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  1. "Fuckexercise, Part 2" -Merzbow
  2. also dont masturbate kids its evil youll become like mr doctor professor pedophile
  3. Okay, what the fuck. You didn't ask me or Brick about this AT ALL, and you consider it an "sbm show spinoff". I probably would've been more okay with this if you at least notified me in advance and asked if it was okay to make a "spin-off" of my series. I take great pride in (some of) my work and here, you admit to rushing and writing episodes on the spot. And now people who don't know the actual story are connecting my work to this. If you're gonna continue writing this, I want you to stop calling this an SBM Show spinoff - it is not. If it was, I would have some involvement or you would at least ASK ME BEFORE GOING OUT AND MAKING SOMETHING AND SLAPPING THAT NAME ON IT. As well, I want you to actually work on your writing - it's obvious you don't put much effort into these. I mean, if you gave your writing some actual effort I'd be much less mad, but you have this stale, OBAB show-esque formula of "something happens to member". For example, the pilot is literally just characters saying "hello my name is ____" and one random personality trait is shown. It's so effortless and short. Here's some advice on how to actually improve it. If you manage to make a good show out of this, then I'll forgive you. But as it is now, I want you to stop calling this an "sbm show spinoff" and at least try to improve it and not just slump along making standard, boring, bad episodes. (If you hadn't figured this out I am BagelsinEurope on SBM)
  4. Yeah I knew most of those (except for the ads part, that's actually really cool, I need to start doing that).
  5. This is cool. I especially like the "Bikini Bottom Arcade" part. However, I'm sad about no more Takin' Out The Trash :< Guess I'm gonna have to start saving up doubloons then.
  6. No headphone jack is a really stupid idea. It's just Apple being super cheap and pissing off everyone (like really, who actually didn't want a headphone jack?) and giving off "innovation" as an excuse for being stupid. I haven't got a new iPhone since the iPhone 4 and I don't think I will be...probably ever. If I need a new phone I'm getting Samsung, dammit.
  7. ugh it's been so hard to get onto SBC recently 

    1. Munichi Jasuda

      Munichi Jasuda

      What's the problem, doc?

    2. Loopers



    3. FunnyKid2014


      This is just a combination of random issues spiraling on my end - but basically I broke my main computer about a month ago, so I've been forced to work with other computers. My parents are divorced, so one is at each house. One of the computers is so old that it uses a browser that won't even support SBC because of the type of certificate the site uses. The other computer is owned by my dad, which means I can't use it all the time - but when I can, everything seemingly works fine except for the facts that my password is an extremely long and it's just a random combination of numbers and letters. I am really bad at remembering these kinda things. So in the past I had used the "remember me" button but that won't work on this computer, and putting it in the keychain is pointless because my dad always clears the history on his computer practically daily (which includes passwords). And I have it written on a file, but it's at the other house, making it useless. And I can't reset the password since the associated email is defunct. So my only option to get on is to use my iPad, which is extremely inconvenient for me to use as it's incredibly laggy. And also, because of the divorced houses, I often leave the iPad at one house instead of carrying it onto the other - which quickly becomes a problem. So yeah, all those things combined makes it really hard for me to get on. 

  8. "You Know You're Right" - Nirvana
  9. "You Know What You Are" - Ministry
  10. Feel like nothing at all really, just killing time.
  11. okay um my music is stuff I love so yeah also Rock has some really good songs that I liked a lot plus some of Hal's noise rock was pretty great also this post is really disorganized but whatever oh hey this is my 1000th post that's cool I guess
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