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  1. Wow... To Love a Patty fell this year. Fortunately it’s because it was unrealistically High last time (like #4? Seriously?) It’s quite bad and it’s really surprising the show would release an episode this gross and obnoxious in Season 5... it just doesn’t fit with the trends of the rest of the season, even bad ones like Waiting or Atlantis were just boring and weren’t confused and botched like this one. Romance just doesn’t work with SpongeBob when it’s played alongside a character going insane.
  2. Well, I suppose this is a good long streak of episodes I agree with. Not all of these episodes made my list, but ones like Cephalopod Lodge, Pineapple Fever and Tentacle Vision all seem to suffer from the same exact common flaws of the season's big grudge against Squidward. Are You Happy Now? was definitely one of the most extreme examples (it was my #19), it's depressing and I find it completely off-putting that SpongeBob would tackle a matter like clinical depression for laughs. Shuffle-Boarding is easily the most lousy of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's episodes. While the twist of winning the tournament was a good subversion the direction they picked for the second half was infuriating and repetitive. As for Sportz?, just scroll up, but I can't bring myself to hate it nearly as much as the other two commentators. (It barely scraped by my list at #25 and I debated doing so)
  3. Yup, Atlantis SquarePantis made my list at #10. Total waste of the viewer’s time... it drags on and on and on with singing about character traits that were already established and the jokes are either Juvenille to nonexistent. Cephalopod Lodge is interchangeable with a number of similar episodes so no comment here.
  4. Neither of these episodes managed to make my list, but The Cent of Money was close. The ending helps to at least keep this from being one of Mr. Krabs worst portrayals to date. A Day Without Tears wasn't particularly funny and it spent way too much time wading around for us to expect SpongeBob to cry. While Squidward did deserve what he got in the end his schemes to try and win the bet are pretty uninspired and slow.
  5. I'm so glad that Squidward's School for Grown-Ups managed to crack the list this year. While Patrick's performance was decent, the beginning was annoying, SpongeBob and Squidward are exaggerated opposites that are insufferable, and the second half seems to twist the focus and botch the message to the point of being toxic. Face Freeze! is one I expected to show up. Didn't make my list but it's still one of the laziest episodes the show's released to date.
  6. Yeah, while Good Neighbors did set a precedent for the future of the Squidward Temper Plotline, the episode itself isn't that bad. SpongeBob and Patrick are comparatively innocent and there are good jokes. Sun Bleached, however, did make my list (at #15) and I'm glad its here. Completely agree with Steel as to why: I absolutely hate botched morals as that can have a long-term impact on the viewers. Episodes on my list that made it:
  7. Trophy it's not that I don't dislike the episode (it didn't make my list but it's hovering around the 26-35 area). I was just using it as an example for. how times change and it's weird that episodes like this and Plankton's regular are showing up. What's next, Battle of Bikini Bottom makes a comeback after 5 years of not being on a list at all? I spoke too soon
  8. ...what the heck I thought we moved past Best Day Ever as a distant memory. What's next? Are past long-loathed episodes like Dear Vikings or Professor Squidward coming back to haunt us and remind us of their existence?
