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  1. ChefBob Cooking With Insults Show
  2. Happy (belated) birthday Wintermelon! (in my defense I wished you a happy birthday on Discord)
  3. I order the food, you cook the food. Then the customer gets the food. We do that for 40 years and then we die.
  4. And now to anger everyone with my unpopular opinions... I liked this episode. I don't even know why, I just found it funny. The weird antics that happened throughout were honestly funny to me, and while I didn't like EVERYTHING that happened throughout, it held me over at least. I didn't find it very gross (outside of a few scenes) or horrid either. I'm sorry I had to disgrace you all with my opinion but there you go. (sorry about the bare review also, there's not really much to say here) 7/10 (GOOD episode, and I realize I'm dead for saying that)
  5. Good luck SOF, hope everything goes well! You can do this!
  6. Good game everyone! While us Drasticals didn't get the win this time, it was another fun event, and I hope next event will be good also.
  7. This year I got: *a Pikachu mug *Super Smash Bros. Ultimate *a new pair of headphones (Edifier H840) *a pencil sharpener (because I had been asking for one for the past few weeks) *a Nintendo Labo Robot (not sure if I have any games this is compatible with 🤔) *some new clothing *a Nintendo 64 hooded sweatshirt *two bilingual dictionaries, one of them Spanish to English and the other one Italian to English Along with that, I used money I got to buy Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy on Switch and Courage the Cowardly Dog on DVD.
  8. fuck Pixar, movies directed by Colin Slater shall be the future of CGI animated movies
  9. Somewhat dealing with an internal struggle but not as much as earlier, alright otherwise.
  10. RDSP

    Ask RDSP

    Arr, 'tis a shame that I only subscribe to Der Satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch
  11. Two different foods on a plate absolutely cannot touch if you want me to eat them both. Honestly, a lot of things related to food (different foods touching, tomato sauce, food particles, burnt food, etc.) make me feel physically sick.
  12. RDSP

    Ask RDSP

    That's honestly a hard choice. Shiny Fraxure looks awesome, so that might be it, but Shiny Arcanine and Shiny Buizel are pretty close too. Now, if Shiny Quilava were bluish or something, then that would be my Shiny of choice
  13. Grandmum's the Word was probably either the best or second best episode that aired that week imo. While Chatterbox Gary was pretty good in and of itself, that week also had Don't Feed the Clowns (lol), Drive Happy (which could've been good had it not been for Patrick), Old Man Patrick (ironically ABOVE THE SCALE, unironically forgettable) and Fun-Sized Friends (again, lol). Anyways, Grandmum's the Word was decently funny, the animation was calmer if you're into that (while I'm personally alright with most of the more wacky episodes I can see why some wouldn't like them) and overall it was just a nice episode, even if it wasn't that remarkable. 7/10
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