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  1. I should seriously be sleep right now but of course my brain would be thinking about a million of things at once at 2 AM.😐

  2. I've been debating on whether or not if this was something cool to really share here, and I finally said why not. I tried "reorchestrating" this from the GBA version of CFTKK by ear as a practice thing, though I'm sure it's not perfect. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2_V4pVBCG1wdS1mLUVwRWFieFE/view?usp=sharing And then out of boredom I ended up making a music box version of it, because I remembered I had a music box soundfont. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2_V4pVBCG1wZGdiSGZodFZ0elU/view?usp=sharing
  3. Yep. I'm....ot sure what this says about me other than a high interests in abandoned places lately.
  4. Not as interested as I used to be and I definitely haven't been watching the show as much as I used to. However when I do get the chance to watch it the newer episodes I still enjoy the show for the most part. ?
  5. It's obvious who's better. Not a question but, Let me be shy!
  6. Its amazing how before December even started I already managed to get tired of Christmas songs. This is going to be a very long month at this rate. :bullshrimp:

  7. You're Patrick, you're Patrick, you're Dreaded, Dreaded Patrick!

  8. Someone isn't in the mood for Triple Gooberberry Sunrises today.
  9. I have Battle for Bikini Bottom (ps2), The Spongebob Movie Game (ps2), Lights Camera Pants (ps2) and I used to have Creature from the Krusty Krab on the ps2 but that copy somehow gotten lost somewhere... I had re-bought it for the wii though. I have the Beach Cook-Off game, Atlantis Squarepantis, Truth or Square, Drawn to Life, Boating Bash and the Yellow Avenger for the DS. I also have a small collection of the pc games that I bought for literally a cent on amazon. I have Employee of the Month (my second time getting this game after the first cd... broke), Operation Krabby Patty and a pc version of Battle for Bikini Bottom. I.... have a large collection of spongebob games. I kinda hope to get the ones I'm missing actually.
  10. So I was going to replay the game again to reference for things like Dreaded and other things when it came to my attention my save on the Wii version of the game is being weird. I honestly have no clue if it's supposed to say "Sponge Highway" becomes from what I remember, the place/save is supposed to be called "Hypnotic Highway." So what's this Sponge Highway? It might just be wii/ps2 differences and I'm remembering the ps2 stuff but I'm not sure Another weird thing about the save is that everything that was unlocked is gone... all except the versions of the minigames. I also can't select any of the free play areas except Diesel Dreaming, so it looks like a clean slate... so WHY IS IT SAYING SPONGE HIGHWAY??? Again, this save file is weird. Exploring this save more I found that I can continue the game wherever it thought I left off at, and in this case it thought I was at "The Adventures of Starfishman" level surprisingly. I was actually at the Alaskan bull worm the last time I saved but the game wanted me at that specific level for some reason. So I loaded the level and it started me out at the third phone booth. The first thing I do is head back to the first to find it strangely ringing I go near it and the game flat out crashes. I reloaded the game and found out this isn't just a one time thing because it all was the same when I tried again. This time I needed to do was stare at the booth and it would crash. The next time I did so I just avoided looking at the phone to take a look around. I'm guessing the game preloaded the first part but not the actual stuff for it because the animation for the phone booth continued to go off the very brief seconds I looked at it and also the henchmen were back on the poster even though they were supposed to be gone already. I have never been that close before without getting hit with a metal claw. But for the rest of the time I was playing the level, I was messing around and skipping over things like (for the most part) the entire blowing section where there's a giant gap in the middle and enemies below. Some silly things did happen in between it but there is ONE thing I remember that made me laugh my butt off: Moonwalking Dreaded. I wish I captured footage of the beautiful phenomenon but it was so sudden. It crashed right after it happened too XD. It was in the area that was where the large cliff like pit is, I believe there's some water there and notably a few billboards (including a beautiful billboard of DP)... anyway a cutscene of Dreaded saying something and then suddenly he moonwalks out to the path ahead. I don't know if he was supposed to do that or fly away like usual but it was so funny to watch. I couldn't do anything else afterward because the game crashed literally right after that....and I didn't save. Maybe later I'll come back to it and hopefully catch footage of Dreaded glitching out.
  11. Well yes I'll talk to ya both.... about things if I can ever think of cool things to talk about because I'm honestly terrible at starting conversations . We can all be shy buddies together.
  12. For instance I feel like I should go talk and interact with everyone here more but shyness overtakes half the time even though I've been here disappearing every so very often for just nearly a year. Or maybe I could just continue to be a shy knucklehead mcspazatron hide and stare at all the cool people while occasionally posting doodles. Then there's that comic idea I still have floating around in my head that I have yet to turn into a reality yet involving Dreaded and a bunch of other villains for fun. I really want to do it but at the same time I'm very fricking lazy... or am I? I dunno my motivation rises and falls a lot and it's weird. I think eventually I'll get to it... eventually.
  13. Sneaky~ I just barely found out the sneaky hermit actually had a design and that he wasn't apparently just a made up villain. Also I should really draw more BECAUSE IT'S BEEN FOREVER
  14. https://66.media.tumblr.com/91f9d2ea5a63961cca6f60ba2bbc65d3/tumblr_o8nmlyyuDS1v578pjo1_1280.png I spent three hours doodling all these dorks in the middle of the night and I am completely tired. Expanding on the idea of Plankton and Dreaded working together, what about all these guys? Ans like I said with Plankton and DP I feel as if these guys were to be put in a scenario of working together there would be generally a lot of bickering among them all. When it comes to the geniuses, who's the smartest of them all? Who does evil better? Who was more successful? Who is the leading mastermind in all this? Dennis probably doesn't give an eff except for whatever he needs to get done in all of this. Doodlebob just does what he wants. This Summer, expect or don't suspect small comics of these guys because I crave some interesting character interaction that wouldn't happen ever staring: The Dreaded Patrick, Dennis, Prawn, Doodlebob, Dr. Creature ( Previously who I called Dr. Patty but I liked this better), Plankton, Robo-Plankton (and his beautiful bride, not shown here) The Dirty Bubble, and of course, Man Ray. Coming soon, possibly if I feel like it, probably after finals cause that's next week and finals suck.
  15. I'm totally alive and not dead and stuff. 

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