Valerie. "Get up, kid." Valerie reached out her hand, which Sheldon quickly grabbed. An awkward smile popped on his face, which creeped out Valerie. "Are you ok, kid?" Val asked. "Sorry, I rarely touch a girl's hand." Sheldon laughed. "Oh great, I'm stuck with a geek!" Valerie said. "There's one more guys!" Dani said, floating in the air while blasting at the minions. Sheldon and Valerie spotted the block of ice coming in front of them. "This one's on me." Sheldon said, grabbing the freeze ray, and he ran to the ice several feet away from him. As Val followed the boy with backflips, Sheldon was finally near the ice, and shot at it. Unlike the two thawed out teens, this one was much smaller. "I am free, from that prison of winter!" Davi, AKA Albino Burrito, shouted out. "Come along allies, for this villain shall face the wrath of…ALBINO BURRITO, ALBINO BURRITO, ALBINO BURRITO!" "Looks like I'm not the only geek this time!" Sheldon said. "Eh, this one's kinda adorable." Valerie said. AB had his sights on the minions. "You dark fiends! You underestimate the power of me. Now time to meet my friend, the Pinata of Punishment!" "Save your candy for later, kid!" Valerie said. "We need a way off this thing!" "It's cool. I got rocket shoes on!" Sheldon said, as he lifted himself from the ground. "Whoa!" Valerie said, amazed by him. "Not bad for a geek." Valerie grabbed his hand, which still made him feel awkward. "By the way, I'm already taken!" he said. "Please don't make me throw up." Valerie told him. "Up, up and away, rocket man!" Davi said, pointing them off. Next to them, Dani continued to fight off the minions, who were still trying to lodge at her. She then flew underneath the belt, where more of the minions were crawling on the pillars holding up the belt, like spiders crawling on the wall. She sped around the pillar, blasting away the minions. "Ew! They're everywhere!" Dani said, flying away. The situation got worse, as the number of minions began to increase, as more of them jumped from the walls to the belt, like a huge roach infestation. She then spotted the control room with the metal balcony, and flew towards it. She passed through the glass, which one of the creatures were already in. Before the minion made any moves, Dani punched it in the face, sending it flying out the window. "There's gotta be some way to get rid of these guys!" Dani said. She then spotted a nearby knob reading "BELT SPEED". This gave a smile on her face. "Time for these pests to get roasted!" Dani cranked the knob all the way, as this started to increase the speed on the belt. The minions couldn't keep up with this speed, as they continued to run the opposite direction. The ones at the very edge of the belt fell into the vat of lava, as others jumped off of the belt. Despite this luck, Dani's smile immediately faded, as beeping was heard. "Uh oh." Dani said. Back to where Danny, Sam and Jimmy were, the three new allies landed at the spot where they were. Immediately, Valerie had her eyes on Sam. "Sam?" And then Danny. "You again?!" Val barked. "You're lucky I don't have my suit on me!" "Nice to see you too, I guess." Danny greeted with annoyance. "Say, you're the geek who has that creepy crush on Jenny." Sam said. "I'm guessing she's why you invented the shoes." "Say what?" Val asked. "No they're not!" Sheldon said. "I just thought they would be cool! What do you think I use them for? Spying on Jenny while she's sleeping outside her window?" Both girls were creeped out by this. "You have a problem." Valerie said. "Relax, she's just a robot!" Sheldon said, and then he realized how awkward it was. "Point proven." Sam smirked. "Never fear heroes! As long as we stick together, those villains will be no match for, Albino Burrito and the Herd 5!" "So you're that kid Manny keeps pestering about." Danny said. Suddenly, beeping was heard, as Dani flew out of the control room. The conveyor belt's speed continued pouring both minions and the pieces of metal inside the vat. However, too many items were being dropped into the vat at the same time, which made the lava increase and overflow. Soon, some of the lava began to drip down. Some of the large drips of lava fell towards the very bottom of the volcano. As the conveyor belts broke down, the metal vats ended up tipping over to the side, dropping all of it's lava upon workers of the minions, not only decimating them, but the machinery around them. As Burrito cheered for this sight, Dani then flew back to the group. "You wouldn't have anything to do with this, would you?" Danny asked Dani. "No!" Dani bluffed. "We better leave!" Sheldon said. "Everyone, follow me!" Jimmy said, raising his hand. Danny carried Sam, Dani carried Davi, and Sheldon carried Valerie, without of course hesitation. "Stay away from me after this, robo stalker!" Val told Sheldon. "Come on, like you've never watched someone you'd like before!" Sheldon said, carrying the girl. "Off we go, heroes!" Albino Burrito said, singing his theme song again. Jimmy led the group to another platform, which had a small lake of purple goo, with rock platforms. Dani quickly looked down, seeing that despite the lava overflowing, more of the minions were crawling on the walls, trying to reach the gang. "They're coming for us!" Dani cried out. Jimmy then saw across from the rock platforms, were black pieces of metal reaching to a roof bunker door. "There's a door up above us!" Jimmy pointed. Valerie led the group to the direction of the bunker, with Val quickly getting up to the ladder, and opening the bunker. As Jimmy flew on Goddard to get in, Danny and Sam climbed individually, followed by Sheldon, but right before getting bumped in the head by a jumping Davi. All of the heroes made it into the bunker, and Danny quickly broke off the handle to the bunker, and closed the door. Jimmy then used his watch to seal the door shut. The heroes were now inside a mini lair. "That should hold them off, though I'm not sure how long." Jimmy said. "Say, check out this lab guys!" Dani pointed out. "Before we do anything else, why are you, the geek, and whoever the kid with the donkey ears here?" Danny asked Valerie. "Look, ghost boy. I was after the freak who froze my dad, and all of Amity Park, when she froze me!" Valerie said. "That Vicky took Miracle City!" Albino Burrito said. "She took my future wife! Oh, and my city too." Sheldon said, sounding not so worried about the last part. "Then welcome to the club!" Jimmy said. "Our big mission is already to stop Vicky, led all by me!" "You? The leader?" Valerie asked. "You're just a little boy." "Trust me, Val…or at least trust him, Jimmy isn't just a kid." Danny said. "Your would would've been in control by freaks without him." "Not just me Danny." Jimmy said. "Our team plays our parts. But nevermind, we are all here together for a reason. To stop Vicky, who has increased in power, with the help of that Magwu creature of hers! Now, we must gather information about this monster." "Why is that? You've already faced him before." A voice said. Appearing next to the gang was the Wise Old Crab. "Who are you?" Valerie asked. "Why, you're the same crab who pulled me out of Retroville to warn me about Vicky." Jimmy said. "Indeed, and as I knew, you and your team has lost the battle with the sitter." The Crab responded. "And now, you and your band of heroes must face off with the Magwu, for he is the true threat of your world!" "You know about the Magwu?" Danny asked. "Hold on. You told me Vicky was the threat of our universe during our last encounter." Jimmy said. "Why yes, for he was the creature you, Ghost Boy, the boy genius, and the Night Girl have faced off with in another world." "Say what now?" Danny asked. "That's right. Danny, Sam, this might sound far-fetched, but if this crustacean is correct, then we are the chosen ones in another universe." Danny then turned to Valerie. "You hearing this? I'm a chosen one! Remember that next time you try to attack me!" "Yeah, I don't care." Val responded. "But wait, how exactly did the Magwu come back? Or better yet, tell us exactly who the Magwu is." The Crab used his staff to show a vision of the past. "The Magwu is an abomination, from an old race of evil rock titans, brought to life billions of years ago. With the power given from our gods, we sealed him into an interdimensional prison after his first attack on our island. Millions of years later, he made his way back into our island, almost conquering it for good. Until you three, along with the Boy with Four Heads, the Absorbent Yellow One and the other chosen ones sealed him up once more. However, he was brought back by the sitter, with the aid of a messenger who has dedicated his own life to bringing back the Magwu! The one known as…Jerry!" Danny started to laugh. "His name is Jerry?" Even Jimmy, Valerie, Dani and AB couldn't hold in the laughter, while Sheldon was using the computer in the back. "Imagine that: you're an evil abomination, and then the creatures who releases you is some individual named Jerry!" Jimmy said, followed by laughter. "Well then, we've found our solution, sentient crab!" Jimmy said. "We're going to seal the Magwu back into his prison." "You sure there aren't any better solutions, genius, like blowing his head off?" Valerie asked. "You better come up with a plan fast!" Sheldon said, looking at the computer screen, showing the Magwu's plan. "He's already beginning to consume our worlds energy!" "And if you heroes don't act fast, he will perform the same task on not just your world boy genius, but the many among all the multiverse, as he's done for the past!" "What about Vicky?" Sam asked. "It's clear that this Magwu has become Vicky's own pet! Which doesn't make much sense, because if he's this big monster, why is he letting some 16 year old sadist who hasn't even seen her own PROM yet control him?" "Either he actually likes the sitter or…he's using her!" Valerie said. "And we just witnessed Vicky pass on her magic to the Magwu!" Jimmy said. "Everyone, our mission just went from bad, to worse. Luckily, I still have my faith in science." Suddenly, a portal opened up, as all of the heroes prepared themselves. "Who can this be?" Jimmy asked. However, popping out of the portal was the most unexpected of them all. "Jimbo!" Hugh Neutron said, carrying a box of donuts. "Oh. My Goodness." Jimmy said. "Why hello there son! I've been wondering where you were!" Hugh said. "Out of all the adults to come with us…" Sam said to herself. "Dad, how in the world did you get into this lair?" "I tried to look for you in your clubhouse! I brought donuts to help you and your hero friends to feel better! However, I kinda tinkled a little with that portal machine of yours." "Note to self: upgrade security for both Sheen and my dad." Jimmy said. "Did you bring him too?" Valerie asked, as standing by her was a familiar boy. "Hello! Bolbi be happy to join fellow supermen!" Bolbi said, as he put on a helmet. "Honestly, I have no idea." Hugh said, sounding worried. "For Bolbi shall continue legacy of Bolbi's hometown, SuperKaboby! For evil must face SuperKaboby's wrath of his LAMB KABOB!" "You weren't serious about him being the chosen one, were you?" Jimmy asked the crab. "The prophecies have made some unexplainable choices prior." The Crab said. "Anyways…I think we're going to need more than science, Jimmy." Danny said. "That monster was stronger than me, halfa, I mean, a 100% ghost, and he destroyed that magic needle of yours!" "You really seem too dependent on science, Jimmy." Sam said. "You ever thought that maybe you can't stop every villain you meet with this science of yours?" "Nonsense, my son will solve anything with science!" Hugh said, getting next to his son. "Actually I have, Sam, and you want to know when that was? When I was wearing my Brain Drain helmet!" Jimmy responded. "Um, what?" Sam asked. "Oh, I believe it's this helmet that makes you smarter and dumber. I remember when I tried…" "When I was an idiot!" Jimmy groaned. "Kid, how are you so sure your plan is going to work?" Valerie asked. "Because, science has never backfired for me before…no matter how many times I screw up." Jimmy said. "I'm the reason we didn't defeat Vicky. I didn't accept our friend Timmy's help. I could've conjured up with a plan using all of our team. But now, the world has become her own personal playground, all because of me." Even Hugh was saddened by these words. "Listen um, Jimmy." Valerie butted in. "You can't blame yourself for what that sitter did. You couldn't stop her, I couldn't, the ghost boy couldn't!" "Now, we have a second chance, and we shall not waste it!" Albino Burrito added. "Exactly kid." Hugh said, sounding worried. "You know, I'm starting to think some of you seem awfully young for being heroes, but I don't care. Son, like you said, all of the problems, that you caused, were solved by your fancy technology science thingies! Plus, even if it fails, and even if all of us are dead, and even if there's little to no hope yet, and the universe blows…" "Dude, get to the point!" Danny snapped. "No villain will ever have what you have: your confidence. Oh, and your big brain too." "You're right, Dad." Jimmy said. "And that is why we're getting off this island, and stopping this Magwu! Though we're going to need lots of weaponry for this one." "Still standing by you, Jimmy." Danny said. "So am I." Sam said. "And so will I!" AB said. "And SuperKabobby!" Bolbi said. "I'm with you on this kid." Valerie said. Jimmy, Danny, Sam, Dani, Valerie, Bolbie, Davi, Sheldon, and finally, Hugh put their hands together. Along with Goddard's paw. "Let's stop the rock!" Jimmy said. "However, I'll help you on one condition: I want a suit." Valerie said. "Actually, Valerie. We're going to require more than one suit for this task." Jimmy said. "Goddard, it's time to construct some blueprints." "It's cool!" Sheldon said. "I think they have weaponry in here!" Sheldon lifted the weapons door open, except it was surrounded by Magwu guards, only these were much bigger and buffer. Jimmy responded by zapping the two with the freeze ray. "Like Danny explained, what would you do without me?" Jimmy said. "Now, let's get building!"
