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  1. "I Stay Away" - Alice in Chains
  2. Patty Hype: A good episode. I don't think I'd put this among my top S2 favorites but it's good nonetheless. 8~9/10? It's a Spongebob Christmas: Ehhh... I don't get the hype for this one personally. It's definitely one of S8's better outings for me, but it's also not that memorable? A few years back I despised this episode without having seen it due to hating the songs after my sister played them to no end, lol. However, I now find this episode good but overrated. 7/10
  3. The Nitwitting: No comment. Summer Job: Bottom 50 maybe? I don't know, but it's not good. My biggest problem with this one is how obnoxious it is, both for it being obnoxiously boring and for it being obnoxious in that Spongebob's characterization is utterly awful here. I can't think of any reason this episode needs to exist outside of being another "ha ha Mrs Puff's in trouble with the law" episode, and while that doesn't come as much into play until the end, it's still yet another dumb Mrs. Puff plot that has no meaning otherwise. 4/10
  4. To Love a Patty: I have a shameful opinion on this one that I shall not share here. Demolition Doofus: Admittedly, this is probably in the top half of Season 8 for me. Like a lot of the rest of Season 8, this episode elicits little to no reaction from me, but at least they keep it kind of interesting, a far cry from the bland, uninteresting other sub-good episodes of the season. Neither Mrs. Puff nor Spongebob were in the right here, and that may be why I didn't really care about Mrs. Puff's characterization. Overall, it's just another Season 8 episode. 6/10
  5. anyways uh Atlantis: Undeserving. I honestly don't hate this episode very much, and barring a few slip-ups (like two of the songs and not exploring its concept to the fullest), I can't find much to hate here. The Patchy segments are like so bad they're good to me, there's just something about how nonsensical they are that I find amusing. But anyways... 6/10 Sportz?: Bad but not deserving as well. I wouldn't call this episode awful per se but there are more than a few things I don't like here. Squidward. for example, is out of character and the episode feels like it was rushed in production (leading to iffy animation and dumb writing). But, at the same time, I find that there are bigger fish to fry in the long run (and in the same season as well, looking at you Patrick's Coupon), so... yeah. Overall, a flawed episode but nothing worth hating to hell and back. 4/10
  6. Waiting: Missed my worst list this year but still bad. This episode can be basically summed up as "Spongebob is an Out of Character Bitch: The Episode". The only saving grace for this episode is that it's only 7 minutes, because had it been a full-length episode then it surely would've at least gotten closer to making my list. Also, why did Spongebob's crying have to get annoying a good amount of the time in Season 5? Like, while it doesn't get as bad as A Day Without Tears's opening, it's still a fair bit annoying throughout Season 5, and this episode is no exception (hell, Spongebob and Patrick cry over a toy they think is broken)... but that's off topic. Anyways, this episode is just... not good. 3/10 House Sittin' for Sandy: Woof Also, damn, this is the first year this episode got on? That's 6 or so years too many without it getting on. 1/10
  7. "Attack" - System of a Down
  8. All That Glitters: Gonna be honest, I don't agree with this being on the list. Getting things out of the way, I can't hate this episode. It's just too funny to me, and while some of the crying is grating (especially in the last scene), several other scenes in this episode keep it from being bad in my opinion. Past that, however, there are far bigger fish to fry. Even when I disliked this episode, I didn't find it entirely that bad, and it barely came close to doing anything as bad as what a few later episodes (even during this season) did. But, to each their own. 7/10 Shuffleboarding: An utterly aimless episode, I wouldn't say this episode's biggest problem is that it leads everyone on to believing it's about Shuffleboarding when it isn't (and that's bad enough as is) because if that were the plot, this episode would still suck. There's little to say about this one because the first half is yet another "Spongebob and Patrick fuck around and be dumbasses" plot and the second half is... oh, who am I kidding, that's the entire episode. While I don't despise this episode, it's another example of why Season 6 failed so hard a lot of the time. 3/10
  9. When you're tired of being a good little witch and want to be a bad little witch for the day
