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  1. The most calm and relaxing Season 11 episode, it's almost Season 6 quality with its underwater feel and Season 8 quality with its calmness and relaxing features. Ok, ok, in all seriousness, this episode is just alright. There's really not much to comment on here; the concept is just drab, not much here is funny (barring a joke about water wings and a fakeout regarding this episode's running gag [will get to that in a moment]), the episode drags and overall it's just a bore to sit through. The majority of the episode seems to focus on either old people jokes (with nothing interesting thrown in to make it funny) or this odd running gag involving a one-off character named Marco who doesn't serve much of a purpose outside of setting up a gag that's basically being random for the sake of being random. There really is not much to comment on here; it's a really boring episode and, while I don't hate it as much as others do, I don't think it especially stands out either outside of memes. FINAL RATING: 6/10 / C+ (OK episode)
  2. Gonna put this in the nicest way I can; I am not looking forwards to this. Spongebob does not feel like the sort of show that would need spinoffs. It's just not the show's style to pull such stunts. If anything, this is probably the most blatant cash grab Nickelodeon has done with the show in years. Hey kids! Do you want your favorite cartoon to turn into a soulless money machine that the greedy corporate executives at Viacom milk for all it's worth? Even if the argument that it already has become a soulless cash-grab can be made, this is probably the biggest example of such practices in recent years. What makes this worse is, per WhoBob and Steel, there's something really... tasteless about the timing of this announcement being not too long after Hillenburg's death. All in all, this is probably one of the worst decisions- scratch that- THE worst decision that Nick has made regarding the show, and I really hope this either goes nowhere or dies and kills off Nick along with it (preferably both), because at this rate, if Nick hadn't jumped the shark before now, it most certainly has.
  3. This show is one I hold slightly mixed feelings on, as while it started off really good, its later seasons were iffy at best and utterly horrible at worst. If I had to rank out the seasons, then I'd say: Season 2 (has some of the best-known episodes and is just really good all around) > Season 1 (despite some lame episodes here and there, it kicked off the show rather well) > Season 3 (was off to a strong start, got weaker later on) > Season 5 (sometimes it could pull it off, other times it just did not deliver) > Season 4 (the longest, the most boring and has the absolute worst episodes)
  4. Er... to be honest, I don't even find the song that bad (I enjoy it in a "so bad it's good" sort of way). The part where the episode goes downhill is at the Krusty Krab, where the episode drops from like a 5/10 or so down to a 3/10.
  5. I guess I weakly like this one? To be honest, it grew on me over time. While it's not the most original plot, there's not much for me to hate here either. The visuals are nice, if played up a bit especially for 9b standards and the atmosphere is interesting enough for what it is. While I can't exactly give it heavy praise due to this episode having somewhat weak writing (and the ending twist is too dumb to really enjoy anyways), I enjoy it enough I guess. Even still, this is one of 9b's weaker episodes, and falls below par for post-sequel as a whole, even if I still do like it. 7/10 (GOOD episode)
  6. In contrast to the episode it's paired with, Married to Money manages to take a predictable plot we've seen before and go places with it. While I don't feel the writing here is exactly top-notch, it gets the job done and gives us an interesting episode with good visuals and even some heart to it, a factor otherwise missing for the past few seasons. While I do feel there are some issues here and there (as, again, the plot is kind of predictable anyways considering how this is another "Plankton plots to steal the formula by disguising himself as someone else" plot), it goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks if you put in the effort. 7/10 (GOOD episode)
  7. Gonna be quite honest, I have honestly no idea what there is to like here. The pacing here is slow and boring as hell, Patrick's characterization is very weak (and although his jerkishness was caused by letting the power get to his head, how it's handled otherwise and his supposed realization that he was wrong feel more forced than anything else), there is borderline no humor (the "That's our line!" joke is rather forgettable and feels more weak than anything), and other than that, the ending here is among the worst endings of the entire show. Throughout the episode, I already disliked how they treated Squidward for wanting ice cream but trapping him in a cage is going more than a bit too far. While I don't find this episode to be the absolute worst out there, it sure does give claims that 9b is "great" a major flaw . 3/10 (BAD episode)
  8. "Harder Better Faster Stronger" - Daft Punk
  9. Not gonna lie, this episode was... actually not bad. Going in with low expectations, I actually liked this episode more than I expected to. Even then, I don't think this is the best episode out there. While I did like some of the gags here and there, there were still a few issues with lacking humor in some parts. There were a few dumb parts I wasn't entirely fond of (and lmao, considering how I felt about last week's episode I might as well like every dumb joke in the whole show but whatever) and the ending was kind of... odd (although it does serve as a good twist looking back) but this one sure did subvert my expectations. 6/10 (OK episode)
  10. a capitalist one Ok, in all seriousness, it would be cool if they came out with a Poison-type or Steel-type Eevee evolution. Hell, a Dragon-type would be awesome also but that's my bias showing lol
  11. GameCube because B I A S 2nd best is N64, even though that system had issues I enjoy it for what it was
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