  6. Now these parts are...eh for me. You can skip this chapter I guess. Chapter 10: Rocko Spongebob and Patrick screamed as they flew through the portal. As the two were moving at a very rapid speed, the two continued to fly around, without any certainty of where they will end up. They continued to scream, and scream, and scream….and scream…and then their screams started to die down. As the portal stopped moving, both of them now didn't know what to do, as they both had blank faces. Patrick pulled a drink from his back, and started to suck on it. However, the two then started to come closer to a bright light, as the pace started picking up again. "HOLD ON TIGHT, PAT!" Spongebob said, as he and Patrick embraced each other, passing through the light. …. The two were now in the middle of a blue sky, where the two were now soaring down like a fireball, behind a giant sign that read "REAL WORLD". The two then hit the ground. Patrick got up, and lifted SB up, who splat to the ground like a pancake. "That was disappointing." SB said, as the two noticed their surroundings. "Spongebob, where are we?" Patrick asked. "I don't know, Pat. We must've entered another world." Spongebob said. Where they landed, it was in the middle of the day, as the two were in the middle of the street, where hundreds of animal creatures walked on the sidewalk. Suddenly, news vehicles sped and pulled up in front of the two. Everyone in the vehicles pulled up and started to circle around SB and Patrick. All of them were speaking while holding up microphones, cameras, ice cream cones, or whatever in front of the two's faces. "Wow, already we've created a media circus!" Spongebob said. SB was then pounded on the face with a mic, as angry clowns were in front of them. "YOU PIG!" the clown shouted. Suddenly, more cars came in, ramming some of the reporters, causing them to fly in the air. They were dark vans, as out of it were creatures dressed in sunglasses and black suits. "Freeze, scum!" the man said with a low voice. "We're the government, and we're turning you in for a bunker we spent our sick children funds on!" "We really are stars!" Patrick happily said. Suddenly, large RVs started pushing the agents. Out coming out were mostly geek-looking civilians with glasses. "Real interdimensional creatures!" they said. "Let's get pictures!" They tried to make their way through the crowd, except the reporters and agents were blocking them. "Um, Patrick, I think it's starting to get a little too crowded." Spongebob said, as his smile faded. Suddenly, a van in the shape of a weiner came speeding in front of the others. Stepping out were more civilians, with hats that had a piece of meat dangling from it. "Have you heard the good word of the brautwurst today?" the man happily said, holding sausages in front of SB and Patrick. "Oh yum!" Patrick then chomped the sausage, except it wasn't the one that was offered, but the stuffed one on the main man's hat. "You have eaten one of our SYMBOLS!" the man shouted. "This means punishment! FRY THE YELLOW ONE'S NOSE!" Another sausage follower had a pair of silver bipolar scissors, as SB gripped his nose. "Weird, I though the other meat worshippers did this." He said. "Hey, leave them alone with your phony baloney religion!" one of the nerds said, with a shirt that showed an evolution chart of sausage. The man was then angered by the nerds' shirt. "We're not the baloney religion, science thumper!" the sausage man responded, as they started fighting. "Boy, this place already looks crazier than the Bikini Bottom!" Spongebob said, as the reporters, the agents, the nerds and the sausage people were fighting with each other. "We better get out of here!" SB and Patrick zoomed out of there running for their lives. As the four groups were distracted with fighting, the two ran out of the city, and headed towards the neighborhood. "We need to seek shelter Pat, fast!" Spongebob said. … In Rocko's house, Rocko and Heffer were watching TV. "You ever going to talk about that summer job of yours?" Rocko asked. "I don't want to talk about it, Rock." Heffer responded. Suddenly, as Spunky ran away, the door was kicked open by Patrick, and by kicked open, I mean broken down. "GIVE US EVERYTHING YOU GOT!" Patrick shouted. "AHH! HOME INVASION!" Heffer screamed, hiding behind Rocko, who looked annoyed. "Sorry, my friend chose the wrong words! Could we hide here?" SB said. "We sort of, might've caused an uproar downtown." "Not to be rude, but who are you people?" Rocko asked. "I'm Spongebob, and this is my best friend, Patrick." Spongebob greeted. "Well, I'm Heffer, and this is my best friend Rocko!" Heffer said. "By the way, I don't mean to ask you to do any favors, but we kinda need your help with something." Spongebob asked. "Yes?" Rocko asked, a little worried. "You see…" Spongebob inhaled. "We're not from this world, and we need help getting back to our friend's dimension because an evil baby sitter has turned all children there into slaves and froze all the adults, except us for some odd reason, and if we don't get back, we'll lose our friends forever, including my best friend, Sandy, who's a squirrel that's a scientist. Can you help us?" Rocko's left pupil was wide open at this, and he slowly pushed Spongebob, and somehow Patrick out of his house. He went back inside and closed the door at them. "Too soon, man." Patrick said, as he spotted the neighbors, the Bigheads, front garden. … "Come on, Rocko!" Heffer said. "You can't leave those guys hanging! They sound cool!" "Sorry, Heff." Rocko said. "I really can't do much with those two and that "problem" of theirs." "But it sounds like a super cool adventure! Sounds like something Really Really Big Man would do, eh Rocko?" Heffer nudged. "Sorry Heff, nothing you can do will convince me to get into something as fatal as what those two said!" Suddenly, a commercial popped up. "ARE YOU A FAN OF REALLY REALLY BIG MAN? ARE YOU A LOW LIFE WITH NOTHING BETTER TO DO? ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A PLOT DEVICE? WELL THEN, HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE THE BIG MAN'S SIDEKICK FOR TWO DAYS?" "Say what?" Rocko asked. "FOR THIS CONTEST, YOU MUST WRITE AN EPIC ADVENTURE, AND WHICHEVER STORY THE BIG MAN MANAGES TO MAKE IT PAST FIVE SENTENCES, right before being incinerated, WINS!" Rocko then looked at the TV. "That sounds really cool but…I'll pass." "Pass? We can't let this offer expire!" Heffer said. "This is our one chance to hang with the greatest superhero ever!" "Heff, I already have the lad's phone number!" Rocko said, as he pulled out a note with his name on it. "He's been to every gathering here since I moved here." "Rocko, this is our call to the adventure!" Heffer said. "This might be our chance to prove to the world that we're not losers." "This is about the contest, is it?" "PLEASE, ROCKO?" Heffer said, as immediately, Rocko knew his friend wouldn't shut up about this. Soon, Rocko opened the door, as SB was still there. "Looks like we will help you after…hey, where's your friend?" Rocko asked. At that moment, Ed Bighead went to his house to water his garden. However, he dropped his watering can, seeing Patrick eat the plants like a cow. "WHAT IS THIS?!" Ed screamed. Patrick turned his head, and swallowed the plants. "Needs more kelp." he said, as Ed help him by his chest. "You ANIMAL! YOU RUINED MY GARDEN!" Ed said. "Ed, stop yelling at the poor thing!" Bev said, running in. "He's just hungry. Aren't you an adorable thing, are you?" The wife tickled Patrick's cheek with his finger. "There you are, Pat" SB said, grabbing his friend with his arms, like a baby. "Sorry about my friend. He's just so used to eating our neighbor's garden." "I feel PITY for the man having to live next to that thing!" Ed pointed. "Hey, that's exactly what our neighbor would say!" SB said, running off. "Sorry about that, um, Mr. Bighead." Rocko told Ed. "Oh, hiiii Rocko!" Bev said with a flirty voice. "So YOU'RE BEHIND THIS!" Ed snapped. "You brought those filthy creatures here!" "No, no, I don't even know these people!" Rocko said, as Ed lifted him by his shirt. "Why are you ALWAYS RUINING MY LIFE?! What do I ever do to you?! WHAT DO I DO?!" he shouted, as he growled, running back into the house, slamming the door so hard it broke all the windows. By that, I mean all the window falling off of their holes and breaking to the ground, making Ed shriek in annoyance. "He'd really make good friends with Squidward!" Spongebob said. … Rocko was driving his car, as Heffer, SB and Patrick were in there with him. "This is going to be one cool adventure!" Heffer said, until Rocko stopped the car. "We're here." Rocko said. The car was in the parking lot for the Interdimensional Port, where there were long lines in front of the building. This place was built after science discovered an ability to teleport through the multi-verse, and of course, the big businesses exploited it. "What is this?" Spongebob asked, as the two left the car. "The interdimensional port." Rocko said. "Now you can all go home. Whew, that wasn't so bad." Spongebob looked at the sign. "$999 for one ticket?! I don't have that kind of money! That's more than what Mr. Krabs pays me per month!" "I thought he gave you board game money!" Patrick said. "Exactly!" "Sorry, too bad, so sad." Rocko said, about to speed off, until Heffer stopped him. "Hold it, Rock! These dudes really need our help!" Heffer said. "You're only saying that because of the contest." Rocko responded. "Rocko, come on!" Heffer complained. "I have. His blasted. Phone number!" Rocko said, holding the card up while his head was shaking from annoyance, and Heffer still gave him the sad eyes. "No way, you are not getting to me this time, Heff!" Heffer focused his eyes real hard on Rocko, as they grew bigger and bigger, and then started to smash Rocko. "ALRIGHT! I'LL HELP THEM!" Rocko shouted. "Whoops, my eyes went out of control there!" Heffer said. Rocko ended up pulling up the car to SB and Patrick. "Get in the car, we'll help you get home." Rocko annoyingly said. "But this is our only way home!" SB said. "We could be street performers." Patrick said. "We can't earn $999 that quickly by street performing, Pat." "Besides, you really don't want to do that. Street performing is some dangerous stuff!" Heffer said. The two turned next to them, seeing a street performer, who kept tapping his feet, as his eyes were completely bloodshot. "Hey, that's some feet of yours!" SB said. "HELP ME." The dancer whispered. "I HAVEN'T EATEN IN THREE DAYS, AND IF I STOP FOR A SECOND THEY'RE GOING TO…" From a bush, the dancer heard the sound of a weapon cocking, and saw eyes watching him from the bushes. The dancer kept going, as he started to cry, as SB was weirded out by this, walking away. "There has to be some other way of getting you guys home!" Heffer said. "I know how we can get home without spending money!" Spongebob said. "We must learn about it, from the smartest place in the world!" …. "The library? But this place is for nerds!" Heffer said. "And squares, Rocko!" The four looked at the building, and while others saw a 20 step staircase, Heffer saw the largest staircase one could ever see, shocking Rocko. "No wonder I love this place so much!" SB laughed. "Oh no! Spongebob! We forgot about Ren and Stimpy!" Patrick said. "Patrick, they're back in Retroville, remember?" Spongebob said. "Oh yeah." Patrick responded, as the four started to climb the very long staircase. As Rocko passed him, Heffer gulped. "Here goes nothing." Heffer put a toe on the first step, and then his second. "We're gonna be here all day!" Rocko said. … Meanwhile, somewhere in another part of town, Ren and Stimpy were walking on the sidewalk. "Say Ren, I don't remember coming here!" Stimpy said. "Stimpy, you EEDIOT. We followed the Sponge and the naked pink guy!" Ren said. Ren flashed back to the fight with Vicky, where before Vicky sent SB and Patrick to the fight, the dog and the cat were dragged in with them. There, they were screaming through the portal as if spiders were crawling over their bodies. "That's right!" Stimpy said. "Seems kinda lazy when you think about it!" The two continued to walk on the sidewalk, sweating and losing energy, at the 59 degree weather. "I need, a glass, of Dog Water." Ren said, as he started to pass out on the ground. "Now's not the time to be thirsty, Ren!" Stimpy said. "We have friends to help!" "Friends?" Ren said, starting to wheeze as if this was his last bit of breath. "I never cared about those stupid eediots. I was in it for the…fame." "Ren, tell me you're lying!" Stimpy said. "You wouldn't do something as thoughtless as that." "Of course. I would. You ignorant boob." Ren said, shaking, as Stimpy dropped Ren, crying. "You never cared about our friends at all! You only wanted money!" Ren said, as he started crying hysterically. "Shut up Stimpy, and help me up." Ren said, as Stimpy was still crying. "You aren't the friend I thought you were! I don't want to see your face again!" Stimpy ran off, screaming, leaving Ren to rot on the sidewalk with a very even temperature. "Help." Ren said. "Help me." Everyone kept passing him, minding their own business, completely ignoring an over-dramatic Chihuahua. For Ren, he was all alone. His family is far from him, his only friend has deserted him, and now, he's making the writer contemplate why he's including something so weird and depressing in a superhero story. Ren then closed his eyes, losing the remaining energy he had left, leaving the world behind him. …. Ren woke up lord knows how many minutes later. He opened his big scary yellow eyes slowly, laying on a piece of very hot rock. A few seconds later, his eyes widened. "WHAT THE?!" he screamed. As his head turned, he realized that he was underground, where surrounding him was skeletons, and boiling hot lava. He screamed his head off, not realizing where he was. "REN HOEK." A dark figure said, appearing next to him, and Ren screamed. "Who the heck are you?" Ren asked, as he immediately broke his scream. "And why do you look like a small dirty balloon?" "I am the ruler of this land of eternal torment! I am fear! I am all your worst nightmares! I am…" "Yeah, yeah, I don't care!" Ren responded, cutting off Peaches. "Just tell me how the heck to get out of here!" "There is no way out!" Peaches said. "Because you are DEAD! No wait, you're just passed out for no reason other than the fact that you are one crazy, overdramatic loon, but…GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!" "Why are you doing this to me?" Ren said, completely annoyed. "What did I do so wrong?!" "You're kidding right?" Peaches said in a low voice. "All those times you've been bad to your best friend, all of the people you've hurt, and all of the carnage you've caused! NOW YOU WILL PAY!" "Just bring me back to my body." Ren said. "My stupid friend, Stimpy, won't eat his vegetables without me." "So now you care about your friend? After all those years of torment you brought him?!" "Listen, Stimpy might want to make me dump my head in a pit of lava, but he's still my only friend, and I'd never let anything bad happen to him, unless it's by me!" "Wow, you do have a heart after all!" Peaches said with puppy eyes. "Now can you bring me back?" "How about no?" Peaches laughed at this, as Ren started to get angry. "I said, BRING ME BACK, YOU PIECE OF TRASH!" Ren shouted. "You dare insult the master of torment?!" Peaches was fuming mad, as the flames started to surround him. "I'll show you what torment is!" Ren said, grabbing Peaches cloak with a smile on his face. "If you don't bring me back to my body, I'm gonna rip your arms off, and then break your legs, and then gouge your eyes out, and then rip all the hairs off of your back, with my OWN COLD HANDS!" "Alright, alright! Calm down, bro!" Peaches said. "Even Heck can't tolerate a thing like you!" Soon, Peaches threw Ren up in the air, as Ren was screaming. His trip up was like being abducted through a beam at a very high speed. He didn't know where it was going to stop. … Ren woke back up in his body, where he woke to the face of Dr. Paula Hutchinson, which made him scream again. Ren was lying on a hospital bed. "Why hello there!" Hutchinson said, still with her big grin. "Where the heck am I now?!" "You're at the Hospital! You were out cold on the streets, but no worries! You didn't get any injuries or any serious health problems! Though your mind is in a very unstable condition, perhaps worse than any patient we've had here! Luckily, this little one brought you here!" Stimpy entered the room, with a weiner hat on. "Stimpy, you came back!" "Why yes, Ren! I would never forget my best friend!" "Oh Stimpy, I've realized how wrong I was! Can you put it in your heart to forgive me?" "Why sure friend! The word of the Brautwurst helped me to forgive others, and gain my trust in you back!" Stimpy said, pointing to his hat. Suddenly, Ren's eyes turned bloodshot again. "BRAUT. WURST?!" Ren threw his bed to the other side of the room, landing on another patient, who was covered in a cast. Ren menacingly walked to Stimpy, about to do lord knows what to him. "Silly, Stimpy. The words of the Brautwurst are all a load!" he said happily. "They're…all lies?!" Stimpy said, starting to cry. "Suck it up! Everyone realizes it when they're old!" Ren said, slapping Stimpy. "Now, come on! Let's save the world!" "Really?" Stimpy said. "Not for the money, but for the world!" Ren said, as he gave a battle cry, which sounded like he was getting his leg devoured. Ren threw the bed out of the window (which had the other patient stuck to it), and created a giant hole in the wall, as the two jumped out, cheering and running out, as a car dodged Ren, causing it to crash into the wall. "You forgot your bill!" Hutchinson shouted out, holding the bill in her hook.
