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  1. @Wintermelon43 Wow! People sure have great taste!
  2. People are so jealous of Band Geeks, Chocolate with Nuts and KKTV winning past countdowns that they left it off their lists. We all know what episode WILL win.
  3. Friendly reminder that everyone has one more day to submit their lists and to revise existing ones. Good luck.
  4. For the record I still don't like it. It's still about a 5/10, maybe a 6 if I squint at it.
  5. It appears that Ink's army just wouldn't be powerful enough to overthrow the King and Queen. It surrenders. Just a quick random question, did any pre-movie episodes even come close to making it? At all? Not that it matters personally as zero made my list.
  6. Quick question: Does anybody care about A Pal for Gary anymore?
  7. The new episode will be released very soon, however if you really want a sneak preview, it's guest writer Zeus Cervas has released an early copy showing the final draft of the Storyboard. If you want to avoid spoilers: you should not look as it's a frame-by-frame breakdown of SpongeBob and Sandy collecting Krabby Patty ingredients before it's too late... when Plankton tries to reverse engineer the recipe from them! View full article
  8. The new episode will be released very soon, however if you really want a sneak preview, it's guest writer Zeus Cervas has released an early copy showing the final draft of the Storyboard. If you want to avoid spoilers: you should not look as it's a frame-by-frame breakdown of SpongeBob and Sandy collecting Krabby Patty ingredients before it's too late... when Plankton tries to reverse engineer the recipe from them!
  9. So, let's try and tally up how high "Ink" would've got with an extra day: It received 232 points even without everyone changing it. @4EverGreen Said he'd put it as his #1 if given the opportunity. 25 points. @Honest Slug Would move it up from #16 to #1. 15 points. @Something the So and So Would move it from #7 to #2. 5 points. @Master WhoBruh Would put it at #3, stating he didn't have time due to slow Turkey leaks. 23 points. @Wintermelon43 Would move it from 14 to 7. So 7 points. @Powdered Toast JCM Would move it from 9th to 3rd. 6 points. @Clappy Needs to be convinced to become one of us. @CyanideFishbone May or may not watch it soon. I assume that Myself, jjs, Wumbo, Steel, SOF, Prez, Fred, Cha, Wendy, RDSP and Homie put it satisfactorily high. Patty and BeachBob definitely won't include it. So adding that all together... that's at the very minimum 314 (THREE HUNDRED ) points with only the changes that were 100% confirmed. Stuck in the Wringer got 275 last year so it would have surpassed at least that. Once we see how many points the Top Two do indeed get we can figure out for certain.
  10. Don't forget that it'd be even higher had WhoBob, 4EverGreen, Honest Slug and etc. had the time to put it in their Top 5's. If there was just one more day for list changes it literally could've been #1.
  11. What? No link to Ink's episode discussion page? I got you covered. I might as well double down to be safe. One Coarse Meal sucks but at least it has a cohesive narrative and a clear idea of what the characters are doing so it barely missed my list. It's nowhere near as bad as that Ink crap. And now to reveal my list in its entirety because we all know what #1 will be. 1. SpongeBob You’re Fired (#5) 2. Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy (#14) 3. Ink Lemonade (#4) 4. The Clash of Triton (#7) 5. Krabby Patty Creature Feature 6. Pet Sitter Pat (#41) 7. A Pal for Gary (GOSH DARN IT) 8. Squidward's School for Grown-Ups (#39) 9. Squid Baby (#6) 10. Atlantis SquarePantis (#36) 11. The Splinter (#15) 12. Summer Job (#26) 13. Rodeo Daze (#20) 14. Smoothe Jazz in Bikini Bottom (#8) 15. Sun Bleached (#43) 16. Grooming Gary 17. Demolition Doofus (#23) 18. Waiting (#24) 19. Are You Happy Now? (#32) 20. Trenchbillies (#9) 21. Pat the Horse 22. SpongeBob's Last Stand 23. All That Glitters (#22) 24. Night Light 25. Sportz? (#30)
  12. I was planning on doing commentary for SpongeBob You’re Fired again but honestly any long, vitriolic rant I could write for the episode would be putting more thought and passion in than the actual writers did. Squid Baby also made my Top 10 for being repetitive and borderline offensive.
  13. Big Sister Sam: This landing in the Top 10 baffled me but by all means this is an awful episode. It's depressing that it seems the only way that Patrick can be written as a straight man is when he's paired with someone even stupider than him. (A trope that's annoyed me with otherwise decent episodes like Patrick's Coupon and No Pictures, Please) Sam is easily the worst one-time character in the show and it's just despicable that Patrick seems to defend every destructive thing she does without question. I don't know, can you maybe utilize that interesting backstory Patrick stated in the beginning as motivation, or make a different character so that there's actually chemistry between the two? Trenchbillies: Yup, this was #20 for me. This is nonsensical and doesn't remotely seem legendary in any way. Just annoying stereotypes of hillbillies and a bunch of slow jokes. It seems its only purpose is to make fun of some nationality or group without adding any commentary, this seem more like a bad reality TV show than a SpongeBob episode. Smoothe Jazz: This made my list right at the center at #14. Honestly it's one I could see getting higher on it over time as just about everything about it is annoying. Prior to Ink this was easily Patrick's worst appearance in the series, as at least Patrick's motivation for using a flamethrower in Pet Sitter Pat was thinking he was smart to control Gary. Here he's basically a food vacuum cleaner that was forced in whenever the plot was convenient for it. The other two characters are just as trite, with SpongeBob never making an attempt to understand Jazz and Squidward being unsympathetic the whole way through. The Clash of Triton: Glad to see that this is the highest it's even been on one of these lists. Scroll up for my thoughts.
  14. idk I probably should've put Pet or Pests on my list but I haven't seen the episode in forever. When people like Homie bring up such good points I always want to reconsider but never actually end up watching it again.
  15. Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy: If you know me, you know why I hate this one passionately. Annoying, insulting, and unoriginal is not a good combination. Slide Whistle Stooges: This gave me the same reaction in my ears as "The Splinter" did my eyes. Together they just make an abhorrent pairing that provide no entertainment value whatsoever, unless you find repetitive sensory harm funny. Didn't make my list but was a really close honorable mention, call it #26 if you will.
  16. Then again, the remainder of the entries are fairly predictable by this point. The only real questions are 1) What point margin will "A Pal For Gary" win by, and 2) How high will "Ink Lemonade" end up?
  17. I don't really have much to say about most of these episodes but I'm relieved that, already, four episodes from 2016's top 10 didn't land on it this year. Especially relieved with Fungus Among Us as I've never found it to be anywhere close to the show's worst episodes, even within its own Season. It's actually hard to predict what the Top 10 will look like.
  18. Remember: Bitmoji Avatars for EVERYONE no exceptions. You will be punished if you disobey.

