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  1. > Inanimate Carbon Rod

    Deep Space Homer?

    1. Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Yup, that's the one!

      The only inanimate object, incidentally, which is superior to the Carbon Rod, though, is the Baking Soda Volcano. I mean, that thing even became king of Mars! However, I don't want to hurt the Carbon Rod's feelings, so don't expect another username change soon.

  2. All I can say is that it's about time "Pineapple RV" came to the US.
  3. Last time you remember, our favorite friendly ghost, who had recently been deeply fascinated with the Middle Ages, that exciting time of knights, chivalry, fire-breathing dragons and all that jazz, ended up being zapped by a nasty sorceress irked by Casper’s goody-good behavior into that fascinating time - and also, at the exact same time at that zapping, been bonked on the head with a runaway baseball. What’s going to happen to our favorite ghost now? How’s he going to feel about this unexpected surprise? What adventures and/or predicaments will he find himself in, as he wanders through the mysterious past, a ghostly stranger in strange new territory (as if the title wasn’t any clue as to what’s gonna happen next?) Find out in the second part of this story (or should that be, “Findeth out-eth in Ye Second Part of Ye Story…eth?”….) “Knight and Day” or “We’re Off to See the Wizard!” (no, not that gentleman from the Emerald City…) (author’s note: you’ll notice that the alternate title for this chapter has been crossed out. That’s because I realize it’ll end up having very little to do with this chapter, and so I’ve come up with a new “B” title, which you see down below:) “What the Shepherd” (the pun makes more sense if you read it out loud!) The bonk on the noggin rendered Casper unconscious for several minutes as he lay on the ground (what? did you think the ball would go right through him?). Several thoughts ran through our hero’s mind as he lied flat on the dirt, stuck in a deep sleep that would only be broken moments later. Gee, that hurt! When I come to I’d get some ice for my poor noggin! Hmmmm…. I’ve gotta focus on the positives about this situation, if anything. Let’s see here, what’s so positive about a conk on the noggin? Well, at least I don’t think the hit jarred my brain - I’d hate to see what that could do to my personality! I should know - I’ve seen this happen in the movies and on TV! Either I’m going to become so smart it’s going to be great at first, but will soon annoy all my friends, or I’m going to end up in a different time period - preferably the latter! Naw - even if I got there thanks to a head injury I’d rather go through the ages with Wendy in her time machine! Wait a minute, let’s be realistic - maybe if I wake up in another time period, it just won’t be as it seem! If I end up in the Middle Ages, it’s probably that Wendy magically transported me to that year-round Ren Faire so we could check the place out! Fine with me…I’m content waking up anywhere but that kiddie Mother Goose Land park…. I don’t know how many times Wendy and I have to help that poor Bo Peep look for her sheep… three times last year we had to look for ‘em! Maybe someday I’ll develop a phobia for shepherd crooks and get hives just looking at one! I mean, I love helping people, and I know it’s part of the rhyme, but sometimes I wish that shepherdess would do a better job of looking after her flock… Eventually, our hero started to wake from his slumber and as soon as he started to regain consciousness, he immediately realized that he wasn’t home anymore, but some strange new place he’d never been before. It all seemed unfamiliar at first, nothing but fields and a few livestock sprinkled here and there, but our hero noticed something in the background that caught his eyes and told him exactly where he ways. It appeared to be a small village - and the design of the architecture - could it be??? “I can’t believe it!” Casper said to himself in amazement. “I’m in Merrie Old England… the Middle Ages! Only it wasn’t called that then. If I was crazy I’d think that bonk on the head sent me back in time…” But then logic hit him. “But I shouldn’t contain my excitement. For all I know this could just be some really accurate medieval theme park - like Williamsburg but medieval! I oughta walk through the place and see for myself, but if this really is medieval England - that’s amazing!! Methinks I’ll check out that little village straight ahead, expose myself to the culture, and then find some wizard or somebody to help me get home!” And then he realized something important. “However, I’ve got to be careful! According to what I’ve read, ghosts like myself are considered to be harbingers of bad omens - in other words people thought we were bad luck! But maybe that’s just crazy superstition. I’m sure people will be frightened when they see me like in the present… I mean the future… but maybe that’s just a load of baloney!” And so he started to amble towards the village, inevitably scaring off whatever livestock he chanced to pass by. But just as he was half-way there, he heard a voice - it sounded like a female voice - and it sounded familiar. “What ho! A wee little spook! Methinks I’ll go hook the little spook with my staff!” You needn’t try and fool me with that English accent, Wendy! I know it’s you… I think?? Hmmm…Maybe this is for real after all! It is, it is! he