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    im baby call 000
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    Survivor, Pokemon, Dubs(Persian especially), MLP,(kinda, haven't watched in a long ass time) Historical stuff, Niche game, Whodunnit the TV Show, Wrestling(mainly NXT, the rest of wwe, and a selection of documentaries bc im a Lazy B****: Read all about It; i have watched first season of Lucha Underground tho and ill prob watch the rest but not right now and i dont want any spoilers for the rest of the series), Wie is de Mol and De Mol, The Sims
    Also I know a Metric Crapton about cat genetics so if u need something like that Call us
    theres prob more but those are the main girls
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    Ohio: Home of Norton's Furniture and Irate Gamer
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    LGBT SpongeBob
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    Persian Grandpa and Smith

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  1. Since I don't remember what my first avatar here was, I decided to make a new one in like 5 minutes with someone some of y'all might have never even seen!

    For those who don't know, DarknessDG is from an OC I had back in 2012, Darkness. The DG part is from dragon since the first site I used it on already had a DarknessDragon. Darkness' design has changed since her first conception, and I'll be honest I don't draw her that often anymore, but for the 10th anniversity of SBC, I'm bringing her back in the form of my avatar!

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