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  1. On 3/25/2016 at 8:55 PM, CyanideFishbone said:

    So we signed up for classes this week. Or well, got it finalized and turned in. Because I knew what I wanted to take pretty much all along so here's what I'm taking:


    -Honors English II- English and Academic Strategies teacher recommended me for this and I think I'll do good

    -Honors Math II- I like math. Kill me. And a huge positive is according to my math teacher a lot of the course involves writing about math and that seems pretty interesting to me. And another positive is I'm able to drop the course after the first quarter if I don't like it and go to standard.

    -Chemistry- Oh god eww not excited for this. Fuck man. I have to take a physical science to graduate, and I wanted to get that requirement over with because the options for physical science at my school are Physical Science (like basically just basics of chem and physics, electricity, magnetism, etc), Chemistry, and Physics. Wanted to take Physical Science but Chemistry looks better on college resumes for the requirement, so I'm taking that. Definitely want to take Physical Science before I graduate though. And there's no chance in hell I'm doing Physics.

    -Civics And Economics- This is our required history class for sophomores. I don't like history, but at least it's easy. Horray.


    -Graphic Design I- Really wanted to take biomed for an elective but my sister shot that down so I'll take another art class. At least graphic design does seem pretty cool.

    -French I- Have to have a language to require. So that's why I'm here. 

    -Academic Strategies- I would take Study Hall over Academic Strategies but Academic Strategies'll boost my GPA so why not.



    So, this is how college/univeristy is like? Does it get easy or comfortable overtime or?

    As of my current situation, I'm going back in September, and let me just say I'm against my school. I would rather transfer.

    On 1/11/2016 at 10:11 PM, E.V.I.L said:

    me with high school oh my fucking god



    This can probably go along with this:


  2. On 7/19/2016 at 3:56 AM, Sandy said:

    I don't even know how long it's been since I've gone to Burger King. My parents always seem to prefer to go to McDonalds, which I personally don't like very much.

    Well, lucky you. I get Burger King at least once a week, and I have to eat the 10 piece nuggets. It tastes decent, but not that tasty, so it feels like a lot eating all of those nuggets. So for that, I much prefer McDonald's chicken nuggets over Burger King's, though I think Burger King's fries are superior, or maybe that's just me.

  3. I have Windows Vista (32 bit, and I have the Home Premium version to be exact) for my computer. I had Windows 7 too, but my computer had to be wiped, and degraded back to Vista last year. Vista is okay, and I'm very used to it. Unfortunately, it feels slow, and when it does, doing something on the computer feels like a chore, rather than just doing it. Although, it might be hidden viruses, dirty registry, or not powerful enough computer (even though the speed was good when my computer was picked up back to the my house)

     I only use my family computer, and my family doesn't have plans to upgrade in the meantime, although it should since Vista is losing support next April. If my computer had a complete revamp, it wouldn't be necessary to upgrade.


  4. When I think of time travel, I always like the opportunity to observe what it was like when I was much younger. Older eras like 90s/80s and so forth would be interesting too. But, time travel seems like a very impossible thing to do, so it's unlikely. I'm also wonder about time travel and the future. :peridot:

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