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  1. hit that like button for free aliens and widm s11 english subs

    1. DarknessDG


      please tell me this shitpost is allowed i just want them aliens and subtitles

  2. Since I don't remember what my first avatar here was, I decided to make a new one in like 5 minutes with someone some of y'all might have never even seen!

    For those who don't know, DarknessDG is from an OC I had back in 2012, Darkness. The DG part is from dragon since the first site I used it on already had a DarknessDragon. Darkness' design has changed since her first conception, and I'll be honest I don't draw her that often anymore, but for the 10th anniversity of SBC, I'm bringing her back in the form of my avatar!

  3. edit: nevermind alls good


    1. SpongeOddFan


      yeah the images isn't working very well https://status.discordapp.com/

  4. free persian spongebob online

  5. one time at the zoo there were several ducks with the flamingos and that is my mood today

  6. halibut sucks my dudes

  7. well my laptop's dead

    1. DarknessDG


      basically I spilled soup on it and now it's fucked so we will be dead for awhile

    2. Majesty Yuka
    3. SpongeOddFan
  8. tmw you still have your halloween avatar

  9. "Oh, there they go with the whole "pharmacist" thing again! I-I should become one, that-that would show 'em! I should become a pharmacist!" - Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, 2014

    1. Majesty Yuka

      Majesty Yuka

      lots of me

      lots of me

      lots of me 

    2. Majesty Yuka
  10. im going on a vacation during the labor day weekend. great, this is exactly what i wanted. yep. i defiinitely didnt want to just relax and watch k-pop and phineas and ferb and maybe make videos nope definitely didnt want to do that

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    2. DarknessDG


      update 2: ok were going on vacation saturday because of the weather today

    3. Majesty Yuka
    4. SpongeOddFan
  11. why cant i be taught doof 101 in high school i mean cmon who doesnt want doof as a teacher

    1. SpongeOddFan


      sometimes i want rewatch P&F if there's nothing on.

    2. OWM


      my name is doof and you'll do what i say





  13. tries to wait for llamas

  14. Ok, so I'm going on a road trip starting tommorrow. I don't think I'll be able to get on WOF, Jeopardy, or Dunces and Dragons this week.

    1. jjsthekid


      There is no D&D this week, so you won't have to worry about missing that. :P It's cool on the other two, though.

    2. jjsthekid


      Jep and WOF do work on mobile though if you have mobile access during the trip, as an fyi.

    3. DarknessDG

  16. Is it bad that some part of me still wants it to be Plankton? Even though it's April 2nd now?

    1. Plankton


      I'm not gone yet!

  17. omg this is an amazing april fools day

  18. Well, it's my last day of me being the Employee of the Month so tommorrow, I'll change back to normal.


  19. well, it looks like i'm the employee of the month

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    2. WhoBob


      best avvie of the month

    3. sbl


      Congrats! also the avvie tho

  20. Well, I finally get to relax and calm down until the next competition!

    BTW, what are collectables suppose to do?


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    2. DarknessDG


      So basically they are stuff that collect?

    3. Sweat


      That's why they're called collectibles :funny:

    4. DarknessDG


      I don't know how I didn't think of that. :funny:


  21. ok guys i gotta tell you about the united animal nations because it is messed up

    • i literally did this because MDPP blew up the tower of death and there was a bunny so i went oh well name him north korea and MDPP killed him why
    • i wanted a mule but i didn't want to rename hazel so i got mexico(donkey) and russia(horse) to.... ya know... do it.
    • owm breed canada and portugal(both cows) and named the baby vietnam and i jokely said that america(horse) must have felt betrayed
    • prussia(chicken)'s in a hole cuz he ded
    • i didn't know the albinos were killer rabbits so south korea and taiwan are basically killer rabbits
    • after this i got another albino bunny(NOT RELATED TO ANYONE) named soviet union and putted him in a hole cuz he ded too
    • America-Mexico-Russia love triangle
    • there's also one with NK-China-SK
    • I letted Prussia and Hungary get it on and they had Switzerland
    • Belguim and UK had Ireland and then OWM and I breed UK and Ireland to have Scotland and England and then we breed those two to get Wales. DOUBLE INCEST POWER
    • i decided to be nice and let Soviet Union and Prussia share a window and then Prussia fell into the void oops
    • it's a messed up hetalia fanfic
    • poland and japan had indonesia and thailand
    • "Which country wanted to #### France the most?"
    • 10/10 would recommend
    1. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

      Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

      Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall of text

    2. DarknessDG
    3. Katniss


      no idea what i just read but I like bulleted lists so

  22. In a shocking twist of events, I'm not the first one dead.

    1. fortnitefan12


      That's only because I wasn't here.

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