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  1. Remember: Bitmoji Avatars for EVERYONE no exceptions. You will be punished if you disobey.

    1. Wumbo
    2. Ohigeru Shmori

      Ohigeru Shmori

      inb4 wumbo loses his brain privileges

    3. Zaid


      My Bitmoji is a reflection of my IRL Self.

      If you want me to do it, then add me on snapchat

      Otherwise, it's private no acceptations.

  2. Darnit, I still need to catch up on some 10 SpongeBob episodes.

  3. I'm back ::dolphin noise::ers

  4. Oh come on, Fergie, I was fine giving Mee Too the worst song of the year award before you blew in with this atrocity. God.

  5. I just walked 8 miles today doing my business playing Pokemon Go. ?

  6. Is Pokemon Go gonna destroy me and the world?

    1. Sweat
    2. Zaid


      Definitely, its already infected Facebook and Twitter, and is almost done with Youtube|Instagram|Tumblr.

  7. I had a really good sushi roll in the shape of a burrito.

  8. Can't we all just vote for our president now so that we can stop being the laughing stock of the world?

  9. What are the point of fireworks? I have nothing against them, but they don't seem like they matter beyond being garishly bright, loud puffs of air for a few seconds.

    1. Wumbo


      does anything matter really

  10. The deadline for the list is passed and I'm finishing the final tally. Unless you're really hasty and are scrambling, it is done and ready to go. I'm pumped!

  11. "Sucker for Pain" from the Suicide Squad movie is the most bizarre combination of musicians I've seen in a song.

  12. So I spent Father's day with a great brunch at a beach club followed by an aquarium trip and and a lobster after. Most of this without dad present. And the irony of eating lobster after an aquarium.

    1. Zaid


      luckyyy i had Chinese Food for fathers day

  13. Did I really hold in my Overlord powers since I got the item in August? Time flies.

  14. I just invented the smartphone! I'm gonna use it to cut vegetables!

    1. Katniss


      This is the first time in a while that I've really enjoyed a Nostalgia Critic review.

    2. Cha


      I'm enjoying it too even though I don't watch him regularly as I use to.

  15. The way this apartment can expand itself is stunning. I never would've thought of it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/03/tiny-apartment-mit-cityhome_n_5438617.html?

  16. Didn't get any more lists for the best episodes countdown this week. There's still two weeks left and it's easy to change-send one when you can.


  17. Need some help building the Fiery Fist O' Pain in Minecraft tonight.

  18. Just finished watching"Money Monster." Excellent movie. It's a really good at both being a comfortable parody of the country's economic problems while still offering plenty of real-time, tense drama and intelligent undertones.

  19. Well it's official, Shawn Mendes is the new horrible teen pop star that I want to hate burningly but's stuck in my head like an earworm.

    1. Katniss


      Stitches is lame but it was lodged in my brain for a while. Darn catchy pop music 

    2. kylie✨


      shawn mendes isnt even new he debuted 2 years ago lol 

  20. So I just binge-watched RWBY... the show's so amazingly awful that it may be one of my favorite shows ever.

  21. Well I feel awkward for going to watch Bridge of Spies when there's a full house. And 99% of them are at least 4 times older than me.

  22. I wonder how early stores are gonna catch up to the Christmas season this year.

  23. Did I miss something that attracted so many members here? Did we get a balloon at the Macy's parade?

    1. Space Cowboy

      Space Cowboy

      we outta build a wall



      make this country great again 

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