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      inb4 wumbo loses his brain privileges

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      My Bitmoji is a reflection of my IRL Self.

      If you want me to do it, then add me on snapchat

      Otherwise, it's private no acceptations.

  19. All That Glitters just made my list at #23. I didn't want to put it higher as I like the flashback montage, and I didn't want to put it in the top 10 again... but by god this dreck is easily the worst of Season 4. There are just too many elements that are so exaggerated like a soap opera that it's hard to get through it--the rudeness of Le Spatula, the long drawn-out crying and begging for the spatula, the saccharine ending, everything just feels so fake. It's probably the only episode I downright hated when I first got into SpongeBob. To side with jjs, I'm so happy that Rodeo Daze surged this year (it landed at #13 for me). The two #1 votes helped a lot. It's such a waste of potential: this probably has the worst story structure of any episode, period. It drags on and on and on with an unfunny setup of the characters being rude. As such, the 30-second climax felt so crammed in. It seems as if the writers were having a slow day and collaged some repetitive storyboards, and when they woke up they tacked on a conflict so they could release it as an episode. Can't assume that sorry While Boating Buddies and "Mine" didn't make the cut, I can safely call them honorable mentions at least in the upper-20 range. Both are examples of episodes bringing out the absolute worst qualities of SpongeBob and Patrick respectively.
  20. Waiting: I’m waiting! I’m waiting! Wait... why am I waiting? This waste of an episode hasn’t ended yet. Demolition Doofus: THERE I AM GARY! THERE I AM!
  21. Summer Job landed on my list at #12 this year. The bad role-reversal, nonexistent comedy, botched set-up and copout ending don't help it whatsoever. It's an infuriating episode that seems to get harder to watch each time. I believe I discussed Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful last list... not much else to say other than that it's gross and repetitive. At least it's less hyperactive than the later Sanitation Insanity.
  22. Count me in! It's going to be harder than the worst list thought... so many great episodes it's hard to pick.
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