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  1. So I'm back (yet again). I'm hoping this stops being a thing with me disappearing for months and then reappearing again. I think the worst of the crazy stuff that's been happening with me are over. Hopefully.:sbgrin:

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      I'm sorry to hear you're going through a tough time right now. You can get through this! ❤️

  2. I have too many ideas for things.

  3. I really absolutely did not like "Bump in the Night" as much as I actually liked claymation and stop motion even as a little kid. I found the main character absolutely creepy and probably was the source of a couple of nightmares and made me not even want to look underneath my own bed. I didn't want to even see the opening. Once it was on I was out of the living room and in my room covering my ears. Looking at the opening to it now, I somewhat understand where my fear came from but I also find it kinda silly that I was afraid of it. It's strange looking, but not quite as scary as I remember it. Now I'm actually more curious to watch it though and see what exactly childhood me refused to see
  4. So I'm probably going to end up repeating what everyone has been saying here but, I decided to watch the episode because I kept seeing all the harshness towards it... and my curiosity kicked in and here I am. ....and its the first episode of s11 (I think) that I watched so far... and I probably shouldn't have because that's a weird start but well... Boy did this episode made me kinda speechless. It was just weird for me because I was expecting a spongebob episode but the way how it presented it self with it's animation and entire atmosphere and even the background music felt like a cartoon like you all said like Ren and Stimpy. and while that wasn't bad by itself and I actually like the animation too. It just made the whole thing more jarring that funny really. I really kept asking myself "what cartoon am I watching again?" And from the start to finish I didn't like Patrick at any given moment. The likability points went down the drain today folks as not only was he incredibly dumb acting but also a deceiving horrible person!! I always didn't like the meaner characterization of Patrick and I probably never will, and this episode was just down right Patrick knowing EXACTLY what he was doing and I really just baffled me on Patrick actually using what he knew (and what I thought Patrick would never actually know or bring up) about Squidward's fears? The whole idea of Patrick setting all of that up, knowing exactly what scares him and everything sounds... really ridiculous. I'm probably looking into things way too much but this whole epsiode didn't feel real to me. Uh what else... Spongebob felt like he was just there to be there. He was pretty much there to run the shop and give the excuse to allow Patrick to run back and start torturing Squidward and doesn't offer anything else really besides the megaphone screaming. The joke of the fish throwing up in Squidward's house wasn't funny to me at all, just adds more salt to the already bad wound that is is Squidward abuse. The whole thing was sort of predictable to me in terms of the whole plot of "Spongebob and Patrick do a dumb thing that gives them success in something and when Squidward finally caves from the insanity he tries it and ultimately gets punished for it instead of the yellow and pink idiots who did it in the first place." Works in some episodes, wasn't very good here. The ending was....ok? It was predictable, gross out humor the entire episode had. This....wasn't absolutely horrible. It was watchable, and I could watch it again for sure.... but it wasn't a "good bad" kind of thing either. It was just weird in tone and in plot. This was probably one of the worst episodes to start on the latest season.
  5. I need to not suddenly get bursts of ideas of things to draw at 4:30 in the morning. 

  6. in which I revive my art thread with a doodle after I've finally had time to calm down from horrible life drama and pain (or at least distract myself enough) to draw a starfish with way too many offshoots of himself. He's Patrick? He's Patrick? You're Patrick? I'M PATRICK!! IS THERE ANY OTHER "PATRICKS" I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT!?!?!? ..... plenty actually. A whole town and more. Most of which aren't Dreaded patricks though.
  7. Got myself a laptop for Christmas and whoo boy was it a good choice.

  8. You know what's fun? Reading and listening to scary stuff about people suddenly getting into spooky situations.

    You know what's not fun? Experiencing any spooky happenings 

  9. "Give all of my fans making these..... 'fanfictions' .....copies Villain's Handbook and point out what NOT to do with your arch-enemy...." Hi yes I'm totally not dead from college and life problems. They haven't killed me yet! I'm still alive and somewhat trying to kick. Hopefully life isn't trying to be an angry squirrel with a trombone.
  10. Curse my inability to decide whether or not to be social or not due to conflicting wants n' needs

    1. Young Nug

      Young Nug

      be social breh it pays off

    2. E.V.I.L.


      Do it. No one says you have to do it constantly but even introverted people need to be social every once in a while--it's good to keep well-rounded and get different perspectives.

  11. After a dramatic month of no home internet.....I still have no home internet as far as I know of but at I'm here at a library trying to make up for my lack of activity here.

  12. "Of course they approved of my occupancy in villainy. They were villains themselves." (In which I use this as an excuse to draw evil versions of Herb and Margie Star) "They were probably considered to be among the most feared, cruel super villain couples in all of the pacific ocean. Of course though, they ended up with such an...untimely retirement. But I guess sometimes people just give up their conquest for world domination at older ages." " I never really heard such crazy talk in all of my life. Seriously... except that one time Starfishman expected me to just let him win... Or you know what that was multiple times, actually. Or the time when Benny that one guy I hired asked for a raise when he hardly does anything and isn't much of a good evil henchman and-..... Okay so maybe I've heard more crazy talk before but still, what you said is complete nonsense too. I'm more real than a good amount of other villains I know that for sure."
  13. "You mean the citizens who live on 120 and 124 Conch Street? I've seen them... as a (supposed to be) villain you gotta keep tabs on EVERYONE in the place you're trying to take over. You never know what you might learn from them, granted... I didn't learn.... much from those two." "I can guarantee you though, that neither one of them is Starfishman. One is too lazy and lethargic to be Starfishman despite his looks and the other is, in fact, a sponge. Besides Starfishman was launched into space. By me. Because I'm awesome villain that wins."
  14. Was about 9 or 10 when I learned and was taught by my neighbors. Haven't rode one in forever though, but I really want a new bike.
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