  9. Really? That bad? Where can I watch it to see for myself?
  10. Sorry about bumping this, but I'm really sorry I couldn't manage to finish the list on time. I was planning to give it to Trophy again, but I had a lot of stuff going on at once between a summer job, junior year of high school starting, and a false eviction letter from the apartment meaning I had to suddenly help move to another house, but I do hope you enjoyed this list regardless of how anticlimactic the ending was. (And before you ask--there's not going to be a 2017 list. Things are even busier and this list didn't have much interest to begin with) But to give a more satisfying conclusion, here are some honorable mentions that never managed to get released. Honorable Mentions: "No Free Rides" (49 Points, 3 Lists) "Club SpongeBob" (47 Points, 5 Lists) "Jellyfish Jam" (47 Points, 3 Lists) "Missing Identity" (43 Points, 5 Lists) "Walking Small" (42 Points, 3 Lists) "The Fry Cook Games" (40 Points, 2 Lists) "Skill Crane" (39 Points, 4 Lists) "My Pretty Seahorse" (38 Points, 2 Lists) "Dumped" (38 Points, 2 Lists) "The Secret Box" (37 Points, 4 Lists) (This was my #6 Slot) "Aargh!" (37 Points, 4 Lists) "Texas" (37 Points, 3 Lists) "Truth or Square" (37 Points, 2 Lists)
  11. I was extremely impressed by how well-made this episode is. The fact that, even without the English dialogue, I could understand exactly where the story was going, and still find the visual humor hilarious is a testament to how much effort and artistic skill the animators have. It was just so fun to see how many new, creative designs that the team could think of for ridiculous houses, and the fun slapstick gags they made from it, just showing how silly SpongeBob living in a hollowed-out fruit really is. My favorite's this theme-song gag. Definitely excited to watch the episode when it comes out in the United States!
  12. Godly animation right here. Easily my favorite episode to date. But seriously this episode has much more gross-out and disgusting slapstick gags than just this painting, and the story construction is terrible. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and you should really avoid it when it airs in the United States.
  13. Well, my school is having a contest in order to encourage people to use reusable canvas bags in favor of disposable plastic ones, whether serious or silly. And then I remembered The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a result of 38 millions pieces of plastic waste being drawn by currents to form a landmass the size of Australia, which is completely devastating. Yet, what better way to make that silly than use SpongeBob to represent it! So, I imagined that the Garbage Patch came as a storm, with the plastic trapping SpongeBob and Squidward, and causing complete chaos before Sandy comes in to save them, explain the situation, and educating the public about alternatives to plastic. I've created the script and all the drawings and wanted to give you a preview of the final result. I tired to best keep the cartoonish style of the main show with the expressions and models. Yet, I'm only just a beginner in digital ink, and I'd love it if one of you could help me with updating these outlines. I'd be thankful. “The Plastic Bag” SpongeBob: (Walks out of his pineapple, puts Krusty Krab Hat on) Bye Gary, I’m going to work. Because I’m Ready—(gets cut off by plastic bag trapping his forehead) Aaaaahhhhh!!!!! (from distance) Squidward! Help! I’m trapped! (struggles to get out of the bag) Squidward: (annoyed, pops out window) SpongeBob! It’s my day off, and I’d like to play my clarinet in peace! Calm down! (begins to play clarinet, bag flies into windpipe and chokes him) What the? (Sees thunderstorm in the distance) Gasp! SpongeBob, do something! SpongeBob: Good idea, I’d better call Sandy. (runs inside to pick up phone) SANDY! There’s a giant whirlpool of plastic right outside our house and its wreaking hav— Sandy: Way ahead of you! (pulls SpongeBob’s arm from the phone, into her helicopter) Next Scene: Sandy: Golly, this storm is made up of every shopping bag, water bottle and toothbrush that them land critters threw out. (slide, showing map of the actual garbage patch) It’s dang larger than Texas! It’s choking nearly every living thing in this sea. (SpongeBob leans out to see a clam dying) SpongeBob: (devastated, crying) Sandy, please tell me you can invent something to same us! A giant laser, or a jellyfish net, or— Sandy: Can’t do that. It’s gonna take a LONG time to clean up this big varmit. For now, we’ll just need help to keep it from growin’. (show pictures of alternative solutions for reducing waste, such as canvas bags and reusable water bottles)
  14. Oh yeah... did you know I finished Sun already? I finally got it for Christmas and I'm working on completing the Pokédex right now, and it was an amazing game. My team by the Elite Four was made up by Primarina, Alolan Raichu, Pallosand, Tsareena, Muk, and Toucannon, which provides very good defensive type coverage. Primarina is really underloved given all that it wants to perform for all of us and make us happy, and I loved that it's evolution is both gorgeous and so good on Special attack that it blew through the champions instantly. Raichu was also great for bonding given just evolving it with happiness was so hard. I'd gladly battle any of you if you'd like, my friend code's 5129-5453-8388. Of course I'd have to work on EV Training and breeding but I'm only starting on that.
