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  1. uhhh, meow?

    1. Katniss


      never been a better time to be a Hudgens fan :funny:

    2. HawkbitAlpha
    3. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      hello i'm here to say the sonic movie sucks

  2. Gee, great topic title, so much originality! Almost as good as the title for the third SpongeBob movie! So, yeah; I'm Kevin, or MrColeslaw; or perhaps idiot, if you dont like me. I'll also accept MrWeesnaw. I made this account ages ago - back when I was using SBM regularly - and figured it was time to actually use it. A falling out with SBM was what sparked the change (which was partially my fault, so no hard feelings to anyone here who was involved!), but I've also heard a lot of great stuff about SBC from HawkbitAlpha (or whatever his name is here), and figured it was about time I popped in. I already know a handful of people here from SBM and such, but I'm excited to see what other people I bump into along the way. Below are a few of the things I never shut up about: Classic SpongeBob Most Nicktoons Alvin and the Chipmunks Bandslam The Simpsons Blue's Clues Vanessa Hudgens Not gonna list every single thing about me (spoils the fun of getting to know me, right?), but know thag I'm here, and ready to be a complete moron make intelligent, amusing posts for people to enjoy! Until then, allow me to offer one final statement; go satch Bandslam. It's an amazing movie no one talks about.
  3. Guess I probably use the site more often, too.. welcome back, Hawkins! Also, since when were you a Ghostbuster?
  4. I posted an identical thread on SBM too, but I figured there'd be other people here that'd wanna know. Source - http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Rugrats-Season-1-and-Season-2/23077 "Yesterday, Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Entertainment announced to retailers that on May 2nd they will release Rugrats - Season 1 (2 discs) and Rugrats - Season 2 (4 discs) to stores, in a "wide" general retail release...a season set first for the little tykes! The cartoons will be shown in 1.33:1 "fullscreen" aspect ratio, as originally broadcast. Each package will come with an "o-sleeve" slipcover, and the artwork is shown below. Note that the key artwork is generally the same as the Amazon MOD releases of these two titles, but with a few changes (including which direction the character is looking!) SEASON 1 - This must be your ducky day! Twenty-five episodes of Rugrats, the classic Nickelodeon series, in one 2-disc collection! Join the hunt for Grandpa's dentures, explore Stu's mysterious workshop, and cheer on contestant Tommy in the "Little Miss Lovely" Contest (don't ask!). Those adventures, and over 20 more, baldly go where no baby's ever gone before. And you're along for the ride! SEASON 2 - The toast is clear for 4 discs of over 10 hours of non-stop Rugrats adventures in season 2 of the hit Nickelodeon show, featuring fan-fave episodes "Reptar on Ice," "Visitors from Outer Space," "The Big Flush," and "Tooth or Dare." So man your paddle stations, and prepare to laugh along on your trip down memory lane with Tommy, Angelica, Chuckie and the rest of the Rugrats!" I am BEYOND ready for this! Rugrats is the last Nicktoons in need of a proper DVD release (Amazon sets had noticeable quality issues that the TV broadcasts and Paramount DVDs lack), and it's nice to see them caring about the show. I doubt we'll see any special features, but honestly, the episodes themselves is MORE than enough for me... this is honestly something I've been wishing for as long as 10 years, and to see it finally happen is honestly mindblowing.
  5. Kinda ironic how we had to sell our Wii U recently... The NX better have backwards compatibility.
  6. Does anyone have any of these? Not exactly a guilty pleasure, but I LOVE these movies and their soundtracks...
  7. idOIU3M.png

    this was my dream job as a child; I suppose this is good enough for my 10 year old brain (which loved Blockbuster AND Vanessa Hudgens

  8. this entire thread is just omfg <3 <3 <3 I prefer your designs over the originals, these are so cartoonish and simple at the same time, it's just too fantastic to explain WONDERFUL JOB
  9. Might end up keeping this because my SBM name is Rugratskid. XD
  10. I've heard "Saying Goodbye" so many times, and it really is a beautiful and very emotional song. Heck, I've seen everything Muppets I can.
  11. Do I even have to elaborate? I do? Well then, fine.
  12. on SBC full time starting tomorrow <3

  13. I don't think this is such a good idea...

  14. Chuckie Finster from Rugrats. He's always been my favorite Rugrat
  15. No offense to you Prez, but we can't expect it to be exactly like it was in the first 3 seasons (IF that's what you wanted, I don't know if it was). Honestly, if it was exactly the same as a early episode, a lot of people might actually not like it (maybe people would say "they're just copying how they started" or something like that). If I offended you somehow by what I said, it wasn't intentional. Anyway... I honestly think this episode was a step in the right direction for the show, with the episode learning more towards funny faces, visual gags, and the writing. Some other seasons have been lacking in the clever jokes, gags and writing that appealed to all ages, keeping it fun for anyone watching it. It really seems like they're trying to get back to that, and it was very noticeable here. It didn't seem like the plot was re-hashed from an older episode, the jokes felt fresh, and the characters were very similar to how they used to be. The joke about SpongeBob destroying the Krusty Krab did get used more then 1 or 2 times, but I was still laughing the last time they did it, and it didn't feel like they just repeated the same exact thing every time they did it. This episode gets a 8/10 for me. Not perfect, but certainly my favorite season 9 episode (as of this post).
  16. SpongeBob has ALWAYS been silly and had random faces...
  17. Hooray for name changes <3

  18. As much as I hate these movies, as a Chipmunks fan, I'll have to see it XD
  19. How would rank the babies from favorite to least favorite? Oooh, that's a tough one! I'll try my best! 1. Chuckie - He's always been my favorite. I just love his personality and his adorable orange hair, and his fraidy-cat traits were a lot like me as a young child 2. Tommy - He's a great best friend for Chuckie. While Chuckie is a fraidy-cat, Tommy's the exact opposite. Even on his own, he's a great character. 3. Phil - A few years ago, Phil wouldn't have been number 3. But over the past 2-3 years, I've just realized how funny Phil really is. XD 4. Lil - She's a great twin for Phil, and their arguments quite often have me laughing pretty hard. 5. Angelica - I wouldn't call Angelica a "villain", but she certainly is the closest thing to a villain that Rugrats has. She does have a soft side for the babies however, which has been shown in episodes (such as "Moving Away"), and her remarks quite often have me laughing really hard. While she can be mean, she can also be nice; she's not a 100% mean character. 6. Dil - Most consider Dil to be annoying, however I think that having a baby brother expanded Tommy as a character quite a lot, and not in bad ways. Dil also changed the other babies; they couldn't understand him, so they had to find other ways to include Dil in their adventures, and quite often Dil would annoy them. However, Tommy was always there to defend his brother. 7. Kimi - Kimi is at the bottom of the list. However, I don't find her annoying, and I don't think she ruins the show by any standards. It's not Kimi that put her at the bottom. It's just the fact that she didn't make as big of an impact on the show as other characters did. While she did help Chuckie develop even more characteristics and feelings, other then that, she didn't seem to impact the show as much as a character like Dil. 8. Susie - Susie is the last Rugrat for only 1 reason; I don't really remember much about the episodes she was in. I can't really talk about her, because I can't really remember a huge amount of episodes focusing around her (I still watch the show, but I just don't remember Susie that much). I'll have to watch some Susie oriented episodes really soon. PS - I'm having a lot of fun answering these Rugrats questions!
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