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  1. *bump* (D'oh,i used the wrong color!)
  2. (Wow,i can't believe nobody posted about this.) Anyways,today is the day FXX starts airing all 552 episodes of "The Simpsons".It will run for 12 days.It will also include "The Simpsons Movie",which will air Friday 8/29 at 6 P.M E.S.T.I really hope you'll have time to catch a episode or two.Right now,im watching the episode Krusty Gets Kancelled (S1 E12).
  3. For me,it's the worst episode in all of SpongeBob.I really hate the Squidward Abuse in this,it's not cool at all.Squidward would had a good day at Boating School if SpongeBob wasn't a stalker to him.
  4. Can i share two weird stories? Here's the first one.I was in some city i think,and the sky was red.Then some scientist had this machine and said that the end of the world was gonna be in five days.After that,someone shouted out ''Ahh!! They're gonna zap us!".Everyone ran,and that's all i remember. Here's the second dream.I was walking down my cousin's stairs.When i came down,i saw him lying down on the floor.He was watching something on a TV that was on a siccsor ladder. Those were my two dreams.I still wonder if weird dreams are good or bad.
  5. Well....I have the complete set of Season 2 on DVD if that counts.
  6. This is so sad.The last movie I watched with him in it was "World's Greatest Dad".I hope he rests in peace.
  7. Hi Guys. Im finally back from my long,long break.Sorry if this thread's a watse of time.I just want to let everybody know that i'm here.Now that i'm back,feel free to ask me a question or something else.
  8. This is amazing! You should do this more often.
  9. It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

  10. You guys are lucky you played the full game.i only played the demo.I gotta get it before September,i plan to get Pokemon Art Academy in October!
  11. I argee with you about Swedish Fish.That is my favorite.No candy can't beat Swedish Fish.
  12. EVSPONGEFAN-That early?!?!? I feel bad,your school maybe should have their last day in May instead kevin_ng2010-that's good for you.Please be helpful to the freshmen at your school for me. President Squidward,Clapmaster,crushingmayhem,and others-I feel very bad for you .If middle school doesn't work out,i'll just be thinking about becoming homeschooled instead.
  13. Thank you,terminoob.You summed it up really fine!
  14. Happy Belated Birthday,SpongeBob.I wish i came to your birthday party!Anyways,i would had celebrated by playing my 2 SpongeBob games on my PS2 and un-completing them as always! P.S sorry if this was a old thread.
  15. I see that there's no thread for this.So,I decided to make this thread.So,do you guys have any thoughts about this gane?It looks like a very good game.I hope i get this game before school ends.
  16. Hotdogs.I really wanna know why mostly all of the people on this thread like hamburgers more.
  17. My favorites are the theme song for Spongebob:Creature from the Krusty Krab,and the Jellyfish Fields music from Spongebob:Battle of Binki Bottom
  18. My thoughts about this have really changed. The animation looks really good.It looks very smiliar to the first movie,but in a better way.I also gotta thumbs up for having SpongeBob's voice not high pitched.I hope that normal voice will stay for the episodes after the movie comes out
  19. It's August.I feel like summer's about to end,and then school comes again.I feel really bad for people who has to attend school this month. Anyways,how do you feel about school coming?It's gonna be my first year of middle school,so at the same time,i'm excited and scared.What about you?
  20. I only played Nicktoons Unite! for the PlayStation2.Those were good time before my PS2 was sent back to the store.The only bad part was that i had no memory card to save everything!
  21. Even if it didn't had a mouth,i'd still hang that up.It kinda looks like a great painting to me.
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