  15. So... Trophy. Got anything? No? Well... I guess it's up to me to binge-list all the remaining episodes. Sorry, no actual commentary or surprises. It's all me. #18. "That may be fine for you, but I was one of the beautiful people. Now look at me! I’m almost as ugly as you!" "Something Smells" (w/ 99 points on 6 lists) Highest Ranking: #5 @Steel Sponge "SpongeBob makes a sundae that gives him bad breath" More: Something really smells in here... am I ugly? LOOK AT THE FACE OF THE UGLY!!! LOOK AT IT!!! So... let's talk about the episode. It's good. I really like the strange sundae substitutions of onions and moldy peanuts to establish his bad breath and how Patrick counsels him to this it's about his appearance. I love how far Patrick took it by giving him bad motivational lessons, to forcing his breath in front of a giant theater crowd to unintentionally poison them. It's fun... alright these next episodes are predictable as what day it's gonna be tomorrow. Prepare for loads of redundancy. #17. "The Krusty Krab Pizza... is the pizza... for you and me!" "Pizza Delivery" (w/ 101 points on 6 lists) Highest Ranking: #1 @jjsthekid "SpongeBob and Squidward deliver a Pizza" More: Ah, Pizza Delivery. After doing well to establish the characters prior to this, we get our first real glimpse of what SpongeBob has to offer. This is where it all began. It's basically loved universally for being the first time we've seen Squidward and SpongeBob have such great chemistry. And yet, even after all the arguing about the moral values of the customer's pizza with their own safety after going through literal tornadoes, Squidward lets out his inner heart of gold by showing the mean customer a lesson, and helps SpongeBob regain his happiness. It's so heartwarming that I almost want to ship these two. Hayden: I can see why Jjs has this as his favorite of all time. It's a Season 1 classic that shows the Spongebob/Squidward duo in its first serious outing. Hitchhiking, excessive singing, driving a rock, and small visual gags like Mr. Krabs turning a Krabby Patty into a pizza (Essentially the same ingredients?), make it a silly episode even with the emotional "punch" it builds towards.The climax feels rightfully earned. After seeing Spongebob's devotion to pleasing a total stranger even if it kills them, Squidward witnesses that stranger degrade Spongebob in the face of all his effort. Spongebob's tears are in character and make him sympathetic in spite of all his antics, as even though Squidward's hardened cynicism helps him come to expect such assholes, Spongebob is young and optimistic enough to believe his intentions will be received with the same level of kindness. What Squidward does next perfectly establishes his core character, showing that even if he's bitter to the world around him, he doesn't want Spongebob to be brought down to that same misery if he can help it. Employee Brotherhood. Let's hope the customer died of thirst. More: Hayden? What the heck are you doing here, I never typed you in. #16. "Heh, heh! Good one, SpongeBob! But really, why don’t you go ahead and make us a patty?" "Welcome to the Chum Bucket" (w/ 102 points on 5 lists) Highest Ranking: #1 @Invader Zimmer "SpongeBob is forced to work at the Chum Bucket" More: Hm... where is that Trophy that would most want to volunteer to commentate on this episode? Hm... #15. "Who wants to save the world!?" "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V" (w/ 107 points on 7 lists) Highest Ranking: #5 @JCM "Barnacle Boy joins the dark side" More: With how much buzz superhero movies are getting nowadays this may be more relevant than ever. Hang on, did I just imply comparing this to the awful movie Suicide Squad? Or is this just another good episode? Closer to the latter. It's great that Barnacle Boy can get a great character arc. It's established early that Mermaid Man's treating him as a kid and, while going to the dark side was an extreme, and makes sense as a gut reaction. We get to see a really fun Avengers battle parody when the team's powers backfire on themselves, which helps lighten the mood for Barnacle Boy to regain his trust with Mermaid Man. It's both wacky, action-packed and surprisingly serious. If only I could go deeper into a show like SpongeBob... #14. "The dark deed you requested is done, sir." "Nasty Patty" (w/ 110 points on 10 lists) Highest Ranking: #10 @Invader Zimmer "SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs create a tainted Krabby Patty" More: This is possibly the darkest and most serious subject matter SpongeBob has tackled behind the infamous "One Coarse Meal." And yet, because it's SpongeBob, it'll use absurdity to balance it