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  1. Well jjs said that I could do this if Wumbo wasn't able to when I asked. So why not, otherwise there wouldn't be a list this year, and I gotta do something with free time :p. Anyways, welcome to The SpongeBob Community's ever-popular, now-annual fan list of all of our favorite episodes! That's a mouthful... but don't you worry, anyone on the site can join! I'm not sure if the general consensus has changed since last year, although with some really well-liked episodes coming out recently, alongside new members and possible changes, this still may be entertaining as that's always welcome. Rules are the same as last time--simply send me, @More, via Private Message, a list of what you believe to be the twenty-five best episodes of SpongeBob. Your number twenty-five will receive one vote, and your number one will receive 25. The placement will be determined by the total amount of points an episode gets. Don't worry if you can't think of them off the bat, heck I can't do that, so I'm giving you the rest of the month. I will also allow you to voluntarily send commentary on episodes that were on your list. Hopefully we can get better participation than past lists. I may even get some SBM'ers involved, unless that's a terrible idea. tl;dr, SEND your TWENTY-FIVE FAVORITE episodes to ME in ORDER! No more or less. (You MUST TELL ME if you make changes) The due date is SUNDAY, JULY THIRD, @10:00pm EST. VOTING CLOSED! THE LIST IS FINISHED! Read it if you will. Let the countdown begin!
  2. Choir Boys to me almost lies on that fine line of "so bad, it's good." I can get why many hate it, heck I kinda can't stand it due to how predictable it is and how annoying SpongeBob's, not to mention deliberate, attacks and dream-topping of Squidward were with no improvement to the story or comedy besides "look at how much of a saint SpongeBob is," but some of the horrible gags like the "captive audience" or the twist ending are actually strangely funny in the way a train would crash and burn. And as for SpongeBob You're Fired just scroll up.
  3. Uh... I have absolutely no clue what you just said but I'll blindly accept it as the best essay ever
  4. That makes 2 more off my list, as All That Glitters was #23 and Squid Baby was at a much higher #6. For the former I'm kinda surprised it made the top 10 this year, although it's still the worst episode in the season with how poorly it tries to homage the soap-orepa-esque style with the emotional elements being dragged so long and for such minor reasons that it comes off as nasty, and the lack of jokes didn't help. Squid Baby's more sad than anything as it's a terribly botched parody of head trauma that lacks any empathy in favor of constant head-butting and poop jokes.
  5. I'll be blunt. Little Yellow Book is a good episode in my eyes, it did a lot of things really well that I think many fail to give it credit for due to how much of a backlash it is to the fandom's precious STP ("Squidward Temper Plotline") hatred. (which because of people being sick of that, it made it a really good place for discussion) If anything it helped to resolve most of the complaints lodged at those episodes, filler was nonexistent, SpongeBob was shown to be an innocent child with naivete in his diary to show it, and much of the gags were either really silly, like SpongeBob clucking like a chicken or naming a spatula Fifi being taken so seriously by him, or really exaggerated, like most of Squidward's, to say justified, torment from getting his house contained by a helicopter to sneaking in a good murder joke from the cops. The town's hypocrisy makes perfect sense as the content in SpongeBob's diary is too silly for most to initially believe was a real diary until his feelings were hurt by it. As for the others, The Clash of Triton made my list at (#4), Smoothe Jazz at (#8), and the atrocious episode I just ranted on was (#2). No way I can beat Nugget's speech from last year on the former and even if I can later, MoBros may even do better when he reviews it, so I'm not gonna look stupid delving into its flaws. Smoothe Jazz could've also worked with a change of focus, but god why did it shove in Patrick's worst appearance to date, he has no purpose in the story and is painfully unfunny and barely even has a conscience. And... ^^^^^^^^ you know.
  6. Need some help building the Fiery Fist O' Pain in Minecraft tonight.

  7. Face Freeze is an episode that didn't make my list, however I'd still consider it the laziest episode of the show behind my #1. Can I say much about it? there's unfittingly disturbing faces? Is there any more substance than that? No? Well then... I've talked about Boating Buddies and Waiting (#15) last year so not much to say at all, really.
  8. Sorry I didn't talk about this one yet, I saw this later than all the others due to scheduling and then just put it as a low priority. But I liked this. It's colorful, random, manic fun all the way through. I really loved the subplot of Squidward thinking the whole sequence was a dream, and with all the SpongeBob's running around with how much chaos it caused in the Krusty Krab. However, give it a few weeks, it'd be the episode I'd forget because of its lack of substance. It's energetic but there's very little behind that, and if I wanted more clone mayhem, it was done better in The Fairly Odd Parents, Jimmy Neutron, Gravity Falls and My Little Pony. 7/10 for me.
  9. "Sponge-Cano" isn't really all that bad. Wouldn't come close to a recommendation for its lack of suspense leading to potential destruction, being poorly paced, starting with a crappy song, being lame and shallow with its comedy, to then damage the whole point of Squidward's realization by having him say that he lied about learning gratefulness in the most insulting way possible... wait why don't I think this sucks? Uh... idk it didn't make my list alright. I already ripped on "The Splinter" last year and it got the same spot. (#11)
  10. To be blunt, these episodes all suck. Little noteworthy to say and I agree with the placement and general consensus. Moving on.
