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    I can't be the only person in the world who thinks this looks bad. right?
  2. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    Tomb Raider - almost all the action scenes are very well done, but it gets bogged down by unnecessary origin story cliches and lack of emotional involvement from any character/actor that isn't Vikander (who's excellent btw). the lighting is garbage (just because you're in a tomb does not mean it needs to be pitch black) and took me out of the film. started zoning out during the pointless and meandering exposition scenes, and honestly was only half paying attention by the time they started raiding the tomb. 5/10

  4. My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia

    when I got the email notification for this I thought it said Boku no Pico for a second and i got concerned
  5. Teen Titans Go movie in July 27, 2018

    more hyped for this than It 2
  6. IT (film)

    I fucking loved this movie and will likely see it multiple times in theaters. Absolutely fantastic.
  7. IT (film)

    The book is fucking fantastic and all the trailers for this have been excellent. Needless to say, I'm hyped as fuck
  8. (psst, you can stay) (the rule is a joke)
  9. cause this is a club for C I N E P H I L E S
  10. what part of pig do u wanna touch the most

    i want his penis to make a connection with my anus
  11. galaxy goats

    this is not related to the youtuber MineCraft Awesome Parodys locked
  12. A thread to discuss the recent works of cinema you have watched. Keep this as sort of a log of films you've watched if you want. for example: "I saw The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature. It sucked my nuts. the end." C I N E M A
  13. Homophobia: The Miniseries

  14. Homophobia: The Miniseries

    game of thrones who?
  15. Homophobia: The Miniseries

    this is like my first time coming onto this site in a while. I'd just like to say thank you for uncensoring my swear and I'm following this topic cause this is great Also since this was a point I'd made, I'd just like to clear up that I'm talking EXPLICITLY about YouTube comments sections. I'm not implying that they're the general public in any way whatsoever, cause they're not, but it does indubitably affect the comments of most videos on the site (which is a petty thing to complain about, I know, but it's just something that's been an annoyance to me for quite some time).
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