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  1. "Save Tonight"- Eagle Eye Cherry.
  2. illiniguy34

    Ask IG

    Certainly feels like it lol.
  3. illiniguy34

    Ask IG

    Jimmy Neutron was mah main mang back in the day, but to answer your question..........I guess a broken clock is bright twice a day so to speak lol(?)
  4. Got a Discord server now, PM me if you desire to join.

  5. illiniguy34

    Ask IG

    Oh God I've seen this, how do you screw up like that with tic-tac-toe of all things???????
  6. "Carry on Wayward Son"- Kansas.
  7. illiniguy34

    Ask IG

    LOL it's no longer available............though hearing that sounds pretty stupid......
  8. illiniguy34

    Ask IG

    Probably because it's true :P.
  9. This could be cool, but praying to God that this doesn't go horribly wrong.
  10. "What's My Age Again?"- blink-182.
  11. "Big Bad Wolf"- In This Moment.
  12. I'm excited for this to come out.
  13. Certainly excited when this bad boy comes to theaters :D.
  14. I've been long at the point of my life where I'm sick of even just looking at the Patriots, let alone seeing them in the Super Bowl. Yeah, no shock that I'm rooting for Philly, just pray to God that they don't blow a lead and win.
  15. I'm a bit excited for the new XFL after reading more into it with McMahon seeming to have learned since the first incarnation. Also time to get a He Hate Me jersey :P.
  16. "Memories"- We Came As Romans.
  17. Looking forward to: -Black Panther -Pacific Rim 2 -Ready Player One -New Mutants -Rampage -Super Troopers 2 -Infinity War -Slenderman -Solo: A Star Wars Story -Deadpool 2 -Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom -The Incredibles 2 -Ant-Man and the Wasp -Mission Impossible 6 -Alita: Battle Angel -The Predator -Dark Phoenix -Mortal Engines -Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse -Aquaman -Mary Poppins Returns -Bohemian Rhapsody
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