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  1. smh Mimic Madness and Truth or Square were both robbed hard for the top 2.
  2. I’m dumbfounded. But it’s an amazing accomplishment that we got Mimic Madness to #2 this year! Congrats to all to making this happen! Of course it won’t beat Truth or Square which is a lock for #1.
  3. lol how are people taking my copypasta of an old SBM topic on Band Geeks seriously. I literally had Krusty Krab Training Video as my #1 favorite episode. https://www.sbmania.net/forums/threads/band-geeks-is-overrated.55059/ At least 4Ever loves Broken Alarm
  4. How do I put this lightly... Krusty Krab Training Video is extremely overrated. Audience: Boo! You Stink! Okay, Okay! Here’s my opinion: Krusty Krab Training Video isn’t the best episode. It’s actually only decent. Seriously, people only like it because it’s a unique and complete break in format to make a documentary episode. Krusty Krab Training Video is severely overrated and people only like it because it’s different. They say it’s the best episode ever. They say that the Sopranos style Fake-Out ending is the best ending in the series. They say that the funniest quote is “P.O.O.P. - People Order Our Patties” when it really isn’t my opinion! To be honest, I didn’t laugh! It was not funny! Episodes such as Slide Whistle Stooges, Stuck in the Wringer, The Card, A Pal for Gary etc. All said to be less funny than KKTV! It’s not fair! Give those episodes the spotlight please! Here are some better quotes that are funnier: "Gary! You put Puffy Fluffy down right now!" “You can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up. Keep you on your toes" “What a lucky break! Now I have a captive audience!” ”Baby Assaulter!” ”You know kid, your body isn’t the problem. It’s your heart.” ”Have you learned nothing about sharing?” ”Well geez Gary, make up your mind. Is it water, or fire???” "I've been doing some calculating and it turns out that I'll save a whole nickel if I cut your salary. Completely!" And yet those lines are considered less funny, combined, than one single stupid line? Really? Those episodes are 100X better! You will probably flame me for this, but I don’t like Krusty Krab Training Video (KKTV). I just don’t. It’s not funny. It really isn’t. I think that you will scream at me for my opinion, but please respect my opinion. Look, “My Leg!” is still my worst episode, but I take back what I said about not being friends with people who liked this episode. That is okay. It’s their opinion and I realize that now even if it’s a fact “My Leg!” is awful. But I do not respect people’s opinion if they say that “If you don’t like my opinion, you’re dumb” or anything like that. I’m done with this SHORT discussion. Please DO NOT flame me.
  5. Wow, I can’t believe that we got Mimic Madness into the Top 10 this year! We did it Reddit!
  6. Season 9A: Extreme Spots: 5/10 Squirrel Record: 4/10 Patrick-Man!: 3/10 Gary's New Toy: 4/10 License to Milkshake: 6/10 Squid Baby: 1/10 Little Yellow Book: 4/10 Bumper to Bumper: 3/10 Eek, an Urchin!: 7/10 Squid Defense: 4/10 Jailbreak!: 7/10 Evil Spatula: 4/10 It Came from Goo Lagoon: 3/10 Safe Deposit Krabs: 5/10 Plankton's Pet: 6/10 Don't Look Now: 5/10 Séance Shméance: 4/10 Kenny the Cat: 5/10 Yeti Krabs: 3/10 Spongebob, You're Fired!: 1/10 Overall Grade: 4/10 (BAD Half-Season) Lol 9a isn't an improvement at all, if anything it's a step down from Season 8 as there are no standout good episodes. I've seen all of these concepts done before in better episodes. Overall just extremely bland and boring and I'm glad that the Second Movie and 9b brought some life back into the series. Season 9B: Lost in Bikini Bottom: 7/10 Tutor Sauce: 8/10 Squid Plus One: 8/10 The Executive Treatment: 6/10 Company Picnic: 4/10 Pull Up a Barrel: 9/10 Sanctuary!: 5/10 What's Eating Patrick?: 9/10 Patrick! The Game: 9/10 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom: 9/10 SpongeBob LongPants: 7/10 Larry's Gym: 7/10 The Fish Bowl: 7/10 Married to Money: 8/10 Mall Girl Pearl: 9/10 Two Thumbs Down: 8/10 Sharks vs. Pods: 8/10 CopyBob DittoPants: 6/10 Sold!: 9/10 Lame and Fortune: 6/10 Factory Fresh: 8/10 Sandy's Nutmare: 7/10 Bulletin Board: 9/10 Food Con Castaways: 5/10 Snail Mail: 7/10 Pineapple Invasion: 5/10 (Overrated) Salsa Imbecillicus: 3/10 Mutiny on the Krusty: 4/10 The Whole Tooth: 9/10 Overall Grade: 7.25/10 (GOOD Half-Season) Luckily this part of the Season was enjoyable from start to finish. The animation really shines, all the new writers bring something to the table. In every episode all the characters feel likeable and with their own quirks and goals. Not to mention there's a lot of creative jokes and it's the funniest SpongeBob has been since early Season 5. It doesn't quite hit the highs of 10, 11, and 12's best episodes but I love the consistently good quality. Bottom 5: 5. Patrick-Man! 4. Salsa Imbecillicus 3. It Came from Goo Lagoon 2. Squid Baby (lol) 1. SpongeBob You're Fired (lol) Top 5: 5. The Whole Tooth 4. Bulletin Board 3. Pull Up a Barrel 2. Patrick! The Game 1. Mall Girl Pearl