  7. As birds flew through the air in Little Bark Grove, Ronnie Anne, Lily, Leni, Jenny, Bobby and Raphael appeared through a portal, arriving in the middle of the woods. "Alright, whatever we do, do not call out…" "LINCOLN!" Leni said. "ARE YOU HERE, LITTLE BROTHER?!" "WE'RE HERE TO FIND YOU!" Bobby screamed. Jenny and Raph gave the two the look. "Well, there goes that! Now the whole world knows we're here." Ronnie Anne said. "I don't think we need to worry about any aliens or monsters coming after us." Jenny said. "This just looks like a regular forest." "What about bears, robo girl?" Bobby asked. "They live in forests!" "We're in another world Bobby." Ronnie Anne said. "I'm pretty sure bears are the least of our problems." At that moment, something began to move in the bushes near them. "It's the bear!" Bobby screamed. "It's okay. I'm sure we can scare him off with your stupidity." Jenny said. However, out of the bushes popped a squirrel. "Aw, it's only like, a cute squirrel." Leni said. "Just in case this isn't a trick." Raph said, pulling out his sais. "Raph, it's only a squirrel, dude." Bobby said. "Believe me, Bobby. Even squirrels, out of all things, can be threats." Raph said. Jenny started to chuckle at this. "I'm sure they can." Jenny responded. "Don't be complaining. You've never had one turn into a mutant and crawl down your throat." Raph responded. "He is kinda cute." Ronnie Anne said, holding it on her hand. But then… "Get out." The squirrel said, raising a slingshot gun with an acorn in front of Ronnie Anne's forehead. "Whoa dude!" Ronnie Anne said. "Did that squirrel just talk?" Bobby asked. "You have entered our turf." The squirrel said, with a french accent. "Oh please. You and what army?" Raph responded. "Actually, family reunion." Suddenly, the rest of the Jean squirrels, and even more squirrels, appeared behind the trees and bushes surrounding the gang. All of them were carrying slingshot guns. "What are you? Some kind of mafia?!" Jenny asked. "Look, we don't want any trouble, Mr. squirrel." Ronnie Anne said. "So if you don't mind, we'll just leave you guys…" "SHOOT!" one of the squirrels said. All of them were about to fire, until… "Halt." The leader, Jean Luc said. "Baby." Soon, the squirrel grabbed Leni's hand and dragged them out of the area. "Now shoot!" Everyone started shooting at the five with acorns. "OW! OW! OW!" Raph said. "That's it! I'm gonna rip those tails off of your…OW! OW!" "Oh, why does nature hurt so much?!" Bobby screamed in pain. Then, an acorn was launched down his throat. "Let's get out of here!" Ronnie Anne started to run, along with the rest of the three behind her. "Thanks, Mr. Squirrel!" Leni greeted, as the others dragged her while running. While Leni had no marks on her, the rest of the gang were covered in bruises and dirt from the acorns. From the distance, Officer Fredd, while continuing to search for Lincoln, heard the others from a distance. "I smell trouble." He said. "Now I wish that was a bear!" Raph said. "Those squirrels seemed pretty nice!" Leni said, much to the gang's annoyance. "Don't move! I've caught you all!" Officer Fredd said, jumping in front of the gang. "Who the heck are you?" Raph asked. "Who am I? The small officer about to book you for disturbing a private event! Because in this forest, I AM THE LAW." He responded. Raph and the others started to laugh at this. "You're supposed to be a cop? You're just a worm!" Raph said, while laughing. Fredd started to charge his gloves, making Ronnie's eyes widen. "Whoa." She said. "I will Ba-Zap the green off you for insulting the law!" Officer Fredd said. "Oh really. Like I'm afraid of the Very Angry Caterpillar!" Raph said, continuing to laugh. Then… BA-ZAP! Raph was shocked by Fredd's gloves, as he passed out to the ground, with his tongue sticking out. All of the toons were then freaked out. "DON'T TAZE ME WORM BRO!" Bobby screamed, as Ronnie Anne facepalmed. … The five were put into a big wooden cage. "Like you're going to put me in that…" Raph was shocked again. "Alright, alright! Man, this is stupid!" "We get assaulted, and we're the ones being charged for it. That's the system alright." Jenny said. "I can't go to jail! That'll go on my resume!" Leni cried out. "Hold it, no minors." Fredd said, as Lily was let out of the cage. "Dude, you do realize we're all under 18, right?" Bobby asked. "Silence, criminal!" he told Bobby. "Now now, grow up to stay out of trouble, little one." He told Lily with a smile, as Lily happily crawled into the forest. "Lily, try and get help." Ronnie Anne told Lily, as she nodded, walking through a bush. "How long are you keeping us in here for, officer?" Ronnie Anne asked. "Originally, 15 minutes for disrupting the squirrels, but for assaulting me with your words of hurt, 40 minutes!" Fredd responded. "Oh boo hoo! So I hurt your "wittle feewings". Get over it, worm!" Raph said. "Make that another 10 minutes!" "Seriously dude, you are such a wuss!" Raph said. "Another 10!" "Raph dude! Stop it! We're gonna be locked in here for life!" Bobby said, shaking him. "Look, we're sorry for our stubborn friend, but we really don't have time for this." Jenny said. "Sorry, all offenders do time!" Fredd said. "But you don't understand! We're on a mission!" Jenny said. "What kind of mission?" Fredd asked. … Lily happily walked on her two feet through the woods of Little Bark. She passed by it's many animal civilians, and even Randl's Rental shop, where the cranky raccoon was arguing with his nagging elder mother. She then passed by the ghost civilians, and then, she crawled towards the fungi creature Jeremy, who was having a picnic by himself. Lily did end up startling Jeremy. "Why, hello little baby!" he greeted, picking Lily up, who was laughing. "Say, you look just like…OH NO." Lily's smile faded as Jeremy shrieked. "I have to find Harvey!" Jeremy quickly put Lily into the picnic basket, and ran to Harvey's tree-house. …. Jeremy started banging on the door. "HARVEY! OPEN UP! THIS IS SERIOUS!" he screamed. Opening up the door was Harvey's parents. "Jeremy, you seem awfully scared!" Miriam Beaks said. "What's the matter, Jeremy?!" Irving said. "I need to see your son! It's an emergency!" Jeremy said. "I can't say what it is, because it's a secret! Oh no, I nearly gave it away!" As he was freaking out, Lily climbed out of the basket, and went into the house. "Jeremy, we promised our son we wouldn't tell anyone but...we think we know what you're talking about." Miriam said. "No you don't!" Jeremy said. "You don't know about the alien!" Jeremy's eyes widened. "NO!" "Jeremy, we know about the boy our son is keeping!" Irving said. "We're not even sure he's an alien at all!" As Lily walked inside the house, her smile faded as someone was blocking her way: Michelle Beaks. As Lily tried going to her left and right, Michelle kept blocking her. Then, Lily raised her left hand up, which Michelle did. Then she raised her right, which Michelle repeated. The two then walked in circles, still repeating each of their moves. Michelle then walked closer to Lily, trying to scare the other baby off. Lily's response? Blowing a raspberry, and happily laughing. Michelle was confused at this, as Lily put her arm around the baby bird. Lily then started to talk to Michelle. "Inkoln" was the final word she said. Michelle responded with the same gibberish, as Michelle led Lily out of a window. … "And now we're here to find the only friend we have left." Jenny said, as Fredd was trying to hide tears. "All of those lives, lost because of a heartless sitter!" Fredd said. "Darn it! If there's one weakness I have, it's having my very tiny heart strings pulled! Fine, I'll let you out! You're original 15 minutes are up anyways!" He opened the cage, and the five stepped out. Though Bobby was shaking. "Oh thanks officer man!" Bobby said. "I promise I will never break the law again, because man that was scary!" "Bobby, that was a cage, made from wood." Ronnie Anne responded. "It doesn't matter. I got scars, Nini!" Bobby said. Fredd then blocked Raph. "But you! Apologize!" "You cannot be serious." Raph said. "Just say "You're sorry"!" Ronnie Anne said. Raph sighed. "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings." "Now, you have to perform community service! Deliver this letter to my mother to the mailbox!" Fredd said, handing Raph the letter. "I don't know what's worse: this place or Dimension X!" Raph said to himself. … Back to where Lincoln was, he was inside a mini "fortress", which was really a small "fort" made from blankets and cardboard boxes. There was a sign in front of it saying "LINKUN'S LAOR." Another sign under it read "NOT A ALIUN." There, Lincoln sat on a chair, reading comic books, while the other animals surrounded him. Harvey and Fee stood next to him, along with a very aggravated Fee. "This might be the most popularity I'll ever get." Lincoln said to the reader, sipping on soda with a twirly straw. "I did all of your homework for you!" Claire said, as Lincoln was confused. "Thanks but…I don't even go to the school here." Lincoln said, looking at the large stack of papers. "Though I think I might use some of this for my real school." Dade then angrily walked towards Lincoln. "I will not let you brainwash my friend!" Dade shouted, as he poured water on Lincoln. "Hey, what was that for?" "Darn it, it was supposed to melt you!" Dade said. "I thought aliens hated water!" "So Lincoln, tell us more about those ten sisters of yours!" Harvey said. "Ten sisters?" Piri Piri said, as her eyes widended. "That is an ultimate fantasy!" "Please, I have nearly 20 brothers and sisters!" Dade said. "Where's my medal?" "But you're not the alien, bro!" Technobear said. "Yes, Lincoln, do that!" Fee said. "You know, the ones you're supposed to be looking for!" "Oh them! Yeah, let's see: there's my oldest sister, Lori, then there's Leni, the one who loves fashion, and then there's Luna, the really cool rockstar. Luan, the comedian, who can get a little too carried away with them, but that's why we love her. Then there's Lynn, the sports lover who loves being #1, Lucy, the goth who loves anything dark, Lola and Lisa, who are twins, Lisa, the smartest four year old you'll ever meet, and finally, my baby sister Lily." "Do they look like this?" Piri Piri said, holding a picture of what's supposed to be his family. It was really a pretty detailed picture of Lincoln, and his sisters basically looked like stretched out versions of him with long hair. "Looks good, but I think it's missing, some detail." Lincoln said, trying to be nice. "How about this?" Kratz said, holding another picture. This one look 80's esque, and all of the sisters looked EXACTLY like how they are in real life. Lincoln spit out his drink at this. "Holy…I didn't even say what they looked like!" Lincoln said. "But, a little less detail." 10 seconds later, Kratz turned the picture over again. Now, it looked just like one of the Loud's photographs. "Dude, you got some sweet skills." Lincoln complimented. "Yes, Lincoln, and can you add what happened to those sisters?" Fee asked. "You know, the whole reason you're here in the first place!" "I don't know." Lincoln said. "Don't hide the truth from us!" Piri Piri said. "We want to know!" "Stay back!" Foo said with sunglasses. "Or it's a restraining order!" "Okay, since you asked: I got separated from them." All of the kids gasped, even Dade. "Wait, why am I gasping? I hate you!" he said. "What happened, man?" Technobear asked. "I kinda have to start from the beginning." "Wait, I need my snacks!" Foo started stuffing himself with a gigantic plate of snacks. "Go on, Lincoln." Harvey said. "Hold on! How do we know you're not going to lie to us?" Fee asked. "Lie? Why would I be lying about this?" Lincoln asked. "Oh I don't know, because you're lying about you being an alien!" Fee said. "You mean, you're not an alien?" Clarie asked. "Why do people have to LIE?!" Piri Piri cried. "Look, I might've exaggerated things. I am not an alien. I don't have any freaky powers, and I can't even read minds. I'm just a kid." "AHA! You are a sham!" Dade pointed. "But, that doesn't mean what I'm about to tell you are lies. All of it is 100% true. Cross my heart, however you swear around here." "But we don't swear." Kratz said. "Only adults do that." "Whenever I swear, my mom puts soap in my mouth, and then makes me write a 10 page essay on why swearing is wrong." Claire said. "That's kind of…wrong." Lincoln responded, and then brushed it off. "But still, I wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for everything that happened for the past few months. It all started when this ghost tricked into ruining my sister's pageant." "Which one?" Harvey asked. "Lola." Lincoln added. "They were so mad at me that night, and they wouldn't believe me about the ghost. I was so mad that night, that I decided to catch the ghost myself. But then, he and his horrible master, Spectra, kidnapped me and took me to Amity Park. That's how I met the other heroes: Jimmy Neutron, a boy genius, Timmy Turner, a kid with three fairies, Spongebob, a talking sea sponge, and Danny Fenton, the coolest ghost superhero ever!" "Do they look like this?" Kratz showed him his picture. "Now I'm starting to believe you're the alien!" Lincoln told him. Lincoln continued telling the story of the first adventure, where he helped his super friends fight the Evil Syndicate, which involved meeting Jenny, being imprisoned by Cluster robots, a fight on a train, breaking out his friends from a Ghost Jail, and helping destroy a gigantic beam. Even Fee was invested in this. "Wow, it's like listening to a comic book in real life!" Harvey said. "But that wasn't the end of it. Those aliens I told you about, they came back, abducted my family, except my baby sister, and me and my best friend escaped to Jimmy's lab." He then told about the next adventure, which involved destroying all of the Cluster's beams, while meeting Manny, Frida and Zim, along with Ronnie Anne joining them. He told about the fights he had, how Danny ended up being mind-controlled by the Cluster, how Jenny's friend, Brad's girlfriend, Melody, ended up, and then the final battle in Tremorton, with Melody's sacrifice. "That is so…beautiful!" Piri Piri said, tearing up. "And that wasn't the end of that." After he told about the abduction from Tak, he told the story of the THIRD adventure, where Vicky teamed up with Freakshow and Sartana, to separate the teams. He told about how he, Clyde, Lynn, Lucy, Manny and Frida met the Turtles, and how Sartana mind-controlled the Turtles' old enemy, Tiger Claw. However, he then had to get to the ending. "We really thought we were gonna win again. But, Vicky's monster hurt all of us, and then, she opened up this hole in the sky to separate all of us. Last thing I remember, seeing my sisters cry for me, as I lost them inside whatever it was we were in, and that's how I ended up here. Kinda funny, I'd never thought I'd ever live to tell a story like that." All of the kids were devastated by this. "No, that can't be the end, dude!" Technobear said. "You gotta get back out there and beat that sitter up!" "Yeah, gouge her eyes out and rip that tongue out of her mouth!" Piri Piri said, as everyone was freaked out by what she just said. "I mean, give her her just desserts!" "I wish I can, but the only problem is, I'm trapped here." Lincoln said. "I don't have a recaller or any of Jimmy's teleporting devices. There really is no way out." As this was going on, Michelle led Lily to the "fortress". Lily was on two feet, while Michelle was crawling. "You were right, Fee." Lincoln said. "I have been acting like a jerk. While I'm over here acting like some stupid celebrity, my world needs me, and my friends. Now, I don't even know if my friends are still out there." The other kids looked down, as Michelle and Lily entered the tent. Though Kratz was the only one to recognize Lily. At that same moment, the rest of the team, covered in dirt, noticed the tent. "I just want to see them, and my family, one more time." Lincoln said, as Lily happily walked towards Lincoln's legs. "Inkon!" she said. "Not now, Lily. I'm busy moping." Lincoln said. "LILY?!" Lincoln ended up spinning his baby sister around. "LILY! MY ADORABLE BABY SISTER!" He held him closer to his arms. "So this is your baby sister?" Fee said. "She's adorable!" "And I think she might've made friends with Michelle!" Harvey said, as his baby sister winked at Lily. "Wait a minute, how did you get here?" Lincoln asked. "Lincoln?" Leni called out, entering the tent. "Oh, pardon me, but have you seen…LINCOLN?!" Leni happily ran inside the tent, and grabbed someone. "Little brother! You're totes alive!" Leni said. "That's not Lincoln." Harvey pointed out, as Leni was hugging Dade. "MY BONES!" he said. "I'm right here, big sis!" Lincoln said, as Leni bent down and hugged her little brother. Lily joined the hug by happily wrapping her arms around the necks of the two, while standing up. The kids of Little Bark were all very happy to see this, some even putting their hands on their hearts. "But this isn't right!" Lincoln said. "I saw you guys inside that hole!" "We were able to escape thanks to Jamie!" Leni said. "Then, we found you with the others!" Ronnie Anne, Raph, and Bobby (with Jenny) then walked in. "Ronnie Anne?" Lincoln greeted. "Sup, lame-o?" Ronnie Anne greeted, with a big smile on her face. "We would've thought you would've been dead if it wasn't for Ronnie here." Jenny said. "Yeah, I looked everywhere for you, dude!" Ronnie Anne said. Lincoln's immediately reaction was to do something he'd never do: wrap his arms around RA. While RA was really confused, she accepted the hug. "I promise I won't ever do that again..loser." Lincoln said after letting go. "Whatever, geek." Ronnie Anne happily responded. "Little Loud! What's sup?" Bobby said, as the two touched knuckles. He ended up dropping Jenny because of this. "Raph, you made it too?" Lincoln greeted. "Would've gone to chop the sitter's head off! But…I had to help your sisters find you." Raph said. "You really are a sweet guy, aren't you?" Lincoln asked. "Don't get carried away, Loud." Raph threatened, though with a smile. "If you're here, then that means the others are still alive!" Lincoln said. Immediately, their smiles faded. "Sorry, Link." Ronnie Anne said. "We're all that's left." "Lincoln, are there any others here?" Bobby asked. "Including…Lori?" "Sorry Bobby. I'm the only one here." Lincoln said, as Bobby fell on his knees. "It's okay, man." Raph said, patting Bobby's back. "I'm sure your girl is out there somewhere." "Wait, you guys really are the heroes from the story!" Harvey said. "Its' Leni, Lily, Ronnie Anne, Jenny, Raphael and…" Bobby gave a smile. "This guy!" "At least somebody knows who I am!" Raph said. "Wait, how did birdie here know our names?" "I told them about you guys!" Lincoln said. "Oh my gosh, you're Leni!" Piri Piri said, running to Leni. "You're like my favorite sister out of them all!" "No, no!" Claire argued. "Lisa is the best of them all." "Guys, guys." Fee said. "Luna sounds like the coolest. Or am I thinking of Lynn?" "Yeah, I don't mean to rain on this parade, but we have to go." Jenny said. "Vicky has completely taken over the world." "I know." Lincoln said. "All the kids must be slaves because of her." "Yeah, and she froze all the adults!" Ronnie Anne said. "She what?" Lincoln said. "Everyone man!" Bobby said. "Our mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Frida, Uncle Carlos, Jenny's mom!" "And…my parents." Lincoln said. Immediately, he became angry. "Let's get out of here." "I know that face, kid, and I'm with you on this!" Raph said. "Whoa, you can't leave yet!" Fee said. "Because we're going too! Harvey can't come, but I know who can!" He then appeared in his costume. "The Night Maid!" Lincoln smiled at this. "Look, guys, thank you all for looking after my friend, but you guys really don't want to do this." Ronnie Anne said. "Come on, RA! I think we're going to need all the help from this one!" Lincoln said. "But they're just kids, Harvey." Jenny said. "I mean, so are you guys, but they don't have the prior experience as us." "I don't know what the headless robot is saying, but I don't care." Fee said. "That sitter must fry!" All the kids started cheering, while Fee spun his head with his tongue out like a maniac. "Maybe my friend is right." Lincoln said. "I think it's better if you guys stay here." "What? But we were supposed to help you, Lincoln." Harvey said. "I know, but the last thing I need, is for any friends to get hurt." Lincoln responded. "So…this is goodbye." Harvey said. "Not goodbye, just some other thing I can't name." Lincoln said. "Well then…I'm gonna miss you!" Harvey started crying, while hugging Lincoln. "He gets like that." Fee said with a smile. "Still, good luck, dingus." Lily then walked past Michelle. "Beh goo." Lily told Michelle. "Now, let's kick this sitter's…." "HALT!" Officer Fredd said, as he caught Lincoln. "You! You're the alien that hasn't faced his sentence yet!" "That is it! I am going to squish…" "However, losing your world and family feels like a worse punishment." Officer Fredd said, with a smile. Soon, all the adults in Little Bark surrounded the aliens. "DOWN WITH VICKY!" Fredd said, shooting his gloves in the air. Soon, all the kids chanted those words, along with the adults, while the main heroes watched around them. "We'll make you all proud!" Lincoln said. "Where do we go next?" Ronnie Anne asked. "How about Jenny's city?" Lincoln said. "We can't do this without her body." "Exactly my thoughts." Jenny happily responded. "Wait, before we go, there's one more stop." Raph said. "Turns out I do got some family left." … Back in NYC, April O Neil and Casey Jones were waiting inside their lair. April O Neil was busy pacing. "This is bad! This is really bad! I'm sensing something tragic is happening out there!" April O Neil said. "I should've went with those guys!" Casey said. Suddenly, a portal opened up, and out popped Raph first Behind him was Lincoln, Ronnie Anne and the others. "Sup?" Raph said. "Rapheal!" April said. "Raph dude, you're alive!" Casey said, fist touching with Raph. "And what is up Link?" "We have to make this quick!" Raph said. "I need you two for this one!" "Vicky ruined our world, and now we're planning to get back at her!" Lincoln said. "Well you count on Casey Jones for this one!" Casey said, pulling out his hockey stick. "No offense um, Casey, but I think we're going to need a lot more than a hockey stick!" Ronnie Anne said. "Trust me, Ronnie, you do not underestimate Casey Jones." Lincoln said. "Ain't that right, Link!" Casey responded. "And say, who's the new friend?" Casey raised his eyebrow. "His girl…who's also a friend!" Raph said, as the two blushed. "And who is this lady?" Casey flirted with Leni, much to April's annoyance. "Lincoln's sister, and she's taken, lover boy." Raph said. "Sister huh? Say, do you think I'll meet your other sisters, Lincoln?" Casey said, continuing to flirt. "Sadly no." Lincoln said. "They're...gone." "Gone?!" Casey said. "All of them? Including Lucy and...the Lynner?" "Wait a minute. Raph, where are your brothers?" April asked, starting to worry. "I…I don't know." Raph said. "No." Casey started to put two and two together. "Raph, you can't be serious." "They're not. They're absolutely not!" April said. "Look, I don't know if my brothers are dead or alive! I at least hope they're still out there." Raph said. "The sitter did this, didn't she?!" Casey said, throwing his stick on the ground. "When I find her, I am going to rip her to shreds!" "Welcome to the club." Raph said. "I knew we should've went with you and the others!" April said. "Come on, guys! Let's find this sitter!" Then, entering the lair were two females. One appeared jumping down from the roof, the other appeared in a cloud of violet smoke. "Need any help?" Karai asked. "Being spies, I see?" Raph asked. "Karai, Shini, shouldn't you guys be with the Foot Clan?" April asked. "I'm not really a fan of the whole universe travel thing, but because this involves avenging my former brothers, I'm in." Karai said. "Brothers?" Lincoln asked. "You mean Splinter was your dad too?" "Now's not the time for revealing secrets, Lincoln!" Ronnie Anne said. "Before we go…" Raph then walked towards Chompy, giving his trademark call. "It's okay, little guy. I wish I can take you, but it's too dangerous. I promise I'll be back." Raph told him. "Ice Cream Kitty will keep you company." "Aw, he's totes cute!" Chompy then breathed fire over Leni's face. "Yeah, he came from aliens." "Did he just say Ice Cream Kitty?" Ronnie Anne asked. Raph opened the freezer to show RA the cat. "Ew." Ronnie Anne said, freaked out. "Yet kinda cute." "Yo, Mikey's pet. Watch over Chompy for me." Raph said, as the cat was put into a cooler. "Why not just take them with us?" Lincoln asked. "I cannot let these guys go out there!" Raph said. "Chompy might get hurt, and the cat might melt!" He turned back to Chompy. "You're the shell of the house now, Chompy! Here, watch some of Mikey's lame cartoons!" Raph turned on the TV. "Look after your brother for me!" Raph said to ICK. He then turned to his group. All of the heroes went in the room headed out through the portal, seeming a bit bummed out at this. "Come on, Raph. It's cool." Raph said, with hand against his back, as the two went out of the portal. … Back in Little Bark, the town was still surrounding the heroes. "Well, they're gone." Harvey said. "Hey, what's that in the sky?" Fee asked. Now, two "comets" were aiming for the ground. "More aliens?!" Harvey asked. "I mean, people?" "Oh, I'm ready to ba-zap more interdimensional scum!" Officer Fredd said, as the town ran to where the comet was. It crashed into a hole in the ground, leaving a crater. Everyone surrounded the hole to see who it was. Harvey gasped. "Oh my gosh." "It can't be." Fee said.