thought skeptically. Suddenly, something came in and hooked the little ghost in. Needless to say, this took Casper by surprise, but he was hardly surprised at all. “Whoever’s hooked me with their crook - unhand me! I’m not that kind of a ghost! Really!” he pleaded. And then he turned to see just who was taking him to wherever they were going to - and he was surprised even more! It appeared to be a shepherdess, but the face - oh, the face! The blonde hair, the cute blue eyes - could it be?? An ancestor of his very best friend? Could be! Astonished by what he saw, Casper just couldn’t stop staring at his kidnapper. “What’re ye staring at, spook?” said the girl. “I’m really not scared by you at all! I’ve just got to take you home with me so you don’t scare my flock.” Casper, still astonished by who he bumped into, couldn’t hear a word of what she was saying due to his internal thoughts. I can’t believe it , he thought. Somehow I’ve bumped into an ancestor of Wendy’s! How’s that for a weird coincidence? I hope she’s every bit as good as the witch I know - I don’t want to be thrown into the ocean or turned into a gargoyle or something just for being a ghost! Maybe, just in case, I ought to play it safe and zip off into the village until she’s clear out of sight! And that’s just what he did. “Well, I thinkest I had better get going, little lass! I don’t want to risk being given whatever kind of treatment you do to my kind around here! Bye!” he said, running off in a hurry until he seemed to have disappeared into the distance. “Drat!” shouted the shepherdess as Casper dashed off. “That little spook got away! But I’ll find him one way or another!” She then eyed one of her sheep. “Hey, Baba!” she whispered. “I’ve got a plan to get that spook with me once and for all!” We’ll spare you the details about the little lass’ plan for now, but let’s get back to Casper, shall we? When he got to the village, Casper had a clear idea as to what he’d do: First off, he muttered to himself, I’ll walk about that village and just kind of check out everything I can - nosh on some period food, etc. - but I’d better blend in with the crowd somehow! Otherwise people will be running off left and right at the sight of me! After all of this I’d better see if I can find some wizard or somebody to help me get back to my own time! Sounds easy, right? If only he knew what he’d encounter during this little escapade… Anyways! As luck would have it - there was the very thing that would enable him to walk around the little hamlet without anyone knowing he was a ghost - a discarded old suit of armor! “How do you like that for luck?” the friendly ghost commented. “And it’s just my size - what a ko-winky-dink! Guess that’s what they called ‘junk mail’ back in the day!” It took sometime, but eventually our hero was able to put on the armor, although he looked a little silly parading around in a suit of armor. As he finally stumbled into the village with a CLANK! and a CLINK! in his every step, the whole world seemed to stop, and only a few voices could be heard, in awe of the visitor. “Could it be him?” “It’s him! It’s really him!” “I thought that bloke got killed!” “I ne’er thought I’d see-eth the day!” “Harken, Percival! You hath to see this! He’s finally here!” “Blimey! So it is!” How about that! Who do you suppose everybody thinks I am? Some heroic knight? Casper wondered. Suddenly, everybody started crowding towards him, as if the ghost was getting a hero’s welcome. In fact that’s exactly what he got! “Rejoice! Rejoice! Sir Geoffrey the Small has returned from battling the evil witches and warlocks! Huzzah!” shouted the crowd, as they picked Casper up in the air and carried him. Casper, not expecting such a welcome, was pleasantly surprised. Hey, they DO think I’m some knight! Looks like I might end up getting the royal treatment! As the crowd carried him along the streets of the village, seemingly more and more people looked on. It seemed almost everybody was excited about the return of this “knight in shining armor”, from the lowliest shepherd to opulent lords and ladies. Even a few monks, although living by a vow of silence, gasped in amazement at the sight of the town’s hero. And then Casper realized something. Battling witches and ghosts? Gulp! My books never told me about knights battling creatures like myself! That Geoffrey guy doesn’t sound like my kind of knight! How’m I going to get these folks to understand that I’m not this Sir Geoffrey fellow? Maybe I should just go with it - nothing against being treated like a hero - I myself have had more than my fair share of derring-do! So the spook continued keeping his position up in the air, and waved at pretty much everyone who he saw on either side of him. A few minutes later of being carried around town to the sound of wild cheering and jubilation, the merry crowd stopped at a castle. Up in a tower was the king of the place, a little, geeky-looking (although the term wasn’t invented yet!) man by name of Arthur. At the sight of “Geoffrey” he rushed down the castle staircase and dashed out of the place to greet our hero with open arms. “At last!” he exclaimed in a nasal voice, sort of sounding like Droopy Dog. “Sir Geoffrey the Small! Champion of England! I can’t believe mine eyes, for it appears he’s returned from his noble quest to rid the world of those sinister forces of evil, those minions of the Devil, the ghosts and witches who hath scareth our