  7. FarmerBob: 6/10 Gary & Spot: 8/10 Nitwitting: 3/10 The Ballad of Filthy Muck: 6/10 The Krusty Slammer: 7/10 Pineapple RV: 9/10 Gary’s Got Legs: 5/10 King Plankton: 9/10 Plankton’s Old Chum: 7/10? (No English Airing) Stormy Weather: 6/10 The Krusty Bucket: 8/10 Squid’s on a Bus: 7/10 Sandy's Nutty Nieces: 8/10 Insecurity Guards: 10/10 Broken Alarm: 9/10 Karen's Baby: 9/10 Shell Games: TBA Senior Discount: 7/10 Big Birthday Blowout: 7/10 I really hope that the show continues with this consistently good quality. All of the episodes here are fun and filled with energy and jokes, Insecurity Guards especially is the makings of a modern classic. Overall grade is about 7.3/10
  8. Whirlybrains: 4/10 Mermaid Pants: 9/10 Unreal Estate: 9/10 Code Yellow: 5/10 Mimic Madness: 8/10 House Worming: 5/10 (Would be a 4/10 w/o the short) Snooze You Lose: 4/10 Krusty Katering: 4/10 SpongeBob's Place: 5/10 Plankton Gets the Boot: 6/10 Life Insurance: 7/10 Burst Your Bubble: 8/10 Plankton Retires: 4/10 Trident Trouble: 5/10 The Incredible Shrinking Sponge: 6/10 Sportz: 3/10 The Getaway: 9/10 Lost and Found: 7/10 Patrick's Coupon: 3/10 Out of the Picture: 8/10 Feral Friends: 10/10 Don't Wake Patrick: 7/10 Overall Grade: 6.5/10 (OKAY Season) Overall, a decent if unimpressive Season. It’s a weird in-between stage between the much more balanced, story and character-based Season 9b and the boundary-pushing experimentation of Season 11. A lot of the episodes feel like more of the same plots we’ve seen in the past (Snooze, SpongeBob’s Place, House Worming, Retires, and even Mimic come to mind). Even the best episodes here find most of their strength entirely in the animation/visuals as they haven’t yet adapted to the shortened scripts. Many of the episodes feel like Test runs for what will and won’t work in future seasons. However, calling that many episodes awful would be a stretch, and at least it’s short and quick to get through. Top 5: Feral Friends The Getaway Mermaid Pants Unreal Estate Mimic Madness Bottom 5: Patrick’s Coupon Sportz? Whirlybrains Plankton Retires Snooze You Lose
  9. Cave Dwelling Sponge: 6/10 The Clam Whisper: 5/10 Spot Returns: 9/10 The Check-Up: 8/10 Spin The Bottle: 5/10 There's A Sponge In My Soup: 9/10 Man Ray Returns: 8/10 Larry The Floor Manager: 8/10 The Legend Of The Boo-Kini Bottom: 10/10 Stuck On The Roof: 4/10 No Pictures, Please: 6/10 Krabby Patty Creature Feature: 2/10 Teacher's Pests: 9/10 Sanitation Insanity: 7/10 Bunny Hunt: 4/10 Squid Noir: 9/10 ScavengerPants: 7/10 Cuddle E. Hugs: 5/10 Pat the Horse: 3/10 Chatterbox Gary: 7/10 Don’t Feed the Clowns: 5/10 Drive Happy: 7/10 Old Man Patrick: 4/10 Fun-Sized Friends: 4/10 Grandmum’s the Word: 8/10 Doodle Dimension: 4/10 Moving Bubble Bass: 5/10 High Sea Diving: 9/10 Bottle Burglars: 8/10 My Leg!: 0/10 too wacky (Joking it’s a 9/10) Ink Lemonade: 1/10 Mustard O’ Mine: 8/10 Shopping List: 8/10 Whale Watching: 8/10 Krusty Kleaners: 7/10 Patnocchio: 7/10 ChefBob: 9/10 Library Cards: 4/10 Plankton Paranoia: 10/10 Surf N’ Turf: 8/10 Call The Cops!: 8/10 Goons On The Moon: 7/10 Appointment TV: 7/10 Karen’s Virus: 10/10 The Night Patty: 6/10 (This is one of the weirdest episodes to date, grade subject to change) The Grill Is Gone!: 7/10 Bubbletown: 9/10 Girls Night Out: 6/10 Squirrel Jelly: 3/10 The String: 8/10 29 Good Episodes (7/10 or higher) 13 Average Episodes 9 Bad Episodes (4/10 or lower) Overall Grade: 7/10 (GOOD Season) Overall, I’d say that this a solid season. It fully embraced the new experimental, trippy direction that Season 10 began to set up. However, it did get mixed towards the middle and you can’t ignore that some of these episodes are just downright weird and out-there (Soup, Cuddle, Night Patty etc.). If I were to recommend the season to a friend, skip all the Patrick episodes: even