  8. Timmy, Chloe and still for some very unexpected reason, Millie, were still on the wooden boat in the polluted ocean. Chloe was still shaking from having to swim to the boat, through very polluted water. "Yeah, sorry about that, Chloe." Timmy apologized. "It's cool, though I saw my life flash before my eyes eight times in there!" Chloe responded, twitching her eye. "What are we going to do when we find land?" "First, we're going to get back our fairies." Timmy responded. "Fairies? You mean they're real?" Millie said, after a while of not talking. "Seriously, why are you here?" Timmy responded, as the wooden boat then crashed into a rock on a beach, sending the three flying out into the sand. "Land ho." Timmy said after lifting his head from the sand. "We better hide somewhere!" Chloe said. "Who knows what monsters Vicky's created?" "Like sand people?" Millie asked. "Silly Millie, sand people? That's just plain silly! That's only something that happens in very outdated video games!" At that moment, Timmy bumped into a hooded figure, with a bizarre looking mask. "Oh, you mean that sand person!" Chloe said. It started to make gibberish noises, as it hit Timmy with a stick. "Sand people!" Chloe said, shrieking. "Wait, I'm not afraid of that!" Before Timmy can get striked with a stick again, Chloe ended up knocking the person out. The sand person started to run away from the sound, and ended up falling onto the ground. The sand person was about to strike Chloe again, until a hooded figure appeared many feet away from them. The figure ran off, only to trip. It got back up, and it then ran into a tree. It got up and ran into the jungle in front of the land. "That is one clumsy sand person!" Chloe said. The hooded figure then looked over Timmy, who was laying on the ground passed out. The figure put it's hand on Timmy's forehead, and then his cheeks. Timmy ended up waking up as the figure grabbed both of his cheeks. "PUCKER UP!" the voice said, as she ended up giving Timmy a big smooch. "MWAH MWAH MWAH MWAH!" she said while kissing Timmy. "Aw!" Chloe said. "You've already got a secret admirer!" "Oh no, I recognize those disgusting kissing noises! You're none other than…" the figure took her brown hood off, revealing herself to be none other than Tootie. "Hi Timmy!" she said. "OH. MY GOSH." Chloe said, as her eyes widened, as her smile faded. Timmy ended up passing out again, from disgust of Tootie's kisses. "Yippee! Seconds!" Tootie was about to smooch Timmy again, until he got up. "I'M NOT REALLY PASSED OUT!" he jumped into Chloe's arms, as Tootie's smile faded. Chloe saw the flames burst in Tootie's eyes the moment the four-eyed girl spotted her. "Um, hi Tootie!" Chloe said, shaking with sweat. "YOU!" Tootie pointed. "I recognize you! You're the man-stealing, two-timing, goody two shoes who stole Timmy from me!" "Hey, I got an idea! Why don't we just form a truce?" Chloe asked. "Maybe bond over some tea?!" She held up a teapot, only for Tootie to completely crack the entire pot with her bare hand. "I already told you, Tootie, I was never interested in you and two, Chloe is not my girlfriend!" Timmy said. "Then why is she always hanging out with you, why are you two always laughing with those two pink and green squirrels, and why did I find this art of you two ON THE INTERNET?!" Tootie asked, pulling out a printed drawing of Timmy and Chloe holding hands with a heart around them. Timmy then saw the artists' signature as Timmy's Dad. "Oh Dad." Timmy said nodding his head. "Wait a minute, where were you this entire time?" "So you WERE worried about me!" Tootie said with hearts in his eyes. "Just answer the question!" Timmy said. "Okay, it all started when…" Chloe came closer to hear her. "Back away from me!" she growled. "It all started the beginning of the year, when my sister Vicky was planning a world dominating plan to get rid of you that wouldn't fail!" "You mean you knew about what Vicky was gonna do this entire time and you never told me?!" Timmy asked. "I was too busy growling at her!" Tootie said, pointing to Chloe. Indeed, the entire time, Tootie was busy spying on the two, gritting her teeth. "Vicky had to get these gems for a gauntlet she was making. Gem of Form (inside a temple which had a trap involving a spinning stone ball) The Gem of Fantasy (found in the hands of a red stripe wearing man with glasses, who Vicky had to push) and the Power Gem (on a game show involving a temple, which she cheated in.). But she needed one more: The Gem of Life." Vicky had to step into a strange dimension filled with snow. There, she met a strange looking green man inside a robe. "You must throw a loved one off this cliff to earn the Gem of Life!" Dorkus said. Vicky ended up exiting the dimension, and came back with Tootie. "Done!" Vicky said. "So she sacrificed me!" Vicky ended up pushing Tootie off a cliff. Tootie screamed as she slowly fell to the very hard ground. Author's note: I can already hear IW's "Even For You" playing in the background. "Here you go." Dorkus said, as he handed Vicky the gem. Even the green man was absolutely appalled by what he just saw, as he continued to see a little girl fall to her demise. "What are you crying about? She'll be fine!" Vicky responded. For Tootie, those words were about to be proven wrong. … "Wow, that's kinda dark." Timmy responded. "But how come you're still alive?" "I had my Timmy-chute!" Indeed she did, as she used it to survive the fall. "I then used my Timmy tracker to find you! AND YOU!" Chloe gulped again. "Need any help, future husband?" Tootie flirted. "I've also brought some old friends of yours!" After Tootie said that, two kids came in a kart made out of a trash can, dressed as Ravangers. "VIVA LA RESISTANCE!" Chester shouted, as he was driving the car. In back of him was AJ, with sunglasses and a black coat. "Chester! AJ!" Timmy said. "Oh my gosh, I haven't see you two in forever!" "That's because we were retconned." AJ said. Chester was electrocuted after that statement. "I mean, we moved away, remember?" "Yeah, but once we found out you were in trouble, we knew we had to rescue you!" "Wow, I really thought you guys would've forgotten about me." Timmy said. "I tried writing to you, buddy! But I kept eating the letters!" Chester said, burping out pieces of paper. "I might've been busy with trying to cure the world of all diseases, but I knew our friendship came first, though science is still ahead by 89%." He held up a chart, where science was 89%, and "Friends" was 11%. "We'd never forget about you, Timmy!" Chester said. "Neither did we!" the sand person said, getting up from the floor. It turned out to be Timmy's old friends, Sanjay and Elmer. "Oh my gosh, it's…I still don't remember both of your names!" Timmy said. "Wait, why were you attacking me?" "We couldn't see in the mask!" Elmer said. "I warned you the costume was a stupid idea!" Sanjay said. "It was the only thing in my mom's basement, and I'm banned from the thrift stores!" Elmer said. "Nice to meet you boys!" Chloe said, grabbing Chester's hand. Of course, Chester began to feel his hand burn, as if it was inside a waffle iron. "AHHH! GIRLS HAND!" Chester began to blow on it. "Weird, I'd never thought you'd actually get a girlfriend." AJ asked, much to Tootie's dismay. "She's not my girlfriend, just my neighbor, who's also my friend!" Timmy said, as he turned his eyes towards Tootie, who ripped the arm off a wooden statue of Chloe, breaking it in half. "You mean you replaced us with a girl?!" Chester asked. "I didn't replace you!" Timmy said. "He's right. The network did!" Elmer said, as Chester was shocked. "OH COME ON!" "Why are you so against girls?" Chloe asked. "You wouldn't even have found us if it wasn't for Tootie!" "Actually, she followed us." AJ said. "We had our own Timmy tracker." "You actually built a Me tracker?" Timmy asked. "Okay, Tootie, I can understand, but you? That's freaky!" "I never said it was mine, it was actually…" Sanjay covered AJ's mouth. "No need to deceive Timmy with lies, bald headed kid!" Sanjay was sweating, as AJ looked annoyed. "Okay?" Timmy responded, brushing off what Sanjay was hiding. "Forget the chitchat guys! We're trying to go after Vicky!" Chloe said. "We're with you, girly!" Chester said. "We've put up with too many years of that demon! Now, WE SHALL SLAY HER!" "And I have just about the right tool for that!" AJ pulled out a silver metal belt. "I have constructed a time travel belt that will take us to when Vicky became the cliché power-hungry sorceress! All it needs is a power chip, which I shall construct!" "Great! How long will it take?" Timmy asked. "About 20 years." Everyone looked annoyed by that. "What?! The proper time travel equipment needs to be precise!" "Well, thanks for nothing!" Timmy said. "Guess we'll have to take her down ourselves!" "But are we really going to be driving this?" Chloe pointed at the car. "Don't you have any of those cool apocalypse cars like in the movies?" "We did, along with a bunch of weapons AJ built, but the popular kids have them!" Chester said. "The popular kids? They're here with you guys?" Timmy asked. "They're here, just not with us!" Elmer said, as the boys pointed Timmy and Chloe to their camp. By camp, I mean the typical gigantic mansion with loud music going on. "We still aren't allowed in!" Chester said. "Of course! Even during the apocalypse are they still a bunch of greedy jerks!" Timmy said. "Why do they even have your weapons if they still have their mansion?" "Because the absent-minded one here sold my equipment to them!" AJ pointed. "They gave me money!" Chester said. "What could you possibly do with that in the apocalypse?!" Chloe asked. "Hey, I have to eat out of trash cans! This is the only time I've ever touched green "prezes"!" Chester said, rubbing the money on his cheeks. "It's okay! I'll get your stuff back!" Chloe said, walking towards the mansion. "Don't even bother trying to convince the popular kids, Chloe." Timmy said. "Unless you want to get thrown out by a spring!" "Nah, they don't know me as much as you do, Timmy! So they can't possibly see me as a loser!" Chloe said, as she knocked on the mansion's door. Opening it up was none other than the two most popular kids in Dimmsdale, Tad and Chad. Next to them was Trixie Tang and her best friend, Veronica. "Weird, I could swear they were retconned too." AJ said, as Chester was electrocuted again. "WHY AM I PAYING FOR OTHERS CRIMES?!" Chester shouted out loud. "Oh um, hi Tad and Chad!" Chloe waved. "Say, check it out!" Tad said. "It's that new girl everyone's been talking about at school!" "Yeah, we heard a lot of great things about you!" Chad said. "That's good! Now, I don't mean to interrupt your party, but can you please give my friends their stuff back?" Chloe asked. "We really need it to help us save the world!" "Sure thing kid!" Chad said, as he and Tad clapped their hands. Chloe was then launched in the air by a spring disguised as the floor, sending her screaming in the air. "PSYCHE!" "You lost all your popularity points hanging with those losers!" Tad said. "Yeah, so how about you leave us non-losers at peace, away from you losers?" Chad said, closing the door. Chloe was now furious. "I'M GOING TO SHRED THOSE GREEDY BULLIES!" Tootie then helped Chloe get up, reaching for her hand. Tootie then flipped Chloe onto the ground, landing on her face. "Should've saw that one coming!" Chloe said, in pain. "Alright, that is it!" Timmy said, walking to the mansion. "Timmy, you'll just get launched too!" Chester said. "So? You're forgetting that they've already done that to me millions of times!" Timmy said, as he pounded on the door. Tad and Chad opened it. "Ew, it's that loser Turner again!" Tad said. "Listen here you rich jerks, and hi Trixie!" Timmy waved to Trixie. "Like, ew! You boys want me to scream security?" Trixie asked. "Um, all the adults got frozen!" Timmy said. "That's what robots are for!" Trixie said, pointing to a robot version of the gigantic buff security man with sunglasses, which cracked it's knuckles. "Just listen to me for once!" Timmy said. "You don't like us, and us losers don't like you either! But we need AJ's stuff back!" "Sorry, we don't take requests from lesser-kids!" Tad said. "Just stop being a loser and listen to me!" Timmy asked, as Tad turned around. "Did this loser just...call you a loser?" Chad said. "We're trying to stop Vicky, and as long as she's in control of the world, nobody's going to care about how rich you guys are, or how much money you guys have! You'll just end up as her slaves, like the rest of us! Plus, all of you will never step foot inside a mall ever again!" Trixie and Veronica gasped at that statement. "Wow, you're right." Tad said. "Everyone might lose everything if that evil witch rules the world. Oh well, we're still the richest kids in the world!" The two clapped their hands, and Timmy was thrown in the air. He immediately got back up, furious. "Forget them, Timmy!" Chloe said. "Okay, you know what?!" Timmy was ready to explode. "I have had it!" "Don't waste your breath on..." Timmy cut off Chloe. "Forget you guys! I can't believe I wasted part of my childhood wanting to be like any of you! You aren't just the biggest jerks I've ever met, and not just the biggest wusses I've met, but the absolute, 100%, the biggest losers I have ever met!" The rich kids gasped at this. "You just earned yourself a one way pounding from our robo guard!" Tad said. However, even the robot was invested in hearing on what Timmy had to say. "You two are even bigger jerks than Francis, and without your money, you'd be even bigger losers than Sanjay and Elmer!" "Yeah, and it doesn't get much lower than that!" Chester said. "No offense, dweebs." "Hey, at least he actually remembered our names!" Elmer said, starting to tear up. "Also, your voices are annoying!" Timmy said. "Look, I don't know you at all, but you have like, no right to talk to my boyfriends like that!" Trixie said. "And you!" Timmy pointed. He couldn't bring the words out of his mouth, as if what he was about to say was going to kill him, literally. "It's going to haunt me forever doing this but, as of right now, I am…" Timmy started twitching, until he slapped himself. "ending my crush on you!" More gasping was heard. "A boy...doesn't have a crush...ON ME?!" Trixie added. "All those years, I mean months or whatever being rejected by you! I should've saw you for the shallow and selfish snob you were! In fact…" Timmy still hesitated to say the next words. "You're not even that pretty, and I'd never kiss you!" All the boys behind Timmy gasped at this. Trixie's jaw was wide open. Nobody at school has ever said that to who was considered the prettiest girl in Dimmsdale…at least to the kids. In fact…!" He turned his head to a smiling Tootie. She knew what he was about to say, as her eyes got bigger. "I'd rather lick the school's toilet, and then kiss Tootie, than kiss you!" Timmy said. "Eh, he still said he would!" Tootie happily said. "And YOU!" Timmy pointed to Veronica, who had hearts in her eyes. "You are…You are…" Timmy couldn't think of anything, since he did not at all know Veronica that well. "You're too easy!" "What?! That's it?!" Veronica asked. "Why does Trixie get more insults than me?! WHY?! I mean, whatever loser!" "And I don't regret anything I'm saying, because I'd rather stay a buck-toothed loser than be a bunch of wimps! Wimps who have to steal from the poor to survive! No need to launch me out again! I'll do it myself!" Timmy did a flip, causing him to painfully roll down the stairs. "That was painful, but not as painful as seeing all of your faces!" he said. All of the rich kids were actually shocked by this, remaining frozen. "Come on, losers, I mean, guys, let's get out of here!" Timmy said. "Timmy…that was AMAZING!" Chloe said. "I mean, extremely rude! BUT AMAZING!" "I don't know, I feel like I made a terrible mistake." Timmy said. "Dude! That took guts!" AJ said. "No one has ever roasted the popular kids before, and made it back out without any broken bones!" "Yeah, and it bought us a distraction, because I got our stuff back!" Chester pointed to a gigantic steel vehicle with large wheels, missiles, and a slushie machine. "You were able to steal all that?" AJ asked. "But the security in that mansion is usually extremely advanced!" "Meh, it was nothing compared to all the jobs I had back at my home!" Chester said. "Jobs? What jobs?" Timmy asked. "Don't ask, it's a long story." Chester said. "And an extremely long one that involves a lot of fatalities." "Kinda like those movies Chester has seen." Millie said. "What movies?" Chester asked. "Oh, I was talking about my turtle, Chester!" "Timmy, who is this?" AJ asked. "I honestly have no idea. Just get used to it." Timmy said. The car then took off. "Next stop, Dimmsdale!" "By the way, I stole your speakers, YA BUTTS!" Chester said, blasting the music loud. "Eat my shorts! MWAHAHAHA!" Before they took off, Tootie stopped by the house, where the rich kids were still frozen. "By the way.." Tootie poured a bucket of the dirty polluted ocean water on Trixie. "THAT'S FOR YEARS OF YOU STEALING TIMMY FROM ME, YOU WITCH!" Tootie said, blowing a raspberry at her, as she went back to the car, as the boys took off past the trees. "Those guys stole our speakers!" Chad said. "Huh, like we're going to let that loser get to us!" Tad said. "He said I wasn't pretty and that he'd rather kiss the geek than me!" Trixie said. "That actually took guts. I think I like him again!" Trixie ran outside. "Hey Timmy! Wait for me!" She started to run towards the car. "Oh no, she cannot!" Chad said. "Wait, Trixie! Don't go after that dork!" Tad shouted. "Hey, YOU GUYS FORGOT ABOUT ME AGAIN!" Veronica said, running after the gang. Surprisingly, the gang left their mansion behind, along with the robot guard. The guard looked around the area, and started devouring the snacks.
