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  1. Eh, the best way to describe how I'm feeling right now would be ":/"
  2. OCTOBER ART DUMP Heh, the reason why it took me so long to do this is because I wanted to get a request done first... And now, for @President Squidward's request...
  3. Man, late Season 11 is really picking the season up! Here we have another interesting character interaction (Mr. Krabs and Sandy) and this episode really puts it to good use. To start out with, this episode's artstyle still has the same sort of feeling that Shopping List's did (with Zeus Cervas as the storyboard artist here, it definitely feels a bit different from other episodes in this time period, which is a nice touch). Building off of that, this episode had some good writing; Kaz actually managed to make Patrick funny in this episode, a rare sighting this season. There were enough good jokes, the action scenes here were superb, basically everything here feels well put together. Kaz is really redeeming himself from earlier blunders like Ink Lemonade (even if some of his other episodes as of late have had poorly-written Patrick and other pitfalls keeping them from being outright good). While I wouldn't call it great, this episode really pulled it off, and with the writing team of Kaz and Zeus Cervas, I wonder how Squirrel Jelly is going to go. 7/10 (GOOD episode)
  4. I honestly enjoyed this episode. It went in a lot of different directions, and while parts of it felt a bit messy as a result, that doesn't keep this episode from being fun. There were some rather... odd parts to this episode also, which wasn't a bad touch. What really kept me here, though, was that most of the puns they used here were funny (I mean, come on, the whole "barn-raising" part lmao) and a lot of the visuals were great. Overall, Brookshier stays as my favorite post-sequel writer, and in my opinion, this episode delivered well. 7/10 (GOOD episode]
  5. God, another mass shooting? Why do people keep using their guns to do acts of violence like these? This sort of thing is one of the reasons why I'm wary about guns in the first place. I express condolences to the families of the victims.
  6. Hello, and welcome to SBC!
  7. 1. Food Con (was a hard choice but I prefer this one even if they're both 7/10 imo) 2. Pull Up a Barrel 3. Snail Mail 4. Married to Money 5. The Whole Tooth 6. Lame and Fortune 7. The Sewers of Bikini Bottom 8. Mutiny on the Krusty 9. Two Thumbs Down 10. Sandy's Nutmare 11. Tutor Sauce 12. Pineapple Invasion 13. Larry's Gym
  8. You're welcome! Season 2's gonna be good, I can tell already.
  9. Congratulations fellow Drasticals! We pulled it together in the end and showed those Band Geeks what for! By the ways though, good game to anyone else who participated. This was pretty fun, and I look forwards to what Snowcember will bring.
  10. Happy belated birthday to those I missed and happy birthday Hippy!
  11. Well, it depends on if I take another 2~3-year hiatus like last time but I don't plan on it.
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