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  2. *jumps like michael jordan*
  3. i'll be 21 in september o_o
  4. celeries are the best tbh and lol @me being the only one who voted for it also why is spinach leading this poll fjnehnnmdndjejdgzb
  5. i strongly disagree cuz that face is meant to like that since squidward is so scared. their intention is not to make him look like an "ugly dumbass". the designers try their best to find a fitting face for the situation, doesn't matter if it's squidward, spongebob or sandy.
  6. gonna post this yearly status...


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    2. BobCarotte


      i said this ironically because that quote is from a cheap nick commercial that is godly 


    3. Wumbo


      Timmy Turner sounds more like SpongeBob than SpongeBob does

    4. CakeCup


      That voice acting is absolutely splendid. 

  7. good luck, i'm pretty sure the surgery will be successful!
  8. i haven't met voice actors yet but basically i would like to meet all the spongebob cast, especially tom kenny and mr lawrence who are my favourites
  9. no free rides is easily the best boating school episode, enough said true believers!
  10. too lazy to comment on all episodes listed but friend or foe is overrated imo. i'm not a fan of the patchy scenes and the plot and execution were nice but not top tier worthy and it's not even on my top 50. i'd give it a 7/10 or so...
  11. as i live in quebec which has a different education system from the rest of canadian provinces, i just finished college at 19 years old because high school finishes at 11th grade and college lasts 2-3 years depending on how much you fail your courses. this august i will start going to a local university.
  12. really devastated rn, after many arguments my parents are finally planning divorce :(

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    2. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      As someone whose parents got divorced in his pre-teen years, I know exactly how you feel.

    3. That Excited SpongeKid

      That Excited SpongeKid

      I'm really sorry to hear that :( I know how you feel, my parents divorced in 2013

    4. BobCarotte


      thanks guys, this morning they told they won't separate for now so i'm fine now :)

  13. hey yo i haven't made a spongebob topic in forever So, the title says it all. This topic hasn't been made in a long time so I think it needs an update, especially when Season 11 is already over. Obviously specials don't count since they are alone. Season 12 doesn't count either because there is like just one aired pairing. I'll start: Season 1: Culture Shock / F.U.N. Season 2: Dying for Pie / Imitation Krabs Season 3: Wet Painters / KKTV Season 4: Krusty Towers / Mrs Puff, You're Fired Season 5: New Digs / Krabs à la Mode Season 6: Not Normal / Gone Season 7: The Abrasive Side / Earworm Season 8: Mooncation / Mr Krabs Takes a Vacation Season 9: Patrick! The Game / The Sewers of Bikini Bottom Season 10: Feral Friends / Don't Wake Patrick Season 11: Appointment TV / Karen's Virus
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