  9. Back inside Vicky's lair, she was watching four monitors, which were really the Vicky-bots' eyes, with a bag of popcorn. She laughed as she continued to see children either being in the middle of their "chores", or being chased by the monsters. "Say, it's like reality TV, except it's not made for people with no lives!" she said, as she threw a piece of popcorn in her mouth. However, the top left monitor was cut off, turning it to static. "What the heck?" she said to herself. Then the other two monitors turned to static too. "What's happening to my dumb robots?!" she shouted. Finally, the fourth monitor was off. "Oh I see! It's the stupid internet connection again, is it?" She clapped her hands, revealing ten more monitors in a tv screen line. In a few seconds, the first nine screens were turned to static one by one. "What is going on?!" Vicky then spotted what looked like a pink arm punching the screen, turning in to static. "Intruders, huh?" Suddenly, the head of a gigantic statue of hers crushed the entire pile. However, she was surprised to see Patrick there, stuck to the statues head. "Whoops." Patrick said. BOOM! The front door to Vicky's lair exploded, as the two gigantic pieces of metal pushed Vicky and her throne to the far wall in back of her. She growled as she lifted the two doors (yes, despite her being hundreds of inches smaller.), and saw who it was awaiting her. Stepping in front of the door was Jimmy, Danny, Sam, Spongebob, Patrick and Goddard, all of whom were completely furious. Patrick had to pretend to walk with the group, giving the angry face. "The jig is up, Vicky!" Spongebob gloated with a smile on his face. "Oh, it's just my favorite Twerps' team of losers!" she taunted. "We're here to stop you, Vicky. To rid this world of all your evil!" Jimmy said. "It's just you and us heroes, Vicky. Don't even bother sending any more of your robo-minions!" Sam said, as her arms turned into Fenton lasers. "You have taken everything from us!" Danny said. "Now, give us back our friends, our family, and our planet, or else! "Or else what? Think I'm afraid of a little ghost?" Vicky said. "You're forgetting that I can turn you all into dust! Because I got the magic! And what do you tiny ones have?" "The only thing greater than magic: science!" Jimmy said. "Sam, now!" Sam shot one of the syringes on Vicky's arm. "What?! What is this?!" Vicky shouted, trying to pull it off her arm. "It's my Anti-Magic serum. It'll remove all traces of magic through your body!" Jimmy said. Vicky tried to remove the syringe, but she ended up falling to her knees, as her eyes, mouth and ears started to light up. "No! NOOO! YOU TWERPS! I'LL GET YOU FOR THISSS!" Vicky said, as something unsuspected happened. She melted to the ground. "Stop being such a drama queen!" Patrick told the puddle. "I hated shot day too, you don't see me melting!" "Did she just melt?" Sam asked. "Weird, I thought witches hated water." Danny said. "If that wasn't Vicky, then where's the real one?" Spongebob asked. "Outside of this room, watching us." Jimmy said. "You got that right, twerp!" a voice said on top. Suddenly, the roof of the lair cracked open, as it was ripped off by the Magwu himself, as Vicky gave an evil laugh, standing on his shoulder. Jimmy's smile immediately faded at the sight of the Magwu. "Leapon leptons!" Jimmy said. "What is that thing?!" Spongebob asked. "Looks like something from the Ghost Zone!" Danny said. "Gentle twerps, meet my new friend, the Magwu!" Vicky said. "Pleasure to meet you again, chosen ones!" the Magwu said. "Chosen ones? What the heck is this guy talking about?" Sam asked. Goo started to cover up the floor, and the Magwu's creatures surrounded the gang. "So that's what these monsters were from?" Danny said. "For a second, I thought she was a demon and that they really were hers!" "Hello, future slaves!" Jerry said, pointing his stick at the gang. "Now, to rid you all!" Magwu said. "Wait, no need to rid them yet!" Vicky said. "I can take care of this one!" She floated down to the ground. "Your little genius plan has failed, Nerd-tron!" Vicky told Jimmy, who was surrounded by the Magwu's creatures. "Actually, my plan is still in effect." Jimmy said. "I knew you would pull a trick like this, so I used a fake serum on that carbon duplicate of yours." "You mean you have more of those needles?!" Vicky said, picking up Jimmy by his shirt. At that moment, Goddard hid behind a pile of ruins. Out from his back was another serum needle inside a mini-gun. "Wait a minute, where's that ugly toy of yours?" Vicky asked. "He's not a toy, he's my friend." Jimmy responded angrily. As Goddard was hiding, Jerry sneaks behind the dog, and aims his spear at him. Goddard gave a squeal, as he ran out of the way from the spear, appearing in plain sight. "There he is!" Vicky happily said, trapping him in a bubble. "And I did my research too, genius boy. I know your dog can put itself together!" Vicky then snapped her fingers again. Goddard began to be frozen in metal carbonite, from his tail, to his head. As the metal dog started to bark and whimper helplessly, he was immediately shut off, and fell to the ground with a thud. "No!" Spongebob cried out. "GODDARD!" Jimmy said, running to his dog's helpless body, putting his head on his dog's chest. "It's okay boy. I'll get you out of this." "Seriously, all that for a robot? You nerds really need a social life." Vicky said. As Jimmy wiped his nose, he put his hand to a fist, and slowly turned towards Vicky, completely angry. "No One. Hurts. My Dog." Jimmy said. "PSYCH!" Vicky aimed her fingers at Jimmy, turning him into ice. She then blew on her fingers. "You! Why are you doing this?" Spongebob asked. "For the millionth time, because I LOVE IT!" Vicky responded. "But is this all worth it?" Spongebob asked. "What will be of your future? Friendless, alone, torturing innocent kids?! You should be ashamed of yourself!" "You know, since you're kinda adorable and all, I'm just going to make this quick." Vicky used her fingers to open a small black hole, sucking SB up. "Spongebob, I got you!" Patrick jumped into the hole too, as it closed. "Well that was quick." Sam said. "And then there were two!" Vicky said, using her fingers to make the two frozen. As the freezing began to their legs, both closed their eyes. However, something unexpected, at least to Vicky happened. The freezing stopped for both of them. For Danny, all of the ice vanished, while for Sam, it only got up to her legs, and stopped with her arm guns. "What?! How are you two not ice?!" Vicky growled. "Because sitter, you forgot the fact that ghost energy is stronger than that fairy magic of yours!" Danny said, socking Vicky in the face, launching her against the wall. "That was for Tucker, Jazz, and my mother and father!" Sam then used her arm lasers to burst out of the ice. Her weapons started to form a Ghost Peeler suit around her, only this one was upgraded by Jimmy. "You fight Vicky, I'll handle everything else." Sam told Danny. As Sam began punching and blasting at the Magwu's creatures surrounding her, Danny was about to launch himself toward Vicky, who was across the room. "Good luck getting to me, kinda hunky ghost boy! You think I didn't launch any ghost traps in this room?" Vicky said. The roof near Danny opened up, catching him inside a net. "Luckily, I prepared for this too!" Danny then vanished, much to Vicky's confusion. However, Danny was floating in the middle of the door. "Wait, did she just call me hunky?" Danny said, making a fake cough. "The one time I'm actually called cute by another girl other than my mom!" "Less talk about your gross hermones, and more action!" Sam told him, holding a Magwu creature by it's neck. "Hey Vicky, ever played Where's Waldo?" Danny asked the sitter, as he began to duplicate himself. Soon, there were nine duplicates surrounding him. All of them attacked the sitter, and flew around the place. One was caught by a cage, which made him disappear. Another was shot by a ghost laser, making him vanish. A hatchet then appeared, slicing a clone in half, which made him vanish. As this attack was going on, Sam's battle with the Magwu's creatures stopped when Jerry put his spear in front of Sam's chest. "You'll pay for destroying my master's children!" Jerry said. "Bring it on, Rocky!" Sam said, as Jerry spun his spear around, and then shot at her, which she quickly dodged. She shot at Jerry, as he defected the blasts with his spear. After another attack, Sam grabbed the spear with the strength of her suit, as the two held their grip onto it. Vicky used her fingers to shoot three clones in the air. The three remaining clones used their ghost scream to push her outside. She angrily shot at them, making her disappear. Then, the real Danny flew towards Vicky, and continues punching her in the face, and then pinned her in the ground. The kid slaves around the two, started to look at this, and cheer on. Vicky tried to use her magic to get Danny off of her, but Danny tried to resist this, all while carrying a serum in his hand. "How are you stronger than me?!" Vicky asked. "I destroyed all the rules from that stupid book!" "Because, coming from someone who has a C- in Science, even I would know there's a difference between a rule, and a law!" Danny said. However, this attack was interrupted, as the Magwu grabbed Danny with his giant violet fist. "Least I still have time to come up with a one-liner." Danny said. "Awww." All of the child slaves said after seeing this. The Magwu grabbed the serum, and crushed it with his hand. Danny tried to fight back, but even Danny couldn't get through him. "Now, to devour your soul!" the Magwu said, opening his mouth. However, before he could do that, the Magwu was blasted with a beam, making him drop Danny. This came from Sam, who had Jerry's spear. The other rock creature ended up becoming frozen. "I don't know what kind of magic is this, but it's kinda cool." Sam said at the spear. Now, the two heroes continued to walk towards Vicky and the Magwu. "We still aren't scared of you. Because we BOTH have one more move up our sleeves!" Vicky said. "Magwu, do your thing!" She put her hand on the Magwu's giant index finger, and a large blast was seen. The Magwu became much larger than he was before, as he grew from the size of the base, to the size of a skyscraper. "AT LAST!" the Magwu said. "I HAVE GAINED MY POWERS ONCE AGAIN!" "Now, freeze them." Vicky said. "FREEZE THEM?! I shall do no such thing!" Magwu said. "I shall rid them of their existence!" "No, we're not doing that!" Vicky argued. "We had a deal! You do what I say! Now, freeze them!" The Magwu growled. "Why do you humans always choose life over death?!" the Magwu did exactly that, and this time, both Danny and Sam became ice, with no chances of escaping. Vicky then grabbed Jerry's spear, and broke it in half. "I did it! I DID IT!" Vicky said. "I got rid of all of the Twerp's losers!" She then flew onto the Magwu's shoulder, as the creatures legs were now gone. "Come along, Magwu! Let's continue spreading misery onto the world!" Vicky gave her evil laugh, as the Magwu flew high in the air, leaving the three heroes, along with Goddard, frozen.