  11. As a serious question, why have I been commenting on literally every post for the last two pages? Is anyone else gonna volunteer?
  12. Still really can't dislike "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob" that much. Did enough things to a level that's satisfactory.
  13. Finally saw Civil War. Awesome movie.
  14. You know my thoughts on both. Talked about the former here, the latter (#19) last year.
  15. "A Brilliant Young Mind." It's probably gonna stick around with me more than most other recent movies. Haven't seen such a tender, realistic, and genuinely heartwarming movie in a long time, and it only helps me with how it shows how even perceived weird kids can have a chance to improve and find love. It's a lot less corny than it sounds, but I highly reccomend it.
  16. Obviously since you know about my thoughts on Atlantis SquarePantis, I'll skip it. Pineapple Fever made my list right at the bottom (#25), but even then it's rather interchangeable with similar episodes like House Fancy, Cephalopod Lodge, That Sinking Feeling, Tentacle-Vision and Boating Buddies (which'd probably be 26-30). Same old flaws you'd get in a mid-run STP, excessive, unjust torment of Squidward, SpongeBob and Patrick being more like annoying robots than children, and wasted opportunities for jokes by how long they drag. A Day Without Tears, bleh, predictable choice that I agree with the placement of. Good Neighbors is something I'm warming up to. The ending sucked and it set the general template of later episodes, but it's not so extreme with it's character portrayals, and I can definitely see the cartoonishness and innocence of the jokes. My list thus far:
  17. Yeah the show doesn't have continuity, but with every episode there's an expectation of how the characters should behave. Most of the jokes are driven by the silly ways the characters interact. Squidward not having a happy memory isn't something that makes sense in the show's context.
  18. Are You Happy Now? took a brief stint as my #1 last year, and while I did place it a lot lower this time due to it being too mellow and sad to be that noticeable in hindsight (#21, although maybe that was too low), it's still... mellow and sad regardless. It doesn't feel like SpongeBob with it's lack of jokes, and it's treatment of depression and suicide was... realistically bleak. I know all about this sadness and I can't imagine others would either, even if one was healthy there'd still be too much sympathy for Squidward to laugh. Shuffle-Boarding just barely missed the cut, but I still find it stupid and uneededly mean, with an illogical "plot" to top it off. Skip it. My list this far:
  19. I'm confused that you're giving some three-way ties the span of 2 spots and others as one spot. If it works that's fine though. :I As for these, Summer Job made my list (albeit barely, at #24), simply for outright boredom, and I can say the same about the other two to a lesser extent. Just sucks to see Mr. Krabs waste so much of his potential character development on cheap shlock like dropping hundreds of dollars for a penny, put a ridiculous amount of time in stealing a single customer, and briefly glancing over his relation with Mrs. Puff. (although I do find some of that funny in an ironic way) My list thus far:
  20. Spongehenge is lame and confusing. Next... Okay, even with Season 4 I can't really be too harsh on the worse episodes, and as such I find "The Thing" and "Rule of Dumb" to be rather overhated. Many of the people who complain about Patrick being an absolute jerk completely missed the point. It was a joke-filled way of conveying how power can affect anyone into an egotistical monster if handled poorly, and Patrick was simply fitting for the role. It's not like many episodes where he does it for no reason other than to be mean, it's the plot that the story was based around and managed to convey an excellent message. The Thing's more justified in dislike, but even there it seems like most ignored basic facts about the story to fit the ideal of "Squidward was being unjustly abused" by forgetting that the entire situation he got into was accidental and SpongeBob and Patrick were, in their ways, successfully caring for him as an unknown animal, and even saving him when he was captured in the zoo, despite police interference. I liked it better if it was only SpongeBob and Patrick that were annoying him in "Jellyfishing" rather than the cops, but it's at least a structured, justified story that's passable. Also, don't get why Yeti Krabs would be one's #2 simply for disappointment, but that's just life. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  21. Just finished watching"Money Monster." Excellent movie. It's a really good at both being a comfortable parody of the country's economic problems while still offering plenty of real-time, tense drama and intelligent undertones.

  22. To be honest, "The Card" might be one of the closest episodes to capturing the style of pre-movie for the time. That's not saying much (it was on my list at #14), it's got a simple premise, does really well to parody the warped view of trading card where only specific cards actually matter, and shows the roles of the dedicated control freak and the random guy really well, while still offering a good cartoonish exaggeration of the card's use. Problem? Why the hell is Patrick doing this so mindlessly? Why is he ignoring the fact that the card means so much to his best friend, and doing literally everything in his power to destroy the thing? Why is he doing it intentionally? That is not acceptable, it's maddening. As for Tentacle-Vision... used to dislike it more but now I find it too typical of an episode to bring up on it's own. I agree with its placement. My list thus far:
  23. To be completely honest, the ending of this episode's grown on me quite a lot over time. While it does feel like a cop-out to what's otherwise one of the best episodes period, and was arguably more cruel than any other moment of the show, I actually find some heart in SpongeBob to regaining a good feeling about himself from having a "whole day dedicated to him." I've already talked about InSPONGEiac and The Cent of Money on past lists and completely agree with Steel regarding Sun Bleached, so I don't feel I need to add much.
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