out. For an episode involving finding a fraud health inspector, to killing the real one in confusion, to burying his thought-to-be-dead-body, to painstakingly trying to avoid the police and live with the extreme guilt and nervousness, it lightens itself up by exaggerating it. Like when SpongeBob says he'll never survive in prison because they'll mop the floor with him. Or when Mr. Krabs tries to be subtle about the "shovel" until SpongeBob asks about the bo--TTLES OF SODA. And there's more gags than than. Obviously you've seen all of these episodes as this is a "fansite" so I might not be adding much. It's just comedy gold as always. #13. "The customer, who cares about the customer? I'll BOIL the customer in hot oil!!! I'--" "The Algae's Always Greener" (w/ 111 points on 7 lists) Highest Ranking: #1 @4EverGreen "Plankton and Mr. Krabs switch lives" More: Deeper it is! While offering just as many great gags as any other good episode ever, this one takes the extra mile with its very close look into our secret desire of stealing someone's life. It'd be so easy and be as sweet as peaches and cream for Plankton with his newfound success, right? Wrong. The foolish shenangigans that happen all the time at the Krusty Krab only enforce that going into a new life without any knowledge on how to run it would be extremely confusing and torturous, and cause more problems if done poorly. While other movies with similar scenarios, like Freaky Friday, were more about bonding by understanding the other person's struggles better, having this be entirely in Planktons's perspective makes it more personal and more crazy. Who would expect that you'd need to fire clothes out of a cannon at the enemy on a daily basis just to keep the restaurant alive? Certainly not Plankton. It does extremely well to show that you can your own life better without envying someone else without knowing squat, and helps to develop Plankton by allowing him to be happy with his life and improve it. I don't know why this was off my list, this is fantastic. #12. "If I'm going to find Gary, I'm going to need to work harder at it." "Have You Seen this Snail?" (w/ 114 points on 7 lists) Highest Ranking: #1 @Brady Corduroy "Gary runs away" More: For this one, I had a review recently featured in PieGuyRulz's Spongey Bits of this episode. I'd definitely check it out as he offers an interesting, new perspective on the episode. If you're just looking for commentary skip to 9:59. #11. "Sometimes I just need to get away from it all. Wow, this hotel has everything!" "Krusty Towers" (w/ 123 points on 9 lists) Highest Ranking: #3 @Clappy "Mr. Krabs turns the Krusty Krab into a hotel" More: Obviously, as everyone expected, this is the last post-movie episode on the list. I really don't have too much to say as its status as a classic has spoken for it. The Patrick-Squidward dynamic is at its very best. Patrick's cartoony demands of ordering a room of cheese and a bubble bath despite not knowing it was a hotel really helped Squidward's agitation be as funny as possible. It's also great that Mr. Krabs gets a good taste of his own medicine when Squidward quits and makes the same stupid, over-the-top demands that Krabs actually does. It's extra dose of shenanigans karma helps this to become the classic it is. #10. "See, see! Right here, I am perfectly--" "Snowball Effect" (w/ 125 points on 8 lists) Highest Ranking: #2 @Cha "SpongeBob and Patrick have a snowball fight and try to get Squidward in as well" More: It's still pretty marvelous that a show like this can take the simplest premises and pack it filled with jokes with the silliness of the characters. While starting out with the typical humor of a fun snowball fight between Patrick and SpongeBob,with Patrick even knowing how to make a DNA statue more than a snowball, or getting shot in the mouth to have a huge bathroom conversation with Squidward. It immediately changes dynamic when Squidward gets into the fun and goes so overboard as to build an enourmous fort and throw balls despite noone being there. It's a great role-reversal, that while typical, is enjoyable once again with its fun, innocent premise of snow. #9. "All right, what was it? There was... the lights...and the phone. And the walls will ooze green slime! Oh, wait. They always do that." "Graveyard Shift" (w/ 154 points on 10 lists) Highest Ranking: #3 @Honest Slug & @crushingmayhem "SpongeBob and Squidward work the night shift" More: Look at me! I'm typing this review! At Night! Look at me! I'm making up for Trophy's irresponsibility! At Night! OOOOOWWWW! I GOT CARPAL-TUNNEL SYNDROME!... at night. Obviously I'm joking. This is once again a really funny, tension-filled