  10. After the teleporting sparks, Zim arrived at the front yard of his base. His yard was in complete ruins, as all of the gnome guards were either headless or destroyed. Yet, his base was still the same. The Irken walked angrily to the front door. "I'll show those fools!" Zim said. "I will show them ALL! Lie to me, why don't they?! When I'm through with them, the only thing they'll be tasting is the taste of…GAH!" Zim shrieked as he saw Gaz in the living room, sitting on the couch watching TV. "YOU!" he pointed. "What the heck are you doing here?!" "I was here on the last day." She responded, much to Zim's confusion. "Zim, you're alive!" Skoodge said, as he and Tenn ran out of the kitchen. "Oh yeah, I keep forgetting you live here." Zim responded, brushing away Skoodge, as he ran towards him. "It's awful out there!" Tenn said in complete fear. "We would've came here sooner to find you, except our teacher wouldn't let us get out of the Skool!" Skoodge said. "For some reason, she wasn't frozen like all the other adults." "Blah, blah, let me plan my attack in silence!" Zim said, as he was now using a radar computer in mid-air. "Attack? On what?" Skoodge asked. "Why, those awful leaders I dared call my "Tallest"." Zim responded. "Oh." Skoodge said. "So you found out about the lie, huh?" "Lie? You mean YOU KNEW TOO?!" Zim barked. "Not that I care." "Everyone knew, Zim." Skoodge said. "They placed bets over you every week, with currency, snacks, limbs, lives even! But who cares about all that?" "Computer, how do you predict the bomb will turn out?" Zim asked. "All of the Armada will be decimated. However, there's also an 88% of the explosion to backfire and wipe out all of the universe." The computer responded. "Hmmm, it'll have to do." Zim said. "Zim, you don't have to do this!" Skoodge said. "Why don't you just forget about the Tallest? They're just two bullies who aren't worth dying over!" "Oh please, just because you and the other fool wasted your chance to get revenge, doesn't mean I won't!" Zim said. "We'll see who's the all-powerful Irken after all this!" As he continued to scroll through the computer, he stopped at a picture of GIR. Suddenly, something popped up in Zim's mind. "What am I doing? I can't go through with this." Zim said to himself. "Because you realize that you could have a greater purpose than appeasing two Irkens and invading planets, and that you already got enough friends and family on Earth?" Tenn said. "What kind of stupid words are those?" Zim mocked. "We'll see who's the all-powerful Irken! I already am all-powerful! Forget the filthy Irken race. From this moment on, Zim, is an independent Invader! From now on, Earth shall be defended by Zim…and then, I shall CONQUER IT! Which means, the Earth sitter must be DESTROYED! However, I'm going to need some sacrifices, I mean, allies for this one!" He then looked at Gaz, and walked towards her. "You! From puny Dib's blood!" he said. "I command you to assist me on this mission!" "No." Gaz calmly said, much to Zim's annoyance. "You're really just gonna on this couch all day watching that mindless box?" Zim asked. He then thought of an answer that would kill him. "I'll bribe you." "A pizza, a Game Slave Triple X and the ability to come here to get away from my stupid brother." Any other day, Zim would rather release the PAK off his back than agree to any of this. But, since this was crucial…"Fine!" he said grinding his teeth. "You two, guard the base!" "No one will step a foot into this base, Zim!" Skoodge said, putting his hand in front of his head. "Computer, are there any other of the fudge-headed boy's allies?" Zim asked. "Only one located in Miracle City." The computer responded. "The Tiger child." Zim said to himself. ….. Miracle City. What was once a spicy cesspool for crime and villany, has now become a deserted town. Tumbleweeds filled up the streets, as all the adults, along with the many villains and heroes of the city were also covered in a block of green ice. BOOM! The gigantic landmark volcano in the middle of Miracle City erupted. But it wasn't a regular eruption, it was one villain arising from the lava. "MWAHAHAHA!" Django of the Dead laughed. "Now, it's time for Miracle City to pay, with it's souls! And then, THE WORLD!" However, his laughter died. "What?" He then saw the entire desolate city. "What's this? Someone already took over the city? Why wasn't I informed of this?!" "Message for Django, from Sartana." A skeleton mail man said, as he opened up the letter. "Dear nephew, postpone the soul invasion, because a former ally of mine will already have conquered the Earth. Why am I just getting this now?! Buddy, your delivery company stinks! Great, with all the heroes gone, who's going to challenge me?!" "Think again!" a voice said, as El Tigre's figure was in the air. "El Tigre!" Django said, with a smile on his face. He prepared his guitar to use against the boy. However, Manny ended up landing on his face on the side of the volcano. Django's smile broke at that, as Manny tried to lift himself up. He struggled to, as if he was very dizzy. For some reason, an ice cream cone was stuck to his head. "You're not the only super villain in town!" Manny said in a completely disorienting voice. "I mean, hero! But wait, you're not a villain!" "Forget it, are we going to battle or not?!" Django said. "Oh we will battle alright!" Manny responded, still struggling to stand still. After several seconds, this started to annoy Django. "Dude, what happened to you?" Django asked. "I got into my dad's secret ice cream stash!" Manny said. "What does ice cream and my dad have in common? They're all frozen!" he chuckled, as Django was still giving a confused stare. "What?! Why are you looking at me funny?! You think I'm a joke?! I'm not good enough for you?!" Manny said. "You asked for it!" Manny spun his belt again, and turned back into his normal clothes. "ROAR! EL TIGRE!" Django at this point, started to feel creeped out by Manny. The boy stuck out his hand. "Why won't you stretch out?!" "Boss, we believe the Suarez kid is missing, and White Pantera and Puma Loco are frozen among the many in this joint." One of his henchmen told Django. "What?! That's incredible! All of El Tigre's dreaded enemies are finally gone!" Django laughed, until he continued to see Manny struggling. "And yet, this is depressingly pathetic." Manny then ended up falling off the edge of the volcano, hitting his head and butt on the way down. "We'll come another day." Django said, as him and his army jumped back into the lava. Manny finished falling from the volcano, landing head first onto the street. Manny ended up brushing it off, and walked toward a giant bag, struggling to pull it. He had to spin his belt again, and then gained the strength to carry the bag. … Despite being stuffed with ice cream, Manny jumped onto the roofs of buildings, quickly going through windows and chimneys stealing things, and putting it inside his bag. However, as he climbed out of the chimney of one house, a dark figure in a hoodie stood in front of him. "El Tigre, we meet again!" the figure said in a feminine voice. "You. YOU! YOU!" Manny said, feeling dizzy. "I know who you are! You're ready to fight villain, or should I call you, Oso?!" "Really? You think I'm the man raised by…?" the voice responded annoyingly. "Oh forget it! You're wrong! For it is I…BLACK CUERVO!" she said, as she took off the hoodie. "Oh yeah, you!" he said. "How disappointing!" He fell off the chimney, and tried to get himself up. However, BC put her boot against Manny's chest. "And now that I have found you…!" Manny closed his eyes, prepared to be zapped by her laser. However, the violet villain instead, raised her hand in front of him. "I need you." "What?" Manny's cheeks then puffed up. "Move your boot!" he had to run to the edge of a building, letting out the ice cream. "What's wrong with you?" BC asked. "I had a little bit too much of my dad's ice cream!" Manny said. Even BC was disturbed by this. Manny had to sit down at the edge of a building to rest. She then noticed the bag of junk. "What are you doing with that?" "I was going apocalypse stealing!" Manny said. "You, El Tigre, are stealing everyones stuff?" BC asked. "It's what my grandfather used to say, when there's an opportunity to steal, take it, especially during the apocalypse!" "Hey, that's what my grandmother used to tell me!" BC happily responded. "And then his grandpa told him that!" "And then his great grandpa told his grandpa that!" Manny added. "And then their great great great great grandpa told him that!" the two said, as they smiled at each other. However, the moment was ruined as Manny was about to puke again, as he did it on the side of the building. "Do you need any medicine?" BC worringly asked. "No I'm good. Wait a minute, why should I team up with you?" Manny asked, still struggling to stand. "After all those times, you and your family tried to hurt me, my father, and my grandpa?!" "As much as I LOVEEE-I mean, LOATHE you and your family, you're all I have left in this town! Because…my mother and my grandmother were frozen too!" she said sadly. "And what about all those pranks you pulled on…Frida." The sound of Frida's name ended up bumming him out. "That's right, she's gone." As he said this, he pulled out her goggles out of his pocket, as he sat on the edge of the building. "She is?!" BC said happily, until she saw Manny all sad. "Oh, who cares about that little annoying, loud, life-taking, friend-stealing jerk?!" "What?" "I mean, who cares about her?" BC said, with a fake smile, trying to brush off what she just said. "You don't need Frida!" "I do." Manny said. "Maybe if you actually had a friend, you'd understand!" "But I did." she responded sadly. At that moment, Zim's Voot Cruiser appeared in front of the two, floating in the air. "Zim?" Manny said. "You! Tiger boy!" Zim shouted, as the cover opened up. "Get on the ship! You shall help me destroy Vicky!" Zim said. Manny's eyes looked angry. "This will be for my family!" Manny then felt his stomach. "Actually, I don't think I should get on the ship." "DO AS I COMMAND!" Zim shouted. "Okay, okay!" Manny said, jumping into the ship. "You coming too?" "Maybe it's best if I follow you three." BC said. "Meh, I didn't want you on board anyways." Zim said, as the cover closed, and the Cruiser took off, spinning, with Cuervo following. "Zim, could you slow this thing down?" "You DARE tell me how to drive?!" "No really, we need to pull over! All this turbulence is gonna make me…" "I'm out." Gaz immediately jumped off the ship and landed on BC's back. "BLEH!" "YOU FILTHY HUMAN! YOU GOT YOUR GERMS ALL OVER THE CHAIR! And why does it smell like Earth ice cream?!" "I think I need to the medicine store!" Manny said. "We are not making any stops!" Zim said. "What do you think I am? One of those slave car drivers?! By the way, you're cleaning up all that!" "What?! No way!" "Yes WAYYY! That was your green human goo out of your mouth, therefore, YOUR MESS!" "You're not making me clean this!" "Don't make me pull MY SHIP OVER!" "But you said we weren't stopping!" "WELL I LIED!" Zim said. "Does that mean we're going to the.." "NO, WE ARE NOT GOING TO THE STORE!" Zim said. As this was going on, BC was annoyed by the whole thing, all while Gaz didn't seem to care, as the two followed. … As Manny had to hose down the Cruiser at a nearby broken down car wash (with a big headache that is), Zim was growling with annoyance, trying to find a stomachache remedy at a drug store. As the store's intercom was blasting "Ring of Fire", Zim angrily walked out of the store with the medicine. He ended up setting off the alarms, which he quickly destroyed with his PAK. Before he can walk out again. "Uh sure, you have to pay for those." A worker said, as Zim slowly turned his head. Only one boy was at the register, as every other adult worker was frozen. "I'm only 16." Zim growled again. …. As the two were doing their tasks, BC and Gaz had to annoyingly wait for them. As BC was still annoyingly waiting, Gaz had a pizza box on her. "You're gonna split that pizza?" BC asked. "No." Gaz responded. "I like you." she responded.
  11. Chapter 4: A-Millie Somewhere isolated away from the rest of the world was an island, surrounded by a completely green and polluted ocean. Laying head first on the edge of the sand were two kids. One had a pink hat, the other had blonde hair and a violet bow. Both immediately woke up, coughing up all the sand that was in their throats. "Huh? What happened?" Timmy asked. "Where are we?" "Don't you remember Timmy?" Chloe asked, still coughing up sand, and then a crab. "Vicky wished us away! Wait a minute, if she wished us away, then that means, she won! I, I mean, WE lost! She's got the whole world in her hands! That means ,I, I mean, WE HAVE FAILED! Our friends! All those innocent people and animals are suffering! And I, I mean, WE couldn't save them!" Chloe started crying. "Chloe, snap out of it! This is no time to be crying!" Timmy said. "You're right! I'm done moping! Now, THAT WITCH WILL BURN!" "Well, that was quick." Timmy said. "But first, we need to find out where the heck we are!" Timmy saw that the whole place looked like a resort in ruins. "Why does this place look familiar?" Behind Timmy was a sign that read "Club "We Hate Timmy", where under it read, "That means you Turner", and then "Turn Around You Idiot!". "Nope, nothing comes to my head!" Timmy said. A shadow covered over the two, and Chloe's eyes widened at what she saw. "Timmy, look out!" Chloe pushed Timmy, as they both avoided a giant paw made of stone. Timmy immediately realized who it was: the Sphinx, a giant monument that came to life, thanks to his teacher, Mr. Crocker. "Timmy, it's the Sphinx, from that time Crocker tried to take over the world!" Chloe repeated. "Wait, last time I saw him, it was at…" "Hello, Mr. Uncool!" a familiar voice said, as behind him, was his imaginary friend, Garry, and behind him were the villains. "Oh man, we're on Unwish Island!" "Oh my gosh, it's the Jackobot, Super Bike and…Dark Laser?" Chloe was confused to see Dark Laser on a mini robot like body, with his face on a screen. "Why are you on a screen?" Chloe asked. "I have to take care of my disobedient nephew, Milo Ben!" "I am so grumpy, GOSH!" Milo said in the background. He had a red shirt on, with a helmet similar to Dark Lasers. "He is so irritating! But I wouldn't want to miss the chance to see my mortal enemy, Turner, get destroyed! BPHHIOSIHSCHICSI!" "I just realized, if we're on Unwish Island, then that means, we're still on Earth!" "Yes, and now, we're TOTALLY about to eradicate you, from this super cool planet!" The Jackobot grabbed Timmy, and put him in a cage, where under it was sharks. "Why are you doing this, Garry? Me and my fairies gave you the resort!" Timmy said. "Yeah, but it was like, totally destroyed!" Garry said. "But that's not my fault, and…oh my gosh, Cosmo! Wanda! Poof! Vicky still has them!" "You let Timmy go right this instant!" Chloe called out. "Okay, super cute babe!" Garry said, as Jackobot happily tossed Timmy out of the cage. "What?! I thought you hated me!" Timmy said. "We totally do, Mr. Uncool! But, we love your blonde babe!" The Sphinx was then licking Chloe happily, as she laughed. "Hence why we have the Club "We Love Chloe" over there!" Garry pointed to the resort of the said name, and yes, it was actually running fine, with the apocalypse not affecting it at all. There were super models there (As in, ADULTS), and all of the Timmy servants. "Can we just make Chloe emperor of the world already?" Timmy asked. "My OWN CLUB?! Wait, I know what you're doing, you're trying to distract me from saving my friend! Well it's not going to…oh my gosh, it's KETCHUP EVERGREEN!" Chloe ran off screaming happily, as of course, the movie character was there. "Now that we've taken care of the babe, it's time for you to go away, forever, not cool!" Timmy was put back in the cage. "Please, Garry, I know you guys hate me!" "You got that right, loser!" "But you can't destroy me now! The world needs me! My Godparents need me! Vicky has taken over it!" "Vicky? As in the horrible, uncool Vicky?!" Garry asked. "Yes, and if you don't let me go, no one will stop her! Oh, and you'll never get your resort back! That, and she might eat you again!" Garry screamed at this, as the Jackobot sent Timmy flying out of the cage again, sending him crashing into a light pole. "Do you have to throw me out of the cage every time?!" "Yes, I want to destroy you!" The Jackobot responded. "You're off the hook this time, Turner." Garry said. "Just take your friend and stop that like, uncool monster!" So Timmy had to drag Chloe off the other island, as she was too busy indulging on its' many captivating activities. "WAIT, JUST ONE MORE SLIDE DOWN THE CHOCOLATE WATERSLIDE! I HAVEN'T FINISHED SHOE SHOPPING YET! PLEASE, I WANNA STAY!" "Thanks, Garry. Maybe you're not such a jerk after all! Say, I'm going to need a lot of help for this one. You guys want to help me?" "Why, of course not, loser!" "What?! But you guys hate Vicky just as much as I do!" "Yes, but we like, hate you, so no way we would help, like, not cool." "Plus, I have to watch over that pest!" Dark Laser said, as Milo walked up to the monitor. "I'm angry, I'm gonna destroy your screen." "Milo, you fool, DON'T…!" Milo pulled a laser sword and hit the screen, which stopped reading. "In fact, you two got about…say, five seconds before we send our super kooky kaboocky rottweilers after your tiny butts!" Soon, the cages opened up, as dogs came running "Well, thanks for nothing, guys!" Timmy responded, as the two started running. "Don't mention it!" Garry happily responded. "And like, never return to our totally, fun, but not right now, club again! And bye bye, babe!" The two were running away from the rottweilers. "Look, a boat!" Chloe pointed, as a wooden boat with two paddles was there. The two climbed in, and immediately started paddling. "Let's get out of here before…YAH!" Timmy jumped as he found out someone was on the boat. "Um,hello?" The girl on the boat said. She had blonde hair, a bow, braces, and a yellow scout uniform on. She had a turtle near her. "Who the heck are you, and what are you…oh forget it!" Timmy started moving the boat away from the dogs, who tried to chase the kids in the ocean, but turned back as they couldn't bare the stench of the river. "Now, onwards to Vicky!" Chloe cheered, standing on the edge of the boat. Of course, she fell over the boat and landed in the sea. Her head popped into the ocean, and she spit out the dirty water. "EEK! DIRTY WATER! And I just had a perm done at that island! AHHH!" "Okay, seriously, who the heck are you?!" Timmy asked the girl. "Um, my name's Millie, and my Honey Bee scouts um…eliminated me from their pack. So I ended up here, with my friend Chester." Millie said with her quiet and awkward voice, as she just stared at Timmy. The two barely said a word to each other for the next few seconds. "This is going to be one awkward trip." Timmy said, as the two paddled, and Chloe was swimming to the boat in agony. "HEY! LET ME ON! PLEASE LET ME ON!" Chloe screamed.