discounting Ink they really dumbed him down and any episode he appeared in more than a second of dragged it down overall. The rest of the characters are written really well, especially Mr. Krabs, the SpongeBob and Squidward team-ups, and nearly all of the Returning One-Timers. The best episodes rank among my favorites of the entire series. However, the small handful of bad episodes and continuing problems from Season 10 may signal another steep decline in the show’s quality if not improved in Season 12. BOTTOM FIVE: Ink Lemonade (lol why I am even ranking this one) Krabby Patty Creature Feature (Besides perhaps #1 I cannot think of a single episode this fundamentally broken and against the show’s values, that goes this out of its way to be disturbing and frightening to the viewers.) Squirrel Jelly (This did not need to be 16 minutes at all, and is Sandy’s worst appearance to date.) Pat The Horse (This would be the stupidest episode to date if not for Nitwitting making me somehow appreciate it.) Fun-Sized Friends (Just another unpleasant, run-of-the-mill Patrick episode) TOP FIVE: Karen’s Virus (Definitely the most ambitious and creative story they had to tell this season, if not in the show period. It felt like a huge adventure with so much beautifully stylized locations, a threatening villain, great setup and jokes. And it was balanced extremely well with the comic relief outside the digital realm. Best episode ever is a stretch, but it does what it wants so perfectly that it ranks among my Top 25 favorites of the series.) Plankton Paranoia (This is a fantastic character study. It successfully shows how Mr. Krabs is impacted by Plankton even when he’s not around, with him really going off the deep end into insanity for a problem he’s grown accustomed to. It’s as if he couldn’t live without the daily fun of foiling Plankton’s plans—it makes perfect sense for his character. I loved the jokes of Mr. Krabs banning customers just to stay focused. The climax or Krabs arc before the twist is one of the most beautifully atmospheric moments in the show—and I did not see that twist coming. If you haven’t seen this, I won’t spoil it. ) The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom (The stop-motion and mix of different art styles is gorgeous, the story is charming, all the characters from SpongeBob to the Flying Dutchman are top-notch, and the stakes are quite high. This is the full package and an instant classic) There’s a Sponge in my Soup (This is an out-there, unusual, and experimental episode but it works extremely well. A story about hippies works great with the show’s new direction. The visuals and quotes are beautiful and hilarious, really embracing the 60’s. There are definitely a lot of students at my college who are hipster/high all the time and this episode would definitely be the one I’d recommend. High Sea Diving (I love the integration with real-life environmental issues in the SpongeBob world and how the characters use the trash for their entertainment and for the battle with Old Man Jenkins. There’s so much going on with SpongeBob aspiring to reach a new goal, being held back midway for some fun shenanigans before succeeding.) Overall, there’s more good here than bad for sure. I could make a Top 10 and still not be done with great episodes, which I couldn’t say since Season 5.
  10. Um... Wumbo? You listed The Secret Box twice and lower down on the list left nine points off the total. It really has 66 points and would have made the list. Anyways here’s my list so everyone come one come all.
  11. Kill the suspense Wumbo we all know #1 is Chocolate with Nuts.
  12. I never really found Shanghaied to be one of the strongest episodes of the show. It’s hilarious, yes, but I find it’s story (length, the somewhat dated interactive element with the endings, spserated skit style) to be too awkwardly structured for it to make my personal Top 50. Still, it’s very good and I’m glad to see it here.
  13. That’s oddly specific... don’t reveal anything.
  14. Hayden why did you lie. Why is this not your #1?
  15. I’ll try and get back to the rest of the episodes on the list later (just finished moving) but here’s where they land on mine thus far. I’m still flabbergasted that Mimic Madness got so much backlash here, but I guess it’s the Band Geeks effect happening. Didn’t make my list but it was one of the last episodes I cut.
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