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  1. They’re right, though. This episode is really good.
  2. Words cannot express what Stephen Hillenburg has given to me in my life. Countless laughs and smiles! Some of my best moments ever were thanks to him and I really have no clue where I'd be if it weren't for the show he created. I know my praising of SpongeBob can sometimes come across as facetious, but I want to make it clear, from the bottom of my heart, I adore this show and I standby every positive word I've ever said about it! The little bit of hyperbole I've used was only to exaggerate my love, not to by sarcastic or "troll" as it has occasionally come across to some people. Just clarifying that, because I've said a lot of positive things about the show and I'm sure you all know that I think it's absolute perfection and the greatest cartoon of all time. I meant all of that! Thank you so, so, so, so much for everything you've given us, Steve!!! It's so sad that you had to leave this world so young. The world is a lot worse off without your sense of humor and the love you provided, but we'll forever be grateful that you were here at all! Almost all of our lives were influenced by you for the better, which is the best thing you can say about anyone. Thank you!!! I don't know what happens after this life, but I can only hope that you're having the Best Day Ever somewhere right now!!! Goodbye and thank you for everything!!!
  3. I'm in a new WatchMojo thumbnail: 



  4. That’s right, everyone, you’re favorite use just hit the big time!!!! After being the inspiration for the creation of the TTG Movie, I’ve now officially been recognized by WatchMojo and included in their new video thumbnail!!!!! Edit: This post makes no sense, because I’m not even using that picture on this site and the video didn’t embed. But in all seriousness, I popularized that image and they did use it because of me! Edit 2: I got the thumbnail working, so everyone can see me!!!
  5. It is a fact that the generation of kids that are watching TTG will be geniuses when they grow up. The humor is just the most genius and amazing show on TV and you have to be really, really smart to get most of the jokes. This show is actually opening kids minds, so that they'll understand concepts like quantum mechanics and abiogenesis in much better and more life changing ways than the greatest scientists on Earth right now could ever even hope to comprehend, within about 10 years. In about 20 years, they'll save the human race from all the problems we could ever encounter, all thanks to the funniest and smartest show of all time. This is because TTG does not dumb themselves down for kids in any way whatsoever, so any kid that likes it actually has a much higher IQ than the vast majority of adults right now. By the time they're adults, the average intelligence will be what we consider genius level nowadays. The greatest minds (biggest TTG fans) will be the ones that discover the truth of multiverse any all that other amazingness that will help humans become essentially gods with limitess potential!!!


    THANK YOU TEEN TITANS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Coffee_lover
    3. Supmandude


      @Coffee_lover WRONG! I'm not sure which TTG episode is the worst, but there are no bad ones, only ones that are slightly less perfect than others.

    4. Coffee_lover


      @Supmandude I don’t say that it’s a bad episode.It’s just a least-perfect one.

  6. It was a trillion times better than the Pretty Pretty Pegasus Movie.
  7. You both stole the show, along with Robin, Starfire and Raven in this PERFECT movie!!!!! All of your performances were as perfect and funny as humanly possible and it blew my mind how fucking funny all of you were!!!!! Unfortunately, my bladder almost exploded, so I had no choice but to go pee and I ended up missing about 5 minutes of the movie near the end. I still saw the big ending of the film, but part of what lead to it, I missed. I pretty much figured out what happened, but I cannot give an honest review until I’ve seen every last second. Here’s my review of what I did see: ABSOLUTE UNBELIEVABLE PERFECTION!!!!!! I THOUGHT HUMANITY LOST THE ABILITY TO MAKE A FILM THIS PERFECT BACK IN 2004, BUT THIS FILM PROVED ME WRONG AND ACTUALLY IS NOW TIED WITH THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE AS THE GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously thought that at best, it’d be the second best film ever, but nope, it’s tied as the best!!!!!!! Thank you Beast Boy and Cyborg for this perfection!!!! Tell Robin, Starfire, and Raven how amazing and perfect they all were too!!! You were all equally perfect and amazing in this nonstop thrillride of amazing hilarity!!! 999999999999999999/10
  8. Wow, I knew that the TTG Movie would be amazing and perfect, but I could never have imagined it’d be THIS great!!! I thought that at best, it’d be the second best movie of all time, but instead, it’s now TIED with The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie!!!!!! IT’S EQUALLY AMAZING AND PERFECT, I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW GREAT IT IS!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

    1. Coffee_lover


      Even better than Ink Lemonade?

    2. Supmandude


      I’m not sure if it’s better than Ink Lemonade or not. Ink Lemonade is the best cartoon episode of all time and the TTG Movie is tied as the best movie of all time, but I’m not sure which is better than the other. BOTH ARE PERFECT AND AMAZING, THOUGH!!!!! :D

  9. Get rid of that embarrassing selfie of me, please.


    1. CakeCup


      you're new favorite movie

  11. Could someone give me a rundown of what happened on SBM?

    1. kylie✨


      -SBC admin found in a pedophilic relationship with a member (me)

      -outrage ensured on sbc, admin got banned

      -very few people supported the admin except three already-banned members and seemingly ssj

      -ssj made a topic about it, angering many by seemingly blaming me

      -many people left as a result

      You can also see here for more details. :) 


    2. Supmandude


      Thanks! I had no idea it was anything that serious. I’ll be coming here from now on.

    3. CyanideFishbone


      Oh..... wow.


      No idea this happened, I was on vacation when it happened. This is really awful.

  12. What? I'm allowed to bring up the show when it's relevant to a conversation, aren't I? People were discussing romance in Western cartoons and if there could be a gay couple and all that. Although, now that I think of it, Raven must be bi. She loves Beast Boy too. Just saying. It's a gay couple in a kids cartoon. They could to the same with Sponge and Pat.
  13. Raven was confirmed lesbian in Teen Titans Go episode where she dated that girl.
  14. I'd say that SpongeBob and Patrick should instead.
  15. So, I think I'll be active here for a little while. I dunno what happened to SBM, but it seems sort of like cancer right now.

    1. TheBigOcean


      I'll give you two words.



      You can figure out the rest

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