  12. Everyone was inside Jimmy's lab, where the boy genius was on his computer. Even Zim's lifeless body was in there, hanging against the wall. At that moment, Raphael was telling Leni his story along with the other turtles. "And that's how I ended up here." Raph said, as Leni was crying. "That, was one of the saddest stories I've ever heard." Leni said. "Sadder than all those romance books I've read!" "I know right!" Patrick said, as he cuddled with Leni, as the two of them were bawling. "Were you even listening to me?" Raph asked. "No!" Patrick responded as he kept crying. "Oh, it's no use. I can't locate the team." Jimmy said. "I've tried every method I could." Raph sighed, as he got up from the ground. "Well then, it's settled. Looks like your friends really are gone." "Now now, let's not jump to conclusions." Spongebob said. "Spongebob, Jimmy here has already shut down your little theory." Raph said. "Yet you're still over here being all Mr. Happy!" "Come on, Raphael!" Spongebob said. "You have to have some hope! Don't you want to see your brothers again?" "Look, there really is no other way out of this." Jenny said. "Other than to take away Vicky's magic." Danny said, raising his fists. "And that's what we're going to do." Jimmy said, walking to a nearby chemistry set. "I've prepared more of the Anti-Magic Serum Zim and I cooked up to use on the sitter." "Speaking of which, can we wake this guy up already?" Raphael asked. "Why's he even like this anyways?" "Because he realized his two leaders of his have been lying to him just to get rid of him, and now he's realizing how much of an idiot he is." Jenny said. "Well, I'm sick of having to look at him drool!" Raph said. "Trust me, Raph." Sam said. "You don't want to wake him up." "I don't care." Raph said, socking Zim in the face, sending him falling to the floor, as the Irken started to cough. He then got up from the floor. "YOU DARE STRIKE THE FACE OF YOUR FUTURE LEADER ZIM?!" he shouted. "Wow, your voice is kinda annoying." Raph said. "Imagine hearing that for three whole stories." Jenny said. "Hey, what am I doing in the puny fudgehead's lab?" Zim asked. "We brought you here." Spongebob happily told him. "After all, you seemed really sad, and literally dead after you found out those Tallests were lying to you." "Tallest? TALLESTS?!" Zim said. "THOSE TWO GIGANTIC BEASTS! I shall END THEM!" "Huh, at least he's taking it well." Danny said. "I thought he would've been lying on the couch moping while watching TV." "These so-called leaders think I wouldn't have found out about their LIES?!" "Well, you definitely proved them right!" Jenny said, looking annoyed. "I'll show them! When I'm done, I shall blow up the entire Irken Armada!" Zim said. "With a bomb! A VERY BIG BOMB!" "You want to go back to your world to show them?" Jimmy asked. "Indeed, I shall." Zim said, as Jimmy programmed the portal. "I'm not thanking you for this though." "But Zim!" Spongebob said. "The Earth needs you!" "Oh, Spongething, I see no interest in your filthy germ-ridden planet anymore!" Zim said. "But You could just forget about the Tallests and stay here!" "Would you give it a rest, Spongebob?" Jenny asked. "What's it gonna take for you to realize that Zim was never our friend?" "Farewell, meatbags!" Zim said, as he exited through the dimension machine, which Jimmy immediately turned off. "You can't just let him walk off, Jimmy!" Spongebob said. "Why not? We have no use for him anymore." Jimmy said. "After all, I've got everything I need to foil Vicky." At that moment, he stored two extra syringes with the serum inside Goddard, along with another unknown device. "Um hello! You're forgetting me!" Jenny said. "It's fine, Jenny." Danny said. "You'll have to sit this one out." "No, I won't!" Jenny said. "You cannot fight Vicky without me! I'm your best weapon!" "Actually, you're right." Jimmy said. "I might have a quick solution to ridding her magic abilities, but knowing Vicky, she'll have plenty of tricks up her sleeve. We're going to need plenty of back-up for this one." "You already got back0up!" Raph said, pulling out his sais. "You have me, now let's end this sitter!" "Raph, I'm pretty sure we're going to need a little more than just some ninja weapon to a freak who can turned our world into her playground with just her fingers." Sam said. "I don't care! We have all that we need!" Raph said. "Raph, you need to get ahold of yourself." Jimmy said. "We know you want your brothers back, but we won't have a chance at that if we don't take precautions." "Precautions? Who cares about that?! I won't let that sitter spend another minute breathing!" Raphael said. Spongebob gasped. "Raph, are you saying that you want her...dead?" "No, I just want to throw a bag of turtle poop at her, what else would I do to that monster?" Raph said. "Raph, we want to beat up this sitter too, but even we wouldn't go that far!" Danny said. "Yeah, she's still a teenager, around my programmed age!" Jenny said. "Raph, that's like, totes scary!" Leni said. "I know what your problem is." Patrick said, walking up to Raph. "Oh here we go." Jenny said. "He sees Vicky as his old enemy, the Shredder, and he's not interested in saving his brothers, but more into chopping off Vicky's head so that he mentally sees it as him getting rid of the Shredder and all traces of him in his mind, and thus avenging the death of his father, Splinter once and for all." Patrick said. Everyone was absolutely shocked by what Patrick just said. "What? Did I forget something?" "Huh, you were listening." Raph said. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but Patrick is…right." Jimmy, inside his mind, could feel two IQ points saying that. "So that's what this is about?" Spongebob asked. "The morons right." Raph said, covering his hands on his face. "This isn't about my brothers anymore." Jimmy immediately got up from his chair, and went to Raph. "Raph, I may not have any prior knowledge about you but…Vicky is not the Shredder. Whoever this Shredder was, he's just the past. If you could just trust me and forget about revenge, I promise you, I will bring back your brothers, and I will give the sitter a very severe punishment." Jimmy said. "Do whatever you want, genius boy." Raph said, still unconvinced. "We'll have to get Manny and Zim for this, and…" At that moment, something started to appear from the portal machine. "Back so soon?" Jenny responded very annoyed. However, stepping out of the portal wasn't Zim. Instead, two figures appeared. One was short with a violet hoodie, the other was bigger with jeans and a green plaid shirt. "Sup, lame-os?" Ronnie Anne greeted. "Ronnie Anne?" Leni asked, as she ran to the little girl and gave her a tight hug. "Oh my gosh, you're totes alive!" "Ronnie Anne!" Jimmy said. "How did you get into my lab?" "Your dog buzzed me in." Ronnie Anne said, happily looking at Goddard. "Man, how did you even get here?" Danny asked. "There are robots everywhere back on our planet." "I had a little help from some…friends." Ronnie Anne sounded a little annoyed at the last word. "I'm here to find Lincoln." "Leni, oh man!" Bobby said, putting his hands on Leni's shoulders. "Please tell me your sister's here!" "Of course she is!" Leni said. "She's right here!" Leni picked up Lily, who was still frowning. "No I meant, Lori! My babe!" Bobby said. Leni started to look worried. "Sorry Bobby, Lori's not here." Bobby went down on the ground to his knees. "I promise you, Ronnie Anne's brother." Jimmy said. "I've been doing my absolute best to find Lori along with our team." "Looks like you haven't tried everything." Ronnie Anne handed Jimmy a small tracker. "What is this?" Jimmy asked. "It's Lisa's tracker of the chip she put in Lincoln's pants." Ronnie Anne said, as she chuckled. "I'd figure you were the only nerd who could find him." "She's still doing that?" Jenny asked, sounding creeped out. "Say, maybe if I can connect this device to my portal machine…" Jimmy put a few wires inside the little mechanical box, and it was connected to his computer. Soon, a map started to appear on the screen, showing multiple Earths. "It's pointing to another dimension." Jimmy said out loud. It started to zoom closer and closer onto the planet, until it led to one specific spot. There, a red dot appeared. "It cannot be." Jimmy said. "He's alive." Danny said, also shocked. "It's Lincoln, dudes!" Bobby said. "He's still alive!" Even Lily started to smile at this again. "Inkon!" she said. "Ha! I was right!" Spongebob said. "They were in another world!" "You hypothesis was correct, Spongebob." Jimmy said. "Also, one of Lisa Loud's inventions was actually useful for once…" "Oh calm down." Sam said, hearing those last words. "Dudes, maybe my sweet babe is there too!" Bobby said. "I wouldn't go that far, Bobby." Jimmy said. "What are we waiting for then?" Ronnie Anne asked. "Let's get him!" "Actually, I have a plan." Jimmy said. "But we'll have to split up into groups. One group finds Lincoln, the others goes after Vicky." "What? You guys are going after the sitter already?" Ronnie Anne asked. "You just said we don't have enough people to attack the sitter." Danny said. "Actually, I said we don't have enough back-up to fight Vicky. Turns out we did all along. One team has to stay behind, and gather as much help as they can. Ronnie Anne, you're in charge of that team." "Yeahhh, I'll pass." Ronnie Anne said. "Pass? What do you mean you pass?" Jimmy asked. "Dude, I spent the last few hours trying to lead a team of weirdos so that some dog and a bug can have a free dinner." Ronnie Anne said. Everyone was confused at this. "It's a long story." Ronnie Anne responded. "I'll go with Ronnie Anne!" Leni said, as everyone looked shocked at this. "Leni, are you…actually volunteering?" Jenny asked. "You do know there could be big evil monsters out there, right?" Sam responded. "There are?!" Leni asked, as she started to shake. "But I don't care! My little brother, London is out there, and he needs one of his big sisters! Besides, I can totes defend myself!" At that moment, she pulled from the shelves something that resembled a hairdryer. "Say, what is this?" "That's a hairdryer." Jimmy said. "Oh really, I need this, thanks!" Leni turned it on and put it near her hair. "Not that it's my business, but why is there some regular hairdryer in your lab?" Danny asked. "Oh that? It's for…scientific purposes." Jimmy said. Goddard popped his screen open, showing a clip of Jimmy blowing his hair. "Oh, Cindy will definitely love this new style!" he said in the clip. "GODDARD!" he said as Goddard chuckled. "What about your sister?" Raphael asked, as Lily raised her fists. "She doesn't mind the action." Jenny happily said. "Jenny, since you're unable to fight Vicky, I think you should go with RA." Jimmy said. "Fine, as long as they take me to get my body back." Jenny said. "Danny, Sam, Spongebob and Patrick, you'll be with me." Jimmy said. "What about Raphael?" Spongebob asked. "You serious? That sitter is toast!" Raph said. "Actually Raph, you're with Ronnie Anne's group." Jimmy said. "What?! I'm not letting that sitter go!" Raph said. "Raph, you are their best defense besides Jenny." Jimmy said. "Please help us find my brother!" Leni said. "Affaeh!" Lily reached. At that moment, Raph couldn't choose what side he wanted. This was a big dilemma for him. Come on Raph, he thought in his mind. Either save the kid, or the sitter's head. He took one look at Leni, who was starting to look bummed out at him. He closed his eyes again, and sighed. "Let's go find your brother." Raph told Leni. "Though I'm not doing this for you, genius. I'm doing it for these two." "Good luck heroes." Spongebob said. "Hope your brother is alright." Danny said. Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Jenny (carried by Bobby), Leni, Lily and Raphael headed towards the portal machine. Raphael looked completely bummed out at this decision, but Leni comforted him, by grabbing his hand. "It's okay, Raph." Leni happily said, and Raph responded with a smile. "Are you guys a thing?" Bobby asked. "Ew gross no!" Leni said. "Dude, really?!" Raph said. "My boyfriend is still Chaz!" Leni said. "My girlfriend is a million miles away in space!" Raph responded. The six left the lab and walked through the portal. "As for the rest of us. Brace yourselves, gentlemen, and Sam.." Jimmy said. "We are heading back to Danny's world." "Let's teach this sitter a lesson." Spongebob said. "And if we lose this fight?" Sam asked. "I'm prepared." Jimmy said. "Whatever, as long as I'm with my friend." Sam said, as she grabbed Danny's hand. "Vicky is so fired!" Danny said. "I just realized something. What happened to Ren and Stimpy?" Spongebob asked. Jimmy then remembered the last time he saw the two. "Oh no." Jimmy said. … Ren pushed the glass doors to the Candy Bar. The moment he opened the door, a car behind him ended up flipping over, and crashing into something. "MY CAR!" the person in the car screamed. All of the kids stared at the little Chihuahua, with some of the girls even "Aww"ing at him. He made his way to the main counter, where the main Candy Bartender, Sam was at, who looked disgusted. "I shall have, a nice glass of Dog Water!" Ren said. "Hey, doggy boy! We have rules here!" Sam said. "No shirts, no shoes, no service, yeah!" "A glass of Doggy Water!" Ren said. "Get out of here, your hairy butt is dirtying up my seats!" Ren turned his head sharply. "Excuse me, mister. I am a customer here, and you shall show me some respect. WHERE'S YOUR FILTHY MANAGER?!" "You're talking to him buddy, yeah!" Sam responded. "I DESERVE A REFUND, AND A FREE SUNDAE!" Ren said. "Oh, you don't think I've had customers like you?" "I WILL BURN THIS WHOLE PLACE DOWN, AND GIVE ALL OF YOU A SPANKING!" Ren shouted. Suddenly, all of the kid customers started to run out of the place. "Here we go, a drama seeker!" Sam said. "You scared away my customers!" "I WILL SUE!" Ren said. "Oh, you won't do nothin', yeah!" Sam said. Outside of the Candy Bar, Retroville looked like an alien invasion happened, as citizens were running everywhere and cars crashed into walls and fire hydrants. "Oh Ren! Ren, where are you?" Stimpy happily called out, as he looked at the reader. "He's having one of his episodes!" ...Yeah, the REN and Stimpy parts are quite odd for a story like this.
  13. Chapter 3: Harvey Infinite dark blue violet-esque space completely filled up the multiverse, where billions of worlds existed inside bright spheres. At that moment, something sparked out in the middle of this abyss: a screaming boy being thrown into the middle of all this. It was none other than Lincoln Loud, who then stopped in the middle of this space. He was breathing heavily, as he looked around him. "Hello?!" he echoed. "Guys?! ANYONE?!" There was nothing around him but hundreds of gigantic world spheres. "What is this place?" he asked himself, as he continued to float through the space. He even started to move his arms as if he was swimming. "Wait, this must be where all the other worlds are!" he said. "One of these has to be my home!" he then gulped. Suddenly, he was being pulled towards one of the spheres, like a vacuum. Lincoln started to scream again, as he couldn't move away from the force pushing him into the sphere. He was now sucked into the world. ... LITTLE BARK GROVE This small forest town was surrounded by trees, while being populated by a large number of cheery animals. At this very moment, three friends were climbing a tree. A brother and a sister were already on top of the tree's biggest branch. The brother, Foo was orange with red pants, while the sister, Fee had very large pink hair and a potato sack strapped to her body. "Come on Harvey!" Fee encouraged. "You almost got it!" Below the two, their friend Harvey, who was a blue bird with a green sweater, was busy trying to get up the rest of the branches. "I think I'm finally getting the hang of this, guys!" Harvey said. "I'm finally mastering, the act of tree climbing!" However, the branch he climbed on broke, but then Foo quickly caught him. "You have a lot to learn, ol' trainee!" Foo said. He brought Harvey to the main branch, as the two saw the sun, which was getting to the bottom of the hills. "Would you look at that? Another beautiful sunset!" Harvey pointed. "Guys, check it out!" he pointed to a moving object in the sky. "It's a UFO!" "Meh, it's probably just a satellite or something." Fee said. "But man, would it be cool if we met aliens. So we can pound those dweebs!" "Pound them? Why can't we just befriend them?" Harvey asked. "I'm sure if aliens ever did come to our world, they'd probably want to be our friends." "Harvey, get real." Fee said. "You're only saying that because you saw that dumb alien movie last night." "It wasn't dumb, it was…beautiful." Harvey got teary-eyed just thinking about it. "Barf." Fee responded as she rolled her eyes. "OH MY GOSH!" Foo hollered. "THE SKY IS POOPING!" A hole in the sky appeared, as a figure was falling from it. This had everyone in Little Bark's attention. "It must be the UFO! We better catch it!" Harvey said, as Fee and Foo jumped on the trees. However, Harvey couldn't catch up. "A little help, guys?!" Harvey called out. In the sky, the figure was a boy, who was screaming his way down. His body was about to meet the walking mushroom creature, Jeremy's hat. "More for you, Jeremy? Why thank you, Jeremy!" he told himself, as he was having a picnic alone, eating his favorite PB&J sandwiches, when Lincoln's body bumped into his head, and then hit a tree. "METEORS! Huh, what?" Jeremy said, as he noticed Lincoln' unconscious body, laying near a log. "Hello?" he said, as Jeremy tried poking him with a stick. "BE GONE!" Foo yelled at Jeremy, as the three were at the spot. "He's an alien!" "An ALIEN?!" Jeremy asked. However, Fee had a good look at Lincoln. "Hey, this isn't an alien. This is just some kid!" Fee said. "With kinda freaky hair." "Don't insult him! He might hear you!" Harvey whispered. "We need to act nice to him, or else he'll be sad. "And then he might call his mom and dad to blow up the planet!" Foo said. "Then all of us will be planetless…and dead!" Lincoln then started to wake up, only to see Foo drooling over him. "HELLO." He said in a deep voice. "WE COME IN PIZZAS!" Lincoln screamed, and then passed out again. "Let's shave his head!" Fee said, holding an electric razor. "No, you have to hide the alien!" Jeremy said. "Nothing produces as much fear as MAN!" Soon, the crowd started arriving, as Jeremy quickly covered the body with the picnic rag. "Harvey, oh Harvey you're OK!" Dade, the bunny said, running to comfort Harvey while touching his face. "The meteor didn't hit you!" "Where is the thing that came out of that black hole?" Claire asked. "Um, what black hole?" Harvey bluffed. "The one that appeared and then died." Kratz pointed. "A meteor came out of it, Harvey!" Dade said. "It wasn't a meteor, it was a body." Piri Piri said. "I bet it's a fallen angel!" "No, it was none of that phony baloney!" Moff said, pushing the kids out of the way. "It was in fact…an ALIEN!" "Aliens?" Harvey laughed. "Don't be silly, aliens are only from movies!" "Nonsense! That was indeed, an intergalactic creature, and I must catch the creature!" "NOBODY'S CATCHING ANYTHING!" Officer Fredd said, passing by Moff. "Once I find this creature, he will be under arrest!" "Let me guess..." An annoyed Fee said. "For being an illegal alien?" "No, for disrupting the city!" Officer Fredd responded. "Everyone, there are no aliens!" Harvey bluffed again, as he was sweating. "I know that sweat, Harvey! You're hiding something!" Dade said. "Hiding? What am I hiding? I must have a bad fever! I must go back home and put the body…I mean, me to bed!" Fee and Foo snuck Jimmy's body wrapped in the picnic blanket on a wagon, with Jeremy hiding behind them. Moff and Officer Fredd were still suspicious about the guys. "You know, why didn't you just you know, tell them the truth?" Fee asked, as the two were headed into the woods. "This is really nothing to be lying about." "You heard what Jeremy said? If we tell them, everyone is going to panic!" Harvey responded. "And perhaps civilization as we know it will crumble!" "Like a cookie?!" Foo shouted. "The only thing scary