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    Wearing Granny Panties
    Watching Little S. Work it
    referencing SBM 2012
    sexy bowser (makes me wet)
    looking at mr krabs and his crazy facial expressions
    drawing and typing up weird stories
    talking sb
    shipping squidiam
    supporting #FredisDead2014
    ssj is an evil dictator
    spin the bottle with aya/storm
    mario/amazing race fanfics
    mario games
    mario kart
    mario party
    german do the mario
    $WAGGOT and mario themes
    funny family feud answers
    christmas time with ooooooofy (santa)
    pretty pictures
    looking at pretty picture of super mario sunshine
    Jacky Lopez Tlapa (my gf/life) <3333333333333
    March 19th (Alyssa's bday)
    huh huh huh i am alyssa and i am evil and french
    and we r her evil french henchmen! >=)
    i_am_mayo2's instagram
    bein with friends/fam
    turkey (only cooked)
    alyssa riding her little scooter
    my lip gloss
    it's popping
    it's cool
    spice girls
    spice world
    speaking en español
    ir fui ser fui
    hacer hice
    my spanish teacher dancing like a t-rex when saying "hacer hice"
    my spanish teacher's ear piercings
    my spanish teacher's cowboy boots
    my spanish teacher's puntos
    señor chavez
    granola gwen
    balalala <3 bae
    lizzie mcguire
    you're fat cuz I hate u
    Karen Smith
    passing the dutch bby
    nyan cat
    epic memes
    old memes
    new memes
    screw memes
    2004 youtube memes
    2004 youtube
    2004 sbm
    2015 speedweeks
    2016 speedweeks
    who is watching on february 30th 2610
    newark delaware
    moving to ooooooofy country
    area code 302
    lilygao7's wave hi sydney vid
    ooooooofy elizabeth price
    watching oooooooofy dance
    diarrhea song :whoo:
    blank space :whoo:
    haunting the people who believe taylord is satan
    calling sydney
    technology and beer
    sydney elizabeth
    emily elizabeth and her dog clifford
    mickey simpson
    greynard smokin hookahs
    hello hokey
    cha being my hooker
    captain mickey
    *fist bumps* bahlalala

    sausage pizza
    boku no pico
    charla faddoul
    mirna hindoyan
    carla shaw
    strange coincidences
    youtube poops
    poop deck drawdown
    telling people stories
    car collecting
    stop motions
    listening to songs I listened to when I was a young lad
    listening to video game music
    drawing out mario bros. worlds
    making lists
    working it with MadameWario (fierce!)
    sending prez to his room
    dreams about an sbm convention
    doing the mario
    whatever else I can't think of right now

    this interest list fully explains why i am gay and depressed now
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    deep in that pu$$y
  • Favorite Episode
    the one where spongebob & squidward are in the shower together
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  1. Finding out what episode that screenshot was from made me come back luv!
  2. hello all I have returned with a very important question. SO about a month and a half ago, I was out gettin sum fresh air and takin a walk when suddenly, my friend sent me this pic of Mr. Krabs yelling that made me laugh so hard that I had to stop walking for a solid min to regain my composure. unfortunately, I was very disappointed that I could not recall what episode this pic was from, so if somebody could help me figured out what episode this pic is from cause I need to watch it STAT my friend: "don't worry the dog don't bite" the dog:
  3. Isn't Malcolm real anime?
  4. Why does nick keep on canceling their icons? D:
  5. PatStar2000

    Ask Pazza!

    . Style Dancing lobsters Dancing crazy Fallen Unpretty Wannabe Wherever whenever Super bass
  6. Should Amanda Bynes make a return to Nickelodeon and revive it?
  7. PatStar2000

    Ask Pazza!

    Taylor swift, Amanda Bynes, mother cosgrove, Alicia keys, TLC, and spice girls, shakira and onika the slayer #iconicartists
  8. Are you gonna watch That 70's Show? #realanime
  9. PatStar2000

    Ask Pazza!

    That's an easy question. My favorites are Malcom in the Middle, Lizzie McGuire, Friends, That 70's show, and other forms of #realanime. Cuz anime isn't just anime
  10. PatStar2000

    Ask Pazza!

    Yah I liked his super hair the most
  11. speaking of raivis, how long is rabbit mating season? :naughty:
  12. PatStar2000

    Ask Pazza!

    Raivis-is kawaii France-has a strawberry dick
  13. PatStar2000

    Ask Pazza!

    You really do and you kept it for me
  14. PatStar2000

    Ask Pazza!

    No way that is super cool and I like the member title btw
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