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    north korea is the best country in the world
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  1. happy birthday obaby, i hope you enjoy the pean...i mean pizza i gave you
  2. 4evergreen: "Feral Friends ending is not SO good! Enough said!"
  3. welcome to sbc, nice to see you around here!
  4. Good luck on your surgery, my friend! ❤️
  5. for the 5th time, happy birthday jaic!
  6. So, yesterday I broke my streak of being a good noodle in chat rooms. How? By typing in all caps and saying "LMAO" after the warning. You're apparently forbidden to type in all caps there. SpongeBob Wikia, everyone.

    1. Cosmix humungosaur

      Cosmix humungosaur

      you are also forbidden for saying lmao you trouble maker :funny:

    2. CakeCup


      to be fair that place is ran by clowns. 

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