about this kid is his white hair!" Fee said. "Enough insults. We have to take him to my house!" Harvey responded. As the three arrived at Harvey's house, they slowly rolled the wagon inside, where Harvey's sister, Michelle, with the same frown on her face, was busy making a mess from her clay. "Shhh!" Harvey told Michelle, who just stared at the three as they made their way upstairs. However, the wagon couldn't be brought upstairs, as Harvey had to use sign language. "CARRY THE BODY." He signaled. Foo shook his head, while Fee looked totally annoyed. "WE LOOK LIKE SERIAL KILLERS." Fee signaled. "Hey son!" Irving, Harvey's dad greeted, as he saw the three going up. Harvey couldn't say anything to them. "What's the matter, Harvey? And what are you two carrying?" Fee and Foo realized what was going on. Harvey couldn't say anything about the body, and the two knew Harvey would never lie to his parents. "Oh, um, Harvey's dad! We're just…um, well…" "We're CARRYING an alien!" Foo blurted out, as he covered his mouth. "Oops!" "I know what's going on here! You're pretending to be those kids from that movie last night!" Irving started to tear up. "Oh, that poor alien!" "I know, right?" Harvey teared up again. "Alright, stop being babies!" Fee said, as Michelle threw something at her. "Sorry Michelle!" "You can't see him, Dad!" Harvey said. "He's supposed to be um, a secret." "Got it, son! I won't tell the evil government agents!" Irving said, as he walked away. "That wasn't really a lie!" Harvey said, as he started to sweat again. Later on, Lincoln woke up on Harvey's bed, underneath the covers. "Huh? Where am I?" Lincoln asked. "Hello, alien, and welcome to Earth! Stay as long as you need to!" Harvey said, bringing Lincoln a tray of food including sloppily made pancakes and a glass of OJ. "Um, thanks?" Lincoln responded, trying to hold the very soggy pancakes. "The name's Beaks. Harvey Beaks, and these are my two friends Fee and Foo!" "Just don't try to steal our brains, or else I'll beat you until yours falls out!" Fee said. "Steal your brains, why would I...?" Lincoln immediately thought back to what happened. "Oh no, my friends!" Lincoln immediately ran out of bed. "I gotta get out of here!" "I can help you!" Harvey said. "No, no! You guys got it wrong!" Lincoln said. "Harvey, who are you talking too?" Miriam asked, knocking on the door. "Oh no, it's my mom!" Harvey said, pushing him off the bed. "Get in the closet!" Foo pushed Lincoln into the closet door. "What's going on in here, kids?" Miriam asked. "Nothing, um, we're playing alien!" Harvey smiled. "Alright, I want to play too! I'll be the evil government agent!" Miriam said. "Um, Ok?" Harvey said. "Is there an alien hiding in your closet?" "No, there isn't!" Harvey said. "You're about to get blasted, space scum!" Miriam pretended, as she quickly opened the closet door, with Lincoln standing there annoyed. "You can't hide your little secret from your mom, Harvey." "Ah man, I was expecting you to hide behind the toys!" ... Lincoln was brought downstairs with a blanket, and cider. "This is nice and all, but I really have to get back to my world." Lincoln said. "And we're help you, Mr. Alien sir!" Harvey responded. "The name's Lincoln, Lincoln Loud." Lincoln responded. "And I'm not an alien, I'm a boy from another Earth." "Look, why are you even here?" Fee asked. "I don't know, I just crashed here. Last thing I remember was me trying to save my planet!" "You mean, you're a superhero?" Harvey responded, sounding excited. "No...yes, I kinda am." Lincoln exaggerated. "I just don't got any lasers or x-ray vision, instead I got..." Lincoln tried to show off his glove weapons, except he didn't have them on him. "Nothing. My gloves are gone!" "What were you trying to save your world from?" Harvey asked. "Now, this I like the sound of it!" Fee said. "My friend, Timmy Turner's world, was about to be taken over by a psychotic babysitter!" "Whoa, now THAT sounds cool!" Fee said. "Fee, he just said his world is being taken over by an evil babysitter!" Harvey said. "Hey, I pretend to be one all the time!" Fee said, as she did an impression. "Eat your broccoli, kids, and no dessert! MWA HA HA HA!" "You can't control me!" Foo played along. "Look, this isn't a joke." Lincoln said. "I thought the same thing, until I met her. She is a demon!" "Come on, what's the worse one lousy sitter can do?" Fee asked. "I think she wanted to steal my friends magic to turn all the kids in the world into slaves." "Huh, sounds like one of my fantasies." Fee joked. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" Lincoln sighed. "She also separated me from my family." Fee's smile immediately faded, as if something broke inside her mind. "She did what?!" "Oh nothing, just the fact that I don't know where my ten sisters, or even my best friend are, because of her." Lincoln said. "Hold it, did you just say you had ten sisters?" Harvey said, as Lincoln nodded. "That sounds totally crazy!" Fee said. "Yet, kinda awesome!" Fee imagined she had ten sisters who looked just like her, punching each other, and then they all ganged up on a maniacally laughing Foo. "Alright, Link or whatever your name is, we'll help you." Fee said. "But I thought you liked this sitter." Lincoln said annoyed. "Dude, nobody deserves to be separated from their families!" Fee said. "I couldn't imagine if that happened to me or my brother." "Or me and Michelle!" Harvey said, as Michelle came crawling into the room. Lincoln looked down at her, seeing the same non-happy expression on her face. "No offense, Harvey, but your sister is starting to creep me out." Lincoln said. "You get used to it." Fee responded. "I got it! Why don't we build a machine to contact your home?" Harvey asked. "He saw some dorky alien movie last night." Fee told him. "That sounds kind of tough. I knew a genius who could do that, except I don't even know if he's still out there." Lincoln responded. "We got an inventor too!" Harvey said. "He's a friend of my dad!" "Really?" Lincoln excitingly said. "Not really, just some 30 or something year old geek obsessed with some lame thing called steampunk." Fee responded. "Then, I guess I'm trapped here." Lincoln said, looking down. "It's okay, Lincoln." Harvey patted. "There has to be someone out there looking for you, and if not, then you can stay here! Little Bark Grove is the best place to be!" Suddenly, the front door kicked open. "It's the alien!" Piri Piri happily shouted with the crowd of kids, as they ran in the kitchen. "Get away from Harvey, you intergalactic beast!" Dade shouted. "I got A RUBBER BAND!" "Look, Lincoln is not an alien, he's just a boy from another world. Though he is a superhero." Harvey said. "Isn't that right?" Lincoln then looked at the reader. "Meh, since I'm trapped here, I might as well take advantage of the fame." Lincoln jumped on the table, and flexed his arms, making some of the kids cheer. "Hey bear dude, can you play me a jam?" Lincoln said. "Sure thing, alien bro!" Technobear said, blasting his jukebox. Lincoln started dancing on the table, while the kids, except Dade, cheered him on. "Hey dingus, what about your sisters and the sitter?" Fee asked. "Like Harvey said, I'm sure one of them oughta find me." Lincoln said. "Moron." Fee said, with her arms crossed. "I do hope Harvey is right about this." Lincoln told the reader. "Because if he's not, then I don't know what I'd do." "Who are you talking to?" Foo asked. "Are there invisible people out there?" Foo then looked at you, the reader. "Hello, do you like furberries?" ... Far from Harvey's house, Officer Fredd found a pair of two gigantic metal gloves. As he slightly tried to touch him, they blasted a tree, causing it to tremble off the ground. "This alien is mine." he said, raising his electric gloves up.
  14. Also, here’s a recap of the team that was of last story. Spongebob: SB, Patrick, Sandy Jimmy Neutron: Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Libby Fairly Oddparents: Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Chloe Danny Phantom: Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Dani Loud House: Lincoln, Clyde, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa and Lily. Teenage Robot: Jenny, Brad, Tuck, Melody El Tigre: Manny, Frida Invader Zim: Zim, GIR TMNT: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michaelangelo TUFF Puppy: Dudley, Kitty Ren and Stimpy Of course, half of them are gone by the point of this story. Continue on. Chapter 2: Hugh Time RETROVILLE On the side yard of the Neutron house, Hugh Neutron was sitting on the small stone porch next to the kitchen's door, polishing his large duck figurines. "Now now, Mr. Quackers Jr." he told the figurine happily. "No lady ducks like dirty feet." As he continued polishing the duck's feet, suddenly, a bright light flashed in front of Hugh's head, and the sound of loud static was heard. It was his son, Jimmy Neutron, along with his teammates: Danny Fenton, who was his human self, Sam Manson, Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Raphael, Jenny "XJ9" Wakeman (who was now only a head and half a body with no arms.), Ren, Stimpy, Leni Loud and Lily Loud. Along with an unconscious Zim, who was carried by Patrick. "Jimbo! Why, it's nice to see…whoa." Hugh's smile faded as he saw what his son looked like, along with the comrades near him. All of them were covered in dirt, with some of their clothes even torn up. Nobody at all was happy at the moment. "You all could really use a good scrubbing!" "Not now, Dad." Jimmy responded. "We're in the middle of something." "Say, why are you all unhappy?" Hugh asked. "You look as sad as me after my first middle school dance. Oh, I will never forget when they poured that large bucket of punch over me. They actually made me thing it was pig blood." "Sorry, Mr. Neutron." Spongebob responded. "We don't mean to bum you out, it's just that…" "We lost." Danny interrupted. "Pretty much everything." Jenny added. "Aw no. Your mother prepared cookies for the victory!" Hugh said. "Oh well, it can't be that bad of a loss." "What?!" Raphael growled, as he was about to pull out one of his sais. "Oh no, it's not that bad." Sam responded, putting her hand in front of Raph. "If you want to forget the fact that we lost our friends, our families have turned into ice, and our planet is taken by some psychotic babysitter!" "Oh um…well, I'm sure my son Jimbo will find a way to stop it." Hugh said. "I will." Jimmy said, looking angry. "I don't know how, but I swear I'll stop that no good, pseudo-science carrying woman." Suddenly, Goddard came barking and running happily towards Jimmy. "Good to see you again, ol buddy!" Spongebob patted. "Goddard, you're alive!" Jimmy happily said, as the metal dog jumped on Jimmy and started licking him. "Oh, I missed you too, boy!" Entering through the door was Judy Neutron, carrying a plate of cookies. "Hello, heroes, I've prepared for you all a nice batch of…" Judy's smile faded as she saw how dirty everyone was. "James Isaac Neutron, you and your friends look like you came out of a barn!" "That's because we spent the last few hours walking through our wasteland of a planet!" Sam said. "Mom, we have no time to chat. I just need to get to my…" "Oh no, I will not stand for this!" Judy said. "You will not step a single toe into that lab until you clean yourself up!" "But Mom, there are bigger things at stake here!" "Well those bigger things will have to wait until you take a bath!" Jimmy said. Some of the heroes next to Jimmy started to chuckle at this. "You heard your mom!" Spongebob said. Jenny started to chuckle at this. "You better do what she says." Jimmy groaned at this. "The rest of you, feel free to use Jimmy's bathroom." "Whoa lady, you can't boss us around!" Danny said. "Jimmy's bathroom!" Judy said. "There'd be snacks prepared for you all when you're finished." Judy happily said. Sam looked disgustingly at Patrick. "Can you keep this one outside?" she asked, and then she looked at Zim, still with his mouth open and sad eyes. "Along with him too." …. As Leni was wrapped up in a towel in the bathroom, she found a remote by the side of the kitchen, and pressed it. Suddenly, a robot shaped like a barber pole with many hair utensils spun around her head, and gave her Jimmy's hairdue, making her scream, as she pressed it again. She now had a pony tail with little pieces of hair sticking out, as if she was an eskimo who had water powers. She wasn't impressed. The next one was a weird one: blonde hair with mini pigtails and a pink bowtie on top, as if she needed a unibrow to complete this. Not impressed. The next one was shaped like Vicky's hair. "EW!" she screamed quickly changing it. She now had Jazz's hairdue. "Hey, I look like Danny's sister!" Leni said happily. She then changed it, and now she had Lori's hairdue. "Lori's gonna kill me." She said, with a bit of sadness. ….. Raph, Spongebob, Jimmy, Ren, Stimpy and Lily were sitting on the kitchen table, with some chewing on snacks. Judy looked completely creeped out by the two pets. "Jimmy, what are those things next to your turtle friend?" she asked. "I believe they're a chihuahua and a feline." Jimmy said. As Stimpy bit right into a plate, Ren slowly turned his head towards Judy. "Excuse me, waitress. Do you have any glasses of Dog Water?" "I…don't even know what that is." Judy responded. "Okay." He said, slowly turning his head back forward. Judy had her eyes on the nearby broom. "Now now, Sugar Booger. No need to judge. You hardly know the little dog!" Hugh said. Goddard then started growling at Ren. "GET BACK, YOU PILE OF METAL FIECES!" Ren shouted. "Ren, we have guests!" Stimpy said, raising his finger. Even Hugh was creeped out by this, and even Jimmy was freaked out, all while SB kept eating cookies and Raph still paid no attention to anything around him. "Okay, get the broom." He said. Outside, Patrick was scrubbing himself with a metal bucket, with Zim's lifeless body next to him. Hugh then looked at Lily, who had an incredibly sad face. "Oh, no need to be sad, little one." Hugh said. "Everything's gonna be okay." "Dad, Lily here witnessed her own brother sink deep into a black hole." Jimmy said, looking sadly. "A really cool brother that is." Leni screamed as she came out of the bathroom. "Like Jimmy, that robot haircut thing is amazing! Look at this hairdue!" Leni said, coming out with two pigtails. "On second thought, I look so outdated! I want my hair back!" She ran back into the room. "So, let us recap.." Danny said, standing by the wall. "We lost our planet, we lost our friends and family, including my other best friend, and my older sister. This might be our biggest fight yet." "So what? That sitter did one magic trick!" Jimmy said. "That doesn't mean she's bigger than any other villain we've encountered." "Those other guys never won though." Jenny said. "I don't care how big she is." Raph said, finally started to speak. "When I find that sitter again, I'm going to do what my brother Leo did to the Shredder." "And that is?" Hugh asked, as Raph growled, pulling out his sai. "Hey hey! No need to get violent!" "Raph dude, really?" Sam asked. "No weapons near the dinner table!" Judy said. "Lady, do you know who…" "No weapons! Now give me that ninja toy of yours!" Judy said, as Leni walked in the room. Raph started to chuckle. "It's called a sai lady! And who are you to tell me what to do? You're not my sensei!" "Give it to me now!" Judy shouted. For some reason, Raph just gave up and gave her the sai. "You can have it back after you learn to behave yourself!" Even Danny and Sam started to chuckle at this again. "At least Mikey didn't see that, or any of the other guys." Raph said. "Raph, what was that all about?" Danny asked. "Oh I don't know, how about the fact that I just lost the only family I had left?!" "Don't worry, Raphael!" Spongebob said. "I'm sure your brothers are alive somehow." "Don't start with the whole Mr. Brightside thing, Sponge!" Raph said. "We all saw those guys get sucked in that black hole!" "Maybe it wasn't a black hole! Like what if it was some door to another world?" Spongebob said. "Look Spongebob, it doesn't matter if our friends are alive or…the other thing, the fact is, they're all gone." Jenny said. "Well, at least we have each other." SB said, looking bummed out. "As what one of our friends said, we're family!" Spongebob said. "Family?" Raph said. "Listen Sponge, you and your band of heroes aren't my family! I hardly even knew you for the past few hours." "Yeah, well we're all you have!" Spongebob told him. "That, and you really need to control your temper." Raph growled again, and exited off the table, pushing Ren and Stimpy to the floor like pancakes. "I excuse myself!" Raph angrily stormed out of the kitchen. "I oughta set limits to what rude creatures you bring in this house, Jimmy!" Judy said. "Don't be so hard on him, Ms. Neutron." Spongebob said. "He's just dealing with the usual grief." "Man, what made this turtle so grumpy?" Danny asked. "Hey, you don't know what he's been through." Spongebob said. "Boo hoo." Jenny said. "Why doesn't he go cry with Zim while he's at it?" "Speaking of which, he's gathering crows." Hugh said, looking worried. Indeed, crows were scattered on Zim, as suddenly, a tomato was thrown on him. "Sweet! Struck the loser dead center!" Butch, the bully of the town said while passing on his scooter. Even Nick Dean passed by, seeing Patrick bathe himself. "Sup?" Patrick greeted. "Sup." Nick responded, and at that moment, he crashed on his skateboard. "Unbelievable!" he shouted. Back in the kitchen, Leni had her eyes towards Raph. "Who wants to hear a song for sad times?" Hugh asked with a guitar. "Bathroom." Sam walked out of the kitchen. "Hey, I got a song!" Stimpy said. "In my world, it's by Stinky Wizzleteats." "I gotta pee." Danny said, running out of there. "Separate bathrooms, please!" Judy said. …. All Raph could do at the moment was go outside and angrily kick the grass. "Yeah I know!" Patrick told him. "I hate ants too!" Leni then entered through the door. "Hey, Mikey!" "Mikey? It's Raph, Leni!" he responded. "Sorry, it's kind of hard to tell you four apart." Leni said. "Just what do you want?" Raph asked. "I want to know why you are so mean towards my friends." Leni said. Raph sighed, as he sat by the same stone porch near the kitchen door, with Leni following. "I wasn't trying to mean. I just…I miss my brothers so much." "And I miss my sisters too. And my little brother, Landon." Leni said. "You mean Lincoln?" "Hey, how do you know his name?" "We were stuck together in the same world together, dummy!" Raph chuckled at this. "Your brother was actually pretty cool." "Yeah, he was." Leni said. "We wouldn't be a family without him. I mean, we are, but as in like, a 100%, or whatever." "Sorry for snapping at you and the others." Raph said. "I just can't let some deranged crazy evil girl take my brothers, my friends, and my friends' family! I already had to deal with it once, I'm not dealing with this again!" "What do you mean?" Leni asked. "Since your brother knows, I might as well tell you." Raph said. However, all of this was interrupted as Ren ran out the dog door and zoomed past the two, screaming very loud while running in the street. A car had to drive on the sidewalk to avoid him, as Ren screamed his way into downtown Retroville. "What's his problem?!" Raph barked. Inside the kitchen though… "HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!" As Hugh was playing the guitar, Stimpy and Spongebob were singing along. Somehow, this didn't cheer up Lily, as she ran out through the dog door. Even Jenny popped the head off of the remains of her body to roll out. "Poo Poo." She said pointing at the door. Yet somehow, Jimmy ended up staying on the table hearing the whole thing with Goddard, who had to plug his ears. "Wait until I introduce Retroville to this song!" Hugh said. "You wouldn't happen to have any memory wiping gadgets, would you?" Judy asked Jimmy. "If it stops angry mobs from coming to the house again, then you didn't need to ask." Jimmy responded. "And I think it's about that time we start planning our next move." "If only that monster took my ears too." Jenny said.
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