look into Squidward's psyche. I'm not entirely sure why this gets more attention than Snowball Effect or Idiot Box, which does this concept better by internalizing Squidward's insanity, but nonetheless this does it well, from Squidward's classic ghost story, to the twist that the ghost story unfolded to come true. First the lights, then the phone, then the walls... everything. If I only watched it once, it would have been very horrific. The irony of the ending kinda harms the rewatch value of this unfolding horror, but it still offers great gags that anyone can enjoy. AT NIGHT! #8. "Well, I guess we should open these cans of... permanent paint now" "Wet Painters" (w/ 156 points on 11 lists) Highest Ranking: #3 @The Guy With the Computer "SpongeBob and Patrick paint the inside of Mr Krabs' house" More: I feel like a broken record at this point. What else can I reasonably say about these episodes without going too deep or being accused of plagiarism? But I have to go on. This ticks all the right boxes. The characters bounce off each other almost perfectly and the jokes are extremely memorable. I absolutely adored the scene where Patrick's giant paint bubble managed to perfectly cover the house when it popped. Heck, look at all the great tension this episode set up. From SpongeBob going so crazy over details that he cartoonishly harms the dollar bill, only to be contrasted by Patrick's distractions and his reflection telling him otherwise. It's also pretty ironic that the paint was never permanent to begin with and all this conflict was for nothing but pure joke material. #7. "Squidward, don't you see? Waiting and watching? That's not what the box is all about! It's all about... ...IMAGINAAAATION!" "Idiot Box" (w/ 158 points on 9 lists) Highest Ranking: #1 @Cha "SpongeBob and Patrick play with a box" More: Okay, can't I just ditto my comments for Graveyard Shift and Snowball Effect for this? No? Um... I'll think of an IMAGINAAAAAAATIVE excuse for a review. Um... it's packed with highly memorable jokes? No, too lazy. Or maybe you can guess what I'm saying right now... box, box, boxes, boxing, box boxity box, box, boxes, box, red fox, bagel with lox, actual locks, robots, pirates, boxes... listen Trophy, if I ever meet you I'm gonna strangle you until you-- #6. "...Sunset?" "Dying for Pie" (w/ 183 points on 8 lists) Highest Ranking: #1 @Wumbo & @Katniss "Squidward gives SpongeBob a pie that later turns out to be an explosive" More: So... tired... I'm gonna resort to quoting last year's commentators. Sorry. I'll try to get the Top 5 out later this week to finish this off. Katniss: Yup, this is my favorite episode of SpongeBob. Like Pizza Delivery, this episode also does a good job of exploring the SpongeBob and Squidward dynamic. It warms my heart that Squidward actually wants to make up for SpongeBob eating the pie bomb and give him a good last day of living. "You know, if I were to die right now in some sort of fiery explosion due to the carelessness of a friend, well, that would just be okay." This is probably one of my favorite quotes in the series. It's so funny yet also sweet in a way. And that's another thing this episode does well, balancing humor and heart. I think Dying For Pie does the job more successfully than Have You Seen This Snail? to be honest, because the jokes here really land. And it's an episode that deals with pie. How could I not love it? Nuggets: All Throughout this list, I've commentated on episodes that either took a certain aspect of the show and ran all the way home with it, established key cornerstone elements of the show from its onset, or pushed the show into new and better directions. Although Dying For Pie comes a little short on that last front, it's still arguably a perfect episode. Episodes like this are very hard to actually talk about, because there's so little that the episode does not already do for you. Every i is dotted, every t is crossed, every joke and point that needs to be made is made. It is, in essence, a perfect specimen of the 11 minute animated cartoon. It's dark, but richly so, and hilarious while treading a tasteful line. I mean even the title itself is a dark-ass pun. It's funny, with jokes like "we already played babble like an idiot!" and "GARY YOU ARE GONNA EAT THIS DESSERT AND YOU ARE GONNA LIKE IT" providing for absolute gut-busting, tear-bringing comedy. Bringing emotions to the forefront in the "Squidward feels guilt" plot allowed for a deeply sweet moment that showed us that Squidward does indeed care about SpongeBob. The building tension as the pie drops into SpongeBob's lower intestine while the sun sets is this crazy kinda effortless combination of