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  1. ew my little sister loves this gay show i dont even understnd why robin doesnt have eyes
  2. you know what a bad religion is the gays
  3. i think gummy foods are gr8 but i like gummy pizzas the bes no h8 i like the pineaple ones the best
  4. i would want a world peace with truth oh and a worldl without squidward pizzas screw that
  5. lesbians r ew my sister is a lesbia and she likes to stick her tong in her minion for praktis ew and she yells mable becuz she likes gravity fails ew is that ur pic bc i want a shot at her
  6. do u like the one tru lord and safiur green day becuz nanananananan dont wanna be an american idiot and who is that azhian in ur cig does she like pizza
  7. i use a condom because im smart and protected
  8. no thats gay besies we all know dennis is a top that would never work out
  9. hes manray he just shoots man rays at himself so he never becomes old guy just man guy
  10. this is my favorite movie ever kronk is so fuuuny you know kronk the emperor and that buff kuzco guy
  11. i cant tell if anyone here likes me its kind of sad
  12. American Idiot

    Green Day

    yessssssssssssss green day rocks if you cant tell i really like them my friends at school tell me im too obsessed but i dont care
  13. thisis my favorite shoe seriously its so funny beast boy is best person
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