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    Survivor, Pokemon, Dubs(Persian especially), MLP,(kinda, haven't watched in a long ass time) Historical stuff, Niche game, Whodunnit the TV Show, Wrestling(mainly NXT, the rest of wwe, and a selection of documentaries bc im a Lazy B****: Read all about It; i have watched first season of Lucha Underground tho and ill prob watch the rest but not right now and i dont want any spoilers for the rest of the series), Wie is de Mol and De Mol, The Sims
    Also I know a Metric Crapton about cat genetics so if u need something like that Call us
    theres prob more but those are the main girls
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    Ohio: Home of Norton's Furniture and Irate Gamer
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    LGBT SpongeBob
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    Persian Grandpa and Smith

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  1. DarknessDG

    Ask Dark

    deadass i dont KNOW but there are some good wrestling documentaries out there. for example, cheating death stealing life is prob my favorite wrestling documentary even though it BREAKS my fucking heart.(also due to the fact that the videos online of that movie have the upn logo on it i always associate that channel with this movie lol) also i saw detective pikachu in theatres in may??? i think??? and it was good too and pretty fun also haven't seen it in ages but mean girls rocks i should rewatch it at some point. heard it got a musical and apparently the girl whos veronica in the heathers musical is janice? also.... its not really a favorite but i wanna talk about it... that ONE documentary we watched about the prostitute religion in india was a fun watch. but then again documentaries are always fun to watch idk why. also the lion king 2. well it does have problems but i love listening to the dubbed versions of not one of us, its such a cool song. i think thats what got me back into dubs to be honest(well not sure if i ever lost my love for dubs but it reignited it). im STILL hoping the tagalog dub is real tho even tho theres a 99.999% chance that was a false memory. also,(take a drink every time i say also) not sure if it counts since its a musical, romeo et juliette! ive seen the og french, the revival, hungarian, austrian, and russian productions.(also listened to a london bootleg which is... Bad to say the least). the songs(except for le poete and le pouvoir and the revivals tu dois te marrier I HATE THOSE ONES) are bops and my favorite productions are hungarian and austrian(bad costume decisions on the latter's behalf aside). but yeah i dont have a favorite i dont watch movies all that often and in general my taste is both diverse but limited.
  2. DarknessDG

    Ask Dark

    okay guys revival time ask me questions. its been over a year also ive been waiting for widm s11 subtitles for at like 10 months so
  3. hit that like button for free aliens and widm s11 english subs

    1. DarknessDG


      please tell me this shitpost is allowed i just want them aliens and subtitles

  4. good luck sof! hope for you the best!
  5. Since I don't remember what my first avatar here was, I decided to make a new one in like 5 minutes with someone some of y'all might have never even seen!

    For those who don't know, DarknessDG is from an OC I had back in 2012, Darkness. The DG part is from dragon since the first site I used it on already had a DarknessDragon. Darkness' design has changed since her first conception, and I'll be honest I don't draw her that often anymore, but for the 10th anniversity of SBC, I'm bringing her back in the form of my avatar!

  6. Got a thing you're really into but nobody in the forums is into it? Now's the time to share it! Let's start with mine! Wie is de Mol and De Mol are the Dutch and Belgian versions of The Mole respectively. They're both enticing and fun to watch while fucking you up at same time. The premise of both shows is that 10 participants try to win money from assignments, and the winner gets the money from the pot. In WIDM, they are Dutch celebrities(Though Belgian ones aren't unheard of), but in De Mol, they are Belgian civilians. The plot twist is that one of the participants, the Mole, is actively trying to sabotage and keep money away from the pot. At the end of every episode, there is a test containing 20 questions about the Mole's identity. The person with the fewest correct answers gets eliminated. However, jokers/pasvragen can be used to correct one answer per joker/pasvragen. Exemptions can be used to avoid the test all together, guaranteeing the person makes it to the next episode. Of course, the Mole is never eliminated. There are also times where the group is given an option to avoid anyone being eliminated for the episode. At the final 3, the final test is given. Unlike the normal test, there are 40 questions in WIDM, but I think in the Belgian version it's 30 instead? I can't remember. The person who gets the most answers right wins and gets the money from the pot. In WIDM, the mole isn't revealed until the reunion, the episode after the finale where the final test takes place. Sometimes, they'll reveal the winner or runner-up at the finale, but never the mole. In De Mol, however, the mole, winner, and runner-up are all revealed at the finale, making the reunion completely optional. In WIDM, after the reveal, they discuss the mole's sabotages and actions. So aside from the reveal, the rest of the reunion is optional. Now only S8 - S10 and S15 - S19 of WIDM and S4 - S7 of De Mol are completely subbed. And also, some seasons spoil others! So here's some warnings for the subbed seasons. Also, there's a show called Moltalk on WIDM's website which discusses WIDM episodes. Avoid that, but especially if you haven't seen S15. They also often have past winners and past moles on that show.(NOTE: The S15 warning really only matters in recent Moltalks, I have no clue who hosts the earlier ones). Also, avoid the Wikipedia pages of anyone on the show until you've completed the season! Also, when it comes to WIDM, avoid any host's page. EDIT: I didn't considered this last night but also watch it on Private/Incognito mode! Spoilers might start to appear on your recommended videos if you watch a lot of it. ANYWAYS, after all that talking. Here are the links to the subtitles! WIDM English Subs De Mol English Subs S4 and S5 De Mol English Subs S6 and S7 De Mol English Subs S7(NOTE: The actual episodes are in the description of the videos, unlike the above this also has Drive links)
  7. UPDATE! Spongebob in Tehran has been subtitled in English! The translation doesn't seem perfect, but it should help you have an idea what this movie is about. But if you've seen it already... Don't worry. Here's something new I've found. This was made by Green Art Animation Studio and the youtube video was uploaded on Feb 19, 2019. This seems to be a trailer for a full movie with a very similar premise, it's about Spongebob having to go to Iran. But clearly, it's likely not made by the same people and doesn't have the same dubbing crew.(Patrick DOES sound similar though, but Spongebob is way off) So what is this, a bootleg of already unauthorized movie? I'm not sure, but I'll try to find more info.
  8. edit: nevermind alls good


    1. SOF


      yeah the images isn't working very well https://status.discordapp.com/

  9. free persian spongebob online

  10. sobble is my boy i love him
  11. one time at the zoo there were several ducks with the flamingos and that is my mood today

  12. Strange to see a more realistic style with Willow next to a more cartoonish Oak. Theory: This is Animon. Likely not the first person to see this but for those who don't know, Animon is a scrapped Ditto evolution from the Gold and Silver Space World Beta. It evolve with a Metal Coat, and while Animon isn't a Steel-type itself, Scizor and Steelix, who evolve by this item, are part Steel. And Meltan is confirmed to be a Steel-type and the bottom part of its body looks like a Ditto. Strange to see Space World pokemon possibly come back in a way after it was leaked.
  13. Already posted this on Discord but this is important. The Persians are at it again and this time, they made a movie. According to the description: "'Bab Esfanji Dar Tehran' or 'باب اسفنجی در تهران' is a 43 minute bootleg SpongeBob movie distributed in 2017 directed by Majid Yazdanparast and Hamid Esmaeili. The plot roughly translated says it is about 'This animated story about the friendship of SpongeBob and Patrick in Tehran. It's interesting to know that Bob and his friend Patrick, who travel to Iran for the first time, catch their attention with their hamburgers until they notice something happening ...'" I'm pretty sure this was made by a studio that already dubs SpongeBob illegally in Persian. The voices sound pretty much the same. Persian dubbing is god-tier, and this is proof.
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