  10. Face Freeze: Bad. This episode is such a nothing episode; literally the only thing they do for a good part of the episode is make disgusting faces, perhaps some of the worst from the entire show. My problem with this episode isn't even that it's apparently a ripoff of Hooky, it's that it's a disgusting, boring and outright meaningless episode. Admittedly the Krusty Krab scene near the end got some (forced) chuckles out of me due to how stiff it is but that brings me to another point as well; yep, it's another forced Krusty Krab appearance in Season 8. Also, the ending makes literally zero sense: as has been stated above, it's illogical that Spongebob's and Patrick's faces become stuck overnight but Mr. Krabs's and Squidward's are stuck after like a split-second of making them. This episode made my list, and while it's in the upper half of the list, that doesn't give it any excuses. 2/10 Cephalopod Lodge: Also bad. My main gripe with this one isn't even just with that it's yet another poorly-written "Squidward gets bad luck" plot, it's also that this one is painfully boring when it's not painful. It's just an unfunny episode all the way through, not helped by the ending, which kills all meaning of anything done before it because it's another example of an S6 staple; Spongebob and Patrick being too dumb to live. As much as I hate the term "Squidward torture porn" (in addition, I feel that those sorts of plots can be funny if pulled off correctly), that's perhaps one of the few ways to describe this utter mess of an episode. This one missed my list but it's definitely at least bottom 50. 3/10
  11. When you're unsure whether you want to be a fruit or a bird
  12. A Day Without Tears: Bad episode. Spongebob's crying in the first half is the most annoying instance of him crying throughout perhaps the whole show, and that kills any chance of it being close to good. The second half is plain S7 mediocrity and annoyance; nothing this episode attempts to do brings it out of the rut it dug itself into in the first half. Due to this, I'd say it incorporates two of S7's worst characteristics; being painfully annoying and being painfully boring. It's just such an unpleasant episode to sit through, especially with those first few minutes barring any chances of it being fully watchable. It made my worst list, albeit in the upper half. The Card: Hooray, another bad Patrick appearance in Season 6! While I don't think this is the worst Season 6 episode (and therefore it missed my worst list), it's definitely not in the upper half of the season. Patrick is infuriatingly stupid here; not to the point of, say, Ink Lemonade's first half, but he's still pretty bad here. Admittedly, the "You can't expect my usual brand of stupidity" line is kind of funny to me, but Patrick is still painfully dumb here nonetheless. I don't have much else to say, but that's kind of inevitable when the only gag this episode goes for is "Ha ha ha, Patrick is dumb". I believe this episode made my bottom 50.
  13. The Play's the Thing: THERE I AM AGAIN GARY LOOK Ok, but anyways, it's a bad sign when I can barely remember half of what happened throughout the episode. This is like one of the emptiest episodes of the entire show and gives the previous two episodes on this list a run for their money. Pet Sitter Pat: I have to congratulate this episode, really. It's one of the few episodes of the entire show that made me feel legitimately tired from how fantastically boring it could be. And when it's not boring, it's very dumb. It missed my worst list, but it still stands as one of the examples of why I find Season 8 somewhat underhated.
  14. Two boring-ass episodes, I see: The Google Artiste: The emptiness is strong here. Barely anything happens throughout this episode's runtime, and what does happen ranges from: * An annoying art critic who prefers arts and crafts over actual art * Patrick getting fame for something so ridiculous * Yet another forced Krusty Krab appearance (number what out of how many this season?) * Mr. Krabs being greedy yet again, what else is new * A painfully weak ending So much of this episode is a waste of time and space, and the only thing I honestly like about it is the "gambling addiction" line said by Spongebob near the beginning of the episode. This episode didn't make my worst list, but god is it bad. You Don't Know Sponge: Another pointless episode. Forced conflict, an aimless middle portion and a bad "resolution" that doesn't fix anything brought on by the already useless conflict. I consider this one worse than Googly Artiste personally, mainly out of how much this episode goes through hoops to force a conflict that is mainly based around what may be the worst way to frame an episode; Patrick's stupidity. This episode missed my list but it sucks nonetheless.
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