livestock and spoiled our crops, not to mention also hath caused many other horrid acts of pure evil throughout our land! Welcome back, lad. We’ve been expecting you! You’ll get the royal treatment for your valor and bravery!” So that’s King Arthur, huh? thought Casper, somewhat disappointed at his appearance. I thought the guy was a lot taller, and more… heroic-looking. Didn’t expect him to be such a little guy! Hopefully Merlin’s not a letdown as well - same with the Knights of the Round Table! “Come in, my boy!” said Arthur. “We’ll have the royal cook produce-eth a banquet fit for a courageous fellow as you! But first - shouldn’t you say something to our fair citizens?” “Yes!” agreed the citizens. “Speech! Speech! Speech!” “Oh, I couldn’t!” modestly said Casper, trying to disguise his voice, knowing he didn’t want to lie to the people of this town. “Classic Geoffrey!” chuckled the king. “So unassuming! Modesty was always one of that fellow’s most positive traits. Well, I won’t bother you much with requests any longer. Come inside!” And so Casper and King Arthur went inside, and in the castle the ghost was greeted with the sound of thunderous applause and cheer from the king’s advisors, servants and knights, who were all gathered inside the great hall of the castle to congratulate him. “CONGRATULATIONS, GEOFFREY!!” they all shouted. The ghost, beneath his helmet, blushed. “Aw, fellows!” he said. “Ye really didn’t need to go out of your way to do that!” “Oh, but we needed to,” said a big, tall knight with a small mustache who walked over to Geo… I mean Casper. This was Lancelot, one of Arthur’s most reliable and brave knights. In one swift motion of his hands he picked the ghost up and gave him a big bear hug. “You are perhaps the greatest and most courageous of us Knights of the Round Table! Why, troubadours all over the country have sung all manner of beautiful music about your adventures! And let’s not forget the tapestries folks have made detailing your most legendary escapades! If it weren’t for your bravery and valor, I’ll bet we wouldn’t be around! You’re a legend, and never forget it, Geoffrey.” “Thanks, Lance,” muttered Casper. “Now, would you please put me down? I’m awfully peckish!” “Righto, pal!” said Lancelot. “Geoffrey is on to something,” agreed Arthur. “Let’s go over the banquet hall and have that feast!” And so they did. For quite a time the king, knights and ghost feasted on a scrumptious meal fit for a king (sorry, I had to), caught “Geoffrey” up on what he missed during his “battles”, sung songs and just had a good time - and just about when all was about over, our hero had decided he wanted to spill the beans. “A-Arthur, s-sir,” stammered Casper. “T-there’s…. some… something I… I needeth to tell you, right n-now.” “Don’t be shy, my boy! Speaketh up!” “Well, you see, Sire….” He just wasn’t sure what was going to happen if he told the truth. He sweated so much, you could’ve sworn that he had sprung a leak. What was going to happen to him for impersonating the “Champion of England”? The dungeon? The pillory? Turned into a gargoyle? Or maybe even have his eyelashes plucked off, or even be given hard labor? “I’m not the heroic knight you think I am, good, kind and noble King!” the ghost blurted out. “You see, I’m a ghost from the distant future and I must’ve been transported here somehow! So please don’t punish me! This is all just a mistake! Honest and for true!” The whole room fell silent. Even the wind seemed to have stopped blowing. It was as if time itself had stood still. “Well, then!” said Arthur. “That’s some confession, my boy!” We hate to interrupt you, Arthur, but this just seems like a good place for a cliffhanger! Keep the readers guessing as to what our hero’s fate’ll be, you know. What’ll happen to our hero next? Find out in ye next episode… “Stuck in the Middle Ages with You” or …uhm…. Actually, I can’t think of a good 2nd title here. Sorry, folks! Let me think of one… OOOOOKAY! LET’S START OVER AGAIN NOW THAT I’VE GOT A GOOD 2ND TITLE NOW! Find out in ye next episode… “Stuck in the Middle Ages with You” or “Royal Pains!” (it was the best I could come up with, okay?)
  4. Welcome to our club! Welcome to our club! Welcome Declan Welcome Declan Welcome Declan!
  5. Happy birthday, Garfield!

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=RlFPVc0Q8KY Anyone else think that the clips of Squidward in concert and SpongeBob falling out the plane might be from "Dream Hoppers?"
  7. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: "How Much is That Rabbit in the Window?" (inb4 Local or CDCB.)
  8. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Not as fantasmagorical as the advertising proclaimed it to be, but still a fine family picture.
  9. RIP Gene Deitch :(

    1. Old Man Jenkins

      Old Man Jenkins

      He brought Dicky Moe and Clint Clobber into my life. For that, I am eternally grateful. Rest in peace

  10. The trick sequence must be one of the best visual sequences in this era of the show. Also, although I wasn't too keen on its companion, I loved the joke with Sandy observing while a scene from that episode is going on in the background. That's just brilliant. Also, was I the only one who thought Squidward swallowing his eyes was funny?
  11. You put the lime in da coconut...
  12. I find it so puzzling how this is being advertised as a Gary-centric episode...
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