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  1. If an SB spin-off goes in the direction of Planet Sheen, I don't see it going too well honestly. But who knows, maybe it'll surprise everyone.
  2. Saw Jurassic World last night, it was amazing!

  3. R is for Rock Bottom, where it sure is quiet. Kind of different. Even the soil is different. Soil: Would you *raspberry* mind *raspberry* putting me down?
  4. I think it's because they've always been more group focused (multiple shows) than an individual (one show). However with their recent attempts to get their own "Spongebob", things are pretty sour (Johnny Test and Teen Titans Go).
  5. Atm, working on a riff on my first SB countdown!

  6. My nickname is "Patchy the Silver Pirate", which my friend Mike gave to me since I'm Gokai Silver, Gokaiger's theme was pirates, Patchy is a pirate, and I love Spongebob. Nuffield said.
  7. It's tied 3-3. LET'S GO HAWKS!!!!!

  8. E is for Elevator, which is for guests only. Take the employee elevator!
  9. illiniguy34


    Never really got too much into anime, I only watch it sometimes.
  10. Eminem- The Real Slim Shady.
  11. I feel awesome! What could possibly go wrong?!
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