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  1. Hope this actually happens and gets out of development hell.
  2. "The World I Used to Know"- We Came As Romans.
  3. illiniguy34

    Ask IG

    I'm not feeling all too hot, let's just say my parents are involved and I'm wishing I had the money to live on my own.
  4. illiniguy34

    Ask IG

    I'm honestly expecting the Vikings to choke it like they've done in years past (ala Blair Walsh, Brett Favre, or Gary Anderson just to name a few). If the Vikes do somehow make the Super Bowl, I'll be mildly impressed, just pray to God they don't imitate the Falcons in SB 51 >.<.
  5. "Bitch Please"- Snoop Dogg ft. Xzibit & Nate Dogg.
  6. "Right Where You Want Me to Be"- A Day To Remember.
  7. E X C I T E M E N T I N T E N S I F I E S.
  8. illiniguy34

    Ask IG

    Either TV Nihon or AIDSbook. Unfortunately no, I haven't seen "Kamen Rider Build" yet :P.
  9. illiniguy34

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    LOL figured this was the highlight from that game.
  10. "If It Means a Lot to You"- A Day To Remember ft. Sierra Kusterbeck.
  11. It's such an eye-opener to see the domino effect happen after Weinstein was found out......
  12. illiniguy34

    Ask IG

    The precursor to Kidz Bop it seems.
  13. illiniguy34

    Ask IG

    Eh, you never know :/.
  14. "Break Stuff"- We're Wolves (Limp Bizkit cover).
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