tension, comedy, dark comedy, sweetness- it's this moment of loaded emotion that SpongeBob has never really had before or since, but it's this strange emotion that I feel is kinda representative of what makes this episode so perfect. It's a crazy blend of the highest form of comedy and emotions into one crazy state with a crazy no continuity ending, and that just exemplifies how good this episode is. It had the perfect amount of regard for what mattered and what didn't, and then gave everyone a giant "f you" at the end that just adds to the episode's humor value. Throw in the fact that it's timeless, and that the art comes courtesy of Aaron Springer at his wildest and a very young C.H Greenblatt and you've got a great episode that again establishes just how good this show could be with all gears spinning. There's not much to say. It's just perfect. Halibut: Right behind Squid's Day Off, this is my absolute favorite episode. I think the main difference between my complete love for Dying for Pie and Squid's Day Off is that Squid's Day Off is a bit more fueled by nostalgia and it's simply the episode I enjoy much more. With Dying for Pie is different as instead of simply being a hilarious enjoyable episode, it's also, in my opinion, the most respectable, well-written episode in the show's history. Squid's Day Off does everything perfectly right, but this episode somehow everything more than perfectly. Not a single thing is out of place that I can even remotely think of. First of all, the episode knows exactly when to use humor and when not to. While the episode uses a lot of humor, every once in a while there are some bursts of emotion and the dread that Squidward feels in the episode. The humor is mostly driven by SpongeBob, as he is the one acting naive and slaphappy while Squidward is the one who is anxious in every waking moment until SpongeBob's apparent death. The episode just pulls everything off that way so extremely well, it's kind of scary. And speaking of SpongeBob and Squidward interacting with each other like this, we may as well talk about the characters themselves in full. There is no way I can express how perfect both of them (and also Mr. Krabs) are in the episode. In every single tiny joke or turn of the plot, they keep as themselves. This is most important for Squidward especially, as Squidward feels bad that SpongeBob will "die" but in some episodes, it doesn't even feel remotely forced. You legitimately believe that Squidward feels bad that he virtually killed SpongeBob and that he actually wanted SpongeBob to be alive no matter how much the little sponge annoyed him. Squidward in the episode is probably the most human performance I've ever seen in the show EVER. And finally, this is a minor compliment but still important, the character designs in the episode are top-notch. This episode went WAY far out when it comes to facial expressions and the like. You could make a top 20 favorite faces from the episode because there are just so many. It's a perfect counterpoint to the overall serious, anxious feel of the whole episode. Okay, obviously I'm using 'serious' in a relative manner as dying from a bomb disguised as a pie isn't the most serious thing ever, but you get what I mean. With Squid's Day Off, I can understand that it isn't a personal favorite for everybody, it's more of a personal favorite if you catch my drift, but Dying For Pie is objectively the most spotlessly perfect episode the show has EVER had and I am so happy that it ranked so high on this list. Hopefully, people may be convinced to send it to #1 once we do this again in a couple of years. Wumbo: The king is back on top of my list, and as far as I'm concerned it can stay there until the end of time. A few years ago my holiday spirit got to me and I put Christmas Who? at the top instead. But man, this episode. I've loved this one ever since that fateful day when I got Season 2 on DVD for Christmas (hey, how's that for irony?) and marveled at just how... practically perfect this episode is. "No Free Rides" was the episode that hit you constantly with comedy, action, and excitement. This episode hits you with everything. Comedy, drama, suspense, character, speed, subtlety, creativity, excitement, EVERYTHING. And it's all measured out well, it's all perfectly connected, it all fits together. Honestly, I kind of secretly hate this episode for how perfect it is, because I know no other SpongeBob episode will ever top it. These writers are at the height of their game in this one, and it shows at every turn. It is the holy grail of SpongeBob episodes. And if you don't like it, well... something just dropped into my lower intestine. It's my soul.
