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    Damn this looks like a hot pile of garbage
  2. Leedles

    H e l l o t h e r e

  3. yeah so this list was made before I saw it but I just wanna say that MAMMA MIA! HERE WE GO AGAIN WOULD BE IN MY TOP 10 OF THE YEAR thank you for understanding. i'll have another writeup later today.
  4. 69. Netflix Original™ Come Sunday - it has a strong central performance, but ultimately the film is too inoffensive and safe to truly leave a mark. Another prime example of a film with a good concept that becomes unfortunately dull. And of course it's a Netflix original lmao. 68. Breaking In - Gabrielle Union deserved a better home invasion thriller. 67. A Wrinkle in Time - wanted to like this one a lot more than I did. Some stuff in here is auteuristic, risk-taking, and weird and I liked that stuff. Most of everything in-between makes it into a boring, half-assed kids film that will probably play on Disney Channel 5 times a year. 66. Netflix Original™ Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity - debatably a movie rather than it is a stand-up special, but I count stand-up specials as movies so deal with it. Most of the comedians here bomb. A few good bits can't really save it. It's for a good cause though and I donated, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 65. Sicario: Day of the Soldado - one of the most tense, expertly crafted thrillers of 2015 becomes a boring, dull affair that reeks of Blunt's, Villeneuve's, and Deakins' absence. The violence is well-directed and some scenes are appropriately shocking, but it strips away the interesting, divisive politics of the first one in favor of a "let's kill all the Mexicans" attitude. There's no straight (wo)man in this scenario, it's just muscular dudes shooting shit for the sake of it. Pretty much Right Wing Toxic Masculinity: The Movie.
  5. more reveals: 74. 12 Strong - lol 73. Death Wish - I always enjoy myself a good vigilante movie, but I tend to not be a fan of NRA ads that glorify guns in borderline dangerous ways. Bruce Willis gives a shit for once, but it's not enough to save this wretched, hateful movie. 72. Sherlock Gnomes - it's just boring. There's no special badness here. I didn't give a shit. Nothing happens. It exists. 71. 6 Balloons - a film that starts with promise that's ultimately too dull and heavy-handed to really make an impact. I applaud it for trying something new in terms of its execution, but most of it is way too obvious and the character's aren't given strong enough development for it to really work. 70. Den of Thieves - I don't have much to say about this, but the final shootout is pretty cool and the rest is boring to me. Can definitely see others digging it, but it's too overlong for it to become trashy fun to me.
  6. I have a set list of my yearly count so far (which is currently at 85). And I'm gonna do a countdown where I eventually list all of them and do full write ups for what I think is my top 10 best and top 5 worst of the year so far. I'll do this again at the end of the year too and compare what I have in my top 10/bottom 5 now and see which films still managed to stay there and which films were dethroned. I'll try to have my first write-up in a bit, but for now let me reveal my #80-75 picks. 80. Winchester - there isn't much to say here other than this movie is kind of really fucking boring. It's such a cool concept for a horror film too, but all the film seems to be set on doing is boring the shit out of you and making sure Helen Mirren is given nothing to work with. 79. Proud Mary - another wasted concept that's nothing but a colossal bore! There is hardly any action in here despite having the label as an action film; most of it comes in during the last 5 minutes of the movie. Everything else before then is dull as shit. I'm so glad that we can have a movie that promises Taraji Henson being a badass and have her be a badass for about 6% of the film's runtime. 78. Life of the Party - a painfully unfunny movie. There are jokes in this film that go on for 4 minutes long, continuously, and they're jokes that never started off as being funny in the first place. McCarthy should just keep working with Paul Feig, or anyone who can make a movie that showcases her talents far better. 77. Mute - I noped the fuck out of this movie the moment they decided having a fucking PEDOPHILIA subplot was a good idea. It's not as bad as Warcraft, but damn Duncan Jones sure as hell tries to make it be. 76. I Feel Pretty - Amy Schumer isn't ugly. I get that this is her shtick, but she really isn't. She's the very definition of "Hollywood ugly," where she's an average/okay looking woman that Hollywood thinks is ugly just because she doesn't look like Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba. On top of this, the movie isn't funny at all. It's nearly painful to sit through. 75. Rampage - the most boring movie that could've been made from the awesome concept this movie had. The movie opens with a 10 minute Gravity/Life/whatever ripoff, then proceeds to launch into half-assed, hackneyed set-up, which presents the idea of giant gorillas/wolves in the most boring ways possible. Then when you think this movie is about to get good, they launch into a second act that SOLELY consists of exposition. By the time they finally get around to the actual monster fighting, I stopped giving a shit. What a mess.
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    wtf this is like the third time i've missed
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    What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    Ant-Man and the Wasp is SO GOOD. i want a Michael Pena spin off movie. definitely joins the upper-tier of MCU movies.
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