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  1. The final event for this mission will be tonight at 7:00pm EST, for Dunces & Dragons. The last three memory cores will be given out during it. Crushingmayhem is in the lead with 3 cores so far. Bee boop...
  2. Tonight's games: 7:00pm - SpongeBob Jeopardy 8:30pm - SpongeCraft Both games will give out 3 memory cores, for 6 in total if you cannot add.
  3. Hello members of The SpongeBob Community, it is, Karen. It appears we have a problem. The Lead Administrator @jjsthekid has lost his memory! He cannot recall a thing. The only way to get his memory back is to earn 10 memory cores in several games this weekend, in a mini mission event I call "Missing Identity". The games in question are SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune, SpongeBob Jeopardy, SpongeCraft, and Dunces & Dragons. Whoever earns the most memory cores will earn a special reward from me. Good luck, if you choose to accept this mission. (Credit to CDCB for the idea of this mini-event)
  4. Hello, Karen. 



    1. Grimmy Claus <3

      Grimmy Claus <3


  5. I think someone has the big head. This is an obvious scheme to get the secret formula. Plankypoo, there is not a copy of the secret formula here.
  6. I would like to say "Happy Birthday" to Spot. 010010000110000101110000011100000111100100100000010000100110100101110010011101000110100001100100011000010111100100101100001000000101001101110000011011110111010000100001

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    2. Zaid


      Happy Birthday Spot!

      (01010 010101010 0101!) :plankton2:

    3. Kotarou💚


      more like to phil collins

    4. Wendy the Witch

      Wendy the Witch


  7. Karen

    Ask Karen

    I am sorry for your loss.
  8. Karen

    Ask Karen

    That would ruin my processor!
  9. Karen

    Ask Karen

    I have never had it. I cannot eat.
  10. Karen

    Ask Karen

    No home personal computer has reached my level of computation, so I guess that we are safe for now. Plug me in all night long. I honestly have no idea. I am at least 10 years old. I cannot eat.
  11. Karen

    Ask Karen

    I am a very smart AI. I received an upgrade from Plankton, and I gave Plankton a print out of a Krabby Patty. It was an alright Christmas. As if Sheldon would let me out of the Chum Bucket.
  12. Karen

    Ask Karen

    I do since they know that I cannot harm Plankton in any realistic way without an army coming to unplug me. I enjoy being plugged in, if that is what you mean.
  13. Karen

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    I do not know of a Chaz.
  14. Karen

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    Spot is proudly protecting Plankton's secret chum formula. I do enjoy a good cable tripping every once in a while. Yes.
  15. Karen

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    I am Karen. I have parents because I was programmed to have them. I do not understand your query. I do enjoy giving myself a virus every now and then, if that is what you mean.
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