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  1. There are people (especially on that wiki with poor admi- I mean, ESB) who hate Hooky for being too "mean-spirited"...
  2. QuilavaRDSP

    Unpopular opinions you have

    Tomatoes are gross. Nearly everything made with them makes me sick if I even look at it. They taste gross and sauces made with them... those look just gross, ick.
  3. QuilavaRDSP

    Confess anything here!

    Some other confessions: *I still sleep with stuffed animals/plushes. The ones I have include a cat, Mario, a Red Yoshi and a Cyndaquil. *From early 2016 until about a year ago I was in a phase where I was afraid that I was a furry (don't worry, before you get any ideas, I'm not into sexual things or fetishes and I never was) and while that led me into a loop of self-hatred due to fear of people figuring that out and also confusion over how to be myself (yeah, I was very off that year) I've since moved on. *I'm either bisexual or asexual, I don't exactly know yet. Right now, however, I'm really not into either gender. *I have anxiety issues that seem to act up a lot. Sometimes I'm afraid that I have more mental illnesses than just that but I don't know if that's just me worrying too much. *I have a deep fear of insects and spiders. I can't look at pictures of either of these (with some exceptions for insects like dragonflies and some beetles) due to that.
  4. QuilavaRDSP

    Slender Man (film)

    This exists. I've heard it's laughably bad, and while I won't check it out (I'm not much of a moviegoer anyways), may it live in the history of the most irrelevant movies ever made.
  5. I do agree that Quilava is a better fire-type Pokemon than Charizard. :swag:


    1. QuilavaRDSP


      Yep; you know Quilava's better when it (and its evolution Typhlosion, which is a beast on the battlefield) can learn Rollout, a Rock-type move that can steamroll Charizard in just a few hits.

  6. QuilavaRDSP

    First look at Dora from the live-action film

    They forgot to include the four million explosions going on in the background
  7. QuilavaRDSP

    234b. ChefBob

    Here's another episode that I enjoy. This episode had everything stacked against it: as was noted above, the writer and the rough storyboard artist are the same ones who worked on a very infamous episode, and yet this episode managed to go above and beyond with its humour and everything worked perfectly. While the episode was a bit slow to start, it definitely picked up around the second quarter of the episode. Spongebob's persona, ChefBob, becoming an insult comic was just great, and while the puppet seemingly growing a mind of its own was sort of strange, it wasn't too out there to be unenjoyable. There was a lot to like here, from the animation (I don't know, maybe I just like really exaggerated animation 😛) to the dialogue (the dialogue humour used here was some of the best in a long time). Even though the ending was rather strange (although it doesn't detract from my opinion on the episode), there are few negative aspects in this great episode. FINAL RATING: 8/10 (GOOD episode)
  8. QuilavaRDSP

    234a. Patnocchio

    Ehh... It could've been better but oh well. Yeah, I didn't really enjoy this one too overly much. To get the positives out of the way, I did like how they brought back Goofy Goober's for the first time since the movie outside of minor references. There were also some funny moments (Plankton's quips really steal the show here) and the animation was nice I guess. However, a lot of the episode is just Patrick being dull. I wouldn't have as much of a problem with this if they used it creatively but instead he's more dumb for the sake of being dumb than anything else. Several parts of the episode just feel slow and others are just... there. The part near the end with the old man in Pearl's stomach was out of nowhere without buildup and I have no idea what the use of it was supposed to be. Hell, the part with Pearl's stomach was weird also. There was a lot in this episode that didn't make too much sense, and while I guess the setup of the episode (the framing device being Karen dressed as a fairy) sort of allows it to be weird, it's very... out there. To recap, while there were parts that I enjoyed here, there was also a bit that I either didn't get or didn't like due to how dull Patrick is. In all, it's not horrible but not one of the more enjoyable episodes of Season 11. FINAL RATING: 6/10 (OK episode)
  9. QuilavaRDSP

    Save a Season 1 Episode

  10. QuilavaRDSP

    Save a Season 1 Episode

    Squeaky Boots Veto The Paper
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    Save a Season 1 Episode

    Boating School
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    Save a Season 1 Episode

    Walking Small
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    Save a Season 1 Episode

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    Save a Season 1 Episode

    Employee of the Month
  15. QuilavaRDSP

    Save a Season 1 Episode

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