  16. I'm starting to think passing the torch to this loser was a terrible idea.
  17. Darnit, I still need to catch up on some 10 SpongeBob episodes.

  18. I don't know maybe you can check if the list was rigged
  19. Oh yeah, my "thing called life" is really great so far. I don't know why I didn't get one even sooner. In seriousness, I've sent Trophy everything he needs. Please send any commentary not already sent to @Invader Zimmer from now until I come back (maybe).
  20. Commentary, anyone? I sent ya'll advance notices for the next 10 slots two weeks ago and all you're doing by not sending them is delaying the list.
  21. I'm back ::dolphin noise::ers

  22. For anyone not already aware, this list will be on hiatus for the next week while I'm away at sleepaway camp and obviously have limited electronic usage (for the better I guess). For now I'll just release the last eppy I have commentary for. #32. "You like Krabby Patties, don't you, Squidward?" "Just One Bite" (w/ 73 points on 7 lists) Highest Ranking: #8 @Spongetron Robotpants "SpongeBob tries to get Squidward to try a Krabby Patty" More: You'll get my commentary later. Just gotta get this out. You're up Milkmaidman... Milkmaidman: This is a classic episode. It is a great example of SpongeBob using simplicity to it's advantage. It's no secret that Squidward detests his job at the Krusty Krab, so is naturally refusing at ever eating a Krabby Patty. The episode focuses on the big moment of him tasting the burgers, and secretly gets addicted to them. It's a twist you see coming, but don't at the same time. And yet, both of the main characters seem normal throughout. You can kinda sympathize with Squidward, so it all works. The animation is more notable than anything. Many a internet meme were created with episode, using the close up faces, and it adds a new layer of comedy to this episode.
  23. Get excited. I've got the amazing Clappy and Nuggets for these next episodes. #34. "This be the legendary prophecy? Oh, that be-eth a wretch. T'would almost insult me would it not be so funny." "Dunces and Dragons" (w/ 71 points on 6 lists) Highest Ranking: #3 @SpongeOddFan "After a jousting accident, SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally travel back to the Middle Ages" More: T'fact that this episode'st explod'eth with almost nine million viewers watch'eth it on premiere is really quite impressivéth. (Okay, I'll stop with the bad Shakespearean language, thou episode speakest much better) With an episode as funny, lore-filled and epic as this, there are few thou deserved more excitement and enjoyment than this. This episode is phenomenally well-balanced between offering both constant laughs and a story that, while storybook-like and predictable, makes good use of the distinct yet familiar medieval setting, which works especially well when the characters are practically themselves behaving in this environment. We've got bad songs from Squidly, a really tough Dark Knight, and a SpongeBob and Patrick that just think it's all a good parody. It does well to both tribute it with its designs, and poke fun at it's tropes (that joke about the super-tall tower staircase was great). It's got enough action and suspense to keep it thrilling, yet keep it comedic and allow for the heroes to easily win. It's probably more comparable to Monty Python and the Holy Grail than an actual serious story with lore, but that's what makes this so much fun. Easily one of the best episodes of the series. Nuggets: Dunces and Dragons, as the centerpiece of what I refer as the Time Trilogy (the other parts of it consisting of Ugh and Pest of the West), is undoubtedly the best one of the three. Ugh is one of SpongeBob's weaker specials, mostly because it's plot amounts to "yeah cavemen yeah stupid yeah fire yeah chase scene" and there aren't a lot of jokes that aren't "hey look how dumb these guys are" that you can cram into that. What Ugh excels at is creating a Bikini Bottom environment and characters that feel distinct from the normal show, so even though Ugh isn't fantastic or anything, it feels far enough removed from the show to have it make sense. On the other hand, Pest of the West is a great episode, but the framing device in particular makes it feel very connected to the regular show, and even though the plot is a stellar one, Bikini Gulch feels very much like a reskinned Bikini Bottom. Dunces and Dragons takes what makes both of those episodes work - Pest's great plot loaded with jokes that work and take advantage of the time period, and Ugh's very distinct version of Bikini Bottom - and rolls them into one episode that excels on every level. There's not much to be said about it that hasn't been already. It's funny and sorta edgy. I mean, we got a suicide gag that wasn't offensive within the first 30 seconds. The characters are written very well here, particularly Squidly, who's perhaps one of the highlights of the entire fourth season, if not the show itself. His songs bring a wit and joy to the episode, and seeing how everyone gets re-imagined (especially Sandy) is great fun. The plot is ambitious, and an ode to great medieval stuff like Beowulf and King Arthur. Every joke fundamentally works, the animation is bright, vibrant, and in a twist for SpongeBob's usual fare, well choreographed; the action scenes here are very well done. And the distinct feel that Bikini Bottomshire has in comparison to the show's standard setting is really mindblowing. I liked that Krabs' castle was shaped like the Krusty Krab. You all know this episode, so there's not really much else to say. It's just great. Glad it's on here. #33. "And at fifty dollars an hour, too. When I started working here, I had to pay Mr. Krabs a hundred dollars an hour." "Big Pink Loser" (w/ 72 points on 5 lists) Highest Ranking: #2 @Clappy "Envious of SpongeBob's numerous awards, Patrick works at the Krusty Krab in an attempt to get his own award" More: Okay, I'm just really tired right now and don't have much to say, so I'll do a me-style review. Start with an opening line regarding the fandom's behavior to draw people in. This episode was [insert quality here]. Put in some positive adjectives to enforce that point. It's got loads of memorable lines, all fast and expressive. Some of my favorite jokes include [insert quote here], [insert quote here] and [insert quote here]. At this point, I'll discuss the themes and how it expands on the characters/applies to real life/makes it fun. In this sentence I'll talk about how the plot and characters progress in a silly manner. I'll talk about a criticism of similar stories and how this makes it work. The episode is both a thing, yet is the opposite of that thing. The animation [helps/could be better] in this episode. Overall, I [agree/disagree] with its placement. Add any additional remarks here. Oops... I forgot to fill in the details. I'll just let Clappy talk about this. Clappy: Second year in a row I've been asked to comment on this episode. Big Pink Loser to me, will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first episode of SpongeBob that I could quote from beginning to end. There are just a lot of low-key memorable moments from this episode. From the well known "Is this the Krusty Krab?" bit to Patrick vs. the jar. Hell, even Patrick referencing defeating the giant monkeyman and saving the ninth dimension. But I feel this was the episode that defined my SpongeBob fandom for me. Sure there were a lot of good to great Season 1 episodes that made me like the show, but this was the episode that made me hold this series so dear to me. Also, Patrick is at his all time best here. I don't know what episodes everyone defines as consisting the most memorable Patrick moments, but to me, I would be hard pressed to find an episode with as many as this one. So yeah...Big Pink Loser. One of the best episodes of the entire series. I don't think it will ever reach top tier levels of greatness among a universal fanbase, but it deserves to be to me.
  24. Why do the Emmy's always seem to pick the blandest episodes